Aging — It’s a Part of God’s Plan

My 90 year old – beautiful – grandmother.

Few women are content with their bodies – even the most beautiful movie stars, such as Julia Roberts, have had stand-ins for certain scenes. Our culture bombards us with the message that we need to buy something to make ourselves more attractive.

There’s ads for losing 10 pounds in 10 days, how to look younger, have glowing skin, prettier eyes, plumper lips, glossier hair – you name – they sell it!

The message of the world YOU MUST NOT AGE!

But…we ARE aging!

Visit me over at The Better Mom today where I’m talking about our earthly and heavenly bodies...

Walk with the King,


  1. your Grandmother IS beautiful!
    My comment is a little off topic of rejoicing in the body you have. I actually feel more comfortable in my body now that I have had kids than I have ever in my entire life. Now I look at myself and think WOW my body made stuff! Big little stuff, LIFE stuff. I am AMAZING lol, God made me amazing!

    I was just looking at myself going wow in you 20’s nothing aches and now I am 32 haha just kidding 34. I actually had to calculate this year because I forgot. I think I have been holding at 32. I have begun facials because my face is neglected and I should probably wash it now and then, but many times I go to bed with my mascara on. (pretty much all I wear) and I wonder where the pimples come from DUH! I am also prematurely grey and A LOT of it! (Thanks Dad) I dye it of course. Still 30’s whammo stuff hurts my knees, joints. What happened Lord I am falling apart?!? I am not overweight either. But Lord GOOD Lord whaaaat’s happening. My grandma is 95 and I am thinking at this rate my body is going to decompose and slide right off my spirit.

  2. How do I start or express what I want to say…. First, I guess, is that this post hits a nerve in me… I am a 43 year old single mother, who through such things as searching for youthfullness or beauty, is trying to regain lost time and chances. I have just started “really” following God’s word the last few years. Without going into a long list of details, the first 40 years of my life (starting in childhood) were full of turmoil.. I had blessings too, but a lot of turmoil. And I made soooo many mistakes that shaped my life to this point…. I have had 2 failed marriages with men who didn’t love me or want me…. which has caused my children (and myself) such heartache and hurt…. and because of this turmoil and heartache, I have never taken any kind of care for myself and I feel so unattractive and ugly. Now, at 43, I’m just now trying to learn and implement (too slowly sometimes) how the Lord wants me to live…. The regrets on my heart and soul are heavy, so heavy…. I see pictures or read posts about other women (such as you) who got it “right” from the start and it makes me grieve. I know everyone makes mistakes and has major trials and difficulties through life, but for the most part, it seems like you and others were on the right path early on… Although, I learn a great many things from your posts and others, it makes me sorrowful and to be honest… wanting (forgive me)… wanting a “do over”… wanting to be young again and to have my children be babies again so I can teach them the right way…. and with this sorrow, grief, and regret, I feel uglier…. I try to take the attitude that I have the next 40 plus years to live “right” and with peace and joy, but I can’t seem to escape the sorrow… especially when it comes to my children…. with my eldest son. He is 18, just graduated, and is following everything but God and refuses to let God in…. He’s doing things that even most non-believers would disagree with….even though I can blame his father and stepfather partly, but I basically blame myself. I know that what I’ve said here is way deeper than just about getting old, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that if I look better on the outside, maybe I will feel better about the rest of my life….feel better about me. To be honest (this is how I think of myself), I don’t even know how I could be beautiful in God’s eyes, let alone anyone else’s….. Any advice or words?

    1. To: Shawna,
      You are not alone. There are many women out there who feel exactly as you do…..and please know…….what always looks greener on the other side, is not always the case…..everyone has trials and tribulations.
      May I suggest you pray about your situation; it may not give you immediate answers, but will give you inner peace of mind! : ).

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