The Social Media Revolution

Think of all the changes our generation has faced with the onslaught of the social media revolution.
Maps are out – GPS is in.
CDs are out – ipods and itunes are in.

Phones with a cord attached to the wall are out – cell phones are in.

Catalogs are out – spam to your email inbox are in.

Handwritten letters are out – email is in.

Classifieds are out – eBay is in.

Travel Agents are out – travelocity is in.

VCRs are out – DVDs are in.

Encyclopedias are out – Wikipedia is in.

Our world is changing drastically and quickly.  The world we grew up in looks nothing like the one our children are are in.  Let these statistics sink in:

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) from Erik Qualman on Vimeo.

The Social Media Revolution is here…now what?  Join me for this 8 week series that starts next Monday.  To join the discussion and see the weekly schedule: Click Here.

Walk with the King!

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  1. I couldn’t play the video either Lisa!

    I think this will be a wonderful series. There is so much happening in the world around us that it’s important to really think about the impact these things are going to have on our families and the lives of our children.

    Thanks Courtney!

    1. Got it! I didn’t know where the original was on youtube – I searched. But I didn’t think of looking on Vimeo! Thanks so much – I switched it to this link – I appreciate the help!!!

  2. Wow, the way you wrote is out is kinda scary to me. It amazes me how much things have changed since I was a kid. DVDs are on their way out too – replaced with blu-ray and digital copies. 🙁

  3. Watched the video. Thanks for fixing.

    Again, I am looking forward to the series. Both my husband and I have not joined Facebook and we are always getting grief from friends and family. But, we have heard too many stories of relationships ruined through these outlets (obviously, this is not the case for most people). We have just decided not to do Facebook, but it is amazing how many people do that I would not expect to be on there.

  4. I am really looking forward to this series.
    It’s all so exciting, scary, strange…
    Not sure what to think of it all… it all happened so fast.
    It seems like yesterday I was in high school and my friend says, “Have you heard of facebook?”
    “No, what is it?”
    “It’s only for college kids. I’ll show you.”

  5. don’t forget books are out and readers like the Kindle are in. My mom is a book lover and we were just having a conversation about the other day… how sad it is that one day we may not have a library full of books anymore…. it will all be electronic.

  6. You are right, these things are popular and overtaking the lives of many. But I do see some back-lash to the changing. Many parents with young children are looking at what is going on with the tween-teen generation now and saying “No Way” for their young kids. 🙂

  7. We are living in a high tech world and it is fun in many aspects. However, one thing that I think is not good is there is less personal conversation. Everything is on facebook., emails, twitter, blogs and etc.
    I know that this is going to have an affect upon the rising generation. When you have a conversation face to face body language can be is part of the conversation.
    I think young parents need to be aware of how this is affecting their children and especially teenagers.
    Blessings to you!

  8. Social media is neutral. How we use it is up to us. How much time we spend on it is up to us. But we are stewards and will answer for what we have been given, how we have used it to God’s glory, or if we have used it for our own glory.
    Thanks for the awesome series, Courtney.
    Can’t wait to read more!

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