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Today I am participating in the 12 Ways of Christmas!  And I’ve been assigned the task of showing my favorite ways to decorate tables for the holidays. 
One of my favorite parts of entertaining is decorating my dinner table. And if you asked my extended family – they would confirm that I have spent countless hours on my tables over the years, but when I looked through my old pictures, none of them capture the tables very well. So, I’ll share last years Thanksgiving table with you – and it could double as a Christmas table if you’d like!

Here’s my older sister Kristen carving the Turkey at Thanksgiving!

To decorate my table, I bought 12 jar candles for $1 a piece at Walmart. I also purchased 4 red scarves for $5 a piece from Walmart (there are more than 4 in the picture because I was decorating 2 tables). These scarves doubled as favors for the ladies to take home!

First, I laid the scarves out and then I placed the candles on and in between them, careful to be sure I didn’t light fire to any of the scarves lol!

Then I used red chargers (bought at Walmart $1 each) and red cloth napkins I already had. And VOILA – a pretty table with party favors included!

I caught my mom and sister on the way out the door in their scarves!

Here’s a tutorial on 2 of my favorite ways to wear a scarf:

If you need more ideas to inspire you – here’s a few beautiful ones that I found on

I love blue for the holidays. I have done a snowflake theme in the past using silver tinsel as my table runner. I saw tinsel for $1 a pack at Walgreens today. Lay some ornaments and candles on it and you are set!

These tables are earthy. Simple beauty.

I love the ornaments in the glass bowl on the left. I have done this many times using different assortments – it’s easy, elegant and affordable.

I love the simple red and white – so clean. I have used ribbon in the past to roll my napkins also.

Look at that chandelier – {swoon}!

And again the ornaments in a glass bowl. This is one of my favorite ways to decorate at Christmas. It’s a delicious bowl of beauty!  Remember that God, the ultimate artist, has given you the ability to create! So create to the glory of God!

Walk with the King!

If the holiday season seems more stressful than joyous, if your budget seems too small to be generous, or if you are simply in search of inspiration, the 12 Ways of Christmas is written just for you! Click on each of the buttons below and join all 12 of us as we share crafts, decor, traditions, and more!

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I really enjoy your creative ideas! I am so bad at setting a nice table, and in our home someone walks in and the dining room is right off the entry way! Having a beautiful table setting would be such a delight! I think I will have to try your ideas!

  2. Oh my all the tables are just lovely! I love setting the table for the holidays:-) I usually stay fairly simple as I have an early American house and try to stay with that theme. But, I always do an English tradition of “Christmas Crackers” at each place. Then I make everyone put that silly paper crown on and take pics…LOL! I often use my advent log to grace the table, just a birch log my husband cut from our farm or I will sometimes put my chalkware father Christmases on the table. But I do love the touch of greens from outdoors and pomanders. Here is a post I did with our tables. Clicking on the pics enlarges them:-)



  3. Table decorating is always so much fun … I like to buy ornaments for each setting as table favors and being English we tend to do the Christmas crackers too. Love your scarf ideas, may have to use that one too ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Lovely to be a part of the 12 ways with you … btw my blog is pulling my blogging side rather than my homeschooling side, so here is the link!

  4. I did a very similar version of the scarf/candle centerpiece for Christmas last year. It was beautiful and all the ladies in my family loved getting a new scarf! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I just love the “Walmart Chic” look – actually, you made it look just plain chic. Very nice! I definitely tend toward the warmer colors for Christmas and Thanksgiving, too, but I am a little tempted in the Blue and Sliver direction! (I like the blue and white photo you shared). I don’t know how you worked in so many interesting elements, but I so need to learn some new ways to wear scarves! So thanks for that, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You really had an amazing collections of table designs. Can’t figure out what to choose among them! But I think the simple red and white motif is the cutest one.

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  8. You’ve got an amazing collection of these glorious and elegant Christmas table decorations. I’ll keep browsing. Love your blog. Have a great holiday!

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