My Mom – My Role Model

(4 Generations of women who love God: Top Row L toR: Mom, Sister Kristen, Me, Sister Jen. Bottom Row: Niece Julianna, Mom’s Mom, Daughter Lexi)

Psalm 145:4,5 “One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works.
My mom does not like the spotlight, so I know this blog post will make her uncomfortable. She and I are similar in our love and passion for God’s word but we are very different in personality. I’ve always been a sanguine and she has always been a little more reserved. But I want to honor her. I know you all probably wonder who is the woman behind this woman who blogs. So if you are looking for a role model in parenting – here’s my mom in a nutshell to me!

The best thing my mom ever did for me was equip me for life by teaching me to fall in love with God and his word. Through her example and love of scriptures – I too fell in love with her Savior. She taught me how to read the word and apply it and how to always go to the scriptures first for answers in times of trouble. She taught me how to share my faith and not be ashamed. She taught me how to go against the flow in a public school and be secure in my faith.

Mom always had her colored pencils on the kitchen table where she worked hard preparing to lead her precept Bible studies. If we had a problem – mom had the solution with a verse attached and if mom said she was praying – we knew – something was going to happen – because mom’s prayers were powerful!

One of my favorite memories growing up were after school snack time – not just for the snack – but the time mom spent listening to all my boring stories! Mom listened and listened and listened as my two older sisters and I told many many stories. We are a chatty bunch! But I always knew I could talk to my mom about ANYTHING!

Mom introduced me to one of my all time favorite authors – Elizabeth Elliot through the book “Through Gates of Splendor.” It changed my view on life for forever. It gave me a passion to live for God and a hunger to live life to its fullest for God’s glory and it planted the seed in my heart to go to Bible college.

Mom MADE me practice piano even when I hated it and now I’m so glad I have that skill!!! She taught us girls to never quit and to always do everything to the best of our abilities. Thanks mom!

Mom is so generous – and I know she would not be pleased if I gave details on her giving – but mom and dad were always supporting many ministries or sharing with others in need. She is a gift giver and loves to give in abundance. She taught me both in words and deed that everything she has came from God and belongs to God. And that we must be good stewards – she is a great deal finder!

Mom is a woman of conviction. I am thankful that she sees things as black and white and did not let us girls settle for lukewarmness in our lives. She pushed us to righteousness and to high standards. She had strict television and movie rules and I am so thankful now for how she protected my mind.

Mom protected my purity by not letting Keith and I stay out too late when we were dating and she always allowed us to hang at the house where she could keep an eye on us! She and dad also led Keith and I in a marriage Bible study to prepare us for having a Biblical marriage.

Mom taught me how to submit to authority. Although she raised me to be a strong girl with strong convictions – she taught me how to submit my will to authority. It has been a great benefit in my life – to know how to submit to my teachers, coaches, pastors and now husband.

And finally – mom (and dad!) gave me a childhood filled with joy, love and peace. I always knew I was unconditionally loved by them and by my heavenly Father. I cannot thank my mother enough for leading me to my rock – Jesus Christ my Savior. Thank you mom. I love you!

Walk with the King!


  1. I love this post! My mom taught me a lot but my strongest findings of a Christian life came when I got married and a whole bunch came when I got pregnant with my first child. I wondered if I was prepared for the awe-inspiring role as mother. Then I realized all my answers were found in the scriptures. So thank you for sharing. It's nice hear how important a mothers role is to produce wonderful children.

  2. Very encouraging for me to keep on keeping on!! Your family is SO very special to so many people and it was obviously spear-headed by such GREAT parents!!! I'm thankful to God for your parents!!!

  3. What a wonderful, loving tribute! You are very fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family. I always check your site first thing when I get to work….it sort of sets the tone for the rest of the day.
    ECS from North Carolina

  4. Something must be in the air- I blogged about my mother today too:)

    My mother also loved to read Elizabeth Elliot.

    Reading posts like this help me focus on what's important in mothering.

  5. Awesome!

    Thank you for sharing!! I know that you realize how so very blessed that you are to have a mother like that. 😮 )

  6. I love this post!! What an honor to your mom!! 🙂 [I love that they did a Bible study with you guys before you were married!!]

    I really appreciate you linking this up for FYFS – I know so many women WANT to leave a legacy like the one in your family, and have no idea what it really looks like. Thank you for sharing your role model. 🙂

  7. I rarely post comments on blogs, but I have to say, Courtney, you did a beautiful job telling about how great our mom was and is. She did all of this and more for each of us girls! What a blessing to have Godly parents for role models. Love you Mom,(and love you, too, little sister). Love, Jen

  8. Oh wow Courtney, your mom sounds like an amazing woman! I want to be a mom like that! Was she always like that, or was it something she grew into as you too grew up?

    I know I am not the woman I want to be, but I have this hope that someday I will. It's never too late, right?

    Thank you for this inspirational post. What a blessed woman she is to have a daughter that speaks so highly of her!

  9. LOVE your post! So inspiring and encouraging. I’m going to buy the book, read it myself and pass on to my daughter. Thank you for being all God created you to be and sharing it with the world.
    Blessings and love, Ashley

  10. Without going into great detail, I’ll just say that my mom showed me true unconditional love. I was a very head strong teen from the beginning till the end. She loved me through it all the way,stepped back when she had to(but probably didnt want to) and held my hand when I needed her to and I’m sure prayed every second of every day. My mom is my best friend!

  11. My mom was an alcoholic. She couldn’t take care of herself let alone her children. She did send us off to church on Sunday. She managed to sew us dresses for school. Sometimes she would cook. She died when I was 10 years old. I don’t think anyone ever plans on becoming a alcoholic, but she wanted to have friends and be popular, my dad wanted the same things. I was an adult before I understood that they were sick, in many ways. I finally released her and myself from anger. One thing for sure, I knew I wanted nothing to do with alcohol. I wish my children had a grandma and grandpa. My parents missed so much life because of alcohol. I knew the things I missed and tried to give those things to my children.

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