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A Women Living Well 8-Week Book Study

 Today I have lots of announcements…I apologize but there’s just so much launch week excitement here! lol!!

biblical homemaking Book study

Did you buy the book Women Living Well? Then this might interest you!!!

One of my favorite bloggers (and an endorser of the book) is going to do an 8-week on-line Book and Bible study on her blog – {fun!}!

Mandy from Biblical Homemaking and I met for the very first time at Sally Clarkson’s “Mom Heart” Conference.  I was speaking and I saw her slip in to a room of 800 people – in the back – with her beautiful red curly hair. I stuttered at the platform as my train of thought went from – ‘hey there’s Mandy!’ – then back to my notes!

Then I caught her in the hallway and got our picture together. 😉


Here’s what Mandy has written about the upcoming study on her blog:

It is a fabulous book, and I really enjoyed reading it- so much so that it just wouldn’t do it justice to simply review it here. I want to really mull over it and implement her ideas slowly over time, you know?

So I had an idea: what if we do a Women Living Well book study together? Wouldn’t it be perfect for getting in good habits right before the holidays and the new year starts?

8 weeks? Short readings- about 35 pages a week, and we can talk about how we can implement the ideas here, and then how it all worked out in real life each week? We’ll introduce the book and the reading plan next week, and starting October 16th, I will go in details about each section and a “homework” assignment for each week based on the book, so you will have plenty of time to find the book and get started if you want to come along with me.  I am soooo excited to put some of WLW’s ideas into action!

Want to join her? Go here:


Did you miss last nights webcast

View it *FREE* here at  


It is only up for 24 hours. It will be taken down at 10pmEST.

Also, if you have not entered to win the Mini-iPad yet – just 2 days left to enter – go here!!!  I cannot wait to see you all back here THIS Monday to dig deep into our Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge!

The book is now available in most bookstores

and on-line at Amazon.com

or Barnes and Noble.<
3D wlwbook cover



  1. Hello from Belgium,

    I have been following Mandy’s blog for a year or so and as soon as I get the your book Courtney (again disappointment on Thursday), I will do the study.

    Have a wonderful weekend – looking forward to the “Making Your Home A Haven” challenge.



  2. I sooooo wish that blogs like yours, and book studies like this, had been available when I was a young mom! ( : What a blessing for you to be able to serve in this way, and for moms all over the world to be able to glean from you! We are living in desperate times and God is providing such awesome resources as the battle gets more and more intense! Good job, Courtney! Stay strong in this battle!

    Grace to you!

  3. I have been waiting for what seems like SO long for this book release! I was so thrilled to get a copy tonight from Barnes and Noble. Love your blog and GMG!! God bless you! Can’t wait to start it!

  4. I bought your book today at Barnes N Nobel! I already started it and love it! Thank you for your encouragement!!

  5. My husband was Amazoning (as we call it) and asked if I wanted to add your book to the order, since it was at the top of my wishlist. I thanked him and now I can thank you for the book. I have been looking forward to it’s appearance on my bookshelf.

  6. I’m so excited to do the study. I thought I wasn’t able to get the book because it wasn’t in our spending budget and my mom surprised me today with it. I guess she knew how much I needed this right now.

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