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 Candace Cameron Bure (formerly known as DJ on Full House) has a new – made for tv – movie coming out.

So I wanted to share it with you, so you could watch it and tell your friends about it on facebook or twitter or pinterest! 🙂

So I asked Candace to first – update us on her! 

Candice Cameron Bure by Rowan Daly_3

1.     How old are your children now and what is everyone up to?

 My kids are 14 (15 this summer), 13 and 11. We are living in L.A. always with a pull of moving back to Florida (per our kids request!). The boys are playing travel hockey, Maks’ team won State Championships for a 2nd year in a row! Natasha is busy with school plays and musicals as well as playing tennis. Val is back and forth between Napa Valley where we have our family vineyard and wine label, and I just finished filming a Christmas movie and writing my 2nd book, both will be out at the end of the year! We are certainly keeping busy and very grateful for all God’s given us!

This is the movie description:

In the GMC TV World Premiere Movie ‘Finding Normal’, Dr. Lisa Leland (Candace Cameron Bure), a brilliant surgeon with no bedside manner, is on her way to the Hamptons to join her boyfriend as a concierge doctor for the rich and famous when she totals her car and is found guilty of speeding through the small town of Normal. She is ordered to do community service in the small town of 332 people with no wi-fi, no lattes, and no credit cards. Will she survive and find out what a meaningful life is all about?

2.       Why did you choose this role and movie?

I loved the role of Lisa Leeland. She has absolutely no bedside manner and isn’t the most lovable person from the start of the movie. I had’t played that character before and was interested from an actor’s perspective.  Hopefully, she’ll grow on you throughout the movie! And of course, the script was adorable. I love romantic comedies! I got to go from playing arrogant and self centered to just making a fool of myself!

3.       What is the heart of the story or message of the movie?

The movie takes a self-centered, driven woman and puts her in the middle of a slow-paced family town, where she has to serve 3 days of community service. She clearly has her life mapped out for herself, but might just realize it’s not the life God has mapped out for her. I love that as a theme because it’s so relatable isn’t it? It makes you stop and think about who’s driving your life; You, or God? And that’s the heart of this movie. 

Finding Normal premiers May 18th & 19th at 7, 9 and 11pm EST.

Watch GMC on Dish Network on CH 188, Directv on CH 338 and local cable.

 This is a family friendly movie and GMC is now the fastest growing cable network on tv and is known for it’s Up-lifting Family Entertainment.

 This link provides all the information about the movie. 

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  1. This movie sounds like it would go along great with the bible study I just finished ” Jonah: Navigating a life interrupted” by Priscilla Shirer…..I will definitely share this with the ladies in my bible study and I can’t wait to watch it! Thank you for posting!

  2. This movie will be such a blessing to so many! It’ll really put “real” life, without all the online interruptions and temptations into perspective… can’t wait to watch it :-).

  3. I watch GMC and have been waiting for this movie to come daughter and I plan on watching it with big bowl of popcorn. Cant wait! God’s plans for us our so much better than our plans. I Love when He shows that in my life.:)

  4. I saw Candice on the Today show yesterday. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. I love that she is not afraid to share her faith. I am always looking for decent movies so I have this movie already to be taped!

  5. I want to see this so bad! Where can a family living in a small town with no DirecTV, no Dish and no cable see it? 😉

    1. I only have antennae reception….no cable, no dish…….so I bought Roku. I watched this movie, and many more like it on Netflix on roku………but there are many other movie channels too……..give it a try, it’s worth it.

  6. Unfortunately, our cable provider does not have GMC in their channel lineup just yet. I sure hope that changes sooner than later. The options for decent programming are getting pretty scarce.

  7. I love Candace and I appreciate how she is outspoken about her faith and really love all that she does. I was however kind of taken aback after watching the “trailer” for that movie. Unless they are doing some really good movie magic, it appears that she kisses the lead actor in the movie. I know her brother made a point of not kissing any woman other than his wife and actually had his wife stand in for the kissing scene at the end of Fireproof. I’m not comparing her to her brother, but I am curious on what your thoughts (and those of other women here) are regarding that.
    As a Christian, I can’t see it being ok to kiss another man other than my husband, even if it’s only for a “movie”. Thoughts?

    1. Kathy, I have the same feelings as you. I always look forward to faith based movies that I can watch with my husband and children. I, too, was disappointed when I saw that she was kissing the lead actor in the movie. I know we should not compared her to her brother, Kirk, but I was hoping she had the same standards. I was truly impressed with Kirk and how he filmed the kiss scene in Fireproof and how he made sure people were aware that he was kissing his wife, not the lead actress. I wish that all faith based movies would protect marriages like Kirk demonstrated.

    2. yes i was sad about it too and googled for what Candace said about it. she seems to think it’s ok? but i know the Bible says if you look at a person with lust thats committing adultery in your heart so how is kissing in a movie ok? but i’ll pray for her! we all are running the race though

    3. Allow me to say something. Candance and her husband have discussed about it a lot, and you might want to follow her Facebook. The bible scripture mentions that don’t judge people, and keep in mind that we all are human being.

    4. I also have a lot of questions about this issue. I really like Candace and her roles, but I am wondering how her husband feels about her constantly kissing other male actors. I actually prefer her acting to her brothers but I commend him for sticking to the vows of marriage and not allowing himself to kiss anyone other than his wife! That’s incredible.

      The movie was super cute by the way and I do own it, just wish they would leave the kissing out of it, knowing that it isn’t her hubby shes kissing. Movies just don’t need to have that in it.

  8. My family an I enjoyed this movie and I would love to own it. Please let me know how I can obtain it. This movie is and was a blessing.

    1. This disappointed me too :'( I was hoping that it would just end with walking away holding hands or a hug. I know it would bother me if my husband kissed another women and vise versa-

  9. She has her set boundaries and talks about it at
    “I have boundaries that my husband and I talked about and are both comfortable with,” Bure told the publication. “I had my first kiss on television at 13-years-old so it’s very easy for me to separate acting, doing my job and pretending to be romantic or flirting with someone and real life. But if you watch anything I do, you’ll see I don’t go beyond kissing someone.

  10. It was a very good movie. Enjoyed it much!
    However, I was also surprised that she kissed the lead actor. Does the ” rules” of marriage change
    Because you are “acting”? Are we allowed to use “pretending” as an excuse to kiss another person?

  11. Take this movie and show it to recent convert Christian, and they will be shocked. We have to obey what the Bible says. We cannot sugarcoat what The Bible says. This is North American view of faith. For a Muslim convert Christian, I am very disappointed. You will never be able to play this movie in Jerusalem, or in any Middle Easter Christian context. The Bible also clearly says not to be stumbling block for other new to faith. We must submit and obey what God’s word says. You married to one man and kissing another man just as a job descriptor does not make anything right according to God’s principle and standard.

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