The Women Living Well Blog Tour

Women Living Well Blog Tour

This is it! This week the book Women Living Well releases!  {cue the confetti}!!!!!

And there is a group of bloggers with advance copies of my book who have been reading and then writing about the book.

Many of these women are in a facebook “Launch Team” group with me and they have given me feedback, encouraged me, and just blessed me immensely with their writing.  It is a true blessing to meet like-minded women around the world.

Thank you sweet bloggers for giving of your time to read this book and share your thoughts.

I invite you to link up your reviews and giveaways of the book below.  

Feel free to use this image in your blog post if you’d like and link it back to here.

Women Living Well Blog Tour

 Walk with the King,



  1. I’m so proud to be a member of the launch team!! I linky’d up! #28! Can’t wait to get a paperbacck copy on Tuesday!! TWO MORE DAYS!!! This is gonna be lifechanging for so many women!!

    1. Kelly I ordered mine today!! Can’t wait to began reading as soon as it arrive. Thanks Courtney for blessing so many.#excited

  2. Courtney,
    I have been reading and been encouraged by your blog for some time now. I really wanted to come to the conference, but I couldn’t work out the details. My only comfort was that you were putting the sessions up on a webcast. Unfortunately, I am working on my master’s degree and had a crunch time assignment and had to miss the first session. Please, leave it up for more than 1 day so that we can take the opportunity to view the webcasts! I REALLY wanted to be there live, and if you ever have another one I AM COMING! And I am stalking the mailman for my copy of the book! 😉

    Because of Christ,

    1. Karen, Courtney will have all of the webcasts up on YouTube after the first of the year. So don’t despair, you’ll get to see the conference 🙂 It was amazing!! Karen Ehman is SO funny!!

  3. Courtney, I am so honored to be a part of your launch team! And as someone who has followed your ministry for the past five years, I am so proud of you. God is using you to touch the hearts of women everywhere. God bless!!

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