A Surprise is Coming Soon…

Guess what?

My Mentorship Courses #3, #4 aaaaaaaand #5 are coming soon!  

We are working on THREE new courses for the summer!

I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to! 
We will be announcing the new courses mid-May – so watch for that coming soon…
But until then, we are having a Spring 50% Off Sale

Did you miss Course #1 or Course #2?

Then now is the time to get immediate access to them over at MyMentorshipCourses.com for 50% off!

Course #1

Silencing the Noise is designed to help you:

  • Silence the noise of your people and your screens
  • Silence the noise in your head and of your circumstances
  • Silence the noise of your schedule
  • Untangle your heart

Is your story like ours?

We’re Karen Ehman, Courtney Joseph, and Ruth Schwenk—three Jesus-loving moms, authors and Bible teachers who live in the chaos every day. We’ve spent the last decade-and-a-half juggling online ministries while dealing with family and church responsibilities, and we’ve faced our share of heartaches. We know how it feels to live in a place of overwhelm and doubt and we’ve also learned what it takes to overcome. We are here to teach you how!

Our first course featured a special guest (and dear friend): Clare Smith!

Course #2

Our second course was titled How to Break Free from the Prison of People Pleasing.

  • Do you find yourself regularly overwhelmed with other people’s problems and feelings?
  • Do you sometimes agree with people even when you disagree?
  • Are you always the first to apologize?
  • Do you feel like you need everyone to like you?
  • Do you avoid conflict? Do you struggle to say no?
  • Then it’s time to break free!

This soul-liberating course is available now for immediate access at MyMentorshipCourses.com and is designed to help you:

  • Stop living life based on the opinions and expectations of others 
  • Learn when to say yes–and how to say no!
  • Grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and will for your life
  • Glean wisdom and insight from four experienced mentors who’ve been there and know how to help you find freedom from people pleasing!

Our second course featured special guest (and dear friend): Nicki Koziarz

Both courses are NOW 50% OFF for just $14.99!

 Enroll today to receive:

  • Four weekly teaching videos
  • Four weekly Q&A’s
  • Four encouraging mentors
  • Four weekly devotions
  • Workbook for personal study
  • Prayer journaling sheets
  • Lockscreens and social images
  • Fellowship and guidance

There has never been a better time to reset your heart and soul for Jesus.

Don’t miss out on this Spring Sale!

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Keep walking with the King,


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