Feed Back Friday: What Did Your Mom Do Right?

In January I posted a blog titled “What My Mom Did Right” about my own mother. On my other website, I had 10 young women from my church write about their moms (Liz, Jen, Alisha, Shannon, Kimi, Melissa, Aimee, Jessica, Hope and Elizabeth) and the articles were titled “What My Mom Did Right.”

If you are a weary mom in need of some encouragement – please take the time to read what these women wrote! My favorite excerpt is from Alicia – who wrote about her parents who are now missionaries:

“When I was young, one of my favorite things to get from my mama was an “I love you” pill. Just one m&m or jelly bean placed in my hand or mouth at a time that it was not expected let me know that, no matter what, I was loved. It had nothing to do with what I was doing at the time – it was given out of love, just because. In middle school those pills turned into encouragement cards stuck in my backpack or under my pillow. I still have many of them and look through them when I feel alone or confused. And, sometimes, in the mail from a far-off country is a card written in purple pen just to say, “Alicia, I’m proud of you and I love you” and that means more to me than she’ll ever know.”

“I love you pills” – so simple yet so profound!

We can learn so much from each other and what your mom did right – so it’s Feedback Friday – and I want to hear from you! What is One Thing Your Mom Did Right? (Click on the word “comment” and if you do not have a blogger account choose “anonymous”. If you do not wish to be anonymous simply sign your name at the end. I look forward to hearing from you.)

Walk with the King!



  1. What an inspirational idea … I’m going to use it today. Thanks for sharing. We need to hear about those “right things.” And thank you for your sweet comment on “Come Have a Peace.” I was blessed by your uplifting words and love being “copied.” 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. My mom did many things right, but the main thing that I appreciate is the way she showed unconditional love to everyone! At her funeral the pastor said that through all his years he could count the people who NEVER spoke a bad or unkind word of anyone with one hand (he added that he wouldn’t even need to use all of his fingers!!) Then he went on to say that our mom was one of those. Before hand as he spoke with us in preparation for the service my brother sister and I were able to say honestly that we had never heard such a thing from her either! Although I have fallen short before, I am thankful for the awesome example my mom set!!!

  3. My Mom always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. If I wanted to write, she would read every word I wrote and kept stories I hadn’t even remembered writing, if I wanted to be in the choir, she came to every performance, no matter what it was, I knew I could always count on at least one person in my corner!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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