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Welcome back to Week 3 in the Book of 2 Chronicles Bible Study!

I’m so glad you are back!  If you missed week 1’s wrap up – it is here and if you missed week 2’s wrap up – it is here.

The daily reflections you have shared out on Instagram and Facebook have been wonderful!  They are such an encouragement!  If you missed those discussions – I hope you will join us this week.  They are so helpful!

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If you are new here – jump in with our reading this week and catch up on the weekends.

This Week’s Bible Reading Plan

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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2 Chronicles 11

A civil war is about to break out between Judah and Israel. Rehoboam wanted to reunite Judah and Israel as one kingdom under his rule. But God spoke through the prophet Shemaiah to warn him to not to go to war against Jeroboam. To Rehoboam’s credit, he listened to the prophet Shemaiah and all of his army returned home. They chose, instead, to focus on increasing their storehouses of food and weaponry.

When God speaking through the prophet Shemaiah warned Rehoboam not to go to war against their brethren, he said on very important thing. “…for this thing is from me.” Because Solomon had not obeyed God’s command, God divided the kingdom of Israel. Whether it was because Rehoboam feared God too much to go against what God had designed, or whether he feared a loss, we don’t know. But Judah obeyed what God commanded. While Judah kept their high places and idol worship, they also continued to sacrifice to God and walk in a way that pleased him for three years. This was unfortunately cut short because of Rehoboam’s tendency to idolatry and ungodly living. There is a huge lesson here in that God expects us to live lives of singular worship. We cannot worship him and engage in idolatry at the same time without our hearts being led astray. Is there an area of your life that has become an idol to you? If you find it hard to let go of something that you know God has put his finger on, it’s a pretty good indication that thing has become an idol. Take some time today and release that that to him, and then share with a friend or with us in the comments below, as a way of fully dedicating yourself to living a life of singular worship.

2 Chronicles 12

Rehoboam struggled with the same thing a lot of Christians struggle with today, and that is consistently staying faithful to God and his commands. He started out by rejecting wise counsel, then he heeded God’s command to not go to battle against Israel and although he continued in his idolatry, he also continued to worship God at the same time. This would lead to his downfall, because he walked away from God’s law and took his kingdom with him. The punishment for that was God sent the king of Egypt to invade Judah. But he also sent the prophet Shemaiah with another word for Judah. That word was that God had left them to Pharaoh Shisak’s devices because they had forsaken him.

When Judah heard this, they humbled themselves and repented before God, and God relented – to a degree. Instead of being utterly destroyed by Egypt, they would become servants of Pharaoh so that they would understand the difference between serving Almighty God and serving a pagan ruler. Rehoboam’s downfall was that he never really made a solid decision to serve God. He served God when it suited him. When we don’t make a resolute choice to serve God alone, we will be led astray by distractions, worries, and cares of this life. Jesus warned about this very thing in the parable of the sower.  When we set our heart to seek the Lord, the soil of our heart is ready to receive the seed of his word and bear fruit. But when we fail to resolutely set our heart to seek him, the word is choked out by distractions and cares of this life. Have you set your heart to seek the Lord, or can you see where you’ve become distracted with all of the noise in our culture? Perhaps worries and cares have burdened you down and are keeping you from truly seeking God. Identify those areas of your life that are keeping you from fully committing to him and then make the choice to day to be resolute in your decision to seek God today.

2 Chronicles 13

Abijah has become king of Judah and war has erupted between with Israel. Jeroboam is still king and has come against Judah with an army twice the size of what Abijah’s. Both armies are in formation, are surely Abijah knows it’s not looking good for him right now. He stands up and begins addressing Jeroboam and his men. He reminds them of God’s promise to David and the failures of Solomon that led to the division of Israel. He also reminds Jeroboam that while Judah continues has not forsaken the Lord, Israel cast out the priests and dove headlong into rampant idolatry. 

While Abijah was speaking, Jeroboam sent troops to sneak behind Judah to ambush them from in front and behind. Judah was not only outnumbered but surrounded. Do you feel that the enemy’s been ambushing you lately? Do you feel that you’re surrounded by trouble on every side, outnumbered, overpowered, and helpless against the attacks of the enemy? Judah didn’t surrender. They cried out to the Lord, and their cry of faith resulted in God defeating Israel. They were surrounded, outpowered, and outnumbered but they had God on their side. If you’re feeling surrounded by enemy forces today, cry out to God today in a prayer of faith below so that we can join with you believing that God will give you the victory.

2 Chronicles 14

Abijah has passed away and his son Asa has taken the throne and he is bringing reform to Judah. He destroyed the idolatrous altars, high places, and images to other gods. Then, he called Judah to seek God and obey his commands. As a result, Judah entered into a season of rest from war. During this time, they strengthened and fortified the land of Judah and

After this season of rest, Ethiopia attacked Judah with an army that was significantly larger. Ethiopia had an army of one million against Judah’s five-hundred eighty thousand. And yet, Asa’s faith in God remained unshakable. He cried out that victory over Ethiopia was nothing for God. Because Judah rested in God, they were confident that God would win this battle for them, and he did. Ethiopia was defeated and Judah’s plunder was great. Where is the enemy attacking you in your life right now? Do you feel the attack is greater than you have the strength to fight? Rest in God and trust in his mighty hand to fight for you. He will defeat the enemy, if you choose to remain faithful to him alone and rest in his mighty power to save.

2 Chronicles 15

Asa and his men are returning from Ethiopia rejoicing in the success of their victory when the prophet Azariah meets them on the way with a warning from God. He warns that if they seek God, they will be found by him, but if they forsake him, he will forsake them as well. Surely, having just seen God win a great victory for them, they couldn’t imagine forsaking him. They could have dismissed this warning, thinking that after the great victory God had won for them they would always serve him alone. Instead, they took it to heart and set to removing the remaining idolatrous idols from the land and restored the altar of the Lord.

Clearly, Asa hadn’t removed all of the idols from Judah; and God gave him a clear warning that unchecked idolatry is a trap that will capture your heart and cause you to walk away from the Lord. Then, the prophet ends by encouraging Asa to courageously follow through on eliminating all idolatry in the land and to not allow weakness to prevent them from following through because God will reward their diligence. Have you failed to surrender any places in your heart? Are you afraid to walk away from something for fear of rejection or being made fun of? Take courage, dear sister! Do not allow weakness to prevent you from fully surrendering every area of your life to Christ. If you follow through, God will reward you.

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This Week’s Verses of the Day:

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