Vigorously Clean Your Home And Get a Bonus Workout!

Word Filled Wednesday: Proverbs 31: 17 “She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.”

I can’t believe we are already to week NINE of this Proverbs 31 series! I could study this woman all year long and not get enough of her! She is truly inspiring! We’ve seen her work ethic as she rises early, works eagerly, shops wisely and produces fruit in her vineyard. Today’s character trait is a challenge for me!

There are two descriptions of the Proverbs 31 woman in verse 17.

1. She works vigorously.

2. Her arms are strong for the task.

The word “vigorous” challenges me. When the Proverbs 31 woman works, she doesn’t get sucked into the web world, junk mail or the television by accident in the middle of the project. She sets about her work and you can bet her vineyard has NO weeds! She doesn’t settle to just do the easy jobs she can do while sitting down – she gets into the nitty gritty jobs with all her might.

Some of the commentaries say that this verse paints a picture of her girding her loins which would be the equivalent of us rolling up our sleeves to do our work. There is something about putting on my workout clothes that makes me ready to work out! It’s the same with putting on an apron or cleaning clothes, mentally it prepares us to get down to business.

Last July I did a post on this verse titled “Get Fit Cleaning Your House”. Here’s an excerpt:

“One way that we can grow stronger (more fit) is simply by cleaning. We can burn about 200 calories walking for an hour or burn 100-500 calories by doing some deep cleaning for an hour AND have the max benefit of getting a task done!

Imagine how much harder tasks were physically 100 years ago. Women had to scrub their laundry, wring it out and then hang it on a line. They had to pluck the feathers off of chickens, knead dough, wash all their dishes by hand and beat their rugs.

Last Friday I showed how to make a fitness notebook. One way to grow physically stronger is to work out – but another way simply comes through out the course of the day as you manage your home. If you don’t have time to bike, run, swim or exercise or have the money to invest in a treadmill or gym membership – you can squeeze these other activities in during the day to gain some muscle and flexibility.

1. When you are lifting your laundry basket to carry up the stairs – do a couple extra lifts – up and down to strengthen your arms.

2. When you are mopping the kitchen floor – really push down on the mop and scrub – this will strengthen your core and back.

3. If you have stairs in your home – do a couple extra trips up and down putting items away – this will get your heart rate up.

4. If there is raking, mulching or outdoor sweeping to be done – do it continually for 30+ minutes to get your heart rate up and strengthen your arms.

5. Weeding, window washing, vacuuming and dusting all strengthen your arms, legs and abs – and we ALL know that carrying those babies on our hips is NO easy task!

I have noticed my arms are weaker now that I don’t have to carry my children anymore! Those baby carriers are a workout!!! But once those babies grow into preschoolers – our arms and backs will weaken if we do not keep our arms “strong for our tasks”. We must not shy away from hard work – it’s good for us!!! Working hard will help us live well with energy and vibrancy and benefit our families with a clean place to take refuge.”

Look around you right now – is there some work to be done in your home? Take some inspiration from the Proverbs 31 woman, roll up your sleeves, get out your tools and work vigorously!

Walk with the King!


  1. Fantastic challenge! My floors could use a good vacuum and scrubbing….. hmm, all of us need to get off the computer and get busy!

  2. I actually try to do this daily when I clean! 🙂 (although I am so far from perfect!!!) Your one comment made me snicker though…about how women used to have to wash dishes by hand etc. I wash dishes by hand! And I still handmake bread and rolls ;). I try to keep things as simple and old fashioned as I can. 🙂 I like it that way!
    But you are totally right…a workout is right in front of us all the time! 🙂

  3. I really liked this post!! There is a whole lot of cleaning/work outs ahead of me today and tomorrow! My daughter has been really sick the last couple of days and I have basically done zilch around here… except for a load of dishes and a couple loads of laundry. Even my work outs slipped with my little one being sick. (I mean a fever of 105 sick). I am READY to get some stuff done around here AND burn some calories while doing it!! I know it will ease some of the stress I have been feeling this week! Thank you for doing this series!!!!

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