Managing Your Home With A Cheerful Heart

Today we continue to learn from Jeanette Wood from A Moment With Mom – a homeschooling mother of 10. If you missed Mondays post – scroll down and learn about Jeanette and how she deals with weariness.

Next I asked Jeanette: “Not only do you have 10 children but you also run a farm. How do you do it all? What is your secret to managing your home with a cheerful heart?”

Training my children in the small details of life and the big issues has been the most important ‘secret’ to our home running smoothly and cheerfully. I don’t expect the children to know how to act, I teach them how to act and train them in overcoming obstacles and traps of bad behavior. My greatest desire is to have a sweet relationship with my husband and children. I have spent much time guarding the peace of our home and making sure that I am creating the environment I want for my family- God’s people!

Here are a few practical things I do:

1. I work on creating memories, considering what’s really important, and doing those things. I often ask myself, “If the Lord were to return at this moment what would I want Him to find me doing?”

2. I make sure that we are not so busy “doing” that we can’t simply enjoy one another.

3. I make sure to always go to bed with the home clean and laundry done. Waking up to yesterday’s chores is no way to start the day. There are times that it simply happens however, we all work hard to make sure our daily duties are accomplished before bedtime.

4. I limit distractions such as Internet, TV. and phone calls that would keep me from being available to hear the children express their hearts. If I no longer have time to hold the baby, read a story to the little ones, or kiss the brow of my child… then I am too busy with the ‘clutter’ of life. For me, the simple moments with my family are the most important! I love to create their favorite meals, yummy treats and work along side them as they care for animals they enjoy!

5. Managing our time is critical. We don’t have a schedule we keep but we do have a routine we follow. I’ve found the home is orderly and peaceful when everyone knows what to expect for the day. The key is keeping us open and flexible to hear the voice of the Lord and set aside our own plans to do His. It’s a balancing act that I work on daily.

6. I’ve learned to smile on purpose! It’s important to me that I am teaching my children by example. I want to teach them that I don’t just act kind when I leave the house, smile when life is easy, or have a joyful tone in my voice when things go my way. I also want them to know that I don’t hide my pain when I hurt, my struggle with temptations, or my repentance when I sin.

7. I also guard myself from excuses. I don’t want to teach my children to make excuses for poor behavior so I need to make sure I am not doing so as well. I often tell my girls, “We were told to walk in the Spirit at all times. It doesn’t say, except when it’s that “time of the month.”

Courtney, I have loved sharing with you. Keep in mind that I am simply a sinner saved by grace. I work out my salvation each day by His strength alone. I look forward to tomorrow not because I have all the answers or the perfect life. I look forward to tomorrow because I know that He is faithful to complete the good work He has begun in my life. I am excited to see what that looks like!
Thank you Jeanette for sharing your wisdom with us! For more from Jeanette stop by A Moment With Mom. Now Consider today which one of the above things you need to work on – begin to put it into practice. For me, lighting a candle and putting on some worship music quickly sets a mood and tone in the home that is calm and cheerful! Go and smile at your husband and children today!

Walk with the King!


  1. good reminders — thanks, Courtney, for introducing us to Jeannette. And thanks, Jeannette, for sharing how you manage!


  2. What a good practical post. Thank you! Love hearing from Jeannette and loved her last line, that God is faithful to complete His work in our life. That is what the Lord impressed on me last night, as I started thinking about starting another year of life. I can relate to Jeannette in that we don’t have a schedule either, but a routine. Since life here demands so much flexibility, I find that a routine (and everyone knowing what is expected of them) allows us to roll with the uncertainly of life. We can be mindful to God’s voice and see Him in the change of plans for that day. I need to learn to smile more at home- that is a great thing for me to camp on this week.

  3. I enjoyed sharing ladies. It was a blessing to read your notes and hear how He is working in your hearts and homes.
    Because of His Love,
    Mrs. Joseph Wood

  4. I just read your guest post on the Internet Cafe' what a good reminder. And you write so visually too. Thank you, I'll be checking for more posts from you.

  5. Thank you sooo much for sharing this wisdom with us! I am new to your blog and can I just tell you how "timely" this word was for me! Thank you!! I am a single homeschooling mom of 3 beautiful daughters. I needed this reminder to create memories and not get bogged down in the "clutter" of life. Thank you!!

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