The Webcast Schedule & WLWW Link-Up Party!

 Women Living Well Schedule 2

 Above you will find the dates, topics and the keynote speakers
for the Thursday night webcasts.

Each Thursday night the featured speaker will speak for about 15 minutes –
then she will be joined on the couch by 3 other women.

THIS week, we have a special treat.  The schedule is as follows:

Karen Ehman will start us out with a HILARIOUS skit!

Then I will speak on the topic of Finding Rest In Your Home.

Then ALL 7 speakers will join me on the couch for a discussion.

The entire webcast will last a total of 42 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where do we view the webcasts?

Go to on the night of the webcast at 9pmCT/10EST and we’ll be there!

2. How long are the webcasts?

All of the webcasts last around 45 minutes.

3.  Do we need to sign-up for the webcasts?

No, simply go to at 9pmCT/10EST and the video will be there for you to watch FREE – NO strings attached.

4. Do you have a twitter hashtag for this conference?

We are using #WomenLivingWell.

5.  Will there be a Facebook Party before the webcast?

Yes – one hour before each webcast there will be a Facebook Party on the Facebook page of the keynote speaker – so this week – come party with us at 8pmCT/9CT on my facebook page here – I will be giving away a few copies of my book!

6.  Will there be a replay for those who are not home at this time or who live in an international time zone?

This is the biggest question of all and due to a technical glitch (which I’m sure God has sovereignly directed) the livestream platform I had planned to run the conference on is not going to work out for us (which freaked me out earlier this week – but now I’m at peace 😉 )…so what was going to be a definite one time event has a wee bit of flexibility now – so if you are running late – just join us later on Thursday evening and the video should still be available for a few hours longer.

Any other questions? Just ask in the comment section!

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Walk with the King,

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  1. Hi Courtney,

    I live in Europe. Do you know (or someone else who reads this) at what time I can see this? I do not know the time difference between your country and mine…..Thank you!

    1. Yvonne – where in Europe are you? I think you are about 9 hours ahead of us maybe? Give or take a few…so at 10pmEST (which is my time) it would be between 6 and 9am there??? If you give me the exact city and country I can give you the exact time 🙂
      Lots of Love,

      1. Dear Courtney,

        I live in The Netherlands, city of Maastricht. It is now 10.30 in the evening (wednesday, September 25). Thanks .

        1. When you commented at 10:30 – it was 4:30pm here – so you are 6 hours ahead of us! And just wow – you are in the Netherlands – amazing!!!

          So 10pmEST my time – it will be 4am!!! That’s a wee bit early – but good news – the video will be available for 24 hours…then be gone – so just catch it once you wake up 🙂

          See you there!

          1. Thank you for answering! I will certainly tomorrow morning look to the video (happy that it will be available for 24 hours!!) I wish you all the luck tonight and I also pray for you. Thanks again and I will let you know once I have seen the video. Have a good day. Yvonne

  2. I am not available to watch the videos on Thursday evenings. Do you know if the videos will be posted up somewhere the following day or how I can access these another day?

    1. Melissa – go to later that evening or early Friday morning – for a replay. The video will not be available after 24 hours.

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