The Very Best Piece of Advice For Single Moms (and all moms really!)

If you're a single mom trying to navigate this unique style of parenthood, be sure to watch my interview with Kathy Hutto, as she shares the very best piece of advice for single moms. #WomenLivingWell #singlemoms #parentingadvice #momhacks

My NEW Course for single moms is about to release and below is a 5 minute clip from my 40 minute interview with Kathy Hutto. We are talking about the very best piece of advice for single moms – and for all moms really!

The Strong Single Mom Course includes 4 videos by me, 2 videos with my mentors – Ruth and Karen and 1 expert interview featuring Kathy Hutto. (The above video was just a small portion of our 40 minute discussion. To see the rest enroll at

The Strong Single Mom Course also includes a 43 page workbook that has 3 devotionals and application worksheets to help you walk STRONG into tomorrow!

This study is also a part of a bundle with two other courses,
Living through Grief and Loss by Karen Ehman
and Learning to Pray with Ruth Schwenk.
Learn more about the entire bundle here at >>>>

I can’t wait to see you there!!!

Keep walking with the King,

Courtney 🙂

Don’t miss this! Doors open June 6th!
Go to NOW!

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