Book Review: Redefining Beautiful

Redefining Beautiful is written by Max Lucado’s daughter, Jenna Lucado. The target audience is teenage girls but I found it very insightful and profound in many areas to me personally. This book covers a broad spectrum of topics that affect teen girls such as their feelings when they look in the mirror, their friendships with girls, their relationship with their father, boyfriends, and ultimately God.

One part that touched my heart and brought insight to an age old battle in my home growing up was in the area of modesty. Jenna talked about how she fought with her mother over not wanting to wear a one piece swimsuit. I too had this same fight with my mother. The rule in my home was – no 2 piece swimsuits until you are married! So in college, I waged a little war in this area and lost.

Jenna says “The truth is that my mom was the only one who saw my value in that situation. I couldn’t see it, my friends couldn’t see it, boys couldn’t see it, and of course the magazines couldn’t see it. She was the only one who understood that the body God had given me was valuable -something to be treasured, not put on display.”

Through out the book, Jenna’s father Max writes to the girls – here’s one that spoke to my heart:
God loves you just the way you are. If you think his love for you would be stronger if your faith were stronger, you are wrong. If you think his love would be deeper if your thoughts were deeper, wrong again. Don’t confuse God’s love with the love you get from people. Love from people often increases with performance and decreases with mistakes. Not so with God’s love. He loves you right where you are.”

Jenna’s insight, honesty (she was not the perfect preacher’s daugther – she made some wrong choices), depth of understanding and talent in communicating God’s truth makes this an easy read. This book is new on the market and I hope this book falls into the hands of many teenage girls – I know it will change many lives.

Walk with the King!


  1. What a beautiful post. Adolescence is such a difficult time in life…I wish this book had been around when I was a teenager.

    I especially found your post about 2-piece bathing suits and modesty relevant. My husband and I agreed upon a similar rule for our 5-year old daughter, Mary Catherine. I thought it was so cute this summer when we were shopping at the Carters outlet and as we were going through the racks, she would pull out a 2-piece and say, "nope, can't wear that one, right, Mom? Daddy wouldn't like it."

    While this will probably become an issue once she exerts some independence and enters those middle school/junior high years, until then I have several years to instill in my daughter the love and respect she should show herself, her body, her image.

    Thanks for the motivation to continue doing what we believe is best for our daughter's healthy self-esteem. One can get discouraged or off-track in this crazy sexually-oriented media-frenzied world.



  2. I really like your writing style and enjoyed your recent post about the visit to Target (beep-beep-beep). fellow Mamabuzzer…

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