Last Week

Last week was a VERY busy week.  So my Opposite World post is on hold and I thought I’d just share a little of my life with you all.

First, Alex got his green belt –hooray!


Then we had a playdate with homeschool friends –which put my kids on cloud 9!

playdate may 2013 Collage

The next day I dropped my kids off at my parents house in the morning and Keith and I went on a little ride:


Now I must admit. I’m not a natural biker chick…I did this to make my husband happy.  He bought me the jacket.  I on the other hand, have some fears –but I love him, and it’s a give and take relationship.  I love doing life with him and it’s good to be pushed out of my comfort zone every once in a while.  It was fun!  Keith rode a Harley while we were dating so I knew when I married him he was a Harley riding type of guy…but being a mother puts a whole new perspective on riding.

But I did get some ice-cream which made it worth it! lol!


A few hours after riding, Keith and I hopped in the car and drove south to Williamsburg, Virginia for his business conference.


Then I gained three pounds in 3 days eating at these business luncheons and dinners.

Williamsburg 2013 Collage2

My husband is in the bucket truck industry.  So they showed their trucks on Monday while I served Rita’s Ice! Yum-o!  One evening they had spectacular fireworks.

Williamsburg 2013 Collage 4

While we were there the Anything Book Club launched over at Good Morning – woohoo!!!  So I was able to find a few quiet moments every morning to steal away with the Lord –it was glorious!


Then –we drove 8 hours home – through the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.


We picked the kiddos up at my parents house and later attended a graduation party at a bowling alley!

Bowling June 2013 Collage

So –I’m tired!  And my writing brain is all cluttered!  I am grateful that this coming week is a SLOW week!  I may or may not post an Opposite World post tomorrow…we shall see 🙂 !

Chime In: What have you been up to?

Walk with the King,

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  1. Day camp day camp day camp! And getting all the stuff ready for vacation and moving (we close on our house this week!) getting Bekah ready for teen camp (I can not possibly have a child going to youth camp?!?!?!) ….. and some sweet time with Jesus doing our GMG study!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful week! I love that you go out of your comfort zone, I need to remember this in my own marriage. 🙂
    Looking forward to more of the opposite world series, it’s been encouraging!

  3. I just got to watch your clip on Rachel Ray!! I loved it!! The type of wife I strive to be although I do like help with bath time 🙂

  4. Unexpected company last week and expected company next weekend = lots of cleaning and trying to get house projects done. 🙂

    My husband’s not a biker, but he enjoys traveling. I don’t – I’m a homebody and have stomach issues when I travel, but as you said, I try to step out of my comfort zone for him sometimes.

  5. I had a long weekend anniversary trip with my husband to Lake Erie. Looks like you were traveling through my state of WV as I was traveling through yours! Then we had a great VBS all last week. Taking my 9 y/o son to his first church camp tomorrow. Prayers for him…and mommy and daddy! Lol! Actually, I think the most nervous of all is daddy 🙂

  6. Your last week sounds like mine the 2 weeks before. I wrote about it over on my blog. We live in WV and actually went the beautiful mountains on vacation. We finished up end of year school stuff, went on a trip to Kings Island, helped my parents put hay along with normal everyday stuff. lol I am tired again thinking about it. Then Friday I changed my blog name and all that wonderful stuff that goes with it from Jen’s Journey to “A Heart For My Home” . Below are a couple links with pictures!

  7. “Vacation”! My mother lives with us. She took this time to stay 3 nights (including over the weekend) over at my sister’s place. Man, was it glorious. And we do not have children. And not that Mom is a horrible woman, but you know, since taking her in a year ago we steal any moment we can to ourselves. It was pretty nice though. So quiet and un-interrupting stillness. We are not tv watchers, barely even with our fave list of shows. So the tv was literally off this whole time, as soon as she left, till just minutes after she walks in. Actually, we did have the tele on for about 10min and that was to watch a teaching on DVD, but that was it! We totally enjoyed the quietness and the solemness that comes when no one is talking. Lol. It was pretty nice. We will see about encouraging Mom to stay at a friends house or something next time. Real soon 😉

  8. Last week, my son completed 3rd grade! It was a wet, rainy week so baseball games were postponed. He will be the starting pitcher this Tuesday. I’m back to work tonight after an abbreviated weekend off. Being a 3rd shift worker really screws up your sleeping habits. Son starts basketball camp this am too! It’s his favorite sport!

  9. Last week was the first week of officially being home with my family full-time! I left an executive career of 10 years and couldn’t feel any better about it! Now we’re gearing up for kids camp, student ministry camp and a mission trip to inner city Pittsburgh 🙂

  10. We had a busy week as well. VBS, Cub Scout day camp for 12 hours Friday and Saturday, a trip to the zoo and science center on Sunday with friends. Then for me working over the weekend. We are ready for a slower week this week. The week got even slower as the car over heated on me during the drive home while my husband fixes it. We are glad to have a day at home today.

  11. I am so there with you. My hubby has a Harly too and he loves for us to go on rides. But getting ice cream makes it worth it. Thanks for sharing your world. Gave me a smile and makes me think of my own life with my biker guy…. have a bless week

  12. We had a scary week last week and we are all exhausted here. I just wrote about it and described it in two words: stretched and ready to “snap”. 🙂 Glad your week was full of fun. Enjoying your book.

  13. This weekend was super busy as we set up and tore down a REALLY large garage sale to fundraise for our adoption.
    I know what you mean about your writing brain being all cluttered!!! Enjoy your restful week! My daughter’s ballet rehearsal is Thursday, her birthday Friday, and her recital alll day Saturday (since she’s performing in both the afternoon and evening shows this year). Whew! A few days off before another busy weekend!

  14. I am so happy to hear you call our windy roads and steep terrain the “beautiful mountains of West Virginia.” We are often criticized in the media, and too few people recognize the beauty that is here. So glad you had a great trip with your husband!

  15. WOW! What a week! It is AMAZING how much energy our LORD gives us when we need it. This week entailed preparing a surprise party for my son on Wednesday, preparing for VBS and day camp both the same week in actually two weeks. Taking said son to dentist to have wisdom teeth surgically taken out the day before he turns 17. Hence the early party. Waking up early for Meds and preparing for end of school year party for today. Oh! I teach Pre-K Sunday School and homeschool three. Amazing!! Our God is so good, ALWAYS!!

  16. Wow, you did hve a busy week! I also have a biker guy, but he has now traded his Harley for a boat! He decided it was time for something more family friendly (plus we don’t live near family so we could never go riding together). I still need to step out of my comfort zone though! I’m a quiet water kind of boating girl – creeks, rivers or dead calm seas – lol! My man on the other hand still loves to go fast! I used to get upset about it, but now have realised that he would never put our family in harms way, so I TRY to go with the flow. He was actually getting quite upset himself because he thought I didn’t trust him, so I had to relook at exactly how I submit to my husband. Hmm, some work to do there! Apart from some boating (where it was quite rough so hubby found a quiet spot for us to go fishing – shame on me for not letting him lead in the first place!), I had a fairly quiet week – just home making, parenting and prayer. And a lovely coffee catch up with some girls from my church.

  17. I love this post! I enjoy reading your posts but this one was special. A week in your life. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I felt like I spent the week with you. You are such a beautiful encourager for our Heavenly Father! Thank you!

  18. My husband has wanted a motorcycle since, forever…..and I have always been vehemently opposed. Last month we finally went and bought him one. Oh, my….what a happy man! The thing scares me to death but he’s responsible and will be taking a course here next month. He managed to convince me to take a quick ride around the block last week and I don’t know if I’ll ever NOT be terrified back there. You’re a good wife, lol!!


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