Making Your Home a Haven: Week 1

We start week one making your home a haven for your families. Together we'll make our homes a haven of peace and joy for all who enter. #WomenLivingWell #homemaking #friendship #makingyourhomeahaven

Welcome to Week 1 of the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge!

Here’s this week’s challenge:

Go buy an extra large candle and light a candle everyday in your home. I will be starting mine in the morning! But you can start yours at dinner time. Do what makes sense for your family. I will be placing mine in the kitchen – the main hub of my home. Each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home.  

What makes a home a haven?  Is it following every idea on Pinterest, organizing with IKEA or decorating like Better Homes and Gardens?  Is it a home that has massive amounts of toys, food to feast on, video games stacked high and every movie imaginable to view? Is it a certain number of square feet, a separate bedroom for each child, or the neighborhood you live in?

No. It is not the things we have or the things we do not have that make our homes a haven. It’s you – my dear reader – you are the key to making your home a haven.

Proverbs 14:1 says: “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

How are you making your home a haven?

Here’s 5 things I absolutely love in my home:

1. Vaccuum cleaner lines on freshly vaccuumed carpet.

2. The sound of the dishwasher running at the end of the day – signaling the kitchen is clean and closed.

3. Warm towels fresh out of the dryer.

4. The way the house is sparkling clean ALL at once right before guests arrive.

5. A flickering candle on my kitchen counter.

I simply enjoy these gifts in life.


They are momentary.

Soon the kids will come running into the room and wrestle around and the vaccuum cleaner lines will be gone.

The dishwasher will stop running and need emptied – that’s not so fun!

The towels – they’ll be cold and wet soon. And most likely, left laying on the floor somewhere.

After the guests leave, the house will need cleaned all over again.

It’s the cycle of life.

But my candle.

My candle just keeps on burning.  Morning, noon and night it serves me.  It serves me with a flickering warm light, a pleasant scent, and a reminder to pray for peace in my home.

I remember long ago when I first started daily lighting my kitchen candle.  The kids came down for breakfast and asked – “who’s coming over today mommy?”  “No one“, I answered. “Then why is there a candle lit in the kitchen?” they asked.  “For us!”  I light the candle for us – to bless my own family.

Why is it that we save the best for guests?  I’m not saying we should give our own family the best and then ignore guests – but rather let’s bless our own family by paying attention to the details we so carefully tend to when we  are expecting visitors.

You have the power – as the woman of the home – to effect the mood of your home.  Your home can feel sterile and cold or warm and inviting.  It can feel chaotic and unstable or subdued and managed well.  It can feel like a cold shoulder or a warm hug.

But simply lighting a candle is not enough to change our homes.  We must be women of prayer – praying for each individual that finds refuge under our roof.  It’s easy to get busy and distracted and forget to pray for those we love most.

Why do we love certain houses, and why do they seem to love us?  It is the warmth of our individual hearts reflected in our surroundings.” ~ T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings

So let’s begin.  Light a candle and begin praying over your home every time the glimmer of the candle catches your eyePray for peace.  Peace with each other and peace within your soul.

If you are participating in this challenge leave a comment below with how it’s going – if you are a blogger copy this button into your blog post, write about how it’s going and link up on Wednesday at the Women Living Well Wednesday Link-Up party!!

Thank you all so much for your accountability. I so appreciate you joining me on this journey!!! We are in it together!

Walk with the King,


Chime In: Have you begun to light your candle?  Did your family ask “what’s up with the candle?” πŸ™‚ What scent is your candle?  And have you found a deal on candles?  Share it!


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    1. I am in South Africa. a Friend from Los Angelos introduced me to your website. Just loving to read it. I am going to buy my candle tomorrow. Thank you so much for the encouragement every day. Like you say – Walk with the King.

      1. Where is SA. Am in Utah but from SA??. Love the article, I know it was years ago but I am lighting my candle tomorrow. Thank you ❀️

    2. Leaves from Bath & Body is my favorite. It just smells like fall. I so needed this devotion to let me know I am in control of the mood in my home and I need to pray more for peace in my home. Thank you.

    3. I am going to go bu my candle sometime tomorrow..I really find inspiration and encouragement from your blog. Thank you so much.

    4. This is a great blog post! Thank you. I have a small candle now… when it runs out I am going to get a large candle.

      I love the reminder of praying for peace in my home.


    5. Hola soy de Chile y estoy leyendo el libro “la mujer de proverbios” hay encontre tu blog (no sΓ© ingles pero gracias a Dios google tiene traductor) lo encontre de gran edificaciΓ³n para la familia, gracias por ecuchar a Dios y escribir de lo que Γ‰l te da que escrivas.
      Dios te siga Bendiciendo!!

  1. I absolutely love this idea. I started to follow your blog about a month ago and I have to say I have been truly blessed. Not only am I following you now but many of the blogs that you follow. I am very inspired to strat my own blog very soon. Wit working full time, being in school full time and my church duties, I do not have the time right now, but I am going to start researching it and start one very soon. I would love any in site that you may have that would help me in this endeavor. May God bless you and your family!

  2. Love this challenge! We went from a house full of teens, college and now it’s just the two of us and our pets. We are finding our way in this new season in life.

    1. Hi Martha,
      We are in this season of life as well. I have three children in college so they come home once a month or so but mostly it is my husband and me. I do love it! I also love when they call to say that they miss us, want to come home for a visit, and sleep in their own bed. As a mama those are the words I love to hear!
      May God bless your day!

      1. I am far from this season of life, with 4 little ones under my roof. BUT, we were driving around yesterday, and one of them asked me about the first time I didn’t live with my parents (and how I felt), another then went on to ask if I missed my family when I left (and the dog, who they did not have when I was in college! πŸ™‚ ), and while I answered, they asked again and again (as that age often does..). I was really intentional in my responses, b/c I loved college, but loved my family, too — and I wanted to make sure that they knew to not forget me and to come home and visit when they are in college! πŸ™‚ Funny, to hear someone now say what sweet words those are to hear! I can’t quite imagine what it will be like, but I know.. I will blink, and that is where we’ll be!

        1. Tara, those words are so sweet that tears will fill your eyes before you realize it. πŸ™‚ I son first moved out when he was 18, to another state, it broke my heart but after all I raised him to be on his own to move forward in his life. Then, Praise the Lord, my husband was offered a transfer near where our son moved. We took it! He moved back in with us while attending college. Then before we knew it, one of his buddies from college needed a place to live for his last year of college but he needed to save money, he was getting married the next year. So he moved into the spare room. We then has their friends drop by for dinner, and then asking if they could do their laundry. At first it was like, whoa our freedom just disappeared again but we loved it, honestly. They were a great group of young adults, always sharing their stories with us, and a few times while I was cooking dinner for all, they played the guitars and sing songs to keep me company. They were always helpful, even mowed our yard for us, for letting them have a place to hang out off and on during the week, and on the weekend. They all moved on a year later, but now we have grand-daughters to feel those shoes. We have to see our oldest dance in her tutu, or tumble and we must see her garden and our youngest just wants us to play with her (she is just over a year old). It starts all over, although they don’t live here and we have more freedom than we did raising a child. I still cry when I see our son accomplish something, buying his home, or how well him and my “d-n-l” are at homeschooling. Happy, proud mama tears. Enjoy all those questions! They are so worth it!

      2. Janet, I’m enjoying it too, it’s like my husband and I are dating again. My son has a family of his own and but we still look forward to when have a good meal him, our daughter-in-law and our two grand-daughters, it’s so nice to hear about his day. It’s not about school, cross country meets but about work, his garden and something they taught the girls. Always a pleasure. Now our granddaughters are reading the books he read as a child and my oldest says “Daddy read this book with he was my age so I’m reading it too” — Love that! Blessings for a great day and weekend!

  3. I was blessed to find your site and to see a young woman teaching to the next generation the things close to my heart. Married almost 40 years, 4 children grown and married and still parenting my in my 40’s reversal boys, now 19 and 21, lighting the candle to set a mood in the home at night has been a long tradition. Even my high energy, tiger type 21 year old responds to the seasonal candle lit and cookies baking in the kitchen. My husband is retired military that private contracts training the troops. Last night as he left for FT Drum, NY, I was blessed to hear him say he did not want to leave us, as his home is his haven. I wish every family to feel that way. Sadly it’s not, but because of that, our house is always full of my son’s friends who know they can creep into our chow line and enjoy the candles also. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is my 3rd year of doing this. I have started burning my candle all year long. I love the mood it sets in my home and the yummy smell. πŸ™‚ I also burn mine in the kitchen. This fall I am burning Apple Pumpkin from Yankee Candle. If you sign up for coupons you can get really good deals.

  5. I definitely want to start doing this! I completely agree that it’s the moms who set the tone of the home. I have seen this so many times in my own life and family. No matter how bad a day my family is having, if I’m cheerful, I can usually pull us out of the funk. But at the same time, if my attitude is sour, our day isn’t going to well.

    I’m going through Crystal Paine’s new book, 21 days to a more disciplined life as a challenge on my blog, and I’m continuing a project that I started a while back that I called The Peaceful Home. To organize and declutter our home and family. Because while a peaceful home is a heart matter, it’s also a physical matter for us. I think that chaotic, messy, cluttered surroundings lead us to feel more stressed, and that clean, uncluttered, surroundings lead us to feel more peaceful.

    I pray that you and your family will be blessed through this Making your Home a Haven series!

  6. I usually only light my kitchen candle when I’m in the mood and doing a deep clean everywhere. I think it’s a wonderful idea to light it everyday. Bonus will be using up the ones I have and being able to buy new scents! My husband loves coming home and the house smelling good. Thank you for the encouragement.

  7. What an awesome idea! I LOVE candles and normally have them burning every day anyone but I am now going to add praying over and for my home when I see that flame burning. Excited to start πŸ™‚

  8. Very true! Making your home a haven is the little things you do to make it special, not the things! I love the idea of a candle to remind you to pray! I usually use a warmer in my home for safety reasons but I am going to light my Apple Spice candle daily this month to join in on the challenge.

  9. Can’t wait to begin this tomorrow…just dug out my candle my Holiday Wreath jar candle given to me by our church last Christmas. Excited to have such a beautiful reminder in my kitchen window sill reminding my to find my peace and pray for my family.

  10. Hi Courtney! I just wanted to tell you that I’m so glad that you’re doing this challenge again this year. I did it last year and it has changed how I live my life and view my home. I work full time (out of necessity) and as much as I adore my family within it, the home itself was more of a chore. A year ago, I lit my first candle and really began to see home as a refuge. Every time I looked at it I said a prayer of thanks for the many blessings in my life and within weeks, if I forgot to light it, my 5 year old son would actually ask to have the candle lit “to make it nice in here” and he would run about dimming the lights! My single candle has become more of a seasonal centerpiece but if we’re home it’s lit! The regular prompting to prayer has done so much to improve my walk with the King! Thank you for this priceless gift!

  11. I want to try this challenge. I want my home to be less chaotic and more of a haven for my family! I love burning candles, so this first challenge is a good one for me!!

  12. This is a beautiful idea. I will go buy a candle tomorrow — probably vanilla.
    My home is so sad and broken and ugly right now….
    I know God will be with us, and He alone can heal us, but I grieve for what was, and is, and will never be.
    But I love candles, and Light, and I will pray for peace in my home and family.

    1. Brenda,
      If it is ok with you, I will begin praying for your family/home as well. Focus on the Fathers Love, and he will get you thru this. The past is the past, but now and the future is in His hands, He has a plan, we may not see it right now, but in time it will happen. I love the idea if the candle/light. I’ve been doing it for the past 6-7yrs when my trouble began, trusting God to take me thru this made it so much easier. I just never thought of the candle and light…..duh. Anyhow, I will be praying for you.
      take care

    2. Brenda, I too will be praying for you and your family. When I see my candle lit I will pray for your family as well as my own. Do not grow weary sister… Yours and His, Julie

  13. I can’t wait to start this…I really need help in this area and in creating a haven. I am a stay at home mom and adjusting to an out of state move, son’s new school/friends, husband’s new job, etc. Time to pray for peace and with the upcoming holidays, it couldn’t be a better time to start!

  14. First I must say I love your blog. I am joining in on the challenge. My post will be posted first thing tomorrow morning. I love this first challenge. Thank you for inspiring me. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  15. I’m always blessed by your posts, and challenged too! I haven’t read in a little while just due to busyness. As we begin our homeschool week, this is a great reminder and I thank you for the time, thought, and effort put into this post! I will be burning my candle! And saying prayers for you and your family this week as well!

  16. I really need this right now and I’m so excited to participate. My post is up and I’ve already whispered a prayer of peace. Thank you for the encouragement.

  17. I am doing this challenge with you & I’m beyond excited to get started. I have candles & light them often, but never have I thought of using one this way. Lately I have been learning (since I’m a younger mother of 3) that it isn’t quantity it’s quality so I’ve been downsizing GREATLY. Also I have realized I do control the mood of this home as well as set the mood for the day, especially with my children. I am going to buy a new candle tomorrow to not only start your challenge but to represent the new momma in this house. My soul is on fire for change! πŸ™‚ Praise Jesus!

  18. Thank you for this entire idea. We just purchased our first home and it is still lacking in that “home” feeling. My heart craves a haven!

  19. Many years ago I almost always had candle burning in my home. I had forgotten how much it made the house feel so much more like a home. I found your blog about a month ago when I started looking to renew my faith and bring peace back to my family and home. There are many areas of my life that are challenging at the moment, but with your challenge I have a constant reminder to pray throughout my day. I actually began last week and already the kids are loving the way our home feels and I have actually began to find peace in my home again. I burn 3 candles daily throughout our home. Cinnamon Pecan in the diningroom where I conduct school with my 2nd graders, and the room in which everyone enters our home. Carmel Latte in the office where my high schooler completes most of her work and I sew when time allows. Finally, Gourmet Creme Brulee in the master bedroom, where I set to read and, clear my thoughts and console the children when they are struggling with their emotions. Thanks for the challenge and I look forward to joining in and growing along the way.

  20. I’m doing this too. I love candles and the reminders of home. ((Not to plug Yankee Candle or anything, but they are having their Buy2Get2 large jars sale going on. That’s where I went this weekend. It’s one of my favorite sales all year.)) I enjoyed this challenge last year, and I hope to keep it up more this year and into next.

    @mrsb5421, me too. We just moved into ours a month and a half ago. Maybe it’s because we’re sooo far away from family (over 24 hours driving) and we miss everyone, or it’s the holidays, but our home still feels like something is missing.

  21. I’ve been burning Pumpkin Spice lately, it makes my home smell sooooo good! I get the big jar candles at AC Moore, which is a craft chain. They burn and smell great and only cost about $3 compared to the same size at Yankee Candle which are usually around $25.

  22. I just spotted this on Pinterest, although I have been to your site many times. I am going to do this and post about it on my blog as well. Thank you.

  23. If anyone needs a great candle, Bath and Body works has a great deal. They have a printable coupon online for $10 off a $30 purchase. Their large jar candles are now on sale for $10! So you can get THREE of these awesome candles for $20, making them less than $7 each. (I bought six for Christmas gifts!!)

    1. Thank you for posting this! I recently burned a candle from that company. Guests remarked time and time again that it smelled so good and tropical. I can not remember the scent though but it burned very well and I am thinking it had to do with the fact it was either a double or triple wick. I had no waste because when the candle would not burn anymore in the original jar I take the wax out and put it in my tart burner.
      May God bless your day!

  24. I started doing this last year (I think at your suggestion). I has been a HUGE blessing and has changed the atmosphere of our entire home.

    I suggest EVERYONE give it a try and just savor the blessing.

  25. I got so excited about lighting a candle that i bought some on friday, lit them yesterday and today…but forgot all about the praying!!!
    So I will try to tonight and start over again tomorrow!

  26. I will be participating in the Making Your Home a Haven challenge this year, and I’m so excited about it! I’ve been looking for different ways to do this, especially with Christmas right around the corner. I have a few XL candles that I’ll be using for this challenge. An orange cranberry one, a peppermint one, and a spruce tree scented one! My family really enjoys when I have candles lit(although around the holidays, it’s not at all uncommon).

  27. I’m a Scentsy girl but I will do this with you! I will probably just light a pretty tealight in a stained glass orange bowl I have. I need this challenge. I wasn’t going to play but you changed my mind! Thanks!

  28. I’ve been doing all of your suggestions to make my home a haven – baking banana bread every weekend, lighting my pumpkin candle, and playing soft worship and Christmas music for my family. πŸ™‚ Yesterday my old college roomate and her boyfriend came over, and we welcomed them into the house with open arms. She said, “it’s so cozy in here,” and her boyfriend said that he loved the banana bread, thanked me for my hospitality, and said he had lots of fun and enjoyed spending time with us. I was so blessed by this, and I appreciate your teaching us how to make our home a haven to show Christ’s love. πŸ™‚ Lauren,

  29. I love this idea and I really think of my home as a haven. I’m not sure I always make it feel that way though….I love candles, my husband however, is not a fan. He always thinks I’m going to set the house on fire…this is a challenge for sure!

    1. Maybe try the battery operated flameless candles. Most stores sell them fairly cheaply now and some of them look very close to the real thing πŸ™‚

    2. You could try Scentsy. Its a handmade warmer that melts wax to make the home smell good. No flames so you cant burn anything πŸ™‚ (I’m a consultant)

  30. I will be lighting my candle tomorrow and praying over my family, not only to make my home a haven, but to take back what the enemy has stolen from our family over the last few years!!!!

  31. Love this! I am naturally cold so in the ‘cold months’ I light a candle but this made me realize that maybe I need to do it year round… who doesn’t love the warm glow and smell of a seasonal candle! Thanks for the reminder, I look forward to more ideas! πŸ™‚

  32. I love this idea. I always light a candle in my kitchen and it always brings me some kind of peace in my heart and now I will add to that and say a small prayer. I always feel closer to God when I see my candle or when I first light them, it’s like I’m saying hello and I need you.

  33. I too do this. My husband even lights the candle when I am not home or otherwise occupied. I always have a current season candle and a stash in the closet. =)

  34. I am participating in the challenge this year and have already been burning my candle. Right now it is Yankee’s Mountain Lodge, but it’s almost gone. SO…when that one is burned up completely, I am switching to the new Yankee Peppermint Bark that I got today. It smells so good and I haven’t even lit it yet, I can’t wait to see how it smells when it’s burning!

    I am excited for the Making Your Home a Haven challenge, as I have always strived to make our home a comfortable, relaxing place where we can come home and just kind of forget the cares of the world. That saying “When mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy” is SO true! We really do set the mood for our homes. I am in the kitchen baking all the time already, but I don’t burn candles or play music very often. I HAVE been wanting to start playing music more regularly so I’m hoping the challenge will help me to remmeber to do that!

  35. Thanks Courtney for the challenge! Am so excited and look forward to the next 31 days of Making Your Home a Haven. Lit mine first thing this morning as I had my quiet time. Many blessings from Africa!

  36. This will be my third time participating. My family are so excited by this challenge . My candle is Garden Hideaway. Thank you Courtney.

  37. Im going out to buy my candle this afternoon..Its a bit late but im going to start tonight.
    what a awsome challenge.

  38. Since the loss of my grandpa and my husband’s grandma less than a month ago, I’ve been struggling to just keep doing what I need to do. I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of pain. BUT today I’m going to do just one thing to start pulling us all back together. I’m going to light the lovely pumpkin candles that I purchased in September that have foolishly been waiting for a special occasion. Thank you for the reminder. I really needed this today. Now I can have a reason to smile, because it will be the light in the darkness reminding me that we will get past this and overcome it all, with God’s grace and mercy.

    1. Father,
      I lift up Samantha and her family and place them in your hands today. Praise You for your goodness and faithfulness. Thank You for the wonderful memories of loved ones and family. May You bring peace to their hearts and joy to their home. And help them to feel Your presence on this day and in the days to come. In Jesus’ precious Name. Amen.

  39. Pumpkin cinnamon candle burning. I love this challenge! This is my second time and for some reason I stopped lighting the candle at times. Looking back, I’m sure that prayers on that day were less intentional. Thank you for helping me get back on track!

  40. Love the idea – pumpkin spice candle. Praying for peace as my husband and I go through empty nest and menopause. It is the circle of life but sometimes very difficult. Thanks for the reminder to stay focused on God.

  41. This is great! One of my twins said the same thing to me one day “Mommy why did you light a candle?” For some reason that day, I was just in the mood to light a candle with noone coming over, but I normally only light them if someone is coming over and I am a Fragrance Consultant for Gold Canyon Candles, my favorite scent is Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen, this month you can get White Pumpkin 10% off. I think this challenge is great because I know that I only light a candle for other people (usually) not for my own family so this will be a great reminder to pray over my family when I see this candle lit. Thanks so much for this!

  42. This is a great idea. I have candles for the living room and the kitchen. I plan on lighting them this evening because that’s when we’re home the longest, but I plan on praying for peace all day because with 2 kids 9, 6, and 4 (the younger 2 are boys) I can never have enough peace. Thank you for this wonderful idea. πŸ™‚

  43. I started regularly burning candles for my own enjoyment this year. I am currently burning a pumpkin one an I have cranberry for closer to Christmas. They make me smile. But I love your idea of coupling my enjoyment with prayer for my home! Thanks for the great idea! Blessings from Wisconsin

  44. I’m a Scentsy girl*and consultant) too! NO FLAMES so no worries about setting the house on fire. I don’t burn candles anymore in my house because my 89yr old mother in law, who lives with us and in the early to mid stages of Alzheimers is afraid a candle will set the house on fire. The Scentsy warmers give off a soft glow and the scents are wonderful. I’m currently melting Welcome Home a spicy baking scent.

  45. I am a candle addict! My most recent best deal was Bath & Body Works deal.
    Their big three wicks were 2/$20 & then each one is $10 after that. Then I had a
    $10 off $30 coupon. I got 3 for $20.

  46. What a great reminder to pay for peace. Thank you for the suggestion. My home is currently not a haven but I desperately need it to be. I will be following your challenge!

  47. I’m an outside of the home working mom. I struggle with the fact that its up to me to take care of everything since my husband works 2 jobs. I realize he does this to provide for our family so I should be doing the same in our home but 45 hrs a week and a special needs child sometimes is too much for me. I’m not overly religious so praying just doesn’t do it for me. I would love some input into changing my mind. I love the concept although I usually burn a candle or something of the sort. I’d love to feel better about my home.

    1. (((hugs))) I feel your pain. When our first child was newborn, my hubby worked full time and was in grad school full time. I certainly found myself bitter about all I was having to take care of on my own. Since prayer isn’t really a part of your life right now, maybe when you see the flame of your candle stop and think of something about your home/family that you are thankful for. Maybe your kiddo had a great day. Or your so thankful for that tumble drier so you don’t have to hang clothes. Whatever. Sometimes you might have to search hard for even just one thing, but dwelling on the things you appreciate can help change our hearts towards difficult circumstances.

      Also, I know you said you’re not overly religious…neither am I! But my spiritual journey with God is very important to me. Maybe just try the praying? Start by asking God to make Himself real to you and in your home. Be inest and tell him you’re just not sure how much good it’s going to do to talk to Him, but you’re going to try it anyway. When you feel that fatigue and frustration welling up, just whisper a quick prayer. It can even be “Help me, God!” And just see if things start to feel different in your heart.

      Hang in there, mama. We are all here for you.

  48. I’m in, too! My candle is a gorgeous, tall, purple pillar candle that I got at Tesco – for our UK/Ireland friends. I think it was only €4? It’s pomegranate smell. I’ve been so surprised at how it really does keep prayer at the forefront of my mind. Especially since I have to find a spot where our very active, climbing 2 year old cant reach it. πŸ™‚

  49. You are spot on about our homes being haven for family & guests. We just need to setup the systems (routine, furnishings, quantity of stuff) that support our haven goals.
    Re candles, I light tealights about 6 everynight in several rooms to emotionally warm up the house.
    When winter comes, I add a jar candle to the mix & light it about 4pm.

  50. We have several candles lit every day, all day long as long as
    Someone is home, but I love adding a prayer each time we see
    It to remind us ! Thank you! Every season, all the time. And even
    When we are not home our teenage son now lights them for us …
    I asked him why and if he likes them too and he said ” I do it because I know you like it! ”
    Our children DO take our habits with them, big or small, so let’s be mindful of them. πŸ™‚
    Bless you! Glad I found your blog!

  51. I love the idea, no money until next pay day but I love my oil lamps so I’m using that instead.. I love the glow from them.. Thanks!

  52. I lit several this morning….they are calming amongst the messes from the weekend that followed me to this morning….laundry, floors needing mopped, schoolwork needing graded, etc… Hoping to remember to pray each time I see them…

  53. I light candles a lot; however, I tend to light them when people are over, and people are not over everyday. Thank you for the reminder of how much I love candles. I mean, if I love them so much, I should use them all the time, right!? The idea of praying for peace every time I see one is new. I will be lighting mine right now and doing my first peace prayer for the day.

  54. What a blessed idea! Lord knows my home could use all the prayer it can get πŸ™‚
    I’ve lit my Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle today and started praying! I, too, am a Bath & Body Candle girl!
    Thanks for the idea and inspiration Courtney!
    May you all find peace in your home this week and throughout the holidays as we pray together!

  55. What a wonderful idea! I’m lighting a scented one today, not only the sight but the fragrance as well will remind me. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for this blog!

  56. I saw the overview of this challenge last week, and I really liked the candle idea, so I found one of the most fragrant candles in my house (baked apple pie), and I lit it. Within a little amount of time I realized the smell had permeated my ENTIRE house. It was such a nice feeling, smelling it all over. My husband, upon coming home from work, said how good it smelled in the house and “You love me!” My husband has blown out my candle (which is now only half full) two days in a row. Last night I told him I’d like it if he would stop blowing out my candle. He looked at me and said, “I thought you lit it before I got home to make it nice. I just didn’t want to waste it.” So I told him that I actually keep it on all day and that I would buy another candle if it ran out, and I told him about the challenge, and how it really does make a difference. I remember to pray when it’s lit…not when it’s not. I find this really gives a sense of peace in my home. Between the smell and the beauty of the flame dancing, my home feels much more like one! Excited about all that is to come from this. πŸ™‚

  57. The candle in my kitchen is lemon scented – just accentuates the “clean” smell in there and doesn’t compete with dinner in the crock pot. Thank you for this challenge.

  58. I’m very much into my wickless candles, have been for some time, and so my family is used to the smell of warming scents in the home. With this challenge I’m hoping to make a special effort to pray over my turning on of the warmer in the morning and reminding my family that peace in our home is a special blessing from God, one we should embrace and encourage one another to see out as it is His plan for us.

  59. I’m joining in. I am so glad I ran across this challenge. I will definitely be doing this. My home should be a haven for my family. Thank you for reminding me!

  60. Candle is burning! I’m keeping this tradition going through out the year. I know my kids will love it. My problem is with the hubby. If no one is in the room he will blow it out, I just know it!

  61. I’m so excited about this challenge! My husband and recently moved to Connecticut and our new home still doesn’t feel very inviting. I’m hoping this will change that! I’m also hoping the smell of the candle doesn’t make me nauseous…since I’m in my first trimester πŸ™‚

  62. I absolutely love this challenge! I started lighting my candle again a few weeks again when it got cold and I love how the candle is a little reminder to pray for my family and pray for peace within our home. My current candle is very special as it was part of a pumpkin centerpiece at my brother’s wedding a few weeks ago (my brother is one of my very best friends and my new sister-in-law is amazing). I am trying to let my burning candle serve as a reminder to slow down and spend even a few moments praying to God for the people that mean the most in my life. God has blessed me greatly and I love the reminder to thank God for those blessings!

  63. Courtney, I just want to say I think we are kindred spirits! We are so similar…wish we could be neighbors! We both have a son/daughter, originally brunettes when we were married, now blondes, lol! Love our hubbies, children and most of all, the Lord! Also, the fact that you LOVE candles lit all day long…this is SO me!!! I always light my candles, especially on my kitchen counter. My fav right now is a Yankee Candle-Pumpkin spice. I love your idea though of praying for peace in my home every time i see the flicker of the candle. Thanks for this awesome idea! Nothing (besides Christ), brings peace to my heart as much as the scent of a candle burning and the warm glow of it for my family. My 12 yr old daughter is known for blowing out my candles, for fear of a fire starting, but I am quick to relight it and tell her that this is my sanity and gives me peace–even if our home isn’t the cleanest–it brings me such peace. Perhaps, this is why Jesus brings such peace to our world when people are opened to him–He truly is the LIGHT of our world and brings PEACE!! Thanks, Courtney and God Bless you and your family!!

  64. Hi Courtney, I am a grandmother now. My children have been gone from home for over 12 years and now have their own homes. I have a large candle in my kitchen and light it occasionally. I really enjoyed your post today. I have never thought of praying for peace for my home when I light my candle. Thank you for this idea and the article. I have always been a home body, and my home is truly my nest. I thank God often for my comfort although my home is simple. Thank you again for blessing us.

  65. I’m a bit “crunchy” as some of my friends call it (aka- organic, whole living, green πŸ˜‰ and I love your home focus. I would encourage everyone to make the best choice on their candles- for their families. A soy/bees wax, preferably scented with essential oils, and a natural wick that does not contain lead (look for a wire or metal in the middle of the wick- if it’s there- don’t even consider buying!) None of us want our families breathing petro fumes or lead being mixed with that beautiful, cozy ambiance πŸ™ Just one of many articles you can “bing”

  66. Our candles at the moment are unscented and plain white that we got at Dollar General back in September for a homeschool project where we talked about Jesus being the Light of the World. In a little while our house will have the pleasant aroma of gluten free brownies with pecans to bless my husband with this evening when he gets home. He does not know of this surprise yet.

  67. Thank you so much for this challenge. The lighting of a candle has always been something that would bring peace to me. Something about that flicker of the flame. My candle is placed in my kitchen and I look forward to praying peace over my home and family. I believe now more than anything the HOME needs to be a place of refuge where we can relax. This world is so full of the negative, taking time to make our home positive and uplifting will only make the “outside” so much more bearable. Thank you so much for you work in the ministry. May God bless you richly!

  68. What a wonderful way to remember to pray through out the day for your family , my candle is burning and I have already said more prayers then I would have if I hadn’t found this on Facebook Thanks! And God Bless you and your family also=)

  69. Thanks for this wonderful message. Two very important ideas to keep in our hearts are (1) Something as simple and easy to do as lighting a scented candle can change the mood in your home. There is just something about the glow of a candle that brings calm and peace. (2) We all feel good when our home is sparkling clean, but really, how often is it that way?! Let the candle remind us to welcome guests into our home with a cheery heart whether there are socks on the floor and dishes in the sink or not. I am sorry I have learned this so late in my life and am sad to think of all the wonderful opportunities I and my family have missed out on because of it. I will be lighting my candle when I get home from work!

  70. I am so excite for this challenge, I’ve done it for the past couple years now. I use a scentsy candle, so it’s easy to change out with the seasons. And Walmart sells the little cubes for like $2 bucks. I am actually using a scentsy scent called peach cobbler cinnamon. I started using it on the weekend and during breakfast, it just makes it feel homey, and cozy and warm ( being that it’s still 80 degrees here in Vegas). I love the incorporating prayer…so awesome! God bless you!

    By His Grace,

  71. I’m getting ready to light my candle right now! Praying for peace and contentment for me and my wonderful family. We are so blessed! I pray that we will see clearly God’s blessings and not take them for granted. As we begin our homeschooling day, the candle will be a perfect reminder! Thanks for sharing your heart with us. You are a blessing!

  72. What a revelation. My favorite part was “It is you…” The woman of the home makes it a haven. I knew this, but this brought it home. Thank you. My candle is lit and my heart happy in hope!

  73. Hi Courtney,

    Just a friendly suggestion: if you trim your candle’s wick every now and then, it will be much safer. It should only be about 1/4 inch or so and the majority of the flame should be inside the glass.

    Love what you’re doing on this site!


  74. My daughter and I own a candle business. So, I have more thoughts about candles than I can possibly write. We see the pleasure, memories and life on the face of people being transported with the wiff of a perfect scent. The stories they leave us with because of a candle has blessed our souls abundantly. We have been given opportunities to laugh, cry, witness and pray for many over the years. Needless to say if a picture is worth a thousand words, our candles have far surpassed that. We recently changed containers, so they can now be shipped. They are all hand crafted in our workshop in Arkansas. We have over 100 scents; many of your favs from other companies that they have quit making, we pour them! You can find us on FB: Amber Glow Candles or email us
    May this Thanksgiving and Jesus Season be a festival from the heart for all!

  75. Lit mine this morning! Love having candles in the house. Yankee Candle is having a buy 2 get 2 free sale till 11/25. Good time to stock up or get Christmas presents.

  76. I also love candles in our home, and I always have one glittering in our kitchen! It is a constant reminder to me to promote peace and coziness in our home with MY attitude. Unfortunately, moms do not always have good attitudes, my candle reminds me to check my attitude ALWAYS!! πŸ™‚

  77. During the fall and winter, I often have candles glittering throughout our home. But this morning I lit the one in my kitchen window above the sink with intentionality. I love the reminder to pray for peace in our homes. Peace has been something we are struggling to find this season. Lots of bickering between the children and overall sour attitudes, so we need the extra prayers for peace especially now. Thank you for this!

  78. I too am joining in on this challenge. I am back home full time after 10 years and many changes of working full time+ outside the home. It is a faith move and one I am determined not to repeat the same mistakes of the past. I am thankful GOD is merciful and gracious.
    I have been lighting my candles in the morning, 4 all together. Kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. All but the kitchen one get blown out by noon. I LOVE the idea to pray when I see my burning candle. Thank you for all you do.

  79. Thank you so much for this reminder! I have lit my candle “Pumpkin Spice” which is just right for the season! I wonder what will be said in my home today! :o)

  80. The idea of using the “good candles”, even when company isn’t coming reminds me of Gretchen Rubin’s (The Happiness Project) idea of “spending out” – not waiting special occasions to enjoy what we have and give all we have. I have been guilty of having a cabinet full of yummy scented candles, but they are not bringing me or anyone else warmth and joy from inside the cabinet. Just as all of our gifts and talents are wasted if we don’t share them with others. I am working hard to remember to bring out the candles and let the light shine, literally and figuratively!

  81. I am still newly married and striving to make our house a home. I want so much for our house to be that warm cozy home that everyone loves. It is sometimes a struggle with full-time work and extra activities, but I am excited to participate in this challenge. I am going to purchase my candle today!

  82. Courtney! I just wanted to tell you that I’m so glad that you’re doing this challenge. I have always loved burning a candle daily. It warms the home so much. But to add a prayer of thanks for the many blessings in my life brings daily contentment. The regular prompting to prayer has done so much to improve my walk with the Lord! Thank you for sharing your heart so openly.

  83. What do you suggest for someone who can’t handle the scent? It all makes my eyes burn (so does perfume, cologne, and anything else scented) I’d love to do this, and have tried Scentsy, but I can only handle it for very short periods of time before I have a headache πŸ™

    1. Stacy, have u tried Soy candles in a mild scent or unscented? They are natural and may not affect you. I,too, get headaches from perfume. Good luck.

    2. I have some battery operated candles – I got them at Target – they still give the warm glow without the scent and they have a 4 hour timer – so they turn themselves off πŸ™‚ I let my kids turn them on in the evening – they love it!
      Courtney πŸ™‚

  84. Yes! Going to burn my candle right now. Need peace in my own heart and soul and then I can give to my family – wonderful husband and three great children. Peace.

  85. Love that we are all committed to making our home a haven. My candle burning is Pumpkin Pie from Gold Canyon. It is truly the best smelling candle and it fills your whole house. I go through three large candles between late Sept and Thanksgiving. It truly sets a tone to our home and warms it up.
    May peace and love abound in all of your homes.

  86. This hit me like a ton of bricks:
    You have the power – as the woman of the home – to effect the mood of your home. Your home can feel sterile and cold or warm and inviting. It can feel chaotic and unstable or subdued and managed well. It can feel like a cold shoulder or a warm hug.
    I have struggled my entire life with some pretty intense ADHD. It can be LOTS of fun and laughs with my kiddos but it can also cause chaos and a feeling of instability in my heart and home. I battle my brain daily..sometimes minute by minute. I am teary writing this. I am so thankful you posted this. I can’t wait to light my candle. I hold out hope that the constant sight of it and praying for peace in my home and my soul will manifest itself to fruition! Thank you so much for all you do! You are truly someone I look up to and that helps me aspire to be more Christlike each day <3

  87. I bought my candle, but it is unscented, so I may go search for a new one. Explained the purpose to my family, and they like the idea. I’m trying to find the best place for it; have to place it high enough so the dog’s tail doesn’t knock it over πŸ™‚

  88. I received a coupon in the mail for a free mini candle from Bath and Body Works. I’m going to try to go pick one up today that my family will enjoy and then use it as a reminder to pray for them! Thanks for this wonderful idea Courtney, I cannot wait to see their reactions.

  89. I just lit my candle. It’s on the bar separating the kitchen and living room. I pray it helps my prayer life better, especially as it pertains to my family.

  90. I love this idea! I’m going to light my warm autumn welcome candle every morning. I can’t wait to explain to my family the reason and what it stands for. That is such a great way to remind us to pray for peace in our homes, and to get the family involved.

  91. I have my Scentsy warmers going downstairs and upstairs right now while my little girl and I start our morning organizing in her bedroom and playroom. I am loving the sunshine coming in through the windows today and the yummy smells!

  92. This is such a great idea! I have a date with my grown daughter on Thursday to go shop for candles, I’ve shared this with her as well!!! I just love it!!!
    Thank you

  93. I’ve been lighting a candle in the evenings, but you inspired me to light it this morning so we can enjoy it all day! πŸ™‚

  94. This was a perfect compliment to our Colossians verses today: ‘Devote yourselves to prayer…’ (Colossians 4:2) I thought this was wonderful to serve as a reminder to pray in general. I’m even turning on my Scentsy at work this week to remind to pray there. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  95. My Mulled Cider candle is lit and filling the house with a lovely smell. I am going to bake some blueberry muffins for my boys and husband as an after school/work snack to go along with the coziness of the candle today too!

  96. Planning on starting this week. I love this idea, and I certainly need to be praying for peace in my home. Prayers are appreciated and needed for our family right now.

  97. I lit my blackcherry candle and I’m looking forward to finding some good deals for some sweet smelling candles. What a great idea this is. We love a lit candle. My husband grew up that way.

  98. I want my home to be a haven!!!!! I already love and burn candles, but need a bigger one ~ literally and figuratively. I am responsible for the atmosphere of my house and I want it to feel wonderfully inviting to all who come in – especially those that live there πŸ™‚

  99. I love this challenge! I will be lighting my candle tonight when we all get home and I will be using a candle my mom gave me for my birthday. I love how a simple candle can give a warm feeling and comfort. I love candles and the different scents and my kids have joined me in a love for candles as they have gotten older. I have realized that I don’t light a candle often enough. This challenge will help me change that and I love the fact that it will be a simple reminder to pray for peace in my home. Thank you!

  100. I so love your blog and I have been following for about a year now. It has inspired me and encouraged me in so many ways. Thank you so much!!!!!

    I will be doing the challenge and I will be getting my favorite candle…Pumpkin Spice.
    My family loves the idea:)

  101. I love all that you shared!!! Making my home a haven is so important to me! I feel so blessed to be a wife and mother. My candle is lit. May each of you have a blessed day.

  102. I love, love, love candles! I will be lighting mine too, along with everyone else. I have a cute story, last week my husband helped my daughter make a volcano for school. He used my melted candle wax to make the red lava coming out of the volcano….Oh, the volcano smelled so pretty…LOL…Apples and cinnamon. My daughter said kids kept stopping by her volcano and smelling it…LOL.

    Have a Happy Day:)


    P.S. There is a picture of the volcano on my blog if you want to see πŸ™‚

  103. Thank you!!! And this is so timely, as I’ve been “nesting” for several weeks now, to prepare for this month, and having people come in to see my house. Thank you!!! You are such anlessibg to me!! And yes, I Hace the candles but haven’t been lighting them. Thanks for the reminder!

  104. My husband is extremely sensitive to any candles so I was a bit sad that I could not do this. I mentioned it to him and he went out and bought me an electric candle. Yay!

  105. Wow! These words are such a great reminder of our role in our family’s lives! “It’s you – my dear reader – you are the key to making your home a haven.” Thank you Courtney for helping us keep up the fight for our homes and families.
    I have too often forgotten that I can tear down my house so easily.
    Proverbs 14:1 says: β€œThe wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”
    I will be linking this challenge at my blog
    Blessings on you and yours!

  106. I am so glad I found your challenge. We moved to a new town in a new state away from family this summer. The town we moved to is small, far from the big cities. My goal is to make this house our haven!!! It is amazing how God has directed my life. One small find at a time. Thank you!

  107. This is such a wonderful challenge. Candles bring the feeling of warmth to the home, but it is love
    that makes a house a home. The love of the people living there. I’m on the last leg of moving into my husbands home lol, we have married not long ago, with both of us having our own homes. This is a challenge to combine two homes into one. But this will become our haven, with the help of God.

  108. Oh wow, I just stumbled across your blog through Pinterest and so glad it’s early in the month!! So excited to take this challenge with you! Thanks for the wonderful idea!!!

  109. I’m accepting the challenge. I am at work today and I work a 24 hr shift, so I had my husband light the candle and send me a picture. πŸ™‚

  110. I am doing this challenge. I so want to run out and buy a candle but I have been blessed with a friend who gave me all her candles before a move so I am going to control my urge, that is hard to do, and use what I have on hand πŸ™‚

  111. I am very excited about this challenge. I was happy when I found this email in my inbox this morning because I had already forgotten that I signed up for this. My candle is lit, and I look forward to the next email! πŸ™‚

  112. I have my candle lit !! We live in Louisiana so I choose a Magnolia candle, it is one of our favorite scents and it is also white which is associated with peace. I love this challenge, I so often forget to pray for peace in my home and this is a great way to help me remember.

  113. We routinely light candle in our home and my favorite scent right now is by scentcy, Carmel Pear Crisp. However, I love the sentiment behind saying a pray for each family member in our home. I will definitely begin to do that..

  114. I will light my scentsy pot as I can not burn my candles anymore. :(, my sone likes the flame a little too much.

  115. I’m in! I have candles all over the house but never seem to use them except when someone is coming. It’s time to start and this is the perfect thing to do. Thank you! Since my husbnad is unemployeed and I’m working full time to take care of us I forget that I’m still the women of the house and is the one everyone still looks too even with dad home all day. My candle will be lit when I get in tonight from work and stay till I head to bed.

  116. I am so excited for this challenge. It fits in perfectly with what I am focusing on this month: creating a happy home and being a happy homemaker! My candle is lit and my prayers for peace are going up!

  117. My son and future d-in-law just gave me a candle for my birthday! Perfect! I enjoyed your post… looking forward to the rest of the challenge.

  118. I have actually been lighting a candle in our kitchen since autumn started, just because it makes me feel warm seeing that flickering light and smelling the yumminess wafting out, but I never thought to use it as a sign to pray for my family. I absolutely love this idea, though. You really struck a chord with me today when you talked about how it is up to ME to make my home a haven. Our family has been going through some tough times financially and otherwise for the past few months, and I find myself letting my negative feelings about that effect how I behave toward my husband and daughters, when they are pretty much all I’ve got going for me right now. So thank you for opening my eyes to that, and I will start tonight when we get home praying for my family, and I will definitely be praying to find some peace within myself so that I can make my husband happy to come home to his girls and me instead of dreading coming home to a grouch and negative wife.

  119. I going to do this. I have to use an unscented candle since the scent causes migraines. But it’s the whole idea that makes this work, right? A prayer for the family everytime I notice the flame should bring me peace just for doing it. Than you for this challenge. There is always room for improvement in our lives especially with the part closest to our hearts!

  120. I am up to this beautiful challenge. I am going out early this afternoon to my big candle. As a wife and mommy of 6 this is a beautiful way to bless my family. The candle light and prayer. Thank you!

  121. I have been lighting a candle almost daily for the last couple of years. It truly makes our home feel warm and inviting even if there are dirty dishes in the sink or cobwebs in the corner. It’s little things like this that perk up my spirit each day.

  122. I love candles. Makes me think of “This Little Light Of Mine” song. I love the smell of fresh baked bread. I wish I could find a candle with that scent. This is a fun blog series. <3

  123. I love the simplicity. Being always rushed, busy and chaotic (it seems)…I have been looking for something to calm our home (and my mind). Looking forward to this!

  124. Courtney, I appreciate this post so much. I do want to show my family more appreciation and build my home for the honor of Christ. This helps me know ways that I can do this. Thanks again!

  125. I really needed to hear this, you are a wonderful blessed person to share so much and touch so many people. Thank you for making my days brighter and help me balance my family and home. Definately doing this today! Thank you God Bless!

  126. I will be lighting a smaller candle until I get paid :). My “home” has been falling in around me for the past 6 months as we are going through some tough times in our marriage, financially, etc. With 3 little boys 3 and under, I want my attitude and my heart to be reflected in our home. I’m trusting the Lord will bring us through…but some days my faith is so small. I worry and grieve for what may never be. I believe this challenge will encourage me to pray more. Thank you for reminding me of this.

  127. I went into Yankee Candle today because I had a coupon for the large jar candles. As I bought them I wasn’t exactly sure who I would give which one to. Turns out I’m going to give one to myself after reading this post. Funny how things work out like that! p.s. Kitchen Spice is burning now!

  128. I will light a candle and say a prayer over it…I love this idea! However, I cannot keep it lit, as all I have is scented ones, and they make my husband sick with a headache when they are lit. ( I will be on the lookout for unscented candles next time we go to the store.) Our children are grown and have families of their own now, so it is just us…and the Lord.

  129. I bought my cranberry chutney candles today at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They are the scent of the month, and I had 3 20% coupons too. I love a good deal!

    More importantly, I love the feeling a candle brings to my home. When I light a candle, I seem to be more productive and eager to accomplish my tasks. Because of this challenge, I’m beginning to say a prayer of peace on my family when I see the candle burning. What a great reminder that, even in the little things (like a candle), God hears our prayers and gives us His grace and mercy for the day. What a wonderful promise!

  130. I love this challenge! I lit my candle this morning and took a quiet minute to pray and read my favorite daily devotional book. Thank you for being so encouraging and uplifting!

  131. It’s amazing how the shimmer of the candle catches your eye and the sense of prayer floods your heart and mind….thank you for sharing your heart! What a powerful reminder…light the candle!

  132. My sister-in-law and I just became new moms in the last year and we are going to be doing this challenge with you!! We are stay-at-home moms and love investing in our families. Thanks for the challenge of praying every time we see the candle too! Sometimes I’m tempted to just enjoy the warm glow – but I want to make sure to thank God for all he’s given us.
    My candle is cranberry spice!! (mmm I love fall scents!!)

  133. I have four small boys here so I have shyed away from candles in the past, but I love them and used to burn them all the time. We so need peace here (I mentioned the four boys, ahem…)
    Going to light the candle and follow to help make a more peaceful home here!

  134. I love this so much I linked it in my blog- We don’t use candles during the day but we use our Scentsy warmers just the same (except without worrying about fire hazards and soot)! Thanks Courtney for such a lovely challenge!

  135. We almost always have a candle burning, or melting with our melters, and usually my husband gets to lighting it before I do. I love the way it just makes our home cozy… especially in the colder months. I look forward to this challenge!

  136. Thanks Courtney! This is just what my heart and home needed! I will be participating in the challenge! Any tips on keeping little fingers out of the candle would be appreciated! πŸ™‚

  137. I’m definitely participating. We just moved into our first home. I need some sanity & peace in all the chaos! I want to make our home a loving, peaceful sanctuary & for my husband to be proud of his home & his wife!

  138. I’m currently using Yankee’s “Home Sweet Home” candle, but I confess I don’t burn it very often even though I love it. I also have many unused candles waiting in the wings “for company.” But not anymore. You have inspired me, and I love the idea of praying for peace in the home and for the candle burns throughout the day. Your post also reminded me of a passage in the Bible that says to say “Peace be unto this house” when entering someone’s home – perhaps quietly or silently. Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas, and I will be participating in the challenge.

  139. I’m a South African living in Washington DC. My husband and I have just moved here. I only started going through you day. r blog a few weeks ago and I signed it on the first day. I’ve been lighting a candle everyday just because I love the scent but hadn’t thought about praying every time the flicker catches my eye. So thank you. I love the idea. I’m definitely IN. God bless you and your family.

  140. Mulled Cider Mainstays candle from Wal-Mart. One large jar is $5 or you can get a value pack…2 large jar candles and 3 smaller jars for only $10! That’s 5 candles for $10!

    The Mulled Cider is so Fall smelling and completely wonderful-I couldn’t believe how good the scent is. The scent really fills the room!

    We tie a pretty ribbon around our jar-currently it has a big burlap ribbon tied in a knot bow-cute, fun and affordable!

  141. I had my candle going this AM at 7:30 and it was amazing how it gave a peace in me and my family. We had a wonderful morning. I posted it on my blog

    I said a prayer for our family while the boys napped this AM and it changed my day to pray for peace in my home. Never thought to do that, isn’t that funny? πŸ™‚

  142. Neat idea to pray when we see the candle! My daughter has started to enjoy candles so we try to burn them more often. We have a few little ones going right now – apple pie, pumpkin pie, peppermint mocha, and hot chocolate. My aunt works for Bath and Body Works, so she gets me some candles for my birthday at the end of the month.

  143. Wow! Look what you’ve started. It is so great to read about all the ways this one simple habit can bring so much out of us. I haven’t lit a candle in our home for a while since having babies, but I think I can find a spot they won’t get into it. I used the flameless stuff for a while and really liked it, but there is also just something about seeing the flicker of the flame that says “home” to me. So, I will search my cupboards and see if I still have one lying in wait there. If not, I suppose I will be out buying my candle soon. Thanks for the helpful nudge to get our minds on what’s good and working actively to create the right environment for our homes!

  144. What a fabulous idea! I don’t burn candles with three little ones in the house but I do have a scent pod warmer from Gold Canyon (even if spilled the oil isn’t hot enough to burn). Upon reading this post I promptly plugged the warmer in and now have the lovely smell wafting through my home. It may not have the same effect as a candle flame but every time I catch a whiff of it I pray for Peace in our home. Now I just need to order some of their seasonal scents. Very much looking forward to these challenges.

  145. It is quite interesting that we are out of power in New Jersey and burning burning lots of candles at this time. The lack of warm water and heat in the house is a good challenge for us to be counting our blessings but the kids are thoroughly enjoying the candle part. I don’t even have to remind myself to light it. It’s a necessity! How fun to be turning this into a prayer opportunity and a positive focus as well. Thank you.

  146. I’m so excited for this challenge! I love having a candle lit in my living room (up high so my 8 month old can’t reach it of course! :-)) I really love Bath & Body Works candles, and a lot of the time they’re on sale! I really love how you challenge us to not only have the candle lit, but to have the prayer focus associated with it. I teach all day, and by the time I get home I’m so tired, that I forget to stop and thank God and pray for those around me. I know I’ll walk by this candle so many times, and now associate it with praying!

  147. I like that idea of praying for peace in your home when you catch a glimpse of your candle that is lit! I need to that this evening. Thank you

  148. I “light” my Scentsy candle daily. It’s amazing how much more productive those fresh fall scents (or spring, or summer, etc) make me.

    I do love the flicker of a wick though, so I also have a flame candle that I light after the kids go to bed some nights.

  149. I don’t know if anyone has already posted this but Michael’s is having a sale this week on jar candles. They are 3 for $10 and come in lots of different scents. They aren’t Yankee Candles but they will do in a pinch πŸ™‚ Looking forward to getting started on this journey!

  150. My sister-in-law was over to our house yesterday and she saie “I love coming to your house, I just love it” She said “I’m serious, it is just so cozy, I would come back here every day if I could”. That made me feel so good to hear that my home is welcoming!

  151. My husband is big on home being “homey”. I have been thinking about ways to make that happen and then here comes this challenge! I’m so excited!

  152. Thank you for this!
    I don’t even remember how I ended up finding your page, but I’m so grateful that I did! πŸ™‚
    My candle is Pine tree like on top and cinnamony on the bottom.
    I will start the prayers tomorrow.
    I also passed this on to my friend who lives in the UK and has been looking for a way to be happier in her home.
    I will pray that for her along with prayers for my own home.

  153. Sadly, most commercially available candles are actually hazardous to your health and that of your children! Ladies, if you are going to be lighting candles, PLEASE light unscented or naturally scented ones, and not candles with petrochemical fragrances. You are looking at a possible trigger for asthma, allergies, headaches, hormone disruption, and much, much more. Use all natural essential oils for the lovely scents that you would like in your home. If you need more information, contact me. Happy to share studies and stories of people who have gotten very sick and even died from exposure to too much fragrance!

    1. Hi there Evengeline, I totally agree with you. The candles I use and sell are 90% soot free. It is natural wax make from Palm wax. These candles, in my opinion are the cleanest out there. 8 out of 10 people who have allergies/sensitivity to scents can do our candles. Even a soy candle has it’s hazards, most farmers put chemicals on their beans, can you imagine that burning in your home? God Bless.

  154. I light my candle every morning. It helps motivate me lol. Definitely going to be in on this challenge. Thanks for being such an inspiration in my life πŸ™‚

    Regina Cozad

  155. I was given a Yankee candle the harvest scent a few weeks back so I’m using that one right now.
    My husband loves having the house smell good so he’s definetly happy about the candle being lit daily. .
    Great series I’m really looking forward to the rest if the month!

  156. Just lit my candle about 30 minutes ago, turned down the lights and am reveling in the peace and quiet for the moment (2 of the 5 kiddos are down for the night)!

    Thanks for reminding me to pray for the peace of my home!

  157. Honestly having 4 kids – ages 3 to 22; a part time (stressful) job; AND a husband in seminary – I am constantly trying to find ways to make my home more “peaceful” without having to have “Calgon take me away” πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I LOVE CANDLES – especially the fall scents and I will definitely be using those moments to pray for peace. Thank you so much!

  158. I found this through my sister-in-law on Facebook. I think it is a beautiful idea and will be buying my candle and start burning it tomorrow.

    I cannot wait to read more from you!

  159. I ran across this challenge while my candle is burning. I have been a “regular candle burner” for a long time now and I do love the way it makes my house smell and feel! Our three children are all grown and on their own now but I want my home to continue being the haven for my hubby and the children and grandchildren….and whoever God sends this way. This is a good reminder to be praying. Thanks and many blessings. πŸ™‚

  160. Thanks so much for a great reminder about using our candles…giving home a more “homey” feeling. Like some of the others here I used to do this more and had just quit doing it. But I do know that I have several candles already…so I will start doing this for us as well. May God continue to bless you and yours…

  161. I’m really looking forward to this! Even though I worked until 8:30pm tonight, I started the candle when I got home. =)

  162. Some of the things I love and enjoy, my home, candles, and praying for my loved ones, it can’t get much better than that. Thank you for the idea and encouragement.

  163. I always light a candle in my entryway, but the prayer part is not done as often :(. Thankful for this challenge and look forward to praying for my sweet people whenever i see the flicker of my candle.

    My scent right now is maple pumpkin. I got some buy one get one free Yankee Candle coupons in the mail last week-hoping to redeem them soon!

  164. Hello everyone! I finally read this weeks challenge. I have been lighting a candle daily for a year or so now. I light one while I do my morning devotions. I am in the candle business, so I have PLENTY of candles around. I light the candle as a symbol for God’s light. I have used various scents too, a few of my favorites are Hot Apple Pie, Black Cherry and French Vanilla. If I am home all day, then the candle will be flickering away all day, but if I head to work or somewhere, of course, I don’t leave it unattended. I believe in a good quality candles that burn well and the scent through and through and the candles that I sell and use are the best out there. Ladies, do yourself a favor, use the best quality, you and your family is so worth it! God Bless!

  165. Be blessed! sister! this is good idea, i love candles having at home, look forward to the next! thank you for sharing this!!

  166. I LOVE this idea! I have a big candle in my kitchen, but I rarely light it. Heading in there now to fire it up and say a prayer for peace. Peace in me, in my family, in my home, in our world.

  167. Lit the candles last night, gave my honey a great big kiss when he arrived home, and had a warm dinner and music for the whole family to enjoy. It was wonderful. We laughed and ate and played gamed together the entire evening. My little 7 year old asked, “Can I roast a marshmallow over the candle?” What else could a 7 year old possibly think the candle would be for? hehehe Thank you for the reminder to make my house more than a home.

  168. I to have been lighting a candle each morning. I love vanilla. Simple….like myself. It just adds warmth to the room. I love Earthlow candles. They are soy lotion candles you can use on your body which is great this time of year when my hands are drier than normal. You can order them from I know the owner and she is a fantastic lady. Have a great day everyone!

  169. Hi Courtney.
    I have my candle- Rose scented as I love my flowers. Will light mine tomorrow and pray for my family as we all need it. I know the Mum is the heart of the home and has a huge influence on the feeling of the home. We became an ex-pat family in Aug moving from the UK to Japan and we are struggling to adjust with our various ways. I will be praying for each one of us and our daughter at college in the UK, that we will find our home a haven no matter where in the world it is.
    Thank you for a great post.

  170. I lit my candle last night. I had already put my boys in bed and was journaling my goals ( I do this at the beginning of every month). I prayed that my home might find peace since at this moment it is in turmoil. After, I felt so relaxed and stress free I know that it was heard. I am excited to have found this page and to participate in this challenge.

  171. This is by far one of my favorite challenges or than “reviving your marriage” not sure if you saw that one. God revealed so much to me about my home and how it may not be furnished and we may not agree on how to furnish it, but I can make sure that the most important is furnished and that’s our love for each other and his peace be in our house. Will def be lighting my candle!

  172. I have my scentsy burning. Right now I have Christmas Cottage going but I also like Central Park Pralines. I am thinking of burning a candle tonight when dinner starts as well. Love to enjoy candles with dinner and in the kitchen. My scentsy is in the living room. Cant wait to see what week 2 brings.

  173. I love this! I took out a candle yesterday, not too big and not too fancy (though I love looking through at all the scent loves on here… great suggestions!)… and it was perfect. I had it sitting on my bay window by the kitchen sink, and every time I walked by or stood at the sink, I said a little (simple!) prayer for peace in my home. How absolutely lovely! I’d love to think it made the day a bit brighter, and a bit smoother! Thanks for the suggestion.

  174. I love the word Haven and I love candles! Yay! I burn one (usually two) every day. Right now I’m enjoying a Cider Lane jar candle from B & B. The fragrance and warmth makes our home seem cozy and I love the idea of intentionally praying for peace. Thanks for this great idea. I know it’s been a challenge for my daughter not to be able to light a candle in her dorm room (safety rules) so when she comes home on break I’ll be burning one all day long:)

  175. You are so right. I do often forget to pray for my family daily. I will start lighting my candle, also in the kitchen, and praying for them all daily. Thank you for the idea and the challenge to love them more.

  176. Lit my candle today. It is not my favorite, but it is all I have right now. I am going to treat myself to a new one. I loved the idea of praying for peace in your home. It is so important to establish peace. I have been doing the Colossians Bible study and that verse “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts…” 3:15 comes to mind. I have been so blessed being introduced to you, the Good Morning Girls blog and this blog. Thank you!

  177. I <3 this idea! I don't use wicked candles in my home but I will most definitely be plugging in one extra Scentsy Warmer now!!
    Mmmmmm "Welcome Home" is melting right now and it's fabulous! πŸ™‚

  178. I found your site for a reason as I needed this message today and am lighting my candle now. I am lighting Mandarin water a limited ed. of Yankee. I try to say a prayer for my family each day but admit that other things get in the way sometimes. This will help remind me to do so. Thanks so much for your site.

  179. thank you so much for this… what a wonderful idea. it’s something i CAN do that will have a wonderful impact on my home. THANKS again!!!

  180. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Cozy is one of my ultimate goals in life because it just brings people together; friends, family or otherwise! And it also means I have an excuse to go to Bath and Body Works πŸ˜€ I didn’t get a giant candle (I’ll probably have to go and invest in one if this is going to be lit everyday) but I got 2 minis that fit in a silver tin with cutouts that looks like pine trees. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great with the upcoming Christmas season (Canada has already had Thanksgiving).
    I’ll most definitely be passing this on to friends and family

    Peace on your melons! <3

  181. Finally got around to this and we had the candle lit over dinner tonight. I explained what it was there for and not only did it bring about a deep conversation with Master 5, it also helped remind the children to keep their voices down and not to fight. Thank you, I keep forgetting how visual reminders are effective for Master 5, who has Aspergers.

  182. I am so excited about joining you in this challenge! We also went from a large blended family of 5 children. Now, we have 5 grown children 29-43 years of age. They have blessed us with 13 beautiful grandchildren newborn – 21 years old. Unfortunately, they all live from the west coast to the east coast and all the way up to Canada. We had half of them here in May which made our home come alive. I will be buying my candle as well, but haven’t decided on the scent. My sister is battling stage 4 cancer and I’m going to light a candle at her home also. She lives about 2 hours from me & I am on the road alot. I think all of us, regardless of the season of life we are in, need to pray for peace in our homes and be reminded that the love of the Lord burns brightly.

  183. I pull out a Yankee Candle- Over the River. A friend bought it for me when my dad passed away. She hit it right on the head of what scent I needed in my home. When I first light it it smells like my dad when he was getting ready for the day. More of a manly smell, not overpowering but fresh like after a rain. When the night is over and it’s time to blow it out the smell fades into more of a fall smell like my dad when he would come in from being out hunting-crisp/wet leaves and a cool breeze. It puts my mind at ease and helps me sleep when I smell him again.

  184. I love this idea, I found it through Pinterest and have been to buy my candle today. Sometimes it’s such a simple little thing that can brighten up a whole day, or at least a household. Thank you for the idea.

  185. I shared this on Facebook and 4 of my homeschooling moms read it and jumped on board this challenge. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. My candle doesn’t burn for long, my kids think it’s fun to blow it out… So my prayers come in every time I have to re-lit it, rather than every time myeye catches the light πŸ™‚

  186. I LOVE having a candle lit in my home! It’s something I’ve been doing for the past couple of years. I work full time now, so it usually gets lit around dinnertime and burns throughout the evening. I have preferred Yankee candles for many years, simply because of their long-burning time and superior fragrances. However, a few months ago, my husband and I discovered WoodWick candles, which have a wooden wick that makes a crackling sound while it’s burning. It took a while to get used to the sound, but now we both love it! It has a nice smell and the sound leaves us feeling like we’re sitting in front of a crackling fire (when the house is quiet enough!). The scents available in the WoodWick candles aren’t as varied as the Yankees, and they’re much more “masculine” than I would normally choose, but since it something for the home that my husband really enjoys, I’m willing to find a scent pleasing for both of us.
    What a great recommendation to light a candle at home. It really does change a person’s mood to open the front door and walk into a home smelling warm and welcoming!

  187. I have been enjoying thes challenge. I am so glad I discovered your website. Our scent for now is Pumpkin Pie Spice. Thank you for this I look forward to continue.

  188. I have watched your video’s, read your blogs, taken down recipes, enjoyed the crafts. Read about others and enjoyed all of it. I light a candle every day and have been doing this for almost a year now. althought now when I light my “HAZEL NUT CREAM” candle and the flicker catches my eye, I will be praying for Peace in my home for my family and friends, and you and yours. My oldest daughter has left the nest for college, which leqaves me and the youngest daughter 12, We challenge ourselves to let the first thing we do when we awake is to begin on our knees Thanking the King for another day of life, asking for a hedge of protection and guidance. This beginning has helped us in so many ways to the weather the storms which take place daily. Your website is awesome thank you so much for all the uplifting scripture. He Lives, Linda

  189. Hi Courtney, I sure did start the candle lighting in my home this week. SO glad I already had one!…no excuses. ; ) It immediately felt like I was “taking care” of my home after every time I lit the candle. Looking forward to week 2.

  190. I did not have a candle and had to wait until Tuesday to pick one up. I lit it yesterday and really needed peace, not only in my heart, but in my house! I kept praying each time I saw it. I was easing up as the evening went on, but Satan really likes chaos! While I was making dinner, my three year old climbed up on a kids toy and managed to pull my candle down. It’s was on top of the entertainment system and should have been safe! By the grace of God she did not get burned by the wax. It coated the side of her shirt, pants and a 4 foot circle on the floor. I started laughing as I cleaned up the wax. Satan hates peace and harmony. He’s doing his best to make sure I stop praying over my heart and household!

    1. Wow! I know exactly what you mean… I feel so much like I am going through the same thing. Satan is CONSTANTLY trying to derail me right now! Luckily I’ve become used to chaos over the years. I think I just need to realize that peace may look a little different for my family! So happy to hear you too can laugh it off, and that nobody was hurt! Praying for you!!!

  191. I am so thankful that I am subscribed to your site via email because this is exactly what I needed! πŸ™‚ I fired up my new wax melter and popped in some pomegranate and now my house smells wonderful. Thanks again!

  192. I just bought a Pumpkin Spice candle yesterday. Was that a spiritual prompting or what?! Thank you for the reminder to pray over those we care for under our roof. God bless you and may you have all the prayers you need to be raised up in God’s love.

  193. Just bought a candle today at Micheals. Wasn’t planning on it, but had to go there for something else and noticed their large jar candles were $5.99….so I started opening up a few to smell which one I liked best. Then a lady walks up and hands me a coupon for 40% off a candle purchase! So I came home with the most delectible new scent: Snow Cherries. I did not read your blog until tonight, after burning my candle for a couple hours today, so I will start praying over my home tomorrow! Love how God works and you don’t even realize until later πŸ˜‰

  194. I lit my candle this week. It has reminded me to pray for peace more often πŸ™‚ My family hasn’t yet noticed the candle burning all day though. If they have, they haven’t mentioned it yet. lol
    I’m interested to see what next weeks challenge will be. πŸ™‚

  195. Getting ready to write my first post on Making Your Home Haven! In week 1 it has given me an extra nudge to do little things that I normally would have ignored. Thanks Courtney!

    God bless,

  196. I started lighting my candle last weekend… I didn’t actually come across this post until today. We are in an extremely difficult time in our house. Full of chaos. Full of stress. I recognize how much I can help or hurt this atmosphere. So I am determined to make the best of it. I’ve been lighting my candle and remembering not only to pray for peace, for my family. But to take a deep breath and know that the Lord is in control and to loosen my fists that constantly try to take the reins.

    Nobody has really said anything about the candle. I like that is is my own little secret πŸ™‚ and I plan to continue this… One day they will surely ask and it will be nice to let them in on it as they do!

    Now I am printing this blog out! Folding it so that it fits under my candle, and I will re-read it every time I light it… Hoping it sinks in deep!

    Thank you!!!

  197. I am glad that I have found this challenge. It really could not have come at a better time for our family. I am pregnant with our 4th child with our oldest being 4 1/2 then comes our 2 year old and our 10 month old. I have been pretty sick and tired with nursing and morning sickness ( I am no longer nursing so I have some energy back) but lately the TV has helped my raise my children during the day. My husband and I both last week decided that our house is not a house of peace. A safe haven for our children, family and friends. This week has been a tough one with sickness, but I have had my candle lit and tried to pray for peace for our family every time I saw it. Has it helped? A little, but I think it has helped me the most. Trying to stay calm when the kids are acting up due to not having enough energy wasting things to do. I know this is my fault and it has been a tough couple months. I have let myself get lazy during this time as well. Really want to get my house back on track and have it be more Godly centered! I am excited to go through this with you. I desire a house that is peaceful and warming. A place where unbelievers can come and know that this house is different, that this house is a safe house. And want to know why! I want my children to grow up loving each other and loving and respecting us as parents. But first I need to pray for peace πŸ™‚ Thanks again and sorry for the blabbing on and on and on! God bless your blogged as I am sure it has blessed many families thus far!

    PS we also homeschool!!! PEACE is much needed πŸ™‚

  198. After reading this blog, I thought what a great idea. Since I work during the day, I light my candles as soon as I come home. One in the kitchen, two in the entry way, and one on the dining table. I plan on purchasing more candles on my next trip to the store to put in other rooms. It has not even been a full week yet for me yet (I had to leave Thursday and only returned Sunday for my job) but it was peaceful when I returned. Thanks so much for this blob. God Bless

  199. Got to get my candle. I finally found a candle that is wax free, soy free, and black smoke free. This candle has no toxins which will make enjoying the scent all the more pleasurable! Candles from Kandle Kreations.

  200. Love this idea, often Pray for peace to surround our family and each frind that walk’s in. LOVE candle’s too, in the process of buying a candle business So Excited would LOVE your ladies help with a business name for my Candle Co.

  201. I just found a link to this site on Pinterest. I love it. I just lit my candles ( yes, more than one)… I normally light candles in my home just for the homey feel. However, I will make a point to pray each time I see them.

    Truly with all the responsibilities, events and activities pulling us this way and that, we should pray continually for peace in our homes. I love your idea. Please keep up this ministry to women seeking the peace of God in their lives and homes.

    In Christ,


  202. What an amazing post. I was have the most stresseful day today then I remember I had just asked Jesus to dwell in my home and thought to myself “I need to make a change in my home” I look around online for how to make my home a haven then I found your blog. It felt so calm and I’m I have two candles burning right now. The crazy thing is I watched your youtube videos and never know you had a blog! I will def. will be lighting my candles and praying for my family more Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  203. I just read this and really enjoyed the truth within it.
    I am starting tonight!
    Prayerfully looking forward to enjoying a greater peace within our hearts together within our home and sharing it with all. Hahahaha! I just remembered volunteering yesterday at BSF and we were teaching the children to be peacemakers. God is amazing!

  204. I came across your blog and I love it. I just want to know if I can buy any candles of any size or does it have to be scented candles. I am going to start first thing tomorrow after work. Bless you and yours for any feedback.

  205. After a little weekday, overnight get-a-way with a new, special man in my life, I came home to a candle burning in my kitchen!
    No one was home and am wondering if anyone has a clue as to what this means. Yesterday, of course, was 12-12-12.
    Appreciate your prayers and answers. Suz.

  206. Thanks for this idea! I have been lighting a candle and praying for peace for my family for the past month as a result. We all enjoy it. In fact, I am giving a gift of “peace” to my sister-in-law for Christmas. It will include a Yankee Candle, a Kari Jobe CD, and an explanation with excerpts from your blog.

  207. I am late to the party, but I read this post last week late at night. When I arrived home the next day, I lit the candle in the guest bathroom (which I pass by constantly) and the one in the bedroom. Every time I passed a candle I said a prayer for peace – peace in my heart, peace in my home, peace in my life, etc. sometimes just those three and sometimes much more. I can honestly say it has made a difference to me, and perhaps in me. I now pray when I pass the candles, whether they are lit or not. The tension that has filled my home has dissipated and there is a sense of resolve, if not exactly ease. I cannot say what, if anything, has changed for my husband, but I have been able to let go of some resentment and distrust. I still have a lot to work on, but I just wanted to say thank you for the post.

  208. So I just came back and re-read this (a couple times!), and shared on my FB. I make my own candles, I have my own little stay @ home mommy business. Anyway, I think about this every time I make a candle. I finally just made my own – took me long enough! I just love the reminder to pray for my home whenever I see the little flicker. <3 I made a Biscotti candle tonight.

  209. I’m laying here recovering from minor surgery and am so blessed by the simplicity and profoundness of this post. I am absolutely starting this the second I can get a new candle!

  210. Our family is very sensitive to smells so we decided to make a homemade soy candle infused with essential oils for my sons fundraiser for a special medical chair he needs. It just happened to be we made candles today, what a God thing! My husband is gone a lot so my boys and I brought it into my room to listen to their lullabies and have them fall asleep next to the light. WHat a great idea and what incredible peace πŸ™‚ Thank you !

  211. I just came across your blog and I am LOVING it! Been browsing for a while and love this idea. I am soooo going to do it eventhough I am way late. Only one thing….I have always been told it is very toxic and unhealthy to burn a candle longer than 4 hours. So, I can only participate for that amount of time. But, I will take it! πŸ™‚ thanks for all you do!

  212. I searched “live & use what you love” b/c I do feel as if I maintain the chaos state & pull together the organization when we’re expecting someone…God is SO good though b/c Peace , inner peace is what I’m really struggling w/ the most but the sadness comes when I see the ugly effects I’m allowing into our home. I will light my kitchen candle tomorrow & each day, Praying for peace not only in my home but in all of yours as well!! Blessings!

  213. I just happened to stumble onto your column while searching “making a haven.” I really like your idea of using a candle as a prayer and peace reminder. Candles are my favourite form of relaxation and there is usually one going somewhere in the house. My living area, sort of a combination den bedroom where my beagles and I spend our time, and my chapel are the most likely places. My favourite scent is “Slate & Stone” (MiaBella) which is especially soothing to me because it brings back the memory of standing on the patio of Mt. Rose Abbey (Portland OR) following Evensong. There had been a nice rain during Evensong and the slate patio and stone surround, and brick building were wet. Added to this was the gentle scent of roses. My home is a haven not because of what is in it but especially because of what has made it home: God, my beagles, my chapel and music (my organ and many choral and organ CDs — King’s College being my favourite. I look forward to future installments of your column. Many thanks and (as we say in my haven) arrrroooooooooooooooo! Bruce with Pigeon and Georgie (beagles)

  214. Googled: “Making your home a haven” and this is where God sent me. Thanks for this blog! I will be buying my candle on my way home from work today.

  215. Why save the best for guests when you can bless your own family too? That’s a wonderful thought for us all to ponder. Courtney, I love your idea of using a candle because striving for a constantly clean house is NOT a realistic goal for me in this season of my life! Have a blessed week.

  216. I loved this post. I usually light a candle for special moments . I loved the idea of praying for home and family when the flicker catches my eye. Thank you.

  217. My candle is β€˜love’ by Magnolia Home . What a beautiful idea!! I’ve been through a rough couple of years and I’m ready to move forward in peace!

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