Last Weekend to Reserve Your Seat Before the NEW Courses Release!

This is the last weekend to join us before the courses release!


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The Courses go live Monday, June 6th


{Cue the confetti} WE BEGIN!

Do you wonder what’s included?

Each mini-course includes multiple teaching videos.

These teaching videos include: 

  • Bible-based lessons presented by your course mentor
  • Group discussion videos with Karen, Courtney and Ruth
  • Special interviews with experts on the course topic, designed to provide further insights on what you’re learning

Each mini-course includes a printable course workbook designed to help you follow along, take notes, and reflect on the daily topics. 

These workbooks include:

  • Highlights from the video teachings with space for taking notes
  • Featured devotions and key verses to study, and even memorize if you wish
  • Personal reflection questions to help you think deeper about the impact God’s Word has on your life

You may be wondering, “Can I go through the course at my own pace?”

YES!  We encourage you to experience each course on a daily pace for 10 days each, but if you need to modify that schedule because life is busy, no problem. All the videos are pre-recorded, so you won’t miss a thing!

Our new collection of encouraging mini-courses will draw you nearer to God and empower you to face your daily challenges with Him by your side.

Choose your best fit!

Learning to Pray

Join mentor and author Ruth Schwenk on a 10-day progression through prayer: what it is, why we should do it, and the lasting impact it will make on your faith and family life. If you’ve been feeling a nudge to draw nearer to God through more consistent and meaningful prayer, this mini-course will show you how to communicate with God in more practical, habitual, and heartfelt ways. You’ll come away feeling closer to Jesus as you learn to come boldly before His throne!

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Living With Grief and Loss

In this healing 10-day journey, bestselling author Karen Ehman from Proverbs 31 Ministries shares encouragement from God’s Word to comfort and restore your joy following a loss in life-a relationship, job, death of a loved one, etc… Karen’s own recent struggles with loss have taught her more about God’s faithfulness than ever before. You’ll share smiles and tears as together you lean into God’s truth for guidance and peace through times of heartbreak and loss.

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The Strong Single Mom

Six years ago, Bible teacher Courtney Joseph found herself in the unexpected role of single mom to her two children. Through that challenging experience she discovered a wealth of strength and insight through Scripture to encourage and equip her journey as a single parent. In this powerful 10-day mini-course, Courtney will share her heart and wisdom from God to empower you to face and embrace your adventure as a strong single mom.

Enroll Now for $19


Buy All 3 Courses for the Price of 2


Enroll in all three mini-courses and pay only the cost of two. These courses are self-paced so you can go through them simultaneously or one-by-one as your schedule allows. 

Buy the Bundle for $38

All content will be released Monday, June 6, 2022.

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We can’t wait to see you there!

Keep walking with the King!

Courtney 🙂

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