A Standing Ovation For Mom’s Everywhere!


My husband attended Ohio State, so we’ve watched a lot of football. I remember this one game we went to – it was a HUGE game and the stadium was packed with over 100,000 fans! When we stood to applaud the sound was deafening.

I had a sobering moment during the game where I stood there and thought – “wow – this is a lot of applause for some guys who are chasing a little brown ball around a field.”

I mean really?


Visit me over at The Better Mom today where I’m giving mom’s everywhere a standing ovation – you deserve it!!

 Walk with the King,


  1. I am just looking your web page over and I am excited to see more. I had to make a comment now that I see you are from Ohio. I may be living in Maine….but Ohio is my home state! God Bless you and your family Courtney. I am looking forward to learning more about your web page! O-H

  2. Hey Courtney,

    I just started reading your blog this summer. I love this post, as I am originally from Akron, O HI O! Go Buckeyes! I am a SAHM of a special needs son. He is almost 6 and has had 24 surgeries! God blessed us with a miracle. I find your post uplifting, please continue doing what you are doing. I love your daily dose of encouragement!

  3. Funny how seeing “Script Ohio” pulls at the scarlet and grey heartstrings! My husband graduated from OSU, too, so we are big-time Buckeye fans. Of course, it’s hard to live in central Ohio without picking up a little Buckeye fever…Go Bucks!

    Imagine how all those voices that are lifted up for a football team will one day being lifted up in praise to the Lord. Then multiply that number over and over again. For all eternity. What a sight (and sound) that will be!

  4. I TOTALLY agree with you!! I didn’t go to OSU. I don’t really know anybody who went to OSU. I have not lived in Ohio for the entire 35 years of my life. (Just about ten, though.) Therefore, I do not get the religion that is OSU football. Tonight, our kids (five and two next Saturday), are at my in-laws’ and we’re going to Bucyrus tomorrow for trick or treating. (I am indifferent about that, but my daughter is excited about it.) After, we’re going to a local pizza restaurant. My husband likes the white pizza and I like the veggie sub (no cheese, pineapple and extra sauce). We’re going so my husband can watch the game and I’ll read my magazines that are piling up while the kids are at his parents’. I’ll be bored with the game, though. (However, I don’t like that the games are mostly on cable so that “average” people can’t watch them.)

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