Perfect Women Aren’t Real

Perfect Women Aren't Real

   The Gentleness Challenge is coming to a close. I know for many of us who participated in the challenge, we had some discouraging days where we blew it…I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admit despite my best efforts, I lost my temper this month – {ahem} more than once… The reality is – there are NO perfect moms but that should not stop us from pursuing a good and Godly life.  We are all a work in progress.  The greatest lesson we can learn from a challenge like this is that we are flawed (the cross […]

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Michelle Duggar ~ A Role Model for Gentleness ~ Week 4

My son adores Tim Tebow right now and I’m glad he has him to look up to.  For us in this gentleness challenge, Michelle Duggar is a role model in the area of gentleness.  When I look at the picture of Michelle next to me… I see two similiar women – we love God, our husbands, children and our homes.  We both homeschool and I’d say we are a smiley pair!   I also see two very different women.  We have different philosophies on a few things in life including the fact that she has a few more children then me (17 more to be exact!) .  But one of […]

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Week 3 – Anger Management


    There are several reasons why we may feel angry with our children. The book of Proverbs speaks directly to our issues.  Let’s look at a few of the reasons we lose our temper. 1.  Too high of expectations.  If you hold to the philosophy of “I speak, and the children must obey immediately“, you will be angry often. How do I know this? Because by the time my son was 3, I had read many parenting books that convinced me my son was to obey “right away, all the way, with  a cheerful heart.”  Indeed, Ephesians 6 says […]

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Week 2 of The Gentleness Challenge


As I read through the hundreds of comments that came in on last Monday’s post (the start of The Gentleness Challenge), I saw so many emotions of guilt, regret, defeat, and even received some emails filled with despair. I want to say that there is hope – there is hope for all of us.  You have taken the first step in making true change by calling sin, sin.  When we lose our temper and spout off angry words and lectures at our children – we are sinning. The second step is to not remain isolated and stagnet in your struggle.   When we are isolasted, we become vulnerable […]

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Introducing – The Gentleness Challenge

The Gentlenss challenge

Yelling at a bud won’t make it bloom. As we start a fresh new year, I want to turn our hearts towards our children.  I remember the first time I ever “lost it” with my son.  He was around 2 1/2 and his baby sister was 6 months old.  I had laid them both down for a nap and up he popped out of bed – “mommy, I’m not tired.”  I gently laid him back in bed and told him mommy knew he needed rest. But again, he popped out of bed and refused to sleep…after about 5 times of […]

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