Mundane Tasks Are a Hidden Treasure

Word Filled Wednesday:
Proverbs 31:19 “In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers.”
We are into week 11 in our Proverbs 31 series. So far we have seen that she rises early, works eagerly and vigorously, shops wisely, is extremely productive with her hands and she uses her evenings to get work done too!

Do you understand verse 19? The Proverbs 31 woman is spinning her own thread! The distaff is attached to the wheel that holds the flax. The spindle is the hand-held rod on which the thread is wound as it’s spun.
Let me just say for starters – I cannot IMAGINE spinning thread to use to sew my family’s clothing. What a burden! And I thought ironing was a burden! lol! Spinning the thread, to sew the shirt, that I am going to have to iron…now that’s mundane hard work. And that’s exactly the type of work the Proverbs 31 woman did.

Do you ever just feel like your tasks for the home are mundane, meaningless, never ending and repetitive? Should I really bother to wash that little hand print off of the window when I know it will magically reappear the next day? Should I really sweep under the lunch table? Dinner’s coming and it will need to be swept again! Do I really need to dust? I can’t write my name in it yet! Sometimes we ask ourselves these questions.

Housework is repetitive – if you do it! And the Proverbs 31 woman was willing to do the mundane task of sitting down, engaging her hands and mind and spinning the thread necessary to clothe her family, make garments to sell and to help the poor as we’ll see in the very next verse.

What is the draw of Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens and The Fly Lady? Innately we all dream of creating a perfect home – but in reality when the house is full of people, messes are being made every second of the day! A woman’s work is truly never done!

I would like to believe that the Proverbs 31 woman may not have enjoyed every second of spinning her thread – it was mundane hard work. In the same way, we may not enjoy every minute of cleaning toilets or folding underwear BUT I think we all will admit that we love the feel of clean sheets on the bed, fresh towels in the bathroom, bathed babies in clean pajamas and a warm cooked meal on the table. The result of our hard work is a blessing to everyone who enters the doors of our home.

Now remember – if you are about to face crusty dishes in the sink and a pile of dirty laundry – DO NOT think for one moment God loves you any less. God does not base your worthiness of his love on the cleanliness of your home. We stand before God justified by the blood of the cross!

But I want to encourage you, do not grow weary in your mundane tasks. Mundane tasks are the hidden treasure to creating a home that is a haven. Embrace this hidden treasure as the Proverbs 31 woman did.

Walk with the King!


  1. Having been away from home for so long I have a fresh perspective on how wonderful my  home is as a place of peace & safety and this  includes the chores that go into making it such a place for the people that I really love. I love your post today & though I'm a little scared of what my fridge veggie drawer is going to be like after an unplanned month away I am looking forward 2 my chores with a new enthusiasm, have a great day enjoying that spring weather Courtney! 

  2. Amen! What a great reminder as I am about to spend my day cleaning house and grocery shopping. May we remember to rejoice in the mundane and thank God for the family we are called to serve.

    Great WFW!
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. I may not like the task but I love the look when it is complete.
    One day I am going to love God's completed work in me…..

  4. Great reminder Courtney … so I'll go vacuum the bedroom again. 🙂 And since I remember how you pray around the house, I'll pray for those who walk on the carpet and for the steps they'll take today.

  5. thank you for the fantastic reminder!! I am 2 weeks from my last day as a full time worker to a full time homemaker … this is perfect for me! 🙂

  6. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. What I do each day seems so futile. There's never any ground gained, task accomplished, sense of completion. I have three small children and we live in a small apartment. I feel surrounded by clutter and stuff. Add being 6-months pregnant into the mix, and my motivation is gone! Thank you for encouraging me to keep going and perform the mundane drudgery that is driving me crazy.

  7. Amen! What a great reminder Courtney! One thing I have gotten in the habit of doing to take the "mundane" out of the laundry chore is this- As I am folding my family's laundry, I say a prayer for the person that the article of clothing belongs to. If they have many items in the clothes basket, then I think about something about that person for which I am thankful and pray to God about that. It's just another wonderful way to cover my family in prayer and get a household chore done at the same time!
    Blessings to you!

  8. What a beautiful post. It's a great reminder that the mundane tasks I do really are serving my family AND God. Thank you for posting this today!

  9. I have not really thought the thread through. Great insight and a wonderful encouragement!

  10. Wonderful verse and encouragement for our every day tasks which when offered up as a sacrifice to Jesus is spiritual work .

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