Are You Leading a Summer VBS or Neighborhood Bible Club?

Are you leading a summer VBS or Neighborhood Bible Club?

This is a great way to share the gospel with kids.

You can do it on your driveway, in the church parking lot, or even on a dry erase board.

You can make it small or make it huge and sit the kids around the square…the kids always love it!

 **Chime In: Are you leading a Summer VBS or Neighborhood/Backyard Bible Club?  What materials are you using and do you have a special way you present the gospel?  Share it with us!

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  1. When I was growing up, I always held VBS in our garage. I wanted all the children in my neighborhood to know Jesus. We had a great time, even though I was a bit bossy! 😉

  2. We are doing VBS this week & the theme for our pre-schoolers is “creation”. I’ve been reading them a little bit of the story daily from Sally Lloyd-Jones’ Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s such a great resource!

  3. This is great! I’ve never seen the gospel presented with this visual before. Also, the swimmer analogy is very powerful. I look forward to using this! Thank you!

  4. I’m not leading any groups this summer, but I remembered seeing this video of you earlier. I searched youtube for it because I wanted to teach my kids how to do this this summer. I thought it might be a way that they could even share the gospel with people if the opportunity came. I just saw it on pinterest and pinned it. It was hard to find on youtube because I couldn’t remember the name of the video. Love your blog! It’s so encouraging and inspirational.

  5. We’re using the Kingdom Chronicles curriculum from Answers in Genesis – all knights and maidens. This is the first time we’ve done a VBS and we’re doing it in our backyard! We don’t even speak the local language (we’re Americans living in the Netherlands, due to my husband’s job), but we’re trusting in the Lord’s guidance this summer – as we try to reach the kids in our area!

  6. I have never seen this before. Very easy and creative. I also really enjoyed watching your video – you are a sweetie, keep up the good work!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this – I’m always looking for ways to share the Gospel with the younger generation. This gives me a great idea as I am hanging out in a park near my house this summer with the desire to reach children of ALL ages. GOD BLESS

  8. My favorite method of sharing the Gospel with kids is using the Wordless Book.

    I’m leading VBS this year~ for the sake of frugalism, & using church resources wisely, we’re repeating curriculum we used about 10 years ago. Better than letting in sit in the closet collecting dust! It’s “Seaside with the Savior” and focuses on Jesus’ work with & through Peter. Even though the curriculum suggests something else, on the day that focuses on salvation, there will be a Wordless Book craft!

  9. Oh Courtney – I do love this video! Loved it when I saw it first and always wanted to try to translate it. Now I figured the picture out to translate, but my one question: is there anything written for this little story? I don’t want to miss a part. Or maybe you could just send me the bibleverse you used and I figure out the rest… guess I’ll try it out on my children this weekend :). Greetings from Germany, Katja

  10. I’ve been a part of many VBS programs and some street evangelism over the years. One thing my husband I and have used is the Evangicube. I don’t know who sells it, but I bet you could google it and someone is sure to have it! 🙂 You basically hold this cube full of pictures and twist and turn it to reveal more pictures as you tell Gospel story. It’s a fantastic tool to use with children as well as adults.

  11. Is there a video with this blog about sharing the Gospel with children? I would love to see iy

  12. hello, I have a question perhaps you could help with. My oldest is 6 years, she says she loves Jesus but has not asked to pray for Him to come into her heart yet. Unfortunately, my husband and I are not good with words and when we try to explain different things to her she just gets frustrated with us and says she doesnt understand. I think we will try this. but the question is, she has been really interested in communion recently. (We attend a Baptist church, so we don’t do that every week) what tips or resources that we might use to more easily explain?

  13. It saddens me to read your post and most of the comments. You are teaching your children a pack of nonsense (and non-science) rejected by at least 99.9% of practicing scientists. Because of you, your children will never know the core unifying theory of biology and the power of the scientific method to discover things about the world. Worse, nothing in their education is preparing them for scientific and technological leadership. You have consigned them to a future of superstitious ignorance and backward thinking with no ability to objectively analyze their world. I hope you’re teaching them to ask, “Would you like fries with that?”

    1. Hello Charles – welcome to WOMEN Living Well.

      It seems that my husband falls into the 0.1% of those with superstitious ignorance whom you declare unprepared for leadership. My husband is a student of observable science and holds degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Summa Cum Laude – The Ohio State University). My husband is also the President of a business with 90 employees and is an instrument rated pilot (his hobby) – He is the most intelligent man that I have ever met.

      If my children choose to serve fries – I love them unconditionally, will support them with my whole heart and pray that they do their job to the glory of God.

      God Bless,


  14. I would love to see more about how to keep up with the housework while homeschooling. I am caring for my 79 year young mother because my Dad just died. I feel like I am always needed and like nothing is caught up… dishes in the sink, clothes everywhere, bills not paid, dinner late ect, My husband can see that I have too much to do and is very understanding. I am feeling VERY overwhelmed. Thank you for any advice. God bless.

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