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When I first married, I spent a lot of time reading  books about organization. At the time, I could not imagine how busy and stressful life would become by my 30’s! So I really didn’t master organization very well BUT what I have found since then is many wonderful resources to help me get serious about conquering my organizational issues! Resources such as the Good Morning Girls Bible reading plans,  my schedules for cleaning, meals and school (which I very very very loosely follow), my chore pack system (which I used faithfully for 2+ years but this year the children are using chore charts instead) ,  and my exercise notebook (which is getting dusty – do we see a pattern here people? lol!).

My favorite organizational go-to guru now is Karen Ehman!!! I just love her blog and her spirit!

Today Karen has offered 2 copies of her book, The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized to 2 Women Living Well readers! Woohoo!! Karen is a Proverbs 31 Ministries writer, author of 4 books on organization (plus an ebook) and speaker. Here’s what The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized is all about!

The key to good organization is not a one–size–fits–all method. It is a unique plan that considers personality type, lifestyle, income level, and family schedule.

Karen believes that with her simple step by step process you can recognize your own personal style of managing your household successfully and develop a unique plan that gives you the freedom to:

  • manage your time wisely by prioritizing and then working smarter, not harder
  • de–clutter and organize your home (an entire chapter is devoted to teaching you an easy method for to de-junking!)
  • plan menus, shop more efficiently, and become both comfortable and creative in the kitchen
  • get children involved in pursuing an ordered life and home
  • avoid the trap of overcommitment
  • use practical tools to assist in organization

Getting and staying organized means more time for the important things in family life—concentrating on cultivating a close, personal relationship with the Creator, drawing His word into every aspect of living, and ultimately tying your children’s heartstrings to God.

To enter this giveway: leave a comment below and share one area of organization you struggle with the most.

For bonus entries: Share the link to this giveaway on Facebook or twitter and leave a comment letting me know you shared it.

This giveaway ends Saturday, April 21st  at 8pm. Two winners will be chosen at that time!!!

Walk with the King,


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    I have seven children and I just seem to get things straightened up then the kids come thru :-). When they clean up they seem to just move things to another place not put it away! Need helpotivating them 🙂

  2. I shared this link on my wall….. My problem is trying to organize my home and the activities outside of it. Time seems to just fly buy. Thank you

  3. STORAGE NEED IDEAS for seasonal clothing. What to do with them when you are not wearing them. Sharing space is a problem.

  4. Oh my, with 8 children (plus a husband, ALL of whom are packrats) there is not an issue of organization that I don’t struggle with. We have little storage areas and 1 teeny closet in the whole house, so clothes are one of my biggest problems.

  5. I struggle with keeping the floors clean. I usually wait till it’s too dirty, then I just have no desire to clean it. Although I will say that I’ve been faithful to sweep the entire dining room/kitchen area AND wipe down the counter tops the last two days…and It’s two really simple things, but WOW, it makes the area look so much nicer 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I follow Karen’s blog and it’s really fun 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I love to organize my life but I’m good at planning it just doing DOING it. My husband told me the quote: “Plan what you do. Do what you plan.” So ACTION. Just got to attack the TO DO list and not get so distracted with time wasters. (Thanks for the chance to win! )

  7. Where do I begin, I have MANY areas in need of organizing. But if I had to name the hardest part to keep organizing is PAPERS! Files, papers, bills, kids homework, magazines, junk mail, etc.!!! Thanks for the giveaway, and I shared it on facebook!!!

    I struggle with a lot of things when it comes to organizing! The worst would have to be deciding what to get rid of 🙂

  9. The thing I struggle with most is living with a man who is so incredibly wonderful, yet who likes to keep anything and everything. Our house is so cluttered!!! sigh…

  10. My whole house is in need of serious organizing help! I am the proud homeschool mom of four sweet kiddos who keep me running to karate, dance, baseball, football and lots of bd parties! I would love to read the book!

    I struggle with a lot of things when it comes to organizing! The worst for me would have to be deciding what to get rid of 🙂

  12. My laundry/storage room could use a makeover. A lot of space used unwisely. It stresses me out to walk in there…:(

  13. I struggle with the “teacher” paper clutter…. Do I need every worksheet or idea page that I might use one day?!? Been working on reducing, but sounds like the book would be a great help!

  14. My “problem” area is any area that is flat! Every things ends up there, whether it is a kitchen counter, washer/dryer, table, ironing board, it is a landing place for things! Then there is my desk, but we won’t go there!

  15. This book looks like just the one I need, I have so much to organize and declutter. However, the hardest thing for me is paper, the kid’s school papers, important papers, mail, bills, any paper item that needs to be put away is my challenge. Definitely a book I need to read.

  16. Paper… And just keeping up with keeping up. I feel like I stay on top of things for a while, then I backslide which turns into feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

  17. The kids’ bathroom….and my desk…. I agree with the lady above that said her paper breeds at night – I think clutter breeds at my house.

  18. My biggest organization problem is with waiting till the last minute or planning too much to do and become overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

  19. The hardest thing for me to stay on top of is keeping up with all the paperwork – also all the electronic mail that comes into my inbox. I have a pretty good system, it is just that it keeps coming in constantly, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up.

  20. My bedroom has been a dumping ground for ever and ever! Anytime we had something that we didn’t know where to put, it got put in the bedroom. I keep the main living areas of my home clean and relatively de-cluttered, but my bedroom is horrible! That one room looks like something from an episode of Hoarders! I know that just for the purpose of being able to relax and rest in that room that I should get it cleaned out, but it is so overwhelming that it paralyzes me. I need help!

  21. Our office – which is right off the kitchen – has always been an area that I’ve struggled with. And our kitchen counter. Would love to read your book!!

  22. I’d like to pretend it’s not “my” problem, but….
    we have 6 kids who share 2 bedrooms – and there is just. so. much. stuff…

  23. i want to get organized at home. i am a perfectionist at work, but i can’t seem to get my home life in order! my 22 month old drags out enough things to constantly trip over, but we don’t have storage options! we don’t live in our own home, but when we ever get to, i would love for it to be clean, straight and for everything to have a place and be in its place! i also have anxiety about getting rid of things, but God is working on that for me! i just don’t have good ideas about how to organize a home…office, bedroom, you name it! 🙂

    Paper, Paper and more paper….I think I will be buried in a sea of paper. It is EVERYWHERE!!!! If it is not the paper then it is the clutter in my kitchen then moving to my dinning room table….

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this drawing. May you have a blessed evening!

    Smiles and Blessings Abound,
    Robin 🙂

  25. My desk is very hard to keep organized as everything gets dumped on it. I think toys and books and school supplies would be next! And the kitchen island which is a clutter magnet.

  26. I know this would be helpful for me! I am not an organized person and am somewhat sentimental about things, so needless to say, I have too much stuff. I would really like to get some ideas on how to part with “things”, and how to organize and KEEP things organized. As for an area that needs help–well, let’s see, there’s more than one–the kitchen, the bedrooms, the garage, and closets! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win!

  27. I also have read many books on organizing and still struggle… I probably most struggle with paper. It seems like I just get everything cleaned off my desk and another pile shows up within minutes!!! Why is that? I am also an “out of sight, out of mind” person… so… my closets could sure use some good organizing too. 🙂

  28. I struggle with all the paper…everything that comes in the mail plus all the home school stuff 🙁 It’s so hard to keep everything off the kitchen counter and my small built-in desk! I love my workspace, but things just get piled to deal with later, and somehow later ends up being MONTHS!

    I struggle letting stuff go & organizing kids clothes that are in storage. My goal is to have a place for everything! One day… 🙂

  30. I think my biggest struggle is the kitchen. Trying to keep what I have and what I need and what’s for dinner not to mention breakfast and lunch – it can all be overwhelming.

  31. paperwork is definately my biggest organizations issue. mail, stuff that comes home from school, it all seems to take over!

  32. I struggle with keeping the kids clothes sorted. It seems every month someone is outgrowing something and I can’t keep them organized like I want. I put them off until they are overflowing and it becomes a chore I hate instead of doing it little by little each week or month.

  33. Paper clutter is my biggest challenge. I can clear my desk off one day, and by the end of the next, it’s covered in paper again!

  34. Storage of the pot and pans with their lids. I make so much noise getting them in and out of the pan drawer that comes with my stove.
    Another item is all the convenience items like crock pot, indoor grill, mixer, etc. Where to put all these fantastic things???
    I do have a small pantry but few cupboards.
    Thanks for your ideas!

    I would really like to win this! I definitely need something like this! =) One of my biggest problems is PAPER.

  36. I am always looking for ways to be better organized. Since having children the clutter is out of control.

  37. Clutter! I have this habit of cluttering up the kitchen table. I bought a basket to ut the bills in and the goal was to once a week take the to the office and organize them in binder that I have set up, yet I still don’t get it done. Most of the time I feel like it is laziness, but I just keep putting to the side and letting it take over.

  38. I would love some help dealing with the massive amounts of paper that finds its way into our home. Not to mention the toys that are multiplying that no one wants to get rid of! Thank you so much for this giveaway offer and your tips.

  39. My biggest problem is STAYING organized. I actually enjoy organizing, but life gets busy & things start to slide, then get completely out of control and then I have to start all over again. I would like to figure out how to break the cycle.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this! 🙂

  40. I struggle the most with organizing all the “need to keep” papers, and particularly the financial stuff. I luv any type of organizational systems that work for me and am constantly revamping what I use as my needs change.

  41. I need help everywhere, but especially with sentimental things, old hobby supplies, and clothes!
    I wonder if it’s better to just give things away, or to try and resell things at consignment shops or on Craigslist. Is it worth the extra effort to make a little money or is my time and peace more valuable?

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  42. I struggle with knowing what to keep and what to get rid of and where to put everything! We also live in a small townhouse for our family (although I try to think of it as cozy!). Thanks for the giveaway. Jenny C.

  43. I struggle with paper mess and keeping my master bedroom organized. I want our room to be an oasis, and it most certainly is NOT!
    Hoping I can win a copy, if not I may have to suck it up and just buy a copy.

  44. I’d like to see my garage organized. Then there’s the pantry, kids rooms, closets….pretty much my life.
    Thanks for hosting and for this great give away.

  45. Prioritizing my time and dealing with clutter are my two biggest issues! I’ve noticed that my daughter, who will be starting to kindergarten next year, is following in my foot steps as well. The book sounds like it would be such a blessing to have, and help us both get on the right track!

  46. I would love to win this giveaway – I’ve read two of Karen’s other books but haven’t had the pleasure of reading this one yet. My biggest organizational problem is paper clutter! I feel as though there are always piles and piles of papers around the house that constantly need to be sorted.

  47. I struggle with organization in general 🙂 The problem is 5 of us in an 800 square foot house I need to be organized!

  48. Thank you for sharing about this book, Courtney, but since I’m from the Phils., I know I can’t possibly win. So, I might be buying it after I’ve checked it on Amazon.

  49. I struggle with food planning and kitchen organization as well as paper clutter. I would LOVE to win the book. I am sharing the link for your book on facebook:)

  50. I struggle with getting it all done. This was our first year to homeschool. I have struggled with planning lessons, cleaning house, and doing daily chores. Especially since both my 4 year old son and dog love to bring mud in the house every chance they get. (-: Don’t get me wrong, I love it and would not want it any other way. But it is a struggle.

  51. I struggle with over committing myself. It seems that I have seasons of where I’m asked daily to organize an event, oversee promotions for something else, or to raise money for another organization. I am honored to be asked; however, it truly takes away time from my family and my personal life.

    What a great contest. I would love to win!!

  52. I struggle with paper organization. It just keeps piling up and piling up. Would love tips on how to control and manage all the paper.

    Our closets are always messy. After I straighten them up it seems to only last a little while and we are right back where we started.

  54. Children’s toys! I continually go through them and give away whatever I can, but it is a constant struggle to get the kids to keep their toys put away when they are finished playing, and to find a plan that works for all of us.

    I also struggle with paper organization. What to do with all those papers that the kiddos bring home from school and church. I look at them and toss some, but the kids got upset. So now I secretly toss them. I tried explaining that we can’t keep every paper, but we’ll keep a few. Somehow the papers still pile up! Yikes!!

    I would love to win one of your books! I need is desperately because my name is Shelley and I’m a paper-holic. I love notebooks, magazines, the Sunday paper, all my daughters Homeschool paperwork, clipped recipes, real books, cards, and catalogs. I occasionally go through it all and toss a recycling bin full, but I generally swim in paper. Going digital just isn’t an option. I need an intervention. LOL

  57. My craft closet is what I need organized. I have a pretty organized and clean husband so it makes it hard for me to not be organized. but this is the only area in the home that is mine and it looks like it threw up a few times. I need help here.

  58. Live in a small house and “piles” just seem to gather anywhere/everywhere; closets are a nightmare; currently going through stuff in the attic that’s been there since we moved into the house 25 years ago; I’m getting better about throwing away and giving away, but I still need help and encouragement!! My daughter often comes over and organizes our cabinets/pantry for us, and fusses each time she does. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  59. I struggle with maintaining some sort of system. I’m an all or nothing gal and with 2 young children @ home all day, it’s often nothing! 🙁

  60. Just one? lol!

    I struggle with maintaining any type of schedule. It seems like my best intentions are always ruined by some “emergency” or special circumstance. I can never stay on track!

  61. I would say other people tend to think that i am organized! I cant stand clutter but i would say staying organized with my paperwork is definitely a struggle. I used to get stressed out all the time before i had a stronger relationship with the Lord but now i am able to keep perspective. Sometimes i just have to check out & come back later….then i make a list after i am refreshed.

    Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
    Matthew 11:28

  62. I struggle with organizing the mail and our growing son’s clothing. It seems like both items multiply and quickly take over a great deal of space.

    I struggle with my husband and I not having conformed to any set chore system. We were both naturally slobs before we got married and we have yet to learnt how to work together in living in a way that is more respectful and considerate of one another. It leads to a lot of unnecessary stress, and often makes our apartment one massive trip hazard! Help?

  64. With 7 children, and 3 that seem to be a constant mystery of whose clothes are whose, this year I have resorted to sewing a small piece of color coded yarn into the tag or near it. This way my husband can’t go wrong on whose clothes are whose. But my disorganization comes in the area of meals and the ever lasting and ever growing junk mail.

  65. I think memorabilia is hard to organise because all the special notes,cards,first shoes,that cute t-shirt,the mothers day mug etc are hard to cull and are also bulky.I also like to keep that stuff but dont like it on display because I prefer minimalism.

  66. I struggle with keeping the children’s school desks organized. They always accumulate papers, pens, letters, books, etc. on there…
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  67. Hi! One area I definitely struggle with is my craft area! I just really wish I could finally get years and years of collected supplies SORTED and in ORDER! What makes matters worse is that my “craft area” is really our dining room table. YIKES! I need HELP! 🙁

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  68. Food storage, always seem to buy duplicates because something gets buried in a pantry or cabinet and I think I am out until I find 5 bottles of basil.

  69. consistently keeping up with the kitchen, is very hard for our family, 10 people most of the time. I am sure there is a way!

  70. Wow…I need help with organization in every place of my life! I have 3 kiddos, I have Narcolepsy and homeschool my son who has Narcolepsy…the reality of life it that my condition really makes it hard for me…but Im doing my best! I am definitely struggling with organization and I’m ready to get on track. The chaos of my household can not continue…as it affects my attitude which affects my children. I would love to have this book! Thank you for the opportunity to enter and God Bless!

    Clutter is always a problem for me, but the worst is clothes. We have a household of 8 and keeping up with laundry and getting it PUT AWAY is tough. In addition to that, I have trouble organizing and storing the out-of-season clothes and hand-me-downs. My bedroom is constantly full of boxes of clothes in the sorting process.

  72. The place/thing I have the most trouble keeping organized is my kitchen cupboards, no wait–my children’s toys, no it’s my linen closet, my sewing room—aaaargh! It’s everything!

  73. Would love a chance to have the book, I struggle most with managing paperwork – and dont want to burrden my kids with this same challenge – so I continue the struggle to get it right!

    My biggest struggle is my home office and the mountains of paperwork that need to be filed! I have a system it’s just getting myself to actually use it that’s the problem!

  75. My area is paperwork / bill management . My “day job” requires me to be very organized to ensure everything is getting done. I know that this is a priority and is fairly easy to fix I just have to sit down and Do It! I also need help with meal planning for a very busy family.

  76. I struggle with all types of being organized I think the worst is paper clutter. But every other type of clutter is a close second.

    I am a single Marine mom of twin boys, we move every year, so storage is an issue. It seems organization is critical before I can decide what stays and what goes. Love the site! God Bless

  78. I shared your link on Facebook. My biggest struggle is my table by the garage door which is in our family room. It seems to be the catch all for everything “incoming” and then if it doesn’t find it’s correct home right away, it stays there:(

  79. A common thread among the other comments: paper and as a result, keeping surfaces like the dining room table cleared off!

    Clothes are my nightmare. There are 6 of us in the home and the little girls clothes always seem to takeover my home. We are given bags of hand me downs, which I’m so thankful for. It just seems that clothes are never ending in our home. Please help me!!!

  81. It’s hard to pick one area where I struggle because I struggle with so many! As a teacher, I tend to “put off” a lot till I get a break which means that when I finally do get to things they are far more difficult to deal with! I feel like I’m constantly trying to “undo” the mess my teenagers make as well. I’m thankful for the messes to clean since it means I’m surrounded by blessings, but still – I’d like life to be a little less stressful in the home!

  82. I struggle with finding a place for everything… than keeping them there! I have clutter of such random things everywhere that I just can’t figure out where to put them! I am not very good at finding practical tidy homes for my stuff…

  83. My biggest problem being organized is the bigger chores,like floor washing any cleaning baseboards eeetc. Always seems to get left til later…which of course never comes. By the time all the rest of the cleaning is done,I am just too tired for these last 2. I enjoy your blog and have gotten a great deal from it. Thank you for sharing

  84. My kids rooms. We don’t have a ‘playroom’ anymore since I opened a preschool, so trying to keep their rooms clean (without eliminating all their toys 🙂 is a struggle.

  85. My kids rooms are a huge struggle! They have too many toys but I am not sure the best way to organize everything! Nothing I have done in the past has worked!

  86. I struggle pretty much with everything. Mainly a cleaning schedule and being organized in my children’s rooms.

    I don’t have one or two HUGE organizational issues. But I have about 20 small ones that need some TLC. Two that affect me daily ate our laundry room and our kitchen counter.

  88. Organizing my home is probably the most difficult! Also being consistent with my “plans” to do better!

  89. My entire home needs help!! Having lived here for 8 years without moving (prior to that we moved every year for 5 years), I haven’t done a good “de-clutter” in that time. I’ve also added 4 children in the past 6 years. Needless to say I’d love to get this book. Does it come with a maid? =)

  90. I completely struggle with organizing my time! Working part time is new to me, and I’m having the hardest of time coming up with easy menus, being efficient at grocery shopping, AND staying on budget. Not to mention keeping my home as clean as I would like it!

  91. How fun to win something that would help me get the kidlets involved! They walk past their baskets to take upstairs about 200 times a day. And yet the baskets remain!

  92. For me I think I struggle with the day to day keeping up. I tend to be very organized but struggle in this house because there is a lot of wasted space and everything is spread so far apart. Working on trying to get the house rearranged/remodeled to be able to work better organization in. Love reading organizing resources. 🙂

    I struggle with paperwork and menu planning. The paperwork always piles up and it takes hours to go through. I think I just need to manage my chores better to fit in the paperwork. As for menu planning, I am always looking for something new to make but never follow through with actually planning and making it.

  94. For me, it is a balance between schooling the kids and trying to get anything done and traveling with my husband for work. It is all so busy and all needs to be done now! We are in the house all day, every day (when we are not on the road). The kids have stuff out because they need it. We try to clean-up after we do something but it does not always happen and there is a feeling of why bother because it is just going to get like this is a little bit!

  95. I feel my whole house is an issue! But I guess that just means we are over cluttered!! It seems a never ending cycle.

  96. With a 3 yr old and and new baby on the way, I feel that toys & baby stuff somehow take over the house!


  98. My kitchen! Learning walkers parked in every corner, Teddy Bears just “kickin’ it” in the middle of the floor. My husband thinks my island is his workbench…

  99. I’ve actually found it harder to stay on top of things now that I my kids are teenagers. They have lots of ‘stuff’ (aka JUNK) and of course they don’t want their mom going through it. What to do, what to do…

  100. Paperwork is my culprit! This year I have done so much better since following the GTD (Getting Things Done) mantra: if it takes less than two minutes, do it now. I try to apply this to mail and email, as well as the too frequent “I’ll put it away later.”

  101. My biggest organizational challenge is consistency. I will work hard to get things in good order – purging, buying bins and cubbies, cleaning – and then a month later it’s like I get tired or bored and things all go back to the way they were. Very sad and frustrating!

  102. My greatest problem in organization is paper. It seems to accumulate almost instantly. It bothers me a lot.

  103. I struggle with decluttering and dejunking…I have my list of areas in the home that I need to clean out but just can’t seem to get started.

  104. My biggest struggle is organizing my time… time to clean, time to homeschool, time to study the Word both for personal study time and preparing to teach Sunday school, time to play with kids and coach soccer… My to-do list always seems neverending.

  105. I work part-time at home and have 2 children. I struggle with clutter and cleaning schedules and time management and the list goes on….. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I look at what needs to be done!

  106. Pick Me! I have a problem with keeping things organized. I believe that Everything has place and to put it in it’s place- But I fail to do this daily. Plus- What do you do with all the random things you have?

  107. My biggest organizational problem seems to be my “extra stuff”. We have an entire room in the basement filled with things we don’t use every day: Canning supplies, Christmas decorations, outgrown baby items, etc etc etc. I probably should just get rid of it!

  108. I struggle with getting rid of my clutter. Hard to clean when there is too much in the way. I recently inherited more stuff. Been trying to get rid of my stuff to make room for the inherited stuff?? It seems neverending.

  109. Two areas 1)Our entrance – we don’t have an entry way but rather you walk right into the kitchen. There are no closets or really anyplace for anything. I keep trying differant solutions for coats and shoes and just haven’t found a great one yet. 2) The basement/storage. I’m ready just to throw it all out – I hate clutter yet I can’t keep up with what goes down to the basement to be stored!!!

  110. I really struggle with momentos and memorabilia. I’ve got boxes of special keepsakes that I’ve just allowed to pile up over the years, and I dread getting to them to sort them by child and assemble the contents into scrapbook or some systemwhere the items can be reviewed and enjoyed. I have years and years of backed up special keepsakes and photos just thrown in boxes!

  111. Wow! I struggle with everything and it began when I had my beautiful child, baby girl A’Jah. I feel like I cannot get anything done and though I have Teens… She seems to show me a newer experience. She will be 6 months tomorrow and its a blessed challenge.

  112. I struggle with organization, in general, but one of the biggest areas is clothes…everything from storing them to helping the kids keep their own clothes in order, to keeping up with laundry. I am making progress in some other areas. My other biggest struggle is probably paper. I’d love to win a copy of the book. Thanks!

  113. My challenge is feeling overwhelmed not knowing where to start! I just need to get rid of the clutter. Easier said then done!

  114. I struggle with 2 things – the bathroom! I just hate cleaning it. And paper clutter. I print all these ideas out with great intentions and then get overwhelmed with all that I want to do.

  115. I would love to read Karen’s book. I love to “organize” and love when everything has a place, but I have a hard time KEEPING it in order! I also struggle with teaching my children how to take care of their own things.

  116. I would have to say that prioritizing my time is probably my biggest challenge when it comes to getting and staying organized (and getting family on board)!!!!!!!

  117. I hate to say this, but, I have trouble keeping my home organized EVERYWHERE! My kitchen is cluttered, my living room is better, but still cluttered, my bathroom linene closet is busting out of its seams full…you get the idea…

    I have started a MICROSCOPIC effort to declutter–get rid of stuff!!! But, I am not as faithful to is as I should be. I am starting small, so I can succeed a little at a time, but it feels like a LONG road.

    On a positive note, I have started doing my dishes and laundry WITH my newly 3 year old son, and it has been GREAT!! He has done a great job, I have kept up with these items on the list this week (that is an improvement), and he is so proud of himself!! He has been even using the potty at home better. This Friday afternoon, I am going to have him help me get his too-small clothes put into bags to be at least stored away for now until we know the end result of God’s calling to add to our family. We need to get his room cleared out to put in a toddler bed, and that will be a great start.

    Many blessings for your ministry to women like me, who really need help with this!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  118. I constantly struggle with organizing papers/bills, our junk room which has anything & everything you can think of in there, & cleaning schedule. I just tend to want to do it all in one day, which is impossible so i end up very discouraged. Help!

  119. My garage is an organizational disaster. I think it’s because I don’t have to constantly look at it!

  120. Paper work! for a person who does as much as possible on the computer, there are constantly piles of papers for me to go through.

  121. I have trouble with toys and crafts. I home school my nine year old daughter, and it seems like all her crafty stuff just keeps on comin’. It’s like a living being.

  122. The paper trail. Boxes upon boxes that need to be sorted through and organized. They are in my closet, so out of site, out of mind! Not a good thing!

  123. The attached garage is our biggest problem area. The lawnmower, weedeater, deep freeze, side by side fridge, shelving and then large toys.

    My biggest struggle is keeping up with a menu. I will do really well for a few months and then go another few months without planning one.

  125. I would love this book! My most difficult thing is time management. There are things that I would love to do with my kids and on my own, that I seem to have a really hard time getting to, because of not prioritizing well.

  126. I struggle with prioritizing my time and dealing with clutter. I take care of my parents and homeschool two high-schoolers. My husband and I are both pack-rats. We tend to “hang-on” to stuff because “you never know who might need it.” We pride ourselves in being givers; but it causes us to hang-on to too much stuff. I would love to have some help with decluttering and organinzing.

  127. My kitchen! Small, not a lot of cabinet space, no bells and whistles for storage. Pots and pan and lid oh my! Baking dishes everywhere!

    Wow, one area that I have struggled in….. Well to be honest I have several!! My family and I just recently moved so I’m still trying to get everything in order. Not to mention that I will be starting homeschooling for the first time after this summer! I like everything to have a place and the drawers and I have not been on the same page in this area. They are an absolute mess! We have 5 children and 1 one the way, I would love some tips on how to get more organized! Thank you! 🙂

  129. I really need this – I especially struggle with getting my kids and hubby to cooperate with some of the basic things, like picking up after themselves! Thank you for the opportunity!

  130. I’ve tried to win this book in previous giveaways–I need this book!! We recently moved into a larger home and rather than enjoying the additional space I feel like we just have more places to string out the clutter. It’s been overwhelming to establish a new system that works and everyone can stick to. I also continue to struggle with the endless amount of paper that comes into our home. I feel like I’m constantly shuffling it from one location to the next with little to no progress.

  131. We don’t have a lot of space, so organizing is especially hard. I am a homeschooling mom and I save EVERYTHING that looks like a project; from toilet paper rolls (might need those for a craft/activity) to cereal boxes (so my girls can make their own stand-up American Girl paper dolls from used AG catalogs; which I also save) to plastic cheese ball containers (think matchbox cars storage). I have never been a great organizer and it seems to get more difficult as life goes on. HELP!

  132. Paperwork is my main struggle in organization. I need to set up a simple, easy system for bookkeeping & paperwork for our farm & for personal things.

  133. I have 6 kids. I struggle terribly with laundry. It seems like there are always clothes in some state of limbo and it’s driving me crazy.

  134. There just seems to be no end to all the little things that are on the floors and other flat surfaces. I guess we just have too much stuff. It seems to breed overnight. The house will be spotless and an hour later there is just little stuff again.

    I struggle with managing my time well in the area of social media which leads to not having time to get other things completed. I would love some help in this area.

  136. Thank you for this book! I STRUGGLE the most with things that have memories attached and I procrastinate the most with household paperwork. I can get the paperwork done, given enough time, but I am stymied when it comes to the other. Help!!


  137. We have four teenagers and a two year old. We live in a very old house with 6 bedrooms and ONE closet!!! There is no hiding anything! I struggle with finding places to put things to make it look neat and tidy. And getting everyone to help keep things where they belong. Our home is very “lived in” which I love because it reminds me how blessed I am, but we could definately use some help with organization!! I’m sharing your blog on Facebook. I love it!! Thanks for being so open and honest!

  138. The area of organization I struggle with most is the “organization” part. Lol I’m up for any pointers on how an ADD-type can get through multiple tasks and stay organized!

  139. I have a craft room and I am trying to get it organized. I do alot of different crafts and have alot of “stuff”. Would love to have it organized so when I go up I can find everything and not spend alot of time looking for the things I need.

  140. I shared on both FB and Twitter, but I did it via my phone. Completely forgot about the links on the post!

  141. I struggle the most with decluttering and letting things go. My husband calls me a pack rat because I tend to hold on to things that I really don’t need but think I may end using in the future (and never end up using them). Also, clothes storage for the kids is a big problem as well.

  142. I need to organize my closets the most, and the basement. Those places that it easy to put things away where it can’t be seen all the time.

  143. My two biggest problems are constant interruptions that come with being a Sandwich Generation caregiver AND that I am a piler, so I need to declutter and organize my piles better.

  144. I would love this book! We could all use a little help with organization. I struggle the most with keeping my closets organized. I feel like I’m constantly decluttering and would just like to have a system to keeping things in order.

  145. I struggle with organizing my sons’ rooms. They have toys, book, and such all over and no matter what ways I try to make it better, it just doesn’t help 🙂

  146. Organizing our finances is, hands down, the biggest struggle for me. We live on a variable income – my husband is self employed, and the money he gets depends on the jobs he gets. It’s really hard to organize something that keeps changing, but I know I can do a better job than I am now!

  147. I struggle with children’s toys. It is dificult for me to get rid of nice toys that were given as gifts, however it has gotten out of control! I am overwhelmed.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  148. I was just talking to my husband yesterday about me getting more organized around our house. With him being a full time firefighter and part time EMT, us having 2 girls (age 4 & 7), children’s extra activities, my job, our church involvement, blah blah blah (the list could go on and on!), I struggle lots with organizing. I think my biggest problem is that I let things pile up (mainly papers and clothes). I would love to win a copy of this book!

  149. I would have to say my finances are a big struggle! I do all the bills and take care of our Plumbing company finances. Trying to be a great wife and mom is challenging enough and to keep the finances organize too has been a Huge burden! I would love to read this book! I am posting this info on my FB because I think every women should have the tools to help them become more efficient in there home. Thanks for sharing the wisdom that the Lord has given you!
    Jamie Genzel

  150. For someone with ADD, getting organized is a struggle! And I function much better when things are organized. Procrastination is a huge deficit and feelings of being overwhelmed are often an added discouragement. This book may just be the blessing I need! 🙂

  151. Time management – which gives way to organizational issues in all other areas – working on de-junking my house and simplifying life!

  152. I used to struggle with too much clutter, but moving several times in the last ten years has helped clear out those piles. We also took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and wrangled our finances into order. Once we did that, we became so intentional about our spending that we really cut the amount of clutter coming into the house.

    We are also working on being more intentional with our time, but that is my big organizational bugaboo.

    Thanks for all this organizational information. I have shared on Facebook as well!

  153. My biggest challenge is children’s clothes and not a lot of space for storage. Three girls share one room and two boys share another. Would love some ideas.

  154. Well, I am learning about myself and organization. Thank you for this post. I struggle to throw away things that (according to me) have great sentimental value (pretty much everything..) Papers seem to take over then I don’t know how to dispose them and organize them. I have tried for 4 years now. Then there are the closet and back porch…. Well that said I do need help and I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding me to the right people. Thanks again for this post

  155. Clutter is my biggest problem, particularly figuring out what of my kids’ school papers/artwork I need to keep and what I need to throw out.

  156. It is a struggle when you have no energy, no motivation, but most of all no understanding of why I cannot get motivated to do what needs to be done in the house. I look around and see all of the boxes that still have not been unpacked from our move last October and do not even know where to start. I feel so over whelmed and so lost. Now, that my husband has been laid up since he got hurt at work about a month ago it is even harder. I struggle mostly with running out of energy real fast or opening a box and I start to go through it, but then I do not know where to put any of the STUFF so I just put it back in the box and put the box back where it was. Need help to understand why I do what I do and why I cannot figure out where anything goes or why we have more house, but it feels like less space.

    PS – Shared this website on FaceBook..

  157. I am overwhelmed by what needs to be done. When I do try and start I have a
    problem by taking something where it needs to go and then gettting distracted=
    in that area and it seems nothing ever gets done. Frusterating

  158. I have so much that needs to be done, it seems impossible. My biggest problem by far is clutter and what to do with it, how to let go and get rid of it. Also, lack of time. As a homeschooling mom, it seems I never have ANY time to myself to get anything done, and it doesn’t help that the kids are in the house all day every day making messes. 🙂

  159. I am always looking for great organizational tips. One area I struggle with is organizing my children better in regards to their day since we homeschool. I would love to figure out better methods for chores, time management, etc.

  160. I have always struggled with the ability to be and stay organized. I am jealous of those family members that are gifted in the art of organization. My biggest area of struggle is probably the bedrooms. I tend to place whatever needs to be in the bedroom in the bedroom but that is as far as it usually gets. No one sees the bedrooms except for the immediate family so I just do not take the time to oraganize those rooms. I would love a book to guide me in my desire to conquer my unorganization. Thank you.

  161. My major struggle is meal planning and my next problem is getting rid of paper that holds memories for me, especially words of affirmation from relatives and friends. Those cards and letters are piling up and I squirrel them away in bins. I think there’s a better way but I don’t know it yet.
    I’m very interested to see what this book has to say!

  162. I struggle with keeping my kitchen, dining room, and living room areas clean. They are all connected and you my kids are always going through them and they are wonderful, but like little tornadoes. I clean these areas numerous times day and they just never stay neat!neat

  163. I am getting married this summer and I’d love to learn some great organizing tips for the home. I most like to learn organization for the bedroom. I dislike clutter and it seems everything finds its way to my room. It’s especially easy to put stuff there when you’re cleaning for company because no one questions your closed bedroom door and they never have any reason to go in that direction even, so you’re set. lol. More specifically, I’d like to learn to file papers better. What’s worth keeping and what’s ok to toss. Thank you for the chance to win this great book!

  164. I have many challenges but one that bothers me most regularly are the piles of clutter that seem to collect. On my kitchen counter, the table (then moved to a spare chair at meal times, then moved to the floor by my one year old when I forget to put it back on the table 🙁 ), my desk (between paying clients. volunteer work and my husband’s business it is ALWAYS accumulating), on the floor around my desk …. okay that’s enough of a list. And as someone else commented, actually following the organization plans I make.

  165. ONE?!? area? That takes some considering. I think the ‘everyday’ stuff is the hardest. Just plain ol’ keeping up. Eventually it become yesterdays stuff and next thing you know I can’t see the bottom anymore. I don’t like to go into water where I can’t see the bottom, yet I live that way most days. I become overwhelmed and then the ‘shut down’ button gets pushed and I’m done.

    1. After much thought about this today I have come up with ONE area. Ok, two. Self-discipline and time management. The first leads to the 2nd which in turn leads to ALL the others.

  166. I struggle with paper! Seems like the kids bring home a whole ream of papers every day from school…plus, mail, bills, etc…

  167. I struggle with decluttering my home. I have such a hard time figuring out what to get rid of, that I end up not doing anything or getting rid of anything.

  168. My biggest problem is time. And that leads to other organizing issues. I plan my day as much as I can but still it is hard to do everything on time.

  169. I struggle with my children’s things – mostly toys and old clothes. I really want to consign their things because most things are in good shape and I could use it to purchase their next size of clothes, but sorting through, tagging and hanging everything is such a chore.

  170. 1) General clutter….things you can’t throw away, but have no specified spot for them!!
    2) Closets..they always get the best of me

  171. My biggest struggle is once it is organized keeping it that way. I want to think that since I did it once it should stay that way forever.

  172. I have the most trouble with my office. The junk mail piles up and the room turns into a “catch all” very quickly.

  173. My children’s toys. I have a 12,6,5,4 yo. I feel like everywhere I look are toys and I can’t seem to get them under control.

  174. My biggest struggle is all of my photos – I started a scrapbook for my oldest daughter when she was born (didn’t make it through the 1st year even), I LOVE taking pictures, but I can’t seem to find the time to finish out the scrapbooks of now THREE daughters!!! My entire craft table is now covered in photos that I just recently finally organized by year……. So my biggest organizational problem area is my craft/picture/storage room!!! UGH!!!

  175. i think the biggest thing with me is not really knowing how to organize so well i try my best but with a 3yr old it doesnt help either. so if i could get some tips and tricks i think i would be ook

  176. The basement/ woodshop/ laundry/ play area. 🙂 It serves many great functions as an unfinished space but can get messy really really fast and keeping up with it is almost impossible I find!

  177. I struggle with it all! Perhaps laundry is the biggest challenge for me though. I used to be so organized, followed Flylady to the “t”! But now I lack motivation, I’m overcommitted and have no time and my arthritic hands keep me from keeping a organized home. It makes me sad and discourgaged 🙁

  178. I struggle most with letting stuff go & storing the kids clothes. My goal is to have a place for everything 🙂 One day…

  179. WOW! Hearing someone who has written about organization, and is a “real-life-mom,” say that being organized is not a “fitt-all” strategy was VERY ENCOURAGING!! I have tried many organizing techniques, but my Paper Monster (and the “Oh, I need to do this one day with the kids Monster”) still keeps returning. Hmmm…..I think I need to look into this lady!!

  180. Laundry…I never seem to get caught up. I really think we have too many clothes, and this is the problem 🙂

  181. I struggle in the kitchen, I have a small space and a bunch of stuff, because I live with a blossoming chef son…not complaining, it’s just a tough battle to manage all the gizmos and gadgets he needs.

  182. I am HORRIBLE at organizing my time! Right now it’s not a huge issue since I’m a newly wed and don’t have kids, but I can just guess how crazy it’s going to get!

  183. My biggest struggle is my closets…I clean them and within a week it looks like a tornado with through them.

  184. I struggle with my boys clothes and toys. And also with keepsakes. I want to keep every art project and picture they draw me. I just don’t have the room.

  185. Too many directions I want or need to go or do. Then paper clutter – think it multiplies faster than rabbits.

  186. Oh this would be such a wonderful gift! I struggle with scheduling and following up on it to stay organized… I can do the laundry, but my house will suffer, or I can clean the house, but the meals would be a last minute put-together kinda of thing, not necessaryly healthy…

  187. Courtney, Thanks for hosting! I wanted to let you know I posted your link-up button on my Link Up page to share with my readers. I really enjoy your site; keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂 You’re a blessing! 🙂

  188. I absolutely loathe paperwork. My idea of filing is a box of matches. I tend to abandon paperwork all over the house and wonder why I can’t find that crucial piece of information.
    I have really enjoyed reading your articles which I have recently subscribed to. I have decided to tackle one room a week, which works for me and I work out menus for one month in advance for 5 days of the week. I found that 1/2 hour a month planning what to eat was a lot less stressful than staring in the fridge every night wondering what on earth to cook. It has also meant that we now eat a much wider range of food and a lot less meat. Also my shopping bills have come down – as long as I don’t let my husband shop.

  189. My guest bedroom. It seems to be the room that last minute items get thrown…I mean placed…into and the door shut.

  190. I would love to get the book by Karen – I have a coupleof her others and think she’s great. I really appreciate your blog – great ideas! My area of organization that I most struggle with is photographs, cards, and memory items. My kids are all grown now and we have 3 grandchildren and mountains of photos that are in boxes, bins, etc. I love them all but just cannot face those piles and know it will cost a fortune to put them all in photograph binders. Any suggestions are welcome!
    Have a blessed day,

  191. I struggle with not having an organized routine around the home. I don’t have a really efficient way of getting all of the cleaning done or house projects. It seems that I do them very haphazardly without any real method to it and just hope that I remember to accomplish everything I had mentally noted to do. Not very efficient at all and I hate that I’m not being a good steward with my time!

  192. Oh goodness, I don’t know if it’s even possible to pick just ONE area I need help with the most! Paper…probably paper. And the kids’ rooms. Garage. All of it! 🙂

  193. I would have to say my biggest problem area is getting rid of things that are still good. I maybe haven’t worn them or used them in years, but I might someday. UGGGHHH!! I am getting ready to de-clutter a couple of closets, so hopefully I will be able to get rid of “stuff”.

  194. I shared this link on Facebook & I really Need Help. My challedge is My Closet. I have so many clothes I can’t wear anymore & Need Help taking them down & bagging them to giveaway.

  195. i’m not sure its possible to pick one area! LOL!! Our house is small and I feel that we have too much stuff in 4 rooms! I suppose my biggest organizational challenge is CLOTHES!! We have enough clothes to probably give every family in a small village in Africa clothes for a year!

  196. The area of organization I struggle with most is keeping the kitchen clutter-free. We have plenty of counterspace, but it seems like the table and desk and counters all become “catch-alls” for whatever we have in our hands as we pass through the kitchen. Not to put the blame only elsewhere, I am especially guilty of this. We get a lot of magazines and newpapers too, and those always end up in large piles on our kitchen table (if we put them in baskets elsewhere, they just sit there and we forget about them). Help! 🙂

  197. Our home is very organized and things run smoothly in every department with the notable exception of meal planning and freezer organization. Regardless of the methods tried I struggle to plan meals ahead and get it out of the recipe file and onto the table. I keep thinking that if the freezer were shipshape then the meals would be easier, but really it must be a combination of the two. Keeping a running list of what is in the freezer has not helped nor has planning the week’s menu in advance. Any solutions to getting meals on the table would be greatly appreciated.

  198. I need improvement in the area of prioritizing. I have such a hard time figuring out what to do, and when, that nothing gets done!

  199. So many comments tells me I’m not alone. I think my biggest problem is procrastination ( I liked your cartoon post about that) and staying focused. Once I get going I’m ok. I can spend way to long stressing over the bigest projects that need tackling like kitchen cabinets and closets. I too have read SOOO many books and know all the right things in my head. Have heard about every system there is. But maybe this book will be the one that propels me to new skills. Need help with meals too (again lots of good websites…and we desire to eat healthy–like all of you) I posted about the contest on twitter and facebook. I hope I win 🙂 Thanks for your encouragment, Courtney!

  200. The area of organization I struggle with the most is the island in the kitchen and the kids bedrooms:) I shared on Face book!

  201. I think the area of organization I struggle with the most is paper clutter! No matter how hard I try, I just can’t find and keep a good system for maintaining the voluminous amounts of mail and papers that come into my house.. especially with 1 boy in school and 2 more on their way after summer! HELP! lol

  202. I struggle daily with my kitchen – from the table (my son thinks all of his school things belong on it) to doing the dishes in a timely manner. Also, my son thinks my bedroom is the place to put everything when he doesn’t know where it really goes. I guess I should be happy he’s not just leaving everything in the middle of the living room floor, but it gets very frustrating.

  203. I struggle with “letting go” of stuff. Clothes, gifts, kids toys & papers. Seems like I have to get mad before I go on a get rid of spree!

  204. I feel that with 3 kids and my husband and everyone holds on to everything that I struggle with the whole house in general. I just go room to room and then start over again……it is overwhelming.

  205. I have a hard time parting with things and my bonus room shows it. There is a path through the room and that is it! My husband no longer even goes in the room to look for anything because when he opens the door and sees all the clutter, it makes him angry. I really need help!

  206. The hardest part for me is simply being creative enough to organize. My husband and I live in a small mobile home that’s also a parsonage, so we’re limited in the shelving & kind of things we’d like to do. We have 1 room that has become our “junk” room….all the things that we don’t know what to do with get piled in there until we get the courage to go through it all, and even then, some of it remains in that room, on the bed or on the floor. I really need some major organization tips here!! Thanks for your blog & all you do 🙂

  207. I guess the organizing area I struggle with the most is inspecting/correcting/training children to help with chores. Maybe that is a schedule issue? I find that I end up doing a lot more What a blessing to win a copy of this book – I’ve had it on my amazon wish list for a while. 🙂

  208. My constant struggle is simply staying on top of the clutter and keeping the kids motivated to do their chores. We’ve tried everything to encourage and make cleaning and straightening easy for all of us. But life gets in the way. It gets overwhelming and then no one does anything! HELP!

  209. I am ALWAYS looking for ways to be more organized. I am afraid that my husband and I suffer from a terrible case of “throw-down-itis”. It isn’t covered as a procedure code on insurance but it a real disease. LOL, My worse area is leaving things laying around in the living room and bedrooms. I wish I could develop a habit of putting it away. I once attended a seminar in connection with my job. They gave us a slogan “OHIO – Only Handle It Once”. I wish I could follow this as well as I remember it. I am so enjoying the different posts regarding cleaning & organizing.
    Thank you.

  210. It would be 100% correct if I just said my whole life is unorganized. 🙁 Homeschool, laundry, finances, car…. Ive been trying to get organized for years but it never happens. Would love to win this book! Thank you for the giveaway.

  211. My biggest struggle with cleaning and organizing is clutter! It’s so hard for me to get rid of stuff (you know, I just might need it some day, or know someone else who may need it!), and I end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

  212. I struggle with getting my office/storage room organized {paper and kid’s activities pile up} and making the time to organize it with 3 kids all within 3 1/2 years.

  213. Between homeschooling and craft/sewing supplies, I don’t know which is harder to organize and keep organized.

  214. I wish I was more organized with my menu planning and grocery shopping. It’s so much less stressful when I have a good idea of what I am making each day.

  215. I find keeping the minutes, myriad of notes, to -do lists, etc. organized for the ministries that I am involved in. I think I have them organized…..but then I look for something and can’t find it. Yesterday I sent regrets for a meeting that had been cancelled! I knew that at one time, but hadn’t deleted it from any of my calendars.

  216. I am struggling with keeping my children’s rooms clean and the massive amount of laundry that we have washed, folded and put away. Ok, honestly…I am just super struggling all over with organization right now! I am in a state of shock b/c I’ve always been a super organized person and I just don’t know what happened to me!

  217. I really struggle keeping my bedroom organized. It becomes a collect all for all the things I want to keep up safe from the kids.

  218. Thanks for your comments! It makes me truly realize I am not alone and a terrible person because of clutter. It is overwhelming to be trapped by it, but now I feel like we are in this together and have the support to act on it little by little.

  219. My biggest issue is lunches. I have two kids in school and one more at home. I always seem to hectically run around the kitchen trying to get lunches together.

  220. I struggle with clutter, trying to figure out where to put everything , what to get rid of and what to keep. Thanks for your help.

  221. Paper, paper, paper,and piles of paper. I can never seen to get caught up on it. I dont know what to keep, what to shred, what to file, etc. I have looked at websites and other books about it, but the actual DOING it is overwhelming. Sometimes I see a glimmer of “hope in accomplishment” but then the hope vanishes into yet another pile of papers.

  222. I struggle with paper clutter and every room in the house seems to have “clutter spots” that I can’t seem to get rid of. The table in the dining room, the basket on the counter in the kitchen, the spot by the computer….it’s everywhere. I need help!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  223. I love all things organizational but I never seem to get around to the many ideas I have collected so they just become more clutter.

  224. wow! this sounds like I book I really need!

    I need help just keeping up with my normal tasks. I was doing pretty good, but now I”m pregnant with our 2nd baby and it’s become a lot harder to manage a toddler and my tiredness and housework!!!

  225. My biggest area of clutter is reading material–books and magazines. I have soooo many books and mags I don’t know what to do!! I am an avid reader and just can’t get rid of reading material till I have read it.

  226. I struggle staying organized with paperwork and keeping laundry caught up. Especially since the husband helps in washing laundry on his days off (while I’m at work) and I walk in to the house to find three to four baskets of laundry to sort, fold and put away. He washes and I sort, fold and put away. Have been trying figure out something that would help our scheduling when it comes to laundry.

  227. I usually have troubles with keeping laundry up and putting it away right away instead of when someone needs it I tell them its in a basket in the laundry room! And I really hate or should I say dislike cleaning the bathrooms. I do them, but I always think, yuck!

  228. My 2 challenges are consistently taming the paper tiger! I’m afraid to throw anything away, it seems (crazy thought with the internet so handy to obtain the same information). I have had serious issues with this since beginning our homeschooling journey.

    2nd biggest challenge is menu planning & shopping in advance! When I do it, life runs so smoothly, but I spend so much time trying to organize this area by putting my menus in my computer & shopping lists, that I seem to create more work & more stress!

  229. I have always been a pretty organized person. However, my 10 year old daughter is anything but. No matter how much direction, encouragement, and even creative discipline I give, her bedroom is in constant chaos. She often complains that she cannot find this or that, and I explain that is the result of her not putting the item in it’s proper place when she last had it. Every spring, I go into her room with a large garbage bag, and my cleaning supplies. It takes me a full day to get it back to an organized state. Thank you for the opportunity to win Karen’s book. It sounds great!

  230. my to do lists, too many of them and in too many different places. don’t always know where to start

  231. I believe my biggest problem with any disorganization is that I don’t have the resources to organize the way I know I can. I have no problem organizing for others especially when they have the space and money to purchase the things that help them do so. I become so frustrated because I have to look at things that should be put away but I have no place in which to put them.

  232. I struggle with deciding what I need to save and what I can get rid of. So I have stacks of items I need to go through and make decisions about. It has gotten worse, since my father in law suffers from dementia and we had to move him to a home and his things came to our house. Now I have 3 dining room sets, many pictures, extra couchs, and end tables etc . I have managed to store many things in and hid them, but they are there waiting for me to tackle them. I don’t want my children to have the hard process of sorting through so much stuff. We have only recently been allowed to dispose of the extra furniture. (My father in law married someone while we were overseas so she could get his retirement benefits – never planned to live together- he just gave her money. So court told us we must keep everything until decisions made on my father in laws behave) Praise to God that my husband has guardianship of his dad and the marriage has been annulled.

  233. My constant struggle seems to be that I fear the clock and the calendar, it seems that in my tiny space I have more stuff than places to put it, in my 24 hour day I have more tasks than I have time for, and in my 7 day week I have more commitments than I have slots on my calendar. It boils down to I become so overwhelmed looking ahead at what I must do that I tend to run away from everything!

  234. I am a working wife, mom, hopeing one day to stay home. My kids are almost all grown.

    I have trouble with the whole house being organized. Small house, husband, 23 year old son and 15 year old son (football lineman, big boys) and 3 dogs. I can’t seam to keep up with everything plus work 50 hour weeks. I need to use my time more wisely and fit it all in. Need help. This book looks great.

  235. I have a hard time with EVERYTHING. I became a mother and wife at a young age… and growing up with no mother, I was never taught how to keep up a house. I struggle greatly even now… approaching my 30’s with four children and a loving husband… I struggle.

  236. Just staying on track everyday is a chore because I babysit 2 kids, both almost 2, I have 2 after-schoolers, and 3 of my own!!! It’s like a zoo around here some days 😉 I try to stay organized in my cleaning but some days not everything on the list gets done! Looking forward to reading more tips!

  237. I struggle with decluttering. I am very sentimental and hate to throw away anything!
    Would love to win a copy of Karen’s book. Need it badly!

  238. Paper, paper, paper! I’ve tried different filing systems, and I do okay with long-term filing, but it’s those short-term things that I will need to deal with in the next week or so that just pile up on my countertop. Ugh!

  239. I feel like I have so many areas I need to work on that right now I need to prioritize them first so they seem less daunting. So many great ideas in my head, I just need to take time to get them down on paper and decide what to do first. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  240. I struggle the most with laundry!!! I always have so much of it and never enough hangers. I don’t want to get rid of clothes that are too small (I want to lose weight), I don’t want to get rid of kids clothes (I want to have more kids), I don’t want to get rid of my husbands clothes that are too big (what if he gains weight)…I am a laundry packrat! The fact that there are too many clothes is made worse by the fact that there is no organization. (sigh) I am in desperate need of some help organizing my laundry!

  241. I can’t seem to keep up with all that comes into my home, and then getting rid of things to make room for the new things. And also, just managing my time. Between blogging, homeschooling, home management, relationships – arg! How to do it all? What are the priorities? I’m praying for God to show me His plan for each day.

  242. The laundry room and the kitchen counter where the mail gets dumped are my two problem areas. It’s a never-ending battle!

  243. I struggle with keeping my kitchen countertops clear and organized. Especially the mail that piles up!

  244. I have such a hard time organizing my paperwork. Right now I’m sorting through five boxes filled with all my papers … mail, receipts, paid bills, sales fliers that should have been thrown out two years ago, etc., etc. Once I pitch half of it, I don’t even know what to do with the rest. And I’m afraid the disorganized cycle will only continue.

  245. I have trouble organizing the odds and ends papers that I”ll need in the future. I have different piles all over the place. Everything else is manageable!

  246. My biggest problem is sticking to one thing thru completion! I have too many projects going on at once! I am sewing, scrap booking, taking pictures, bible studies, along with being a stay at home Nana, and now it is gardening season!! YIKES!

  247. Clutter any and all. Especially paper clutter. I always think I will read it later and there it sits. We keep alot! Both my parents and in-laws were pack rats. Makes us ones also. Would love to win. Thanks.

  248. I pretty much struggle with organization in every area of my home! We are getting ready to move to a new house, so hopefully I can get myself more organized when we get there!

  249. I stuggle most with paper: mail, recipes, ads, etc. Got a pocket folder to put recipes from magazines, etc in which helps. Really trying to deal with things as I get them, but seems I end up with a pile of things that need attention & then it just grows.

  250. Any advice for new/different methods would be great! I have a feeling I complicate my organization which ends up causing it to not happen at all!

  251. Paper and my running clothes. Paper just accumulates everywhere…even though I’ve gone “paperless” on so many bills, we still seem to have so much paper around! Running clothes are another thing entirely. I don’t even own THAT many but since I need them 5 days a week, I don’t want to keep them hiding in a drawer, where I’ll have to rummage for what I need. So I try to stack them in my closet on a box – this isn’t working either. Tried hanging them up…no go. They usually end up in piles on the dresser or table or dryer – ugh, maybe I ought to just layer them on under my normal clothes the night before!

  252. The Kitchen…trying to juice and eat healthy. Making all our meds and stuff. All the tools I use daily, keeping it organized is frustrating. That is where I could really use all the help! I shared on FB as well. Thanks!

  253. I have always struggled with organization in bedrooms and living rooms. I get all this stuff with intentions of organizing and then get overwhelmed and it doens get done. I would love this book to help me get it all under control.

  254. I am constantly struggling with paper clutter but lately I’ve been trying to tackle my basement. I’m overwhelmed! It’s getting close to looking like an episode of hoarders! LOL

  255. I biggest issue is the catch-all cabinet in the kitchen where
    Everyone throws their “stuff” when the walk
    Through the room. I don’t have enough space to
    Store it all away.

  256. Toys and getting my child to pick them up without whining or it becoming an argument. Also our desk, I can keep it organized, but everyone else dumps there stuff.

  257. I can get organized, but have trouble staying that way. My biggest problem is probably mail and papers.

  258. Two equal ones and both having to do with children. Storing out of season/outgrown clothes for the younger ones coming along (years between some) and storing toys and kid crafts (pompom balls, etc.) Also how to get rid of these items and how to decide what to keep. Thanks for the chance to win the book…it look great. 🙂

  259. Mail overload! I would love to win the book….have wanted to purchase it for awhile now….sounds like I could benefit from Karen’s insight and advice.

  260. I struggle with my kitchen I always seem to be disorganized there…from the fridge to cabinets to everything sigh…help!!

  261. Oh Courtney! I struggle staying organized in many areas, but especially in the areas of kids toys and all the school paperwork that comes home …. have pack rat tendencies and attach way too much sentimental value to too many things that I won’t be able to take with me when I’m gone anyway 🙂

  262. Since I started selling Tupperware, my kitchen is FINALLY getting under control. Now what I struggle with most is PAPER – receipts, bill stubs, my kids’ homeshcool papers, etc. I can get them organized & they stay that way for all of 30 seconds. Ugh!

  263. Paper clutter!!! I procrastinate and then am overwhelmed, keep things I don’t need to, and make too much work for myself. Also, I have a little trouble parting with things, so our storage area is stuffed to the limits!

  264. I struggle with a consistent cleaning schedule…I seem to always be behind and that person hiding pots and pans in the oven when someone is coming over….I can’t be the only person who has ever done that…haha….

  265. Would love this book. My biggest struggle is getting my autistic son’s paperwork organized. It is a constant issue!

  266. I love these posts and this book looks amazing-I am striving for organization but never seem to get where I would like to be. One area of struggle is that of my children’s clothes.
    Thanks…I would absolutely LOVE this book.

  267. I would love to win this book! My main issue with organization is my side of the bedroom. I am working on this though because I want our bedroom to be a relaxing and peaceful place. Not a place of clutter, clothes, books, papers, and all other kinds of things all over the place.

  268. I struggle with all of the paper mess, and also my master bedroom. The bedroom becomes a catch-all very easily and I want it to be a calm and orderly place for my husband and I to enjoy.

  269. Our closets! I always need help with those. And how to store clothes that are out of season (with limited space). Thanks for blessing me each day!

  270. Paper Clutter i throw the junk mail straight into the recycle but it’s the other paper the overflows on my desk, the bills, the receipts, the invitations, the coupons, the planning sheets etc, …. & closely related my email inbox 🙂

  271. My biggest but certainly not my only struggle is paper. I am organized with my work papers and my coupons mostly. But between the mail and this most important thing (at the time) that I must save, I can get quickly overwhelmed 🙁

  272. Where I could use help! Paper clutter seems to be the BIGGEST problem in our household. We seem to get behind in that faster then anything. After that I really just want to learn general organization tips! It seems people always have such great suggestions and I am in need of some new ones!

    I shared it on my facebook page:
    And I shared it on twitter! :o)

    Can’t wait!

    Many Blessings,


  273. The area I struggle with the most is my living room! We spend a lot of time there and its cluttered with toys, books and junk!

  274. I recently read Karen’s book on hospitality and participated in her online Study. I’d love more detail about getting organized. A constant struggle in my home. Thanks for all the good information you provide through this site.

  275. The kitchen and laundry seem to get the best of me. I am visually impaired so staying on top of mail/paper is a time-consuming challenge. I shared on fb!

  276. Of course, papers, papers, papers is always a problem when raising kids, running to all the practices, church activities, games, events, meetings, etc., etc. But the root of my problem is over commitment. I’ve known it for years but still struggle with it. I have been following Karen’s blog and her ideas are so helpful. Her book sounds wonderful!!!

  277. My biggest struggle in organization is… everything! My home, my vehicle, my office (self-employed), etc. It’s like a skill I never mastered as a child and now haunts my own children in our home. We can’t find matching socks, we eat on half the kitchen table that isn’t cluttered with papers, and my kids don’t know how to clean in their rooms because I don’t know how to teach them. I have baby #3 on the way, and I’m really concerned about the condition of things. I enjoy reading this page and hopefully this will all come together for me soon! Thanks!!

  278. I live in a 120 year old home, therefore – no closets! and although I have gotten rid of lots of stuff over 41 years of marriage I have a hard time letting go of some stuff! I am getting there but struggle with stuffing the few closets we have!!

  279. The main area that stays disorganized in our house is the clothes; clean, dirty, closets, dressers, you name it. It’s never organized. I just can’t seem to get a good system that I can keep up with.

  280. overcommitment … I find it so hard to say no when people ask me to help out. it leaves me worn thin some days.

  281. I have trouble keeping up with the clutter. I de-clutter and it still returns. Also, I have trouble finding a “place” for everything.

  282. The organizational skill I struggle with the most is having a place for everything. We have a big home, but we lack storage – it’s mostly open wasted space. We have too much stuff as well!!!

  283. I struggle with clutter. In other words I need a place for everything and then put said items in their proper place. We recently downsized our home and a lot of “stuff” but there is still so much! It’s getting better, little by little but still, there is much to be desired.

  284. I really struggle in ALL areas of organization! My big problem, actually, is not that I don’t know how to organize but I forget to pick up after myself… I just get overwhelmed and absentminded, even with lists, charts, etc.

  285. I can keep the main area of the house pretty organized, except there are a couple of closets/cupboards that always need to be cleaned out every few months, but my biggest area of disorganization and frustration are the areas that no one really sees like my sewing/craft/laundry room. That is a complete disaster and if I wanted to sew or scrapbook I would first need to clean for probably about an hour or so just to find the table surface. I would love to have all areas of my home organized and kept that way so when I have a few moments to myself I can just go and do my thing and not worry about cleaning.

  286. For me, it is a combination of overcommittment and mail – both snail mail and email. I get too much of both and end up with not enough time to do the reading, shredding, filing and purging! I am re-thinking the electronic accounts because it is getting harder and harder to remember the passwords and when I forget them or mix them up it takes a long time to re-establish the electronic connection – and it usually occurs when I really need the information right now, not after dealing with some customer service rep that doesn’t understand me or trying to remember how I answered a security question 12 months ago – consuming much time I’d rather be spending with God, family or friends.

  287. What doesn’t need organized at my home. …It’s funny how I am an extremely “organized” person when it comes to events, parties, meeting planning etc. But when it comes to everyday living in my home, such a clutter bug and very neglected. My kitchen table is the “catch-all” for our home. Everything seems to get dropped there and left for days. Another big problem is PAPER… mail, notes, cards, bible studies, you name it, there are stacks of it. Obviously with over 400 comments to todays post…I am not alone.

  288. I am “FLAT SURFACE CHALLENGED”!!!! lol! I am somewhat organized in the closets, drawers, ect but can NOT find a way to keep papers, things, bills, cell phone cords, etc. from covering my small island in my kitchen. Now the stuff is starting to grow legs (and wings) and creep over to my small dinette table and even the steps going upstairs! Once in a while I put it all away and the next day…. more is there. Just like dirty laundry and dishes. HELPPPP!

  289. I can’t help but relate to so many of these posts.
    But, right now, my biggest struggle is my kids’ clothes. From laundry to dealing with the clothes they outgrow. It seems to take over my house!!!

  290. I struggle with keeping my basement organized. Whenever I’m cleaning I tend to put everything that is out of place in the basement. An out of site-out of mind type of mentality. Right now it looks like a tornado hit it.

  291. Time management is more of an issue now than it has been in the past due to changes in my family. Had four grandchildren living with me and now just one. Having gone through a divorce and working full time with all the children has taken a toll on my cleaning. The things that were tossed in my room when they moved in are still there. I need to get rid of stuff and want a minimalist life in regards to “stuff” the relationships are what is most important. I want to think in eternal significance mode too.

  292. Even in retirement, time management is a huge issue for me because I put so many things on hold until I retired that now I’m busier than ever! Most important to me is my writing, and since I share our office with my husband and his little business, I don’t have complete control over my working domain. I really need to get us organized here in this tiny space we call our home office. I’ll be posting a link to the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter. Sorry I can’t join the party as we’re traveling for 10 days to assist my brother- and sister-in-law to give her relief as his sole caregiver. Family takes priority over blogging sometimes. Everyone have a great time!

  293. My biggest area of struggle is probably PAPERS! They end up everywhere and then when I need one I can’t find it anywhere. I definitely need some sort of system! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  294. Can I just say my whole house? We are living in a temporary residence right now while we are looking to buy a house. I didn’t expect to be here as long as we have been, so organizing was not a priority when we moved in. Let me say, it really is wearing on me. When we finally do move, I am going to go organizational crazy! My husband won’t know what hit him.

  295. Can I say “my whole house”? No? Well, how about the kitchen counter and banquet table. Food stuff, mail, bills – all seem to accumulate there.

  296. I struggle with organization of my time in order to get everything else organized! I also am looking for a way to organize things I need to keep on hand–things that need a response–yet I want them out of sight, but not forgotten!

  297. My biggest problem area is our kitchen. It becomes the “dumping ground” for everything, especially papers and items without a home!

  298. We have so many piles that clutter up our kitchen. Between the mail, things we print out, and stuff the kids bring home from school, it seems never ending! Then once the piles get out of control it seems like I give up and don’t keep up on the dishes either!

  299. I find that paper is my problem and so very frustrating. I have paper piles! I have prayed about this over and over and almost feel like it is a spiritual battle – stealing my joy. Thank You for this blessing for all of us!

  300. would LOVE to win a copy of this book. i find beginning organization the hardest part. where do i put everything? i always have big plans, ideas, and dreams on how to best organize everything but get overwhelmed when i jump in. just tooooo much stuff – and we have scaled back!! lol thanks for the opportunity!

  301. Papers! I even have a huge filing cabinet and that’s not even organized! I also need help with the junk drawer which is more like a junk box.

  302. I homeschool 4 of my 7 children – and next year it will be 6 of 7. Our biggest area of disorganization is our school room. Mostly the ghosts of school years past….

  303. My biggest challenge is decluttering. My hubby is a pack rat (I am not), but I feel like every time I clear an area, more stuff “shows up” there overnite. Add 3 little kids with all their toys & equipment for the different ages they are at, & I don’t know how to conquer the clutter.

  304. Everything having a place and everything making it back to it’s place. We have 6 kids 16-3 and so many things…toys, school books, shoes, socks, clothes…if we all could only put it away after we use it…then life would be more organized!

  305. My biggest challenge is-hands down-my pack rat tendencies. I cannot throw ANYTHING away! Somethings are sentimental and somethings I think I might need later. I recently discovered (get this!) a box of boxes! What on earth I was saving them for, WHO KNOWS. (I did manage to throw those away though!) If I was able to throughly declutter my entire house, my housework would be done in a snap and I would have more time to enjoy the ages of my kiddos who are growing up way too fast.

  306. Really? Pick just one area I struggle most with organization? I have issues! Lol. It’s mainly clutter, my 5 yr olds room and keeping consistent with what I need to be doing. 🙂 Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  307. Since our 7th was born last year, and has been in and out of hospital, we’ve struggled with balance in our home, occupying the “tornado” 2 year old, while homeschooling the olders, keeping on top of putting laundry away, serving healthy food that the picky 6 year old will eat, and distracting the 4 year old so she’ll stop bugging her little brother (oh yes, there’s the paper piles too…and the shoe pile by the back door)! Would love this book!

  308. Since having 2 babies in less than 2 years organization has become extremely difficult. Plus we will be moving soon. Thank you for this opportunity!

  309. Keeping my basemnet tidy. It always ends up as a dumping ground for the “What to do with it” items.

  310. Loving alot of what I see and hoping I will have time to use it. I am Director of a Relifious Ed program and do Women’s Ministry adn still trying to always improve myself however I also work another full time job. That means I don;t have alot of time to read the things I find interesting and so I print and save. I love books and have great ideas when I see things and then “store them ” for future use. How to store them and then remembering what and where and using all those great tips on cleaning, painting, my scrapbooking etc. …Well you get the picture. I am a self improvement nut who thinks every part of my life can be improved always and when I see something I want to try it…… HELP

  311. My biggest challenge is mail clutter and the office/school room/ partly church office. Lots of books, papers, and projects. Would love to get fresh ideas to keep organized!

  312. I struggle with my home office and clothes. They seem to always end up in piles which leads to disorder and chaos. I would LOVE to get free from this bondage!!! Shared on my facebook page.

  313. Wow do I need this book!!!! I really struggle with the decluttering and finding the proper home for everything!

  314. I love to have things organized and feel so free when things are organized. My problems is keeping it organized. How does this happen and how can I avoid it? Lord help me!

  315. My kitchen is a mess – very unorganized. Pots, pans and lids are pretty haphazard. I don’t even want to talk about the storage bowls! :-/

    I am sharing this on Facebook also!

  316. I struggle the most with keeping our den organized. It’s where our family is most of the time, and where all of our kids toys, our papers, craft supplies, etc all congregate! I would love to win this book!

  317. I would love more ideas on using my time and being more productive! There is always something to get caught up on.

  318. My own bedroom. I can keep up (mostly) with most of the house – but I neglect my own room and it ends up being the catch all! My poor hubby – our room is not a haven, its a holding zone!

  319. My main problem these days is making myself clean. I really dislike housework, so I put it off and worry about it instead.

  320. I constantly struggle with keeping our bill drawer clean and organized. I frequently loose bills in there, ugh!

  321. I constantly struggle trying to keep the clutter picked up. It seems I am forever stopping to pick things up around the house.

  322. My biggest challenge is keeping stuff off my kitchen cabinets! I have been doing better since I started a box with file folders in it, but it’s still my catch all! Would love to win this book!

  323. I am now an empty nester and stay at home wife so I should be able to organize my home, right? But the truth is I have no clue as to what to do with things the children left. The worst area of my home is our bedroom. It has always been the catch all room. I know this room should be a sanctuary for my husband and myself but I just can’t seem to accomplish this. I would so love to win this book to help me get motivated to care for the upstairs area of my home. Blessings!

  324. I am a backslidden reformed slob/pack rat who in the quest to become organized did so to the point I became overly organized and over whelmed with the task I placed on my life. This brought me to a point that I was paralyzed in the attempt to make the “perfect” choices with each and every task and eventually I fell back into my old ways. I have been “loosely” following some of the advice I have found in your blogs and I am happy to say I am making a slow yet Christ balanced recovery. Thanks Karen and P31 Ministries for dedicating your lives to Christ.

  325. Oh I would love to read Karen Ehman’s book. . .I have so enjoyed her book on Hospitality and know that this organization one would be just as valuable.

    My biggest struggle is. . oh how do I pick just one. . .probably the paper.

  326. To pick one…meal planning and organizing grocery store trips since we just moved an hour from town. Everyone has to eat everyday…can’t seem to get around that one!

  327. As the mother of three boys ages 5, 3, and 1, I am always looking for tips for how to manage the clutter and keep everyone smiling in the process. I would love to read Karen’s book.

  328. Oh my…piles and inability to get rid of things!! Probably one of my biggest challenges is getting rid of clothes. It may stem from (or at least this is how I justify!) a lifetime of being one of 3 or 4 sizes (12, 14, 16, 18). You just never know when I’m going to be a size 12 again…and then what will I wear (of course, I will want to buy a few new items)? I have gotten rid of the 18s though. Because I did read that you should get rid of the bigger clothes as one more statement against gaining weight back.
    Karen’s tips and blog series have been encouraging and empowering…she helps us to see that WE CAN DI IT!!

  329. I have a huge problem with paper organization. My office stays a mess and my bar in the kitchen is a paper catch all. This is one area that I have tried many times to tackle and stay organized and it never seems to work. My office (prior closet) is very small and it doesn’t take much paper to cause a mess. My bar seems to only stay clean for a few minutes at a time because there is no other place to put three kids school papers, mail and other items. This book sounds like something I need to check into.

  330. Oh I love organizing stuff. How fun! My biggest organizational nightmare at the moment–my pots and pans. I so wish we had pull-out drawers in our kitchen or even a few tall cabinets w/o shelves so I could put my cookies sheets in upright, but alas, I don’t. I have to stack them on top of one another which is so much more challenging to keep organized.

    While here, I am stopping by today to award you the Versatile Blogger award. Feel free to check out this post for all the details. I love your blog. Congrats!

  331. My biggest problem as far as organizing goes is trying to find space for everything that my husband and I own in our small studio apartment and to do it without stressing out.

  332. My biggest problem is with clutter. I have things that I know I need to go through and get rid of, either by donating or yard sale or whatever. But the problem is the actual doing of going through those things and making those decisions.

  333. Having jumped from an almost 30year old single career girl, to a soon to be step mother to two sweet active and precious boys (age 2 and 3), sharing my parents house with them and my youngest brother, I really have never had to keep my own house. I want the boys to grow up with a step mother that is organized and clean and clutter-free. I want my boyfriend and soon to be husband not to have to worry about having people over or the fact that the house is clean and uncluttered. Probably my worst2 spots are Laundry (I never seem to get it put away before I am doing the next load) and Papers (they just get piled in different spots until I can deal with them, which rarely happens). I would love to read the book and see if I can get this under control!

  334. Well I got married 4 months ago and I am struggling with cleaning organization.. Lord pls help me to be one of the winners in Jesús name :)… What? I I’m sure God is present on this blog and he can read my prayer 😉 xoxo

  335. Is struggling with everything a good enough response? 🙂 I want so desperately to be organized, but with working full-time and two little munchkins and a hubby who tries to help but is so tired too, I’m just too overwhelmed to even think about it most days. I need help!

  336. Clutter! I am a single homeschooling parent of five, and they seem to drag home everything! They are constantly making art or science ‘projects’ that they want to hang on too,lol.

  337. Thanks so much for your site. The thing I struggle with the most (among many) is paper getting stacked up in my kitchen/eating area. We own our own business and have LOTS of paper /mail. I’m working on an idea that I believe is going to help me tremendously. One step at a time!

  338. The struggle that sticks out the most seems to be time management. Organizing the time we spend doing things for others is easy, but when we get home… doing for our home is not a priority.

  339. The one thing I TRUELY struggle with is keeping my paper piles under control! I shuffle them from one pla e to the next. I’ve even stuffed them into a draw when we’ve had company over just so they was out of sight! HELP!

  340. Ok, so as many have already said, choosing just one area is next to impossible. I think my biggest area of need is with clutter and paperwork. I’m constantly worried if I throw something away, I might need it later. Also, I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old and an 11 month old, they’re all girls, so I think the chances of our next being another girl is a great possibility. I can’t get rid of clothes…I might need them. Oh, the list goes on and on. Could really use some organization help…especially for someone who has NO budget for organizational items.

  341. I have enjoyed being subscribed to your blog. I feel that God is really helping me become focused on organization and becoming a better stay at home mom. This is a new balance that I’ve had to learn with a mobile baby and minimal time to do stuff during the day. Thank you for your helpful info.

  342. biggest struggle is keeping up with laundry including closet and drawer organization. with 9 people’s laundry and small spaces it is one of the things that always keep me feeling like my home is unorganized and that laundry is EVERYWHERE!!! Thanks! Blessings, jen in al

  343. In great at making to do lists but terrible abt keeping up with them or even accomplishing all that is on them. I get overwhelmed and distracted easily.

  344. I would love to win the book. I’ve been praying for better order in my life. I would like my house to be one of those old-fashioned types where people can drop into visit any time and find it a pleasant place to be and comfortably in order.

  345. I would love to read this before our Ethiopian sibling adoption! Won’t be much time pretty soon!

    I could use some help with learning how to organize storage/seasonal items.

  346. For once being behind in my reading hasn’t cost me the opportunity to participate in a giveaway! I have 2 major challenges in getting and staying organized. The first is getting from thinking about it and the fact it needs to be done to actually doing something about it. The second is that I seem to be the only one in the house who cares about it getting done and staying done. In all honesty, it’s easier to just put blinders on than work at keeping it up only to have it disappear again way too quickly.

  347. My problem is that my basement is such a mess that it is too overwhelming to even get a real start! I go to one area to sort through things and try to figure out where to go with them – and I am overwhelmed within 10 or 15 minutes…I need a place to start with my keep, sell, trash and donate piles!

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