My Reflections on the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are this weekend. 

It’s the famous ones who walk the red carpet.
It’s the honored ones who walk the red carpet.
It’s the beautiful ones who walk the red carpet.
It’s the talented ones who walk the red carpet.
It’s the wealthy ones who walk the red carpet.
It’s the gifted ones who walk the red carpet.
And I…I am about to walk the red carpet!
Every morning, I walk the red carpet right up to my sink where I rinse the morning dishes.

I am honored to have a husband and children to take care of.

I am beautiful in the eyes of the Lord, living out his will for my life as a wife and mother.
I am wealthy on the red carpet, for many in the world do not have a sink with running water in their kitchen.
I am gifted on the red carpet – gifted with the riches of God’s grace that come through my faith in Christ Jesus his son.
There is no greater honor than the red carpet walk I do every morning in my kitchen.

Join me, as you step up to your kitchen sink – in welcoming a joy that the world cannot understand.
My red carpet is…

Thank you sweet Jesus for delighting me with this gift!

Walk with the King!


  1. What a beautiful perspective!! I don’t have a carpet at my kitchen sink, but a red one would go nicely in our home; not to mention the reminder I will have each time I step onto it!

  2. I love this post! It was one of your posts that I have always remembered! I even remember dashing out to the store to buy “red carpets” to place in front of my sink, stove, washer, dryer, etc…. This is an excellent reminder of how blessed we really are! Now all I have to do is find some insoles for my shoes that are red & made out of carpet, of course! 😉

  3. You are so right Courtney! This post made me say, “Amen Sister”!!!! 🙂 Look out Target, there is going to be a run on red carpets!

  4. I guess I need a red carpet in my kitchen too. I am all of what you said above. The color would not only brighten any room, it would be a bold reminder every day. I loved your perspective. Blessings, Nona

  5. I have a red carpet almost exactly like yours! I couldn’t agree with what you more. It is so sad that many, many women will watch those awards and dream of the life of Hollywood, dream of importance and fame and long for it themselves deeply. They will turn off the television after the show is over feeling less than worthless, and that breaks my heart. I think we all know that Hollywood is not all its cracked up to be given the sad stories of so many, like Whitney Houston. I am so thankful for the red carpet life I have, and thank You, God for entrusting it to me.

  6. My dad thankfully taught us years ago not to idolize these people and their success. As I have gotten older I just feel pity and sadness for these celebrities who are so unhappy and their worth is built purely on how successful their movie is or who they are dating or what size house they have-how famous their name is…its obvious so many are clearly unhappy despite these things so why do they all still seek after it so strongly? Anyways I am totally with you on this and would be happier to stand on my red carpet (which is in my bathroom in front of my “royal throne”) any day than walk at the oscars.

  7. I am new to your blog, what a blessing it has been daily. Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective of our gift as a wife and mother. I am going to purchase myself a red carpet this week! As our flesh is weak we need this reminder!

    Wife to an amazing man and two beautiful gifts from God

  8. Aww, I love that Courtney! We must remember to be grateful for our many blessings! Love your red carpet! I need a purple one lol!

    ~Be inspired! <3

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