Election Day Thoughts

My son at the “Restoring Honor” Rally in 2010 with his daddy.

I just finished reading this post by Kevin DeYoung at The Gospel Coalition:

Politics Is Hell

Imagine your life were an open book.

Every conversation recorded. Every errant word written down. Every gaffe broadcast before all.

What if everything you ever did was fair game?

What if every action and every decision were held up to the severest scrutiny?

What if all your last minute apologies failed to satisfy?

How would you feel to realize someone knew everything about your past? And someone was chronicling everything about your present?

How would you like to face a barrage of questions for every inconsistency in your life?

What a fearful proposition: anything you ever say or ever do can, and often will, be held against you. If an adversary so desired, he could paint an ugly picture of any of us. And without resorting to lies.

It’s a scary thought to think that your whole life could be an open book. With defenses that do not hold, and sorry’s that do not stick, and excuses which only make things worse.

That’s politics.

And that’s the day of judgment without the blood of Christ.

~Kevin DeYoung

Um Wow! That hit me in the gut.

There is NO escaping the fact that this is a huge day! Tuesday night every channel on television will be about the election results – and the suspense of such a tension filled race has us all on the edge of our seats. It’s riveting.

I’ll be honest – I’m very concerned about the direction and future of our country.  Elections have consequences and we decide for our children what kind of America they will grow up in.  Our family cares about this election.  But after voting – as believers we must press on.  God has mandated one way to change this world and it’s through the transforming power of his word and Christ’s work on the cross.

Do not confront culture just with your vote but with the spiritual power of God’s word.

John McArthur says: “This is a lesson evangelicals ought to know from church history. Whenever the church has focused on evangelism and preaching the gospel, her influence has increased. When she has sought power by political, cultural, or military activism, she has damaged or spoiled her testimony.”

So if it was a rough day at the polls – do not lose heart!  Do not give way to fear.

Do as Christ said “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19,20

And please – do vote.  Not just for you and your children – but also for our military who depend on you to choose their Commander and Chief.  They need a man in the oval office they can trust.

Walk with the King,


  1. I pray that everyone looks to the Lord as they casts their votes tomorrow. The very future of our great country is at stake.

  2. I love this reminder that God is in control! I also love the picture of your cousin that is fighting for our freedom as I write this. He needs a man in office that he can trust! Enough said on that…
    God has blessed America, now America needs to bless God!

  3. Such good things to remember. Thank you so much for the encouraging thoughts. God is in control no matter what the outcome of tomorrow is. Thank your cousin for his service to our country. There are a lot of Americans that do appreciate our military men and women and do care a great deal what happens to each and every one of them.

  4. My dilemma is I do not like either one to run our government. I feel we do not have a good option and if I voted it would be just closing my eyes and guessing because both are typical politicians and neither deserve to be in the role. How do you vote with that? If I go the moral route, one is ok with abortion and same sex marriage, the other does not believe Jesus is our Savior…. so I am stuck that way too. Sorry I just can not feel good about voting…..

    1. Hi Maria,

      I want to answer your question…but I know that I am going to get hate mail and bullied here on my own page…as I have in the past (I’ve been deleting a bunch of rude comments lately)…so I’m going to just share my personal convictions – I am not telling you what you should do. You need to decide for yourself but here are my humble thoughts:

      If all Evangelicals decided to only vote tomorrow for Evangelicals…we could barely vote. The ballot is filled with names of people that we can’t determine where their faith lies. If I were going in for brain surgery I wouldn’t check to see if the surgeon went to church on Sunday – I’d want to know about his success rate. This is a secular office – I am not voting for the elder of my church. I believe we have two very different candidates and I need to vote for the one that I believe will best do the job to first protect my religious freedoms and Biblical issues such as pro-life and second who is best to lead our military and run our country – helping the poor through more job creation and lowering the deficit for our children. These are my personal convictions.

      1. Thank you Courtney, I would love prayer to feel confident on which one to vote for tomorrow. I pray I wake up with clarity. I just truly feel in all the areas you have mentioned neither one gives me the confidence that they can do it. In the past I have voted on issues like protecting unborn children, Biblical issues, military strength, etc.. this year…… its just a bad one for me…… can’t decide 🙁

        1. my decision is not who to vote for its whether to vote at all. if that makes sense, but probably does not to you because you are blessed to have confidence in your decision…PRAY FOR ME!!! URGHH

          1. Maria – I am committing to pray for you because your vote matters. I will not try to persuade you with facts. I pray God gives you peace. (this goes with my post from yesterday – light that candle and pray for peace 🙂 )
            Love ya girl!
            Courtney 🙂

          2. I went and got my candle today 🙂 …… I loved that idea as well as several of my friends did! Thanks for your prayers, wisdom and awesome posts…. you DO make a difference!

          3. Maria–

            I am also praying for you this morning. If Christians do not vote, our voice is not heard. I understand your feeling like you are picking from two evils–I don’t really trust politicians, either.

            Look at how your life and our country have been heading in the last 4 years–is it good, or does it need to change? It is YOUR vote, and great people like Courtney’s cousin are putting their lives on the line for you to have that right.

            Let the Holy Spirit guide you in this, as in all things, so be at peace–He is in control!

            Many blessings!

            Carissa in eastern Iowa

          4. Whether to vote at all? I think Mike Huckabee said it best. “If you think politics is dirty, if you think that it’s a place of darkness, then light it up! It’s that simple. Because you are the light of the world! If you don’t light it up, it will remain dark.”

      2. I’m not here to cause an argument but I wanted to dispel an untruth. If the candidate you are referring to that does not believe Jesus is our Savior is Mitt Romney, that is wrong. Mitt Romney is a member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. I, too, am a member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints.

        Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believe Christ to be their Savior. We believe we can be forgiven of our sins through the atonement of Christ through repentance. God provided us a Savior because he knew that we are imperfect beings. Be believe Jesus Christ suffered for our sins in the garden of Gethsemane and was crucified on the cross for our salvation.

        This is not to be an argument about religion. I am trying to clarify misconceptions about the Mormon church and what we believe. I love this website and I think that its purpose and intent is inspired. If you are insinuating that Mitt Romney does not believe that Jesus is our Savior, you are misinformed. I bring this up because I would hate for Maria to miss out on the opportunity to vote because she has misinformed. As I said, I absolutely love this blog, Courtney. I truly believe it’s inspired and is a great example to women everywhere.

        I’m not voting for Mitt Romney because he’s Mormon. I’m voting for Mitt Romney because my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I’m voting for Mitt Romney because the Army is our career and livelihood. I’m voting for Mitt Romney because he believes in home and family and that marriage is sacred and should be between a man and a woman. I’m voting for Mitt Romney because he has plan to get our nation back to basics with good core values.

      3. “I believe we have two very different candidates and I need to vote for the one that I believe will best do the job to first protect my religious freedoms and Biblical issues such as pro-life and second who is best to lead our military and run our country – helping the poor through more job creation and lowering the deficit for our children. ”

        This is a great perspective! I was just telling my husband that I am glad I am not American because I don’t like either candidate. Praying you get the best man for the job ahead.

      4. I wanted to let you know I woke up on election day with a HUGE sense of peace. I did go and vote. God really spoke to me about how disrespectful it was to America to not go and vote and how I need to do whatever I can to protect unborn babies from being killed and keep marriage the way He intended. I am sad that it turned out the way it did, but I also know Gods plan is way better than mine. Yesterday I was very angry at the voting of this country, we now can kill babies, marry the same sex and in some states get high on pot whenever we want, legally….. this is sad, very sad!

        1. Maria …..I am glad that you voted….as Americans we must!

          I am a Christian, mother of four, married to a Naval Academy graduate and voted for Obama. The God I believe in loves all regardless of race and who they love.

          I didn’t vote for Romney but would never say he isn’t trust worthy or doesn’t love his country.

          I think this blog has a lot of wonderful Support for mothers who are trying to do the right thing.

          But a lot of it feels hateful and judgmental ….I don’t want to raise my children to be close minded or think that they are better than anyone else.

          My heart feels heavy reading all these comments

          1. Kristi,
            I just read your response today (Nov 11)to Maria. I ask you to please not think that those of us who believe strongly that marriage is between a man & women and that abortion is killing a baby are closed minded because we aren’t. I LOVE people who have decided that same sex relationships are “god ordained”, but I DO NOT tolerate their agendas. It is sin in God’s eyes the same as a lying tongue is a sin. Again I love the people but hate the sin and the agenda that has come along with it.
            I don’t believe that teaching your children to follow what God teaches in His word will make them close minded or better than anyone else.
            I truly say all this in love and ask you to seek what is truth in the eyes of the Lord.

    2. Please understand that Mormons DO believe that Jesus Christ IS their Savior. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints or LDS, for short. Mormonism is a Christian religion. Don’t believe the hype. Do the research.

    3. Maria, I completely agree with you about the problems of voting. I believe that we are called to abstain from all appearance of evil, and not choose the lesser of 2 evils. I have prayerfully considered it and just can’t in good conscience vote for either candidate knowing that they each support things that are unBiblical. However, I think that if we do vote, it needs to be done through prayer and seeking God’s guidance for what would best Honor him after considering ALL of the issues.

      I pray that God will give you insight and confidence in your decision, whatever that may be. I pray that He will lead you to what will honor Him.

  5. Thanks again, Courtney!! You are so amazing! I love the example you are of what is really important in this crazy world. I love that you are not afraid to speak up about what you believe and not just to speak up but to live what you preach. Yes, you are a wonderful example to me and I am sure to many others. I have been following your blog for several years and doing many things differently to be a better wife, mother, homemaker and daughter of God because of your precious words. I aspire to know how to share the feelings I have deep in my heart as sweetly and lovingly as you do, to hopefully do my part to spread love and encouragement for womanhood and motherhood. We are of different faiths, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, like Mitt Romney. Please don’t be afraid of me, I would NEVER intentionally do or say anything to be hurtful to you or your other readers. I love all that you stand for, the time you sacrifice to be such an example of righteousness and the way you express your heartfelt thoughts. I wish you were my neighbor, I think I could learn so much more from you. Thank you from my heart!!

  6. Such a scary/exciting/nerve racking time! Now that I am a parent, electing the next leader of our country holds a whole new meaning… tyG for our religious freedom. I pray that God is prioritized in the lives of the upcoming winners.

  7. Amen Girlie. I wonder what this world will be like for our children- but I am so thankful for Faith in the King of Kings…Lord of Lords….if we were campaigning for Christ he would have nothing bad on his record. Pilate examined him and couldn’t find a thing. Praise God for His will for our country- I pray his hand of blessing is still upon us. Love ya!!!

  8. I hope you will tell your cousin thank you .
    i will pray for him and his family tonight and i will pray that God’s will be done tomarrow and always so we can live in a blessed land.

  9. Please tell your cousin THANK YOU. My household has all served in the military in some branch or another (all the men that is). Our prayers go out to him and our country. It’s not easy being out there without support.
    I agree I do not like either candidate I find one the lesser of two evils. I still feel either way we’re in for a world of trouble one just route quicker than the other. I will not, NOT vote and I plan on dragging my little ones to the poles with me just as I did last time.

    One more thing I am pro life, but I am not for the government being involved in that decision. They need to be working on getting our country back in order. God can deal with the individuals with that huge horrible decision process. Every single person I know,3, who has made that decision regrets it and suffers daily from that decision. We are 1 nation under God, take it up with him not the government. I know that doesn’t always happen, but I it has granted some babies a birth day. My husband is living proof of it. We are in God’s hands don’t put it in the hands of the government.

  10. Thank you, Courtney! I just love you and the way you presented this post and responded to Maria in the comments.

    Thank you to your cousin and all members of the military.

  11. Thanks to your cousin and all who have or are serving. “Who will I vote for? I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Prov.6:17). I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who don’t (Gen.12:3). I will vote for the most pro-debt reduction candidate, because the borrower is servant to the lender (Prov.22:7). I will vote for the most pro-work candidate because God says if a man does not work, let him not eat (2 Thes. 3:10). I will vote for the most pro-marriage candidate, because God is for marriage as defined in Genesis 2:24. I will vote for the candidate who most closely believes government’s purpose is to reward the good and punish the evil (Romans 13). I will vote based as close as I can on God’s Word (2 Tim.3:16), knowing that whoever gets elected, God is the one who puts all men in authority (Dan. 2:21).” As that late man of God, Dr. D. James Kennedy said, “Lord, give us the leader that we need – -not the one we deserve.”~Source unknown

    1. Wow!!! Yours is my favorite response. You nailed it. This is a no brainer. I am so excited about the possibility of a new president–Mitt Romney.

  12. Thank you, Courtney, for your thoughts and adding a blurb from Pastor DeYoung’s book (he’s my pastor). Get your kids to the voting booth with you too! Teach them why you’re voting for certain people at home and let them see you filling in the circles at the booth. They feel important and you’re teaching them that your vote counts. If you are having a hard time choosing which candidate to vote for, please choose the one who has the most similar values and morals to you. It doesn’t matter what their religious beliefs are. If you don’t vote, then the one who is least like you could have that extra vote.

  13. Courtney…praying from over the seas, for your country and your fellow-citizens. I pray that God will raise up a Government that is mindful of His laws and that your great nation, built on the values and traditions of your forefathers who had great faith will rise and prosper in Him again. May the Lord help you all to abide so that the faith behind the words “In God we Trust” will prevail once more.

    Love & Hugs from the Caribbean

  14. Thanks, Courtney for the wise reminder of who controls the world no matter who wins! And for your thoughtful responses to Maria. Thanks, too, to your cousin for his service. We can never undervalue the military!

  15. Love the Restoring Honor picture! Would have love to have been there. So thankful for our troops and all they do!

  16. Thank you Courtney! And I thank your cousin for all he has done!!!! You have been wonderful through this!!!! I am so proud to be part of this little community.

  17. Courtney, beautiful post! So thankful for you and all who stand up for Christ, first and always! We must pray and vote the way God guides. I am so sad at the state of affairs in our country, and I do hope we can change course and return to be a God-fearing nation again. No matter what, I know that God is in control and He will always be with his children.

  18. I smiled because I just rec’d the link to this from an email from the Baptist Association (someone sent it to them from FB). Of course I have already read it, but decided to read it again. Keep spreading the word!

  19. I did my civic duty and voted for the man who I think will do the best job. Kudos to you Courtney for standing up for what you believe respectfully and biblically in regards to the Mormons as Christians subject. Obviously two very different ideaologies.

  20. Courtney, Thank you so much for this post! I really appreciated it! Thank you for standing up for what our duties are as Christians!! We do need to vote and you stated it very well in your post, God is ultimately in control and we as Christians need to follow through with our part and trust and know He is taking care of “things”. Thankful for your cousin (and 2 of my nephews and other friends) that are and have served for our country, allowing us the freedoms that we have.
    Blessings to you Courtney! Thank you!

  21. Thank you Courtney. You are standing strong. It is so important to vote for the man that is standing for Biblical values. We are going to get one of these two men regardless. By not voting, we only help more evil prevail over less. If for no other reason to go vote, it would seem reasonable to me to choose less of a bad thing over more of a bad thing . Praying hard for our country.

  22. I LOVE this blog! Which is why this post makes me so sad! 🙁 I feel majorly judged & hated for being a non-voter when I see a godly Jesus loving woman post a post that has a picture of a family member w/ a caption that says he’s willing to die for our right to vote. Our soldiers protect our right to vote…and our right to abstain from doing so. I feel the voters are (unknowingly I hope) trying to heap guilt onto non-voters in hopes they will change their minds and vote. I get so many edifying thoughts from your blog. But I feel the politics that have come to the blog stir up strife (at least in my heart). And we are pluck out the eye that causes us to stumble. I’m trying to follow Jesus with all my heart, which is why I can no longer visit this blog. It causes me to sin by judging the intentions of voters vs. non voters. We are all one in the body of Christ but it doesn’t feel that way anymore on this blog (at least for me). I hope the best for all the ladies on this blog voters & non voters. I hope each and everyone us continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord. And I hope my words do not cause anyone else to stumble. I just had to let you know how these posts have affected my heart & *potentially* the hearts of other ladies. 🙁 I will miss the good parts but can’t risk sinning w my feelings when I see the political posts.

    1. And may I respectfully & lovingly add that maybe, just maybe those “rude comments” are being said out of hurt…oftentimes as humans when we are hurt by the words of others we (wrongfully) lash out in anger with hurtful words. I don’t know the hearts of the “rude” ladies. None of us do. Just like I don’t know the hearts of the adamant voters. Only God does. Just offering a potential explanation for others non-positive comments.

    2. Ashley 🙁 I am so sorry you felt “hate” from this post…I just reread my post trying to detect how I made you feel that way. I take my writing very seriously and recognize that I must write to the glory of God. I am not seeing how I portrayed ‘hate” and you leave me confused…and hurt also by this accusation.

      Today I touched on two topics people say you should avoid – religion and politics – I knew there’d be a feather or two ruffled. I have been bullied and called some pretty ugly names by feminists, atheists, and people on the other side of the political aisle than me. I in no way want to hurt anyone but on the flip side – I will not be silenced on my own blog by false accusations.

      I love people, I love voters, non-voters and voters who vote the opposite of me and I love you Ashley. If you felt hurt by my words – it was completely unintentional and I apologize. The good news – I won’t be writing on politics again for another 4 years :)- hopefully. So we are in the clear! Let’s put this behind us and go and take the gospel to the world – that is what will turn this world upside down!! (and was the purpose of this blog post.)

      In Christ’s Unfailing Love,

      1. Thank you for your response! It isn’t that you said anything hateful. Perhaps that was the wrong word. Perhaps judged was sufficient. Even though I don’t think that was your intention. I guess it felt like all the voters were emphasizing voting as a duty instead of a right (choice). And therefore causing me to feel like non-voters are somehow “bad people” or “part of the problem”. God knows all of our hearts and reasons for voting and not voting. Thank you for listening to my feelings. And I want to offer a heartfelt apology for hurting you!! That was definitely not my intention & I am truly sorry. I love you too Courtney and I’m so grateful that thru God’s grace, Jesus lives in our hearts & is making us into His image day by day. None of us will be perfect this side of heaven but I’m so grateful He gives us a desire to love & forgive one another (something impossible without him)!! 🙂 you have touched my heart with your love and grace & I will continue to visit your blog!

        1. (((hugs))) Thank you so much for your grace!!!! It brings John 13:35 to mind “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
          Love ya sista!
          Courtney 🙂

          1. After I read your post I had to thank Him for His greatness! 🙂 I definitely learned that I must be more thoughtful in choosing my words b/c of how they impact the recipient. ((((hugs back))) 🙂

  23. Hi Courtney – I am wondering why my comment is still being “moderated” – is it perhaps because I used the word “s*x”? (I now remember you saying something about having to “asterisk out” the middle part of that word.) In any case I will try posting it again! Perhaps it is less relevant at this point in the day, but all the same…here is the original comment, with the potentially offending word asterisked out!

    I am not from the States but I would like to respectfully disagree with commenters who imply that the only choice for Christians is Romney. I too am pro-life in the sense that I do not believe in abortion and wish to see the rates drop as low as possible, but studies have shown that what causes the rates to drop is not in fact illegalizing abortion and teaching abstinence, but rather teaching young people about the birth control options available to them and giving them access to free birth control. I know some people might argue that this attitude condones premarital s*x, but the s*x-saturated culture in which our children live already does that for them, and for those children who do not have God-fearing parents, lack of birth control and education about it will only serve to raise abortion rates, whether legal or not. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and even at such a politically charged time, the body of believers is a family. I would end off my comment with the encouragement that “the king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will.” (Proverbs 21:1) God will take whichever candidate is elected and use him for His good; much more than any candidate, He is the one we can trust!

  24. I voted Obama #1 education, I have a child that attended college 2 years prior to 2009 with less grant $ and more student loan debt, after 2009 we seen a significant increase in grant money and reduction in student loan debt. this year I have a 2nd daughter in college and grant sare a blessing. If I didn ‘t vote Obama, I would be voting against affordable education. I voted Obama for healthcare, It is helpful and a blessing to have my children remain on my insurance longer in order to allow them to get established and get their own insurance, if I didn’t vote Obama I would be voting agaisnt my 24, 20 and 19 year old having health care, while they adjust to being independent adults. #3 I voted Obama because I am as many other are that will not admit in that 47% that may now are may have in the past and may have in the future for whatever reason, require foodstamps or some other assistance. I voted Obama because I believe he cares, he understands that just because someone needs assistance don’t make them any less than those that just so happen to not need assistance. We all know someone that some type of assistance have helped their family survive.

  25. As I was drivingbhome from work today, The sun was sending beams between the clouds. As I saw them, I got a sense of peace as God reminded me that He is in control. Had I not taken a half day today, I never would have seen those beams as I’d have been driving home almost in the dark. Yes, He really is in control.

  26. I am a proud Christian who voted for President Obama! I don’t believe that the only choice for Christians is Romney. I also would vote for a non-Christian if I felt it was the right choice for our country. As Christians we need to be open and accepting of other religions. I find it sad that many people have said that they would never vote for a Mormon. I don’t feel as a Christian, that my religion is superior to other religions.

  27. Well, the election is over and our God in heaven has spoken. I have been reading in Daniel this week, prompted by my pastor’s message this past Sunday. Reading about king Nebuchadnezzar’s pride and boasting that he was the one who accomplished many great things, and how God dealt with him is a great encouragement to me and should be to all slaves of Jesus Christ. We have a God in heaven who is sovereign over the things of men and He has placed into positions of authority all who were elected. He has a plan that we cannot possibly understand and that may look very different than how we think it should.
    Daniel 2:21 says: “And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings…”
    Daniel 4:17b says: “…In order that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men.”
    Daniel 4:25b, 31b, 5:21b refer to the time when God caused king Nebuchadnezzar to become as a beast of the field for a time: …’till you know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses.”
    Let us look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross. Our hope is in the Lord, not in man.

    Thank you, Courtney, for not being afraid to speak God’s truth even when it is not popular.

  28. Hi Courtney,

    I saw your facebook post that a lot of hurtful comments were said in your Post Election Thoughts post. I didn’t see the post, but just something to keep in mind…

    Not all Christians have the same political beliefs. I work in Charity and Justice at my church so I tend to be in support of charitable organizations, helping our fellow Americans facing hard times, welfare, affordable healthcare, etc. So, I am a Democrat. Even within this community of believers, we differ.

    I pray that you will be more considerate of that. Some items you’ve posted on your blog and Pinterest have offended me as a Democrat. So, that’s probably why people get angry and fire back hateful words. I’ve seen a TON of that coming from both sides.

    They always say the best blogs are the ones that stick to a specific message/purpose. What you do you do well. Perhaps the best thing is to leave politics out of your blog? Just a suggestion.


    1. Courtney’s specific message and purpose on this blog, from what I gather after almost two years of subscribing, is glorifying God and lifting high the name of Jesus Christ in all aspects of life – from marriage, motherhood, work, home life, Bible study, church attendance and yes that also includes politics. While there are differing views among a community of Christians, is it consistent for the ones who are seeking tolerance and crying out for tolerance to be intolerant of those who share differing views? Rather than be offended, is it possible to accept that it’s a differing view, like you’re saying, and then move on to the first and most importation allegiance – to Christ? You were willing to share your political affiliation of being a democrat and what you support (charitable organizations) on this blog post so how is it consistent to request Courtney, on her own blog, to leave out politics all together if she is so led? Just wondering how this works….

      1. Yes, very well said. I find it strange that one side tends to scream at the other side to be silent while that same side tends to boast of their own affiliation and what they stand for. ie. when you’re pro-choice you’re applauded for standing up and speaking about it, but if you’re pro-life you are asked to kindly stand down. If you’re pro-gay marriage you are applauded for your tolerance and acceptance of differences, but if your against it you are asked to remain silent. Tolerance, politics and religion only work when it’s not a conservative evangelical speaking. I hope I don’t offend anyone with my comment. But I read a lot of blog posts and comments by those who proudly voted for President Obama. Why not. It’s their blog and it’s their opinion. Everyone is entitled to vote for the one they feel will best run our great country and the last time I checked America still allows for freedom of speech – freedom to express that opinion.

        What is good for the goose is good for the gander. In other words, if you wouldn’t want anyone hijacking your blog and being hateful, don’t do it to others. If you want people to be tolerant of you, your opinions and the ones you love, be tolerant of them. If you want the freedom to have an opinion, let others have one as well. If you want to have the freedom to publicly express that opinion, give others the same freedom. Jesus expressed it best when He said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Show grace.

        BTW, I do appreciate those who merely pointed out the reasons why they voted for a different candidate or chose not to vote. I don’t agree with them, but I appreciate the fact that they added to healthy debate without resorting to meanness or trying to control others’ freedom of speech. So, a big shout out to them and their graciousness. Thank you!

  29. I believe that the words of Jesus, as He prayed for his disciples, and for all of us, are most appropriate to put this into a biblical perspective. Jesus is praying for unity among His chosen ones. What has happened to extending grace to others when there is disagreement on non-essentials? Can we not trust God to bring truth and conviction to others in His timing instead of in ours? Can we not avoid offensive comments to one another which only promote disunity? Each of us needs to examine our own hearts before God to see if there is any sin in us instead of focusing on the perceived sins of others, which is one of the tactics of the enemy – as is division.

    Matthew 7:1-5 is clear that we are not to “judge others”, but to remove the beam from our own eye so that we can see clearly the splinter in our brother’s eyes.

    Galatians 6:1-5 reminds us that when a brother is caught in sin, those who are “spiritual” are to restore him gently.

    John 17:21-26 “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me.

    Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory that you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world. O righteous Father, even though the world does not know you, I know you, and these know that you have sent me. I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

    We are exhorted by God repeatedly to love one another. One of the ways that love is displayed is by refraining from comments that attack another based on assumptions and instead, asking insightful questions if clarity is needed .

    I pray that God will pour out His grace upon Courtney and comfort her as she seeks Him for His wisdom. May He bring discernment and conviction in the hearts of all those who have commented here according to His plan and purpose.

    May all of us have a compelling desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ.

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