Can You Give Me a Boost?

I’ve been nominated to be a speaker on The Nine’s – a free On-Line Leadership Conference.  If chosen I would get 9 minutes of On-line time to speak on the day of their conferece. 

Here’s the promo video from last year:

So I’m wondering if you would be willing to give me a boost – or a thumbs up? 

I’ve had others ask me why I accepted the nomination and so let me briefly explain why:

1. I am 100% non-profit – so I’ll never ask you to give me thumbs up for something that would give me any financial gain.  

2.  For exposure. It is because of you my readers that I have a voice at all.  Without you – I have no ministry.  I believe God is doing great things here and would like to invite more women to join us here on our journey toward living well.

3.  Because I want to live a surrendered life that says yes to God and the opportunities he brings my way.  This an opportunity that is not too time demanding from my family and I’d be honored to share my heart if they are willling to listen.  I am a small peon compared to the other names on the list – but I serve a BIG God.

When I spoke at the Relevant Conference last year – my theme verse for my devotional was Jeremiah 45:5 “Should you then seek great things for yourself?  Seek them not.”NIV  Though at times, blogging can appear to be all about the blogger  -Women Living Well  is all about Him – the mighty God I serve.  This blog would not exist without Him.  

In Luke 19, when Jesus road the donkey on his triumphal entry and the people shouted “Hosanna“,  the Pharisees said to Jesus “Teacher, rebuke your disciples”  Jesus answered, “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”  I can’t keep quiet!  I must proclaim his name and lift it higher.

So if it does not go against your conscience and you feel led to give me a “thumbs” up here – thank you!  If you do not feel led – I love you just the same.  I’m completely at peace whether I get the opportunity to speak or not. 

Walk with the King!


  1. Seriously. Amazing. Post. I LOVE hearing your heart about why you want to do this, and you come at it in such a humble and winsome way. I SO hope you get this opportunity!

    We do serve an amazing God. Thanks for being an instrument willing to be used by HIM!

  2. You’re ahead of John Piper! Wow!!!

    Your blog has been life changing for me, I’d give you ninety-nine hundred thumbs up if I could! (my 6 year old is certain that’s the biggest number around)

  3. I voted already yesterday, but can you vote more than once? If so.. you know I would! I pray that God blesses this amazing opportunity for you to use your unique way of sharing your faith. I learn so much from you.. hope it all works out!

    God Bless!

  4. Always happy if I can get you talking over here and if it’s only on the computer :-). You got my vote!!!

    Greetings from Germany

  5. You ALWAYSS get my votes courtney, You’re 3rd at the moment!! ahhh 😀

    *cough* Anyways, you totally deserve it and though i LOVE your list of reasons, i’d never need to ask you because you clearly put so much into this ministry – i think a few thumbs up is a very low price to pay for what you do!

    Good luck xox

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