The Proverbs 31 Woman Rises Very Early

Word Filled Wednesday: Proverbs 31:15 “She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.”

Today is week seven of our Proverbs 31 series. Thus far we see that she is a treasure to her husband because she is trustworthy, a woman of action, she works with eager hands and is a great shopper! In verse 15 we see a new character trait. She rises VERY early!

For all the night owls, I want to clarify in advance – I am not saying that all godly women rise early. I’m saying the Proverbs 31 woman rises early. Later in Proverbs 31:18 we’ll see that her lamp does not go out at night – so she stays up late working too.
But since in this passage, she rises early, that is today’s topic of the blog post. Why does the Proverbs 31 woman rise early?
1. To provide food for her family.
2. To provide portions for her servant girls.
The word portions in this passage actually means work. She rises early to feed her family and delegate the days work that needs to be done. You may say “I don’t have servant girls!” – my sentiments exactly! But let me suggest that your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, and vacuum are just a few modern day servants that lighten our work load tremendously compared to Biblical times.

What are the benefits to rising early?
1. Time with God. You can be alone – just you and God in peace and quiet. This is my most precious time of day.
***Tip for those with little ones who disrupt this golden time.*** Starting at the age of 3, I trained my children to stay in their rooms until there was a 7 on their digital clock. I covered the last two numbers of the clock with masking tape and wrote the number 7 on it. Then I told them to wait until they saw matching number 7’s. They are allowed to play and read in their rooms just not come out until there is a 7. Training them to do this has been a huge blessing to this mama. I have enjoyed this quiet hour for 3 years now with nearly no interruptions. They know what is expected and they do it.
2. Time alone for planning. The Proverbs 31 woman delegated the days work. She knew what needed to be done and she owned her role as the manager of her home. I like to use the morning quietness to think clearly and write a list of what I need to get done that day.

3. Time for making breakfast, packing lunches and even some dinner preps. The priority of providing food for her family got the Proverbs 31 woman out of bed in the morning!
4. Time for family devotions. We try to read the Bible while we eat breakfast each morning. It’s a great way to prepare everyone’s hearts for the day.
5. And for me, it’s my time to post my daily blog!
How to discipline yourself to rise early:
1. Determine what time you plan to rise and make it the same 6 days a week.
2. Get to bed early – at least 7 hours before your wake time.
3. Pray and ask God to help you rise early.
4. Get up!
If you are in a season of life where you are nursing a baby or caring for a sick family member – please do not let this blog post put guilt on you. There are seasons of life where we are not able to rise early. God never commands that we do. Rather we see the example of the Proverbs 31 woman as a goal to attain.

Are mornings hectic and chaotic in your home? You can change that by rising earlier. Rising early can change the entire course of your day and will bless your family.
Walk With The King!


  1. I absolutely enjoyed this post. I'm an early riser and I use this time to study God's Word and pray. It makes for a smooth delightful morning and day. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips!! Love your blog!!!

  2. I love my early mornings; it's when I can work and most of the time (after I get woke up a little) think the most clearly without interruption….it's such a blessing to my day, being able to do this….thank you for this post. What an encouragement.

  3. I love the early mornings too! I love being up and enjoying my quiet time before the craziness of my day begins. I used to get up really early like 5:15-5:30 but my husband is night owl and that is when I spend time w/him. Now I don't get up until 6:00 and am rarely in bed before midnight. I still have my quiet time but don't get my day jump started like I would like. I have read so many things about the benefits of a good nights sleep too though! I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about "her candle does NOT go out by night". Right now I have resolved myself to not getting a lot of sleep=)

  4. I must confess the Proverbs 31 woman has always intimidate me…I have read that passage several times and eachtime I find I fail miserably…but I do not give up…I have learned to work on each bit by bit one day at a time…and I am more like her now than i was 7 yrs ago when i married my husband…

    LOVE your idea of the masking tape!

    THanks for sharing

  5. Wow…what wonderful advice and insight. I love the clock idea…wish I had used it about 18 years ago! I've also told young mothers that struggled with meeting this image to remember this woman had servants….so if you can afford it…hire a maid!

  6. I love to BE up early, but I don't like to GET up early, if that makes any sense! At this point in life, my 3 children are grown, with only 1 left at home, and I don't necessarily have to get up early for them. However, my husband leaves at 5:30 for work, and I have tried and tried to stay up after he leaves. Most times I go back to sleep, either in bed or on the couch. I also have type 2 diabetes that is poorly controlled at this point (which I'm working on), so the higher blood sugar is quite possibly the biggest problem I have in staying awake. All that to say . . . I'm going to renew my efforts to stay up and have that quiet time I need. Thanks for a great post!

  7. This is a fantastic post and I read all the comments to see what the other ladies had to say about it. This is one that strikes at the heart of most or all Christian women who are trying to pattern their life after the Bible. Mornings are tough for me, too, but I'm determined that it won't always be that way for me. Prayer changes things! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for sharing. :O)

  8. I am always grateful that proverb does say she stays up late.
    I did manage over 30 years of the getting up early to work… I am a night owl trying to be living a little better in a world of day time people.
    But I do my best work, thinking etc at night…..or early morning…so maybe it is not that I rise up…but am STILL UP. lol

  9. I am not 100% with you on everything you write, but I really really appreciated this post!
    I am an early riser, but for a few days now I tried to "help" my husband get up. It is hard for him. Now I am more thoughtful to him, I bring him coffee while he is still in the shower instead of asking him to "please come have breakfast" 3 times… It's really not a big change, but he feels less rushed. And I keep his food warm till he comes to eat. Now we actually have more time, just by doing this!

    What I really loved about this post is how it changed my look on the machines in my home. I LOVE to see them as my little servants! It makes it so much easier to do the laundry when I realize how helpful this washing machine is!!


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