Women Living Well Facebook Party and Webcast TONIGHT!

WLW Webcast Facebook Parties

Woohooo!!!  It’s almost time to kick off the very first #WomenLivingWell Webcast – {cue confetti}!!!!

I’m so excited  – and a wee bit nervous about the technical stuff.  I’m praying there are no glitches – cause friends it’s ALL me – there’s no super fancy tech guy behind a curtain pulling the strings here and I have no assistants – but I have you all and you are prayer warriors right?  Please – I beg you to pray that this little girl in Ohio can pull this off by the grace of God!!!!

Okay – done with that prayer yet?

Now – for the fun part! If you do Facebook – come visit me an hour before the webcasts begin over at Facebook.com/WomenLivingWell where I will be chatting with you (along with a bunch of the speakers too!) LIVE and giving away a few copies of my book!!!

Then when it’s time – we can all hop on over to WomenLivingWell.TV for the start of the webcast.  There should be a live chat box there where we can keep on talking LIVE through the webcasts – Lord willing…if there’s no technical glitches…did I mention I need prayer. Just making sure.

WomenLivingWell crisp

Fall is usually a busy season for women –it can be hard to find rest in the midst of an overflowing calendar.

Join us tonight as Karen Ehman gives us a chuckle as she talks about ALL the hats women wear.

Then I will will speak on the topic of Finding Rest In Your Home.

Then all the speakers will join me for a peek into their homes and how different we all REALLY are!

Here’s a 40 second intro video featuring all the speakers:

Join us tonight at 9pmCST/10EST over at WomenLivingWell.tv!

I am so very excited! Can’t wait to see you there!!!

Walk with the King,

**REMINDER: Only 5 days left to receive the 10 ebook bundle as a thank you gift for purchasing ONE copy of Women Living Well and my publisher just added 15 more necklaces and DVDs for those who purchase 5 or more!!!! Buy it at Barnes and Nobles On-line or Amazon.com then simply email your receipt of purchase to womenlivingwellbook@gmail.com!


  1. Looking forward to it! Lifting you all up in prayer this morning… I just shared the link with all of my FB friends. 🙂

  2. I am a bit bummed. I just now realized that the webcast will not start until 10pm for those of us in the EST zone.:( I was really looking forward to watching, but 5:15am comes way to early to be staying up that late. Would you consider doing another round of these at an earlier time or even being able to go to your website and pull all the videos up at our convenience? Thanks and God Bless!:)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement of this broadcast. I am grateful for the “glitch” that allowed me to watch it later than the original broadcast. Karen’s skit was true and hilarious!

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