Think for a moment – If you saw a friend getting drunk you might have a talk with her. But if your friend orders an appetizer, dinner, AND dessert I doubt anyone would say anything about that. It’s the norm. If I complained I was so full that I felt sick – I don’t think anyone would be offended.

Gluttony destroys the body and is careless Christian living.

In America, many diseases are on the rise as a result of gluttony. The rampant obesity in our culture is a result of gluttony (in most cases) and many people are reaping the harsh consequences of this sin that is rarely discussed in church yet is prevalent.

Food is a gift.

Obsessing over every little bite we take and worrying that we might gain a pound is not appreciating the gift of food that God has given us. But likewise, indulging in food to the point of gluttony is abusing the gift of food.

In Bible times people ate to sustain life – excess was only available to the wealthy.

Women had to sweat a bit more doing their household tasks – they did not have washing machines, dish washers and cars to carry their groceries in. The Proverbs 31 woman had “arms strong for the task” and it wasn’t from lifting weights – but from doing her daily work. She was not tempted to eat a big mac, fries, soda and ice cream.

Times really have changed and that is why the Bible seems silent on exercise and weight loss.

The disciples would probably laugh if they saw the treadmills we run on. The Proverbs 31 lady might find our pilates exercises a bit strange and unnessary. We live in different times – but God’s word was applicable yesterday, today and will be tomorrow. The principles of Proverbs stand and we must live by them.

If you are guilty of gluttony – that is you lack self-control with food and over-indulgulge yourself regularly – then the first step toward weight loss is to call gluttony what it is – sin.

Repent of your sin.

Remember – on one end of the spectrum is obssession over every bite – that is not living freely.

On the other end is gluttony – which imprisons you.

In the middle is self-control, balance and freedom. Be free!

Walk with the King!


  1. kimmy says

    self control with sweets is the hardest for me!I feel like I’m Eve constantly staring at that yummy apple wanting to eat it but knowing I shouldnt!I always think I’ll feel better after I eat it but its usually the opposite!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow, very convicting, but I know you’re right! I and my family desparately need help in this area. Can you suggest any good resources or websites you’ve run into to help to get our “gluttony” and eating habits under control? God bless you! Jenny C.

  3. Courtney says

    It’s sweets for you – for me it’s salty stuff! But I feel the same way – I think it will be “fun” to have a salty snack while I watch something interesting on television – afterward I regret it – but it sure was “fun” while it lasted!!!

    Truly though the sweets or salty snacks are okay – as long as they are in moderation – 1 sweet is fine – a handful of something salty is fine. It’s when we eat an entire bag of chips or a carton of icecream that gluttony comes into the picture.

    Just remember to give thanks for each bite you take – it truly is a gift from God!

  4. Diana says

    Wow, very bold today, but true! I have been guilty of gluttony too, so could not read through and think “not a problem for this girl!”. I find it can come more easily when other areas are not “inline”. Thanks for stepping up and calling it what it is. We often pride ourselves (the church) in confronting the “hard” subjects– yes, maybe those that are controversial for the world— same sex marriage, abortion, adultery, but there are many we choose to avoid that should not be left “unchecked”.

  5. Regina Coblentz says

    I have learned so much about this subject since reading "A Woman of Moderation." I appreciate that book so much. I have learned to have self-control (not that I haven't had a day or two that I failed). I have learned not to indulge every day & every time something really good enters my mouth. I decided yesterday to make a "New York style cheese cake" for dinner. After we all had a slice I gave the rest to my neighbors. They loved that I brought them home-made cheese cake. I was happy to share this with them. I didn't want the whole cake sitting at my house because I know myself very well. I would end up eating more than I should. So, a way for me to have self control is to have a slice & share the rest with others. I get more enjoyment out of that than if I hogged the whole cake for me & my family. I enjoy baking but I don't want the whole dessert sitting here.

  6. Julie says

    The salty ones tempt me, too. Someone brought a bag of one of my biggest temptations … Lay’s Wavy 🙂 to a party last week and left the extras at our house. 🙁 Should’ve thrown them away. They called my name all week. Such an important reminder and one our kids need to see modeled before them, too.

  7. Michelle (She Looketh Well) says

    Great teaching Courtney! This is so huge, as you say, in our society. It has become acceptable. One time when we were 'house churching' with a couple of families we shared a meal each week,a love feast. It was shocking how gluttonous all of us were. It was like we hadn't had dessert or sweets ever. We were very convicted. I mean, there were some that would take a piece of every dessert available, doesn't that seem extreme? Sometimes 4-5 pieces of something, not tiny pieces mind you. Here we were worshiping the Lord,having our little 'love feast' and all we were doing was stuffing our faces and feeding our fl.esh! We learned! The flesh is very ugly, isn't it?

    thanks for sharing this timely teaching

  8. Camille says

    Very good article! This is so true! Even thin people can be gluttons…I know…I was as thin as anything as a younger person…and have also, to my shame, been a glutton! AND you are right…it is SIN…the Bible is very clear on that!

    Our society is so obsessed with outward beauty and thin-ness rather than the inward beauty of the heart…for God's Glory. As Christian ladies we must guard against this way of thinking and yes…as you wisely suggest…be free in enjoying God's gift of food to us in moderation.


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