Low-Fat Pumpkin Trifle

If you're looking for a no-guilt, fall dessert, this recipe is for you! This Low-Fat Pumpkin Trifle is super easy to make and mouth-wateringly delicious. #WomenLivingWell #easydeserts #lowfat #pumpkin

My sweet friend Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen writes: “I brought this dessert to Courtney’s house when she hosted a wonderful Thai meal last week. I had so many ladies come up to me and ask me for the recipe….so here it is! A beautiful, delicious, festive and low-fat (yes, I said it!) dessert! This is a recipe I used from my “Taste of Home Entertaining” book. It is the most requested recipe from “Taste of Home’s, Light and Tasty” magazine.”

Start off by making the cake part of the Trifle: Combine spice cake, 1 egg, water and mix well

Pour into an ungreased 8 inch baking dish and bake at 350 for 35-40 mins until well set. Let cool.

Then, to make your filling: 4 butterscotch instant pudding mixes, 1 15 oz can of pumpkin (you can use EASY pumpkin mix -“with the spices”, or you may add 1 tsp of pumpkin spice to this step)

FIRST make just the pudding- beat the pudding mixes with the milk

It will begin to thicken -let set for about 5 mins until it is of pudding consistency.

Add pumpkin and spices (if applicable)and stir well (you may use an electric mixer on low if you desire)

Get out your Trifle bowl and start layering (you will need to get out your Cool Whip at this time!) Begin with the Spice Cake- crumble with your fingers and lay at the bottom of the bowl (if you don’t have an “official” trifle bowl-have no fear, I used a regular old mixing bowl for years until I found this one at JCPenny Outlet-Wohoo!)

Spread your pudding/pumpkin mixture on top and then crumble more cake on top of that

Add in a layer of Cool Whip

Do as many layers as you can- I topped mine with Cool Whip and dotted with the pumpkin mixture and sprinkled extra cake on top. You are going to LOVE this!!!!!! OH YUMMM!!!!

Pumpkin Trifle

(18 servings)Cake:

1 box Spice Cake

1 ¼ cups water

1 egg

*Mix all ingredients and bake in an 8×8 pan at 350 for 35 mins or until set. Cool on stove or wire rack.

Pudding Filling:

4 cups skim milk

4 packages (1 oz each) instant butterscotch pudding mix

1 can (15 oz) pumpkin mix- you can use EASY, but eliminate the spices below

1 ½ tsp Pumpkin Spice (or 1 tsp cinnamon, ¼ tsp of each: ginger, nutmeg and allspice)

* In a large bowl mix milk with pudding mix. Let sit until it thickens (appx 5 mins). Add pumpkin and spices and mix well.

1 carton (12 oz) light whipped topping

Layering Process:

In a Trifle bowl (or any large bowl) layer:

1. A fourth of the cake crumbled with your hands

2. Half of the pumpkin mixture

3. A fourth of the cake crumbled

4. Half the whipped cream

5. Repeat the layers

6. Garnish with whipped topping and cake crumbs

7. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Walk with the King!

*Janelle is a woman who is dependent upon Jesus, a mom, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and an advocate for meal ministry. You can find her displaying step-by-step photos of her recipes, giving devotionals, and sharing meal ministry stories on her blog. You can follow Janelle’s blog at ComfyInTheKitchen.com.


  1. This looks really yummy!!! I LOVE just about anything with pumpkin in it. Have a lovely very Happy Thanksgiving. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  2. Thank you Ladies!!! You will be so glad you made this amazing dessert…it is light and delicious! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving..may God bless your day tomorrow! Eat lots of turkey!!! Bless you, Janelle

  3. I don’t get it where you wrote “You can use EASY, but eliminate the spices …” What does that mean? If I use canned pumpkin to NOT add in spices? Does EASY stand for something? I’ve got the cake part baking so I need to make sure I do the filling right! 🙂

    1. Erin: By EASY she means canned pumpkin pie filling which has the spices already in it instead of just canned 100% pure pumpkin which has none.

  4. What a great recipe to have the kiddos help make! This is going on the list for Thanksgiving dinner!
    Thanks for sharing. God bless your ministry & Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    1. I used four 3.5 oz boxes because I couldn’t find the 1 oz boxes either but it looks beautifully done once it is all together!

      Thank you for the recipe!

  5. This recipe looks awesome and would love to make it for thanksgiving! BUT… Can’t seem to find any ‘spice cake’ here in alberta canada. Any thing I can substitute it with?? I found a buttered pecan style ??

    1. I’m from Canada too and couldn’t find any ‘spice cake’. I just made it yesterday with the ‘Butter Pecan’ mix and it was DELICIOUS! Definitely recommend giving it a try!

  6. Do I just make the cake mix according to the box? Or the way you say? My cake mix says 3 eggs 1 cup water and 1/3 oil. Then it will make 2 -8 inch or one 9 x 13???

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