How to Fold a Shirt

My mom emailed this video to me – “How to Fold a Shirt”. At first I laughed because – well you’ll see – it’s not in English BUT if you watch it a few times (it’s only 22 seconds) you can get the gist. I tried it out and after about 4 tries I had it! Give it a shot!

Walk with the King


  1. I'd be REALLY interested in a method that shows how to make shirts fold themselves! ;0)

    Hey, Courtney … I just read your "About Me" page and that you live in Akron, Ohio. I just flew into Akron with my daughter a couple weeks ago! Our friends (that I blogged about yesterday) live in Minerva. We spent quite a bit of time in Canton. I haven't spent much time in Ohio, but I just loved it. I'm originally from Iowa and often wax nostalgic for the Midwest!

  2. Great post! I really found your post on Michael Jackson very interesting that he was 400 million dollars in debt. It is true that we need to be content in every situation. We do spend way too much money on things we don't need. The advertising businesses are doing very well to convince people they need more and more stuff to feel happy. Thanks again for your great posts. God bless, Rose

  3. This. Is. So. Impressive. Wow — I kept having to watch it because it's so counterintuitive. I so need to go find a shirt to practice on now!

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