5 Disciplines~Week 2 – Time Management

First let me begin with a Week 1 update:  My “Body Challenge” goal was to lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks.  As of today, I have lost 1 1/2 pounds and I think if I eat one jelly bean I will gain this pound back.  lol!  So this means I must continue to skip my after dinner snack and exercise 20 minutes, 3+ times a week to maintain this loss and continue to lose more.  If you took the week one challenge and have an update – please leave it in the comment section – this is your accountability :)!

Now let’s move into week two’s Discipline –  Time Management!

One thing I have realized this week as I’ve tried to add in exercise is that it’s hard for me to find time.  Basically, it appears that I’m using all my time doing something I want or need to be doing – which means I have to stop doing something in order to add in exercise…which I really don’t feel like doing…so it’s easy to just think “I don’t have time.”   I have it – it’s just not how I want to spend it! 🙁

Elizabeth Elliot says in her book Discipline-The Glad Surrender:Time management, a highly developed science today, begins for the Christian with time set aside for God.  Other things cannot fall into a peaceful order if this is omitted.”

Here is why time management begins with our time spent with God…how will we know how to spend our time – what we should commit to and what we should say “no” to, if we are not in communion with God?

As God’s children we should be praying “Thy will be done” but often times we are praying “my list be done.” 

The mistake here is that we may put onto our own plate more than God would put on our plate  – and as a result raise our stress levels to extremely high levels.

Jesus says – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”~ Matthew 11:28,29

When our stress levels are high – it is nearly impossible to be kind, patient, gentle and in tune with our husband and children.  We are too busy to stop to care and there is absolutely no room for error in the day.  We need to guard our time so there is room to breathe – room to kiss booboos, read a mind stretching-soul inspiring book, soak in a bubble bath or linger long with your husband in bed.  These are gifts that God has given us to enjoy.

What gifts have you turned down from God because you are over-committed or pursuing the wrong things?

 “There is always enough time to do the will of God.”~Elizabeth Elliot

I love schedules.  God created us as creatures of habit and we see in creation a natural rhythm as the sun sets and rises day after day and the seasons change one after another every.single.year.

There are some things set into our weeks that we can’t escape.  We all have to cook, clean and do laundry.  So why not create a rhythm in our homes to accomplish the mundane, so we are free to enjoy fun, family and fellowship!  Here’s an example of my cleaning schedule:

This schedule guarantees that everything gets done at least once a week…truthfully…some of these things need to be done twice a week.  By about day 5 – the house looks like a tornado 🙁  I know this schedule cannot work for everyone (especially doing laundry just one day a week for large families) BUT it’s a good place to start.  And it’s time to be pro-active and think through what DOES work.

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. ~ Zig Ziglar

Week 2 – Challenge:
1.  Sit down and look at your calendar.  Think about your priorities.
2.  Pray and ask God to give you wisdom as to what you should be doing with your time.
3.  Write out a list of what you need to get done this week – don’t forget to write in time with God!  (you can use the free printable below as a guide 🙂 !)
4.  Every morning this week, look over your to-do list.  Pray and ask God for wisdom.  Add, take away or move things on your list accordingly.
5. Continue this discipline next week and the week after.  Soon you will find order and rhythm to your days and weeks.

5 Weeks 5 Disciplines – Time Management

Here’s last week’s printable if you need a fresh one for the new week:
5 Weeks 5 Disciplines – Body
Are you taking the Time Management Challenge – tell us in the comment section? 

If you have any time management tips, please share them!!! 

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Walk with the King,


  1. Time management is a great challenge Courtney, especially for us stay at home moms. Having to make our own schedule can definitely lead to trying to do too much (or not enough!) I tend to base my schedule around my husband’s work schedule and my little ones’ nap times, it’s easier to keep myself on track when I have specific times dedicated to accomplishing things I can’t easily do when the kids are awake!

  2. I participated last week in the physical challenge. My goal was to drink 6 glasses of water each day. I’ve exceeded that by 2 cups every day but 1. I plan to keep it up through the rest of the challenge and beyond.

  3. I did my very best to follow the challenge this past week. I didn’t drink as much water as I wanted to but I did get out everyday for a walk, cut back on my eats and I lost 3 1/2 lbs. Thank you for the inspiration.

    On to week 2!

    God Bless,


  4. I made a goal of one hour total of exercise last week & did 95 minutes!! woo-hoo!! This week my goal is 2 hours!
    My time mangement goal is small also, but it will make a big difference if I can do it – Actually I have 2 goals. 1- stick to my menu plan. 2 – wash, dry, fold & put away one load of laundry/day!!

    Thanks for the challenge!

  5. I struggle with time management! Your site “came” to me at just the right time. Looking forward to catching up with week 1, too! Thanks, Courtney! My husband will thank you, too! I’ll check back in in a week with good news. 🙂 Early morning quiet times and my excerise done before the kids get up at 7:15. Daily!!

  6. “Time management…begins with time set aside for God…” This is my goal, actually it was in my head before I read this and this solidified my heart. I’m stressed, crabby, and stretched to the max…spending even a few moment every morning alone with God will put my day in perspective.

  7. Love your challenge! I actually lost 6 lbs this last week, but my weight had gone up 3 lbs right before I weighed in for this challenge. Also I cut sugar and flour out of my diet this past week, and it has gone surprisingly well!
    Excited about week 2, I know alot about time manegement, but I don’t apply it very well. Looking forward to being challenged in this area.

  8. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your blog. I am a young wife that has almost be married for 4 years. My husband and I quit our jobs and moved 6 hours away to attend Bible College. We are in the middle of discovering ourselves and who we are as a couple. Your blog is so helpful and comforting for the all the questions I have toward my life as a wife. I’ve read your blog here and there but havent been using it like I should have. Thank you for sharing about your life. I look forward to learning from you.

  9. I participated in last weeks challenge, most days I successfully reduced the amount of added sugar I ate, I did have a few slip ups (I’m dealing with jelly bean issues myself) LOL. Time Management is an area of strength for me, I’m a very organized person, it’s hard being me.

  10. I did exercise twice this week, which was my goal. But, oh my word!!! Apparently not working out on a regular basis for a few years and using the same routines over and over again has taken a toll. I felt like I was gonna die when I did two new routines, and that was just during the 2 minute “warm up!” My knees are still sore, but overall, I feel so much better after working out. Thanks for the challenge, Courtney! And I am going to participate in the time management section, too. It’s another area of my life that needs an overhaul.

  11. Time management??? What’s that?!? Oh my, I seem to never get ahead on things! We discussed this in Sunday School class this morning and a wise man said, “We make time for the urgent, not the important.” How true this is in my life! I procrastinate! Terribly! And it causes lots of stress and headaches when it’s crunch time! I’m taking the time management challenge and devoting a quiet time for devotions every day this week! Something I should already be doing but alas, I put it off until bedtime then fall asleep. I can’t be who God wants me to be if I’m not submersing myself in his word daily!

  12. I can manage my own time quite well. Where it falls apart is being wife and mom, lol! I can’t control my husband’s schedule or choices on how he spends his time and I have a hard time working around his constantly changing days. I’ve tried just making my schedule and sticking to it, but that’s not good for our marriage. I’m certain though that if I follow advice and spend time with God at the beginning of each day, things will work out better, so that’s my goal. Not just to read from my Bible and rattle of my “wish list” but to be silent and listen. That part is hard!

  13. HI !

    I didn’t comment last week but I did do the Challenge! It was to get out and walk more and while I did not go as much as I wanted lol I still got some walking in ! But oh boy was the evil one trying to thwart my plans on learning last week anytime I got ready to go out to walk something happened from my husband being late to kiddos being sick to our new little one not wanting to let go and screaming the entire time to hospital trips for kidney stones ! Yikes . I have learned now from this that multitasking can take on a whooole new meaning with exercise ! I know exactly waht you mean about the cutting into things you want/need to do! Do you have a treadmill in your home? I am not lucky enough to but will be getting one soon I am praying ! I am hoping to turn computer time or tv time into work out time with that 😀 If you have an ipad and a tread mill you could walk and blog and read emails at the same time ! Yay for voice to text options(just make sure to spell check) Or watch a movie or a tv show and run at the same time ! At least those are what I am planing to do or even get your bible reading /listening time in while working out his plan for us to excersie ! I thought some of my ideas may help you! Good luck an God Bless thank you for being a continued inspiration .

  14. Both your website and this challenge…Perfect timing! Since I found this website Thursday, God has placed your posts either one step ahead or as a answer to my very thoughts and questions. I am going to add 3 days of physical activity for last weeks challenge and I am certainly in need of this weeks challenge. Thank you so very much!

  15. Last week I successfully lost 2lbs and in the drinking water I did not do so well.
    This week I need to limit my FB and email time. I can be very productive day when I stay off. So I am going to limit my fun internet time to 1 hour each day.

  16. I participated in last week’s challenge. I set out to follow the 3 Hour Diet plan, basically a common sense portion size plan and eating every three hours. From past experience I know it works and is really just a matter of self-discipline. Bonus, I can still enjoy all the foods I like to eat and no special shopping or cooking, especially with a family of twelve. Well it worked, lost 4 pounds in one week. The goal was 2 and truly I never felt deprived. Should probably mention that I continued my daily 8 Minutes in the Morning exercise routine. It is by the same author of the 3 Hour Diet. This week I plan to take part in the time management challenge. I am going to re evaluate our schedule. Routines work well with lots of children between 2 and 23 and lots of pets to tend to but over time the schedule needs readjusted. Will try to keep it realistic instead of idealistic. The realistic schedule always is more successful than the ideal schedule. Thanks for the challenge, I needed the boost, God had been convicting me in this area over the past few weeks through several avenues and this was the one that set the discipline in motion. Thanks

  17. Our pastor preached yesterday on Prayer. If we gradually allow a shift in our priorities, other things will take up that “SACRED SPACE” reserved for the Lord.
    I loved that idea of SACRED SPACE. And it is also SACRED SPACE to say “No, I’m sorry I can’t help you today, I have an appointment with my wife/ husband.”

  18. Well I did not do as well with the challenge last week as I hoped. I did get exercise in a few times but not as much as I had hoped. I did drink a lot more water and did better with my portion control. This weeks challenge has been something I have struggled with ever since I started homeschooling. Getting into a routine has been a struggle and when I find a good one it seems like something always comes up to get me out of this schedule. So this week I am going to focus on keeping my schedule and not letting outside things, that will always come up, get in the way!

  19. “As of today, I have lost 1 1/2 pounds and I think if I eat one jelly bean I will gain this pound back.” This cracked me up because I could say the exact same thing! I also lost 1.5 lbs but they come back awfully fast! Maintaining the discipline is the hard part.

    And I loved the points about time management and God’s will – I really needed this post today as I have a lot going on this week and desire to get what needs to be done w/o getting stressed!

  20. Just my two cents…….I think schedules are alright, but I think many try and fail at new “time management” endeavors because they either try to change too much too quickly, or they end up feeling like a salve to the schedules and calendars. I find that routines work better. They can be arranged around things that, as you say, happen every day, every week. That way, no matter WHEN those events occur – breakfast, worship services, grocery shopping – those activities associated with each event are completed. It’s easier to set routines in place than it is to establish a new schedule. And it’s easier to escape the guilt and feelings of failure because of the freedom in flexibility a routine brings.

  21. I didn’t lose any weight last week but I didn’t gain any either which is good an not too surprising. I alway seem to not lose any weight when I first start exercising. I did exercise 4 days last week which was my goal. I think Friday my exercise program was trying to kill me though. My husband has been very encouraging and the cat has decided that he needs to be my personal trainer and sit on my stomach while I’m trying to do sit-ups. :o)
    For time management I need to set a routine. I had things running pretty smoothly and then baby 4 came along. I was getting back into the routine again and then we moved into a house that was twice as big and I have never sat down and looked at my routine to tweak it for the larger house and so many things go undone.
    What I found works well for me is a daily planner book. That way I can write out my daily to do list, everything from devotions, to laundry, to menus, to time for me to do the things I enjoy. I have found that to be a big thing, to schedule time for me to do what I enjoy each day and treat it as if it is as important as the laundry. And it is also a little reward for finishing those not as fun chores.To have it written out for me makes it more concrete and keeps me on track and moving in the right direction.

  22. Ugh…time management has always been such a challenge for me. I am great at making schedules and they look so nice on paper, but somewhere between the paper and where the rubber hits the road, I crash and burn every time.

    So, I’m going to make a very loose schedule, one with a lot of wiggle room for our family. My hubby travels a lot (military), my oldest daughter is graduating from our local community college and working full time and then I have our 4 youngers homeschooling. We have church, co-op and family and friends, all require attention.

    My main goals this week will be to continue with my sleep habits. (I have done pretty good with this from last week, getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I want to push it even more.) I will be making sure and getting my quiet time in as early has possible and then to focus on what God wants for my day and living life more intentionally. Creating a very doable schedule for us and maybe adding in a few more things as we get more in a groove.

  23. I have been doing pretty well with exercise since it’s gotten nice outside but oh my word there is still too much leftover Easter candy in this house calling my name LOL. I do a similar “chore” list- Monday bathrooms, Tuesday floors, Wed dust, Thur clutter control, Friday grocery shopping ( because our ad comes out on Thursday).

  24. I’m currently struggling with time management, as we enter what (I hope) is the busiest month of my year. I’m finishing homeschooling our youngest child, who is a high school senior. In the next month, there are many studies, papers, and exams for her. Many places she needs to go (she doesn’t drive yet, so guess who drives!), and graduation activities to prepare for, along with out-of-town company. So this is one of those times when I need time management more than ever.

    The other challenge I have with time management, is that each season/year is different. I will need to rework my schedule for the summer, to reflect the changing family composition (college kids home sometimes), the seasons (more outdoor work needed) and the freedom summer can bring for me. Sometimes the more freedom I have, the more important it is that I plan ahead to manage my time so I will finish the summer feeling that I did what I thought was important for the summer.

  25. Unfortunately last week Sunday I went to bed motivated to do the challenge and woke up sick on Monday morning 🙁 It was a nasty cold that drained my energy pretty much all week. So my week did not go as planned but I am geared up to do it this week and started off well with drinking water & juice this morning and doing a one-mile walk workout and core exercises. (Small steps but it is a start!) And without having read this post before hand I also started off on my “morning schedule” which I also planned last weekend and didn’t follow at all last week. So I had a headstart on the time management and am really working hard to make this a priority in my life!! Thanks for the chellenge.

  26. As for as scheduled activities, I am good at keeping my calendar limited. I don’t like rushing around and learned that one ages ago. What I struggle with though is time management in my home during that “down” time. I want to make time for those lower priority things in my day and use the time I have better! I blogged about it and linked here. Thanks for this challenge. I’m going to get myself more disciplined! With God’s help I know I can do it! So on that note, time to get offline!!
    Mary @ A Productive Endeavor

  27. Hi Courtney! Thank you- I LOVE reading others’ schedules, especially those of homeschooling mamas!
    We will be starting our first year of homeschool next year and I would love if you could do a post on tips for newbies! Thank you in advance:)

  28. Courtney, I love the gentle accountability of this series. Although I’m not blogging with you during this journey, I am striving to get healthy and shed a few pounds. Much of what you are talking about in this post is how I have been learning to live, using boundaries on time and first priorities, and the resources I’ve created are ones I like to make available to my life coaching clients as well as at http://www.pnpcoaching.com. It is great that you’re encouraging us to put the Lord first and take stock of our time!


  29. Last week went pretty well. I was able to keep up with the water and even managed to keep my prenatal pills down a few times last week! Baby steps =)

  30. ahhhh, Courtney! oh my goodness, I love it! I wish I’d read this earlier and posted my link about the 10-10 challenge this morning {before 10, ha!}! God has been really laying it on my heart that my mind needs to be less busy, less cluttered! It was hard to turn it off today, but it made such a huge difference! YAY!! I’m wondering if it’s possible to keep it long-term now! I love what you said about giving time to breathe, to kiss boo-boos- you are so, so right, these are such lovely gifts and they are so easy to miss. Thank you for reminding us! Lots of love to you, friend!

  31. Oh! My! I did horrible with last weeks challenge! I was suppose to go to bed 1 hour earlier each nigh! I went to bed later last week than normal, ugh! This week’s challenge? Well let me say that my prayer when people ask how they can pray for me, for a LONG time has been for balance. I struggle at recognizing my priorities properly. And following them, sheesh! Please pray for me!!

  32. Courtney, I’d love to be able to link up to the Time Management Challenge but to be perfectly honest, we’re on our way to spend about two weeks giving respite to our SIL who is sole caregiver for my husband’s brother who has Parkinson’s with a rare form of dementia. Time is a big hurdle for me lately as we do this travel at least once or twice a month. My house looks like a cyclone struck more of the time than not! However, I’m finding that spending our time with God in our breakfast devotionals does start the day right. Making a list helps me focus on what needs to get done and when.

    On last week’s challenge, I even lost track of checking my weight on Monday! My goal was to lose at least 1-2 lbs. Because we also traveled for a Parkinson’s conference, my eating control wasn’t at its best!

    I guess I need to slow down and that’s what I thought retirement was supposed to be. I’m still looking for that piece!

    Bless you for this blog and the reaching out you do to other women.

  33. My goal is to lose 5 pounds in the 5 weeks. I’m down one pound, although I might have blown it today. 🙁 My plan is to continue cutting out snacks after dinner and drink more water! I’m already disciplined with my exercise during the week. But, I think I could benefit from a weekend exercise outing too!

    Time management is a good one, too. Thanks for helping us focus on these disciplines!

  34. I hate to just vent, but I feel overwhelmed. I clean to the best of my ability, but I just feel at the end of the night I’m still cleaning; therefore I sleep late. I wake up and exercise, but then I feel sleepy and I feel the day drags. I really want to manage my time, I need to; I know it’s something that God desires for me as well. I want to oragnize my home well, so it can run smoothly and I can spend time with my family instead of always cleaning. problem is I don’t know where to start. =(

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