Top 10 Quotes on Motherhood

This weekend I flew to Dallas, Texas to attend and speak at Sally Clarkson’s Mom Heart Conference.  God filled my cup there!!! Not only did I glean wisdom from every single session but I felt blessed to get one on one time with Sally to ask her questions about my own life.

It was fun to meet Mandy from Biblical Homemaking – whose blog I happen to be a fan of!


 Theses are my top 10 favorite quotes from the Mom Heart Conference:

 10.  There are no formulas given in the Bible for Motherhood – each mom’s puzzle is different. We must walk by faith.

9.  Don’t isolate, protect and or solve all of your children’s problems. Rather than keeping your children from difficulty, walk them through difficulty.

8.  Do not point out every single one of your children’s flaws.  If God followed me around all day long correcting me, I wouldn’t want to be a Christian.

7. In  the absence of Biblical conviction, Moms will go the way of the culture.

6. In the absence of a loving h0me, children will go the way of the culture.

5. God made us for more than rules – Have fun with your children!!!  Be interesting!

4. Non-Christians are not the enemy.  “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

3.  The love in your home will be like water in a garden that causes your children to grow.

2.  “In your face” parenting – passes on guilt.  Sometimes your children need understanding not another lecture.  Be an “in your heart” mom.

1.  Follow Jesus’ example in motherhood.  He is our source of grace and truth.  Be a source of grace and truth to your children.  Listen with patience, ask thoughtful questions to draw your children out, encourage and edify them,  serve them. Know and do what is meaningful to them.

The thing I enjoy most about Sally is her high ideals.  She calls moms to a higher standard.  I’ve been to a lot of conferences and retreats and often I am so sad to see them end because I want to continue the “party” lol!  Sally’s conference made me want to rush home and go love on my kids!  I wrote this post on the plane because I knew when I got home the LAST thing I wanted to do was be on my computer!

Sally has inspired and renewed my desire to be the best mom I can be, to embrace this season of life, to read thousands of pages to my kids and spend time with them rubbing their backs, talking about interesting topics, listening to their hearts cries, speaking life and truth into them. She also reminded me that I need to put blinders on, not worry about what others think and simply believe in my children.

Sally’s stories remind me that the things I go through with my children most moms face…we all feel ragged, overwhelmed, and like bad moms some days.  But together we can pick ourselves up and begin new days with high ideals for God’s glory.

Walk with the King!



  1. Wow. That sounds like such an amazing blessing of a conference. Thanks for sharing what you took away with all of us…. Today is a holiday and I have my children home. Days like this can easily slip by if I’m not careful to stay in the moment and APPRECIATE that my children are home with me…. and tomorrow they will be back at school as usual. Your words here have inspired me to view this day as the treasure that it is…… Thanks!!

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now – and it is so very encouraging. Thank you for posting your quote highlights. I was really convicted by numbers 6 & 7. Oh, so true. And a great reminder to love our children well; because if we don’t someone else surely will.

    Keep up the wonderful writing and inspiring!

  3. I was following the #momheart stream on Twitter and writing tidbits down on sticky notes and sticking them into my journal. I wasn’t there, but the nuggets of wisdom were wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing a bit here!! We need this!

  4. Every time I hear Sally I spend time writing my favorite quotes on index cards so I can go back and read a few when i need encouragement! You said it exactly; there is such grace and the bar is held high but I want to reach it! My favorite quote actually came from Nathan, when he said, ” I knew my mom trusted my faith…” that astounded me! For her kids to have such confidence in their parents and their own faith at such a young age! Awesome!

  5. Oh, what a great conference! I love Sally’s heart and her wisdom! She is a wonderful mom and has an awesome ministry! I went to her conference a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing! Thanks for sharing her notes. I am gonna get mine out for a refresher. Have a blessed day!

  6. Ohhh soo LOVE serving our Lord with you dear friend!!! I had a blast with you……just like old times!! 🙂 Sally is amazing……she so inspires me every time I’m with her! 🙂 Loved reading over your quotes today!!! Love ya!

  7. Sweet Courtney,
    I love you and love your heart and everything about you. So fun to be with you. Thanks for all of your encouragement to the sweet mamas. I am honored to be here today. Hope your week is good.

  8. Ahhh!! :DD You are sooo sweet! Oh my goodness, it was so much fun meeting you!! You and Angela are such lovely ladies! I was so excited to see and get to hug you in real life! 🙂

    I *loved* your talk! My heart is so full from this weekend- I’m still processing it all! Oh, it was so great! Sally brought some serious truth that I really needed to hear. What an awesome God we serve- you ladies all give such an awesome testimony of Him, and I just loved every minute of the whole thing!

    Thank you for typing up those quotes!! I’m going to copy and paste them into my new binder! 😀

  9. 9.  Don’t isolate, protect and or solve all of your children’s problems. Rather than keeping your children from difficulty, walk them through difficulty.

    This spoke to me.

    9. Is so HARD as my first instinct is be Mommah Bear and shield them with one fell swoop! But there is a big BUT, my husband and I are charged with helping them become Christian adults and function in an imperfect world. What good is it to shelter them and have them face their first problems with unChristians or worldly lures at ages 18 or 20? We MUST walk them through difficulty; show them (age appropriate, of course) the sadness of the world; and show them how the turning to prayer and the Word of God is their Lifebook to help when the world let’s them down, which it will–sadly.

  10. Great quotes. Some of them really hit me hard (especially the one about picking out all of your kids flaws… and having fun with them)… We so need that!

  11. These are really great quotes. Sounds like a great conference. Thank you for sharing with all of us. We do all have different puzzles and yet I love how God allows us to help each other to fit some of the pieces together. Thanks I had a few pieces flipped over and couldn’t see the picture.

  12. Wow! I would have loved to go to that conference but that is just too far from Indiana! I can’t wait to hear more that you learned at the conference. I am reading The Ministry of Motherhood and it is an incredible book. It really makes me want to pour out more of myself for my children and I pray that my children will choose to follow God with their lives like Sally’s children have chosen to do.

  13. Hey Courtney, I like the quote about non believers not being the enemy, but I have a situation that I would love some advice about…My husband has a friend from work that has started coming to our church on occasion. He has no church/religious/relationship with Jesus back ground what so ever. We have had him and his wife and children over to our house for meals and would really like to see them come to know the Lord. My problem is that the parents and the 5 year old daughter curse or use slang words or language that we have worked very hard to keep our 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter from hearing…the other day my son piped up with one of the not so pleasant words in conversation. How do I reach out to this precious family without exposing my children to something that I believe to be wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated…. Thanks, Janelle D.

  14. I love when you go to these conferences because you come back and share what you learned with us!! I would love to hear what you and Angela spoke on as well!! Some of these quotes really touched me and I am so glad you shared them. Thank you Lord for women like Sally who are using their gifts and wisdom to encourage us younger women. Perfect titus 2 example. She is so authentic and practices what she preaches..I appreciate that:)

  15. wow! I really needed to hear those key points! I think my main struggle is over-correcting my daughter and the in your face parenting. Thank you for posting this!

  16. Thanks for all of the encouragement and wisdom that you pass along Courtney! It was great getting to meet you this past weekend. I was really blessed and challenged by your message!

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