What Does Your Home Say About You?

Romans 1:20 says “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made”
When I look out my window at the 20 inches of snow sparkling in the sunlight, I am in awe of the Creator I serve. Yesterday as I took the trashcan to the curb – I paused for a moment – looked up in the sky as large snow flakes fell on my face and just took it in. I enjoyed the feeling of the cold fresh air and the sunshine on my cheeks and it compelled me to stop in my tracks and praise God right there spontaneously! Creation speaks volumes about my God!

In the same way, your home is an expression of you. Do you decorate with lots of pillows, flowers, candles or knickknacks? Do you like the sleek modern look or the country woodsy look? Are you a bargain shopper who picks things up at garage sales or a world traveler who picks things up in every country you visit to display? There’s no right or wrong here – it’s all simply an expression of you and your family.

Are clothes draped over chairs and newspapers strewn out across the floor or is there a place for everything and everything in its place? For a while, many of my upstairs decorations said Fisher Price on them! And the legos were a kitchen staple as I cooked dinner with little ones around my feet. And in our old home, much of the decorations were an expression of my husband’s taste – as he knew more what he wanted than I did when we first were decorating our home.

I have a friend, Jinka, who has released her inner artist and has made the interior of her home fabulous by using scripture and hymns. She calls them “Proclamations!” You must see this!
Jinka writes: “I love to paint and decorate and wanted to find a way to add a really personal touch to the rooms of my home. I believe a woman’s home is an extension of who she is. I had a desire to create spaces that were warm, welcoming and a blessing. I didn’t want our home to feel stuffy and formal. My desire is for friends and family to come in, relax and feel replenished.”
I remember reading Deut. 6:6-9 where the children of the Lord were admonished to keep God’s commands in their hearts, teach them to their children, meditate on them always and write them on the doorposts of their house! It clicked and I ran with it- taking it literally as a way to bless my home and all who enter here. I believe words have power and placing these banners over my doorposts and in rooms set a tone over our home. They are wonderful, welcoming reminders.
For our 6th wedding anniversary, I surprised my husband with a complete bedroom and master bath makeover. It was like an episode of the TV show “While You Were Out.” When he left on Monday morning for a week long fly fishing trip our room was beige. I immediately went to work creating a romantic retreat for us. I encourage the idea that couples really should treat their bedrooms as sanctuaries. It should be a place where the 2 of you can close out the world, re-connect and be replenished.

I used the words to a worship song, the song we danced to on our wedding day, as a border over our bedroom. My husband was completely blown away when he came home! He loved it. To this day it is a constant reminder of the Lord who brought us together and the irreplaceable love we share and cherish. Sometimes, even if we are just reading before drifting off to sleep he’ll look over and say “I love our room.” You know what? I do too!”

We have all been made in the image of our awesome creator. And we all have interior places in which we live. Look around you right now, what does your home say about you? We represent a God of beauty and order. Bring that to life in your own home today.

Walk with the King!


  1. I'm hiring Jinka when we get our next house! I LOVE that–what a beautiful expression of your heart! (and such a special gift for your husband!)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi Courtney! I am new to your blog and I absolutely love it already. Just wanted to drop in and say hello! I loved the video on youtube of you and your husband on the Rachel Ray show and embedded it to my blog last night.

    I hope your day is blessed!

  3. Wow….that is such an awesome idea. I love that. She is really talented. Thanks for posting these and thanks to Jinka for letting us see her home. What a beautiful way to remember God's word.

  4. Wow, Jinka, what a beautiful job you have done! I love the verses on the doorposts! Your home is obviously one that centers around Christ!

    Kelly L

  5. that is so beautifully done. i am not so creative. :0)

    i love your blog. super fun and informative.

    i didn't have time to watch the rachel ray video…but how cool is that? i was on her show too. not ON, on it. but my kitchen was featured during her 'america's ugliest kitchen contest' we had a producer (rodney) from the show at our house and taped our kitchen. it was fun!!

    hope to pop back in again, for now it's off to mommy-hood. :0)

  6. What a beautiful entry way! I had never considered putting a Bible verse up high like that, but what a great idea! And a great reminder to see that verse every day when you come downstairs or get ready to leave the house.

    How cool that your husband loves your bedroom so much.

  7. Great post, thank you! I love words and have quotes and scripture everywhere, need to work on getting more photos put up now. We just reclaimed our bedroom as our sanctuary and I've vowed to not let anything creep in there to take it away again! Love your blog!

    What worship song is that if you don't mind me asking?

  8. Someone suggested to me that you take pictures of your home to help you look at it through new eyes and see things in a different way. Helps me as I keep asking myself what my home is "saying today." 🙂

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