Making Your Home a Haven {Week 1} Plus a Year Supply of Yankee Candles Giveaway!

We start week one in making our home a haven for our families. Together we'll make our homes a haven of peace and joy for all who enter. #WomenLivingWell #homemaking #friendship #makingyourhomeahaven

Welcome back to the 4th Annual “Making Your Home a Haven” Fall Challenge.

Edith Shaeffer says:

“We are an environment, each one of us.

We are an environment for the other people with whom we live, the people with whom we work, the people with whom we communicate…our conversations, attitudes, behavior, response or lack of response, hardness or compassion, our love or selfishness, joy or dullness, concern for others or self pity – all these things make a difference to the people who have to live in our environment.

Enthusiasm and excitement infect other people: expectancy that God can intervene and do something in this moment of history and doing something practical to show that expectancy in prayer, affects the attitudes of other people.”

Have you ever considered that you are an environment?

What type of environment are you?

Do you lay in bed, with clothes in a heap on your floor, sighing and moaning about all the work that has to be done in your day or are you cheery in the morning, welcoming your children to the breakfast table, praying with them as they enter their day, tidying up morning dishes without complaint…

Life is certainly not all butterflies and roses…but because we are Christians – we are to reflect Christ in our environment.  And the only way we can reflect Christ and his peace is by going to him and asking for it.

Seeking it.

Pursuing it.

It won’t happen by accident.

Here is this week’s challenge:

Go buy an extra large candle and light it everyday in your home. I will be starting mine in the morning but if you work – you can start yours at dinner time and let it burn until you go to bed. Do what makes sense for your family. I will be placing mine in the kitchen – the main hub of my home.

Each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home.

Philippians 4: 6,7 says: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”


Prayer brings peace.

I love vaccuum cleaner lines on freshly vaccuumed carpet.  I love the sound of the dishwasher running at the end of the day – signaling the kitchen is clean and closed.  I love warm towels fresh out of the dryer.  I love the way the house is sparkling clean ALL at once right before guests arrive.  And I love a flickering candle on my kitchen counter.

I simply enjoy these gifts in life.


They are momentary.

Soon the kids will come running into the room and wrestle around and the vaccuum cleaner lines will be gone. The dishwasher will stop running and need emptied – that’s not so fun! The towels – they’ll be cold and wet soon. And most likely, left laying on the floor somewhere. After the guests leave, the house will need cleaned all over again.

It’s the cycle of life.

But my candle.

My candle just keeps on burning.  Morning, noon and night it serves me.  It serves me with a flickering warm light, a pleasant scent, and a reminder to pray for peace in my home.

I remember long ago when I first started daily lighting my kitchen candle.  The kids came down for breakfast and asked –

“Who’s coming over today mommy?

No one“, I answered.

Then why is there a candle lit in the kitchen?” they asked.

For us!” 

I light the candle for us to bless my own family.

Let’s make our homes feel more like a warm hug than a cold shoulder for all those who find refuge under our roof.

Light a candle and begin praying over your home every time the glimmer of the candle catches your eyePray for peace.  Peace with each other and peace within your soul.

Thank you all so much for your accountability. I appreciate you joining me on this journey!  To see the list of upcoming challenges and giveaways -> click here.

**Chime In: Have you begun to light your candle?  Did your family ask “what’s up with the candle?” πŸ™‚ What scent is your candle?  And have you found a deal on candles?  Share it!

Walk with the King,




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  1. Thanks so much for this post. I was just praying this morning before I read it for God to show me how I can see my housework as a blessing and not a curse. I never thought to use my lit candle as a prompt to pray for my house and family. What a simple answer to prayer.

  2. I’m not home(well I AM home but sleeping throughout the day as I work night shift) so I can’t light a candle because there’s no one there to watch it. MIL is 90 and she lives with us and would FREAK out about the house burning down if a candle was lit all day long…lol. SO instead I use Scentsy warmers! No flames! My favorite Yankee candle scent for this time of the year is Autumn Wreath! In Scentsy, I like Autumn Harvest, Sticky Cinnamon Buns and well, you get the idea….lol

  3. I’m a little confused. Wasn’t this also last week’s challenge? The initial post said week 2 would be family night, just wondering?

    1. You are right – I mixed up what number of week I am on – so I fixed the graphic and the link. I apologize for that and thank you for pointing that out!

      Lots of Love,
      Courtney πŸ™‚

      1. Courtney I Love Your Posts And Appreciate You Sharing From Your Heart, Love The Daily PosIngenuityls And Facebook Comments You Post I Share Them often. My Hat Is Off To You For Your Sincerity And Ingenuity! God Bless You.

      2. I am glad you made an error on the week. I did not see this last week. This is a challenge that I really needed. I have been sick with asthma a vitamin d deficiency and an anemia. It has been hard to get up
        Today I have been encouraged to give my day to God and get up and get my house cleaned up for my family. Thank you

  4. I plan to go out tomorrow morning and buy one. Its a great idea, and I plan to have it on, whenever we are home and awake! Thank you for the idea. (I’m sure I will be asked the question by my children as well!) πŸ™‚

  5. So excited for your book! My copy should be arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait to read it. Hoping through your book God will really speak to me and change my heart to view doing the normal everyday stuff as a joy not a unappreciated chore. I have my candle and it is Pumpkin Spice.

  6. I love this! I am home 4 out 7 days so I have a Yankee Candle Kitchen Spice in my Kitchen.
    I love to Breathe in the fragrance and Breathe out a prayer. It reminds be to slow down.
    My book is going to arrive on Tuesday. Yahoo!

  7. I went to the Raflecopter site but the only entry possibilities were twitter and Facebook. Dows this comment count? I would love a chance to win.

  8. I am getting the kindle version for my kindle. I am a low tech girly in a high tech worldy…. started a blog but need to add to it ! Blog name is A Low Tech Girly In A High Tech Worldy on wordpress.
    The countrywoman in me screams for slow paced, old fashioned lifestyle. I would love to get a years worth of candles, candles are a part of my relaxing home thing. Would love to read and review your book.
    Linda Finn
    Faithful Acres Books

  9. I burn candles every day, and currently have a Christmas Cookie and a Macintosh apple glowing in my living room and kitchen. I really love the idea of using the candle as a reminder to say a quick prayer for peace for my family and everyone who comes into my home.

    When someone comes into my home, I want them to feel welcomed, relaxed and peaceful. The scent of Yankee candles helps me to achieve this since they really smell “homey” to me.

  10. I started lighting a candel last week and if I was not home to light it I still prayed for peace. I’ll share one story with you…….my husband for reasons unknow was being a little pushy/moody to the point that it brought me to tears. Instead of reacting to him I walked away. There in my sight was my candel all a glow……I began to pray peace on my house. Not long after he came to me and asked forgivness, and I did not have a come back that I so often do have, other then the words I forgive you! We just stood there and held each other. Oh what joy we can have when our hearts/minds are turned to Christ! Such PEACE!!!

  11. I am a candle fanatic. I always have one burning when I am home. I get my monthly 20% off coupon from BB&B and only pick from their already on sale fragrance of the month candles. There are usually 3 scents to choose from, each month brings different scents. This brings a large candle to about $15. Works for me!

  12. Thank you so much for this post! I’m a stay at home mom I’m very blessed but sometimes
    I forget how blessed I’em. I love candles and this is a great way to remind my self to make my home a heaven. Thank you!

  13. Just got lit my candle today, and am so excited about this challenge! Perfect timing in my life. I’m using a Fabreze candle in “Falling Leaves”.

  14. I started following your “Make Your Home A Haven” series about two years ago and it had changed the entire dynamics of our home. Thank You!

  15. I just bought a harvest scented candle and will be lighting it each day for a bit. I will try to remember this challenge!

  16. I already burn a candle most days (unless I’m out of candles or out of the house), but this will make me stop and focus on that candle and pray. Wonderful challenge!

  17. This is my first time doing the Making Your Home a Haven challenge!! It was introduced to us through my small group leader, also a dear friend of mine!! I am very excited to start this time of prayer and reflection for my family!

  18. Thanks for the reminder to keep my environment from getting toxic.
    And FYI- If you ever consider buying Yankee Candle’s mmmm bacon candle, don’t! I love YC, but that one was a very bad decision on someone’s part. Well, unless you like the smell of Beggin’ Strips!

  19. I’ve been loving lighting my candle and saying prayers for peace in my home this week! My candle doesn’t have a “scent” on it and I cannot determine the scent based on the smell but it is nice. It was one I got from a White Elephant gift exchange last year. I really need to get a yummy fall scent!

  20. Love this idea for praying for peace whenever the candle catches my eye! I love burning candles. Right now I have Fall Leaves for the scent! Thanks for the idea!

  21. This would be a Great Birthday gift for me it’s going to be my 40th on Oct 12 and I love Yankee Candles and it’s my first time doing this Haven Challenge!!!

  22. What a wonderful and timely reminder! I just bought a candle today at Target to light nightly. I usually only do this in the fall and winter and replace the candles with plants on my windowsill in the spring and summer. I lit it tonight, and love the idea of praying when I look at it. Thank you for the encouragement!

  23. Thanks for all you do! I used to burn candles all the time, but haven’t that much any more because I am working so much. I feel that my place is at home and God will provide, so I have taken a leap of faith, explaining this to my husband, and he seems to understand. I still work every weekend and when I get called in, but not every day at one of three jobs. I can’t afford to go buy a candle, but I did gather (decluttering) all the candles from around the house. Right now I am burning my clean linen Yankee candle. In the spring that is my favorite to burn. I am saving my favorite pumpkin candle to burn closer to Thanksgiving, but I have missed my house smelling this well! Sometimes life takes us down a path we don’t expect and having faith in God to provide is all we can do. Making my home a haven has been a lifetime goal and you are right, pretty soon the dishwasher quits running, along with the piles of laundry disappearing and the toys don’t need picking up anymore. Enjoying what we have now and taking the time to enjoy is so very important, because it all ends way too soon! I have been working on the relationship that is going to be here even after the kids are grown and gone. It has been a difficult road, but I am hoping that by making my home a haven, I can get that relationship back where it needs to be and also, enjoy the time with my daughter and show her what God can do in our lives. Thanks again!

  24. I am a missionary in Sonora Mexico.We have been here for 6 years now and some times I get caught up in just working! I pray a lot but it just seems at times I get really busy that I am not praying through out the day! I pray every day but not as much as I needed to,so I find that your idea of keeping a candle lit and praying every time it catches your attention pretty cool! I have been praying more and I do not feel so burnt out.I get really tired and it seems that being missionaries people tend to forget you.So I wanted to tell you after doing this I really feel so much better!I will keep doing it and try and get my family to do it too! Thank you so much!! <3

  25. This challenge was an absolute blessing to me and my family. I remember telling my husband about it on Monday and he immediately went and lit 5 extra candles πŸ™‚ I have absolutely loved the reminder to pray, multiple times per day, for peace in our home and I have absolutely noticed a difference- even my teething 1 year old was much calmer than he usually is while teething. Thank you so much for such a practical idea :).. Oh, and all of my candles are warm, cinnamony, pumpkiny, spicy, baking type scents. I have actually noticed that a lot of people stick candles in free boxes at garage sales so that is how I acquire most of mine. I also think Pier 1 has some pretty awesome scents as well!!

  26. I am so excited for this challenge. I haven’t done it in the past years, and I’m looking forward to this time around! πŸ™‚ I have a couple of big Yankee candles left from Christmas, so I plan to use those(I don’t remember the scents off the top of my head).

  27. I started this last week, I love the “challenge” of lighting a candle every day! And honestly, last week, I needed the reminders (more than usual) to pray for peace. I can’t leave it lit all the time because my 4 year old loves to blow it out (and the 2 year old is learning now too) but I can light it sometimes!

    1. To follow up, the candle challenge is getting into my heart. My mood was really foul earlier, and I thought of the candle and said a little prayer for peace. Thank you!

  28. I LOVE this fall challenge! And I LOVE to burn candles but many days I simply forget! I bought some new fall scents and have been burning them some days {mostly weekends when I’m home more} but will definitely start burning them more for this challenge. I love the way my home smells and feels when there is a candle burning bringing such a sweet smell into the whole home. =)
    Kathy K

  29. I am buying my candle tomorrow. I need this challenge so much!! I have not felt at peace in
    a long time. Thank you

  30. Love this series/challenge and would love to win the candles! They’re awesome. I’m thinking about candles differently now after reading your post. πŸ™‚

  31. My family loves candles…we all love picking out different scents. When I did this challenge for the first time last year, I told them that each time they looked at it they should pray for peace. Over the past year, each time I light a big candle, they talk about how we pray for peace in our home. Thank you for this wonderful way to change our home!

  32. I mistakenly thought the candle was supposed to be lit this past week…..LOL! For a first time I am ahead of it…..I have a pumpkin cornbread candle burning and it smells wonderful! The kids joked and said it is a bad trick to play on them…..they smell something yummy and think it is something to eat. Guess I need to work on a homemade family treat this week:) Maybe those scrumptious nutella bread strips Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen posted, you can find them here

  33. I am a new reader, and I just love you and your site Courtney! I actually bought two candles from Bath and Body Works when they were on sale last week. Their scents are called Mahogany Teakwood and Fresh Apples. I love the Fresh Apples scent! I really feel candles bring a calming feeling all on their own and I love being reminded to pray for my home! Happy to join the challenge with all you wonderful ladies!


  34. I would like to subscribe to the challenge! I get your weekly emails, but I didn’t know if there were separate emails for “the challenge”. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for doing this. Any support for creating a haven in our home is much appreciated. It helps to motivate and inspire when motivation is lacking! πŸ™‚ Courtney, do you think you will record your book as an audiobook? I would be thrilled to be able to have that! Actually, I asked somewhere if you thought your videos (WLW and GMG) could ever be put in audio format. I think it would be so inspiring as we make our way through our homes, creating/maintaining our havens πŸ™‚ , to have those words in our ears to encourage us. I’m all about audio materials! πŸ˜€ THANK YOU for all you do!!

  35. My sweet 16 yo daughter was out shopping today and surprised me with an Heirloom Pumpkin scent candle. It is burning in my kitchen and will remind me to say a prayer of thanks. Thanks that my son is OK. He was involved in a car accident today. Someone hit him from behind and pushed him into the car in front of him. His car is totalled, but thankfully no one was hurt. Thank You for this challenge. I love to make our home a safe and happy haven for my family.
    Blessings to everyone as you make your home a haven for your family.

  36. Courtney…I love that you do this annually. I remember following
    Along last year. I started doing this when my kids were
    Young…but I called it my prayer candle.
    They always knew that it meant mama was
    Praying. The prayer candle invoked a sense
    Of peace in our home. Some days we had quiet
    Prayer days in lieu of our normal school work.
    Thanks for sharing. It’s so wonderful.

  37. I have had my candle burning all weekend at my dining room table/kitchen while we were home. Every time my girls came into the room they raved about how good it smelt in the house. It totally changes moods and attitudes and I love praying over our house/family. Thank you for this!!

  38. “Do you lay in bed, with clothes in a heap on your floor, sighing and moaning about all the work that has to be done in your day?”

    Mostly, but I’m getting better about not doing all that. πŸ˜›

    I am a new reader, so thank you for your wonderful messages. I’m excited about this challenge. I haven’t really felt like I’ve been “home” anywhere since I moved out of my mom’s house after college, even after 2 years in our current rental house which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere in 10 years. I’m hoping things will feel a little more cozy around here after I’ve done all the challenges, and I will be better prepared for when we buy our first house in the coming year. πŸ™‚

  39. Oh, up, please. I am a “newbie” and look forward to all of this! We love Fall & will start the cand le burning right away. We are facing new challenges with my 18 wheeler wreck ( 3rd year dealing w/results) daughter’s upcoming scoliosis surgery, husband’s new job, move to Fort Worth ans SIL moving in to help me. It’s been a challenge and exciting to see God’s hand in it, I love a new perspective and looking forward to your perspectives from the scriptures. The woman’s role in setting the “mood” or “mode” for the home is very important. Thank you. Looking ford to the give aways! & Challenges” ::-D

  40. I will be more than happy to burn a candle but it will be from my own company that I am an affiliate with, Scent-sations Candles. Praying for peace couldn’t be more appropriate than right now with all of the problems our country is having. Thank you for initiating this challenge.

  41. I use the Better Homes and Gardens candle wax burner and scents. I used to use Scentsy, but it got expensive! So now the BHG versions are my go-to. I get them at Walmart for a fraction of the price. I love the vanilla and cinnamon scents this time of year. Makes it smell like autumn! However, I’ve never thought of utilizing it as a prayer reminder. I actually have a dry-erase board with a scripture verse sitting right by it… so this is a great idea for me!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  42. I haven’t started lighting a candle. I think I will start doing this at dinner. We haven’t bought candles in awhile, but we have one small vanilla scented candle. Can’t wait to get some fall scents for our home πŸ™‚

  43. LOVE these candles and it’s also one of the things I love the most about this challenge!! Lighting the candle and praying for Jesus’ peace in our homes!! =) thanks for your generousity!! Shared it on Facebook too!

  44. I remember your challenge from last year. I loved it. I just never really do candles even though I really enjoy them…our kids are small and stuff.
    Last week, one evening after we picked up in the family room, I lit a big candle on the coffee table. It created a warm, peaceful atmosphere while the kids were getting ready for bed. After that I have tried to light a candle after dinner. It helps me to calm down after a busy day and have a joyful attitude to get four kids through bed time routines and to bed πŸ™‚ It is also a signal for the kids that now we are winding down and getting ready for bed. And after the kids are in bed I sit on the family room sofa with my husband and enjoy the romantic mood that the candle creates. Candles are truly amazing, aren’t they? My favorite would be a fire in a fireplace but we don’t have one πŸ™

  45. I found a wonderful smelling candle at WALMART!! “True Fall Splendor” Better home and garden brand.. I am excited to start the peace praying in the morning :))

  46. I looooove this idea. I have to be honest and say that I really struggle with spreading peace. I’m a high energy person and function well under stress but can tend to be harsh. I’m going out today and buying a candle with be one of the first things I do! I would have entered your contest but I live in Croatia πŸ™‚ but anyway, thank you for the idea. It really convicted and inspired me.

  47. Courtney,

    I just want to say thank you for such a simple and enjoyable way to remind us to pray. To pray for peace, our children, our home , whatever our needs might be. I love how you choose to use the candle which burns both day and night. In the day, it’s light might not shine as well as in the evening hours, but its flicker is there just the same. I think it’s the same way in our walk with God. We need His presence and His peace during the day, just as much as in the evening. If we don’t shine for Him during the day, will anyone notice His light at night? What we do in the busy hours of the day matters, and a simple little candle is a wonderful tool to point us back to the reason we do the many things we do, and the source of it all. (Okay. My tangent is done.)


  48. I am living in the midst of sawdust and ashes right now. I decided to go ahead and get some of my fall decorations out and bought a pumpkin and a few other decorations. I made an apple pie and as some of you already know I have taken up canning. I have processed over a hundred pounds of apples. So it already smells like fall here. Guess what scent my candles are? Apple Cinnamon & Pumpkin! πŸ˜€ I haven’t got small children so it is safe to set them practically anywhere in my home. I move them from room to room sometimes. I love to lite one and put it either on my tub or back of the commode, my desk and I also lite them in my kitchen.

  49. Ok, funny candle story. I am a Scentsy consultant and I rarely have candles anymore (besides that we have two rambunctious boys that would set the house ablaze). We are in the middle of a huge overseas move and waiting for all of our things to arrive. My husband comes home from the store with pretty candles and holders and says “we need candles”. Um, okay. I lit some tealights throughout the house and he says, “now, isn’t that better?” Yes, babe. Thanks. <3 that guy!

  50. btw, I LOVE the cover picture ‘making home a haven’….it’s just sooo comforting when I look at it πŸ™‚
    I like burning candles too, esp. in the winter (summer, with all the heat, seems a bit too much to add a burning candle to the what feels like already lacking oxygen). I usually try to be on the lookout for candles on sale….’cause I know I’ll use them regularly, and not paying full price does not make me feel as guilty (if I go thru them fast).

  51. This is my first challenge too – and I am so excited and thankful for the reminder! I love Yankee Candles, my favorite of all time is Buttercream, but with 2 little girls at home (ages 6 and 22 months), open flames are a bit of a hazard. So, I’m using a Scentsy warmer with yummy vanilla and cinnamon melts that I added fresh this evening. Thanks for all that you do to share His love and help us all on our journey.

  52. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. I love candles and have since I was a little girl. It just brings a nice softness to our home. It makes one feel welcome. Even in this season of life, when most of my children are grown and gone, I still light a candle almost daily. My children love candles and light them in their homes as well. I had not really thought of that before. Thank you Courtney for sharing your walk with the King!

  53. Love the candle “challenge”; we did it last year, so as soon as the fall candles starting showing up, we bought some. This week using: Apple Pumpkin and Mulled Cider. Love it! Thanks for the challenge!

  54. This is what I needed! I just had my second child about 5 weeks ago, we have a three year old son. I’m struggling and learning to get back to a ‘new normal’ in my daily routine including my time with The Lord. The candle can be a great reminder and draw me closer to His heart in prayer. I’m really looking foreword to this fall challenge πŸ™‚

  55. I have been using my candle for a week now and my husband just loves it. My kids are too little to see it as they don’t reach the kitchen counter yet πŸ™‚ But it’s there and I’m praying. I love this challenge. It is my third year (I think?) participating. Every year we have lived somewhere new (next year will be new too!) and I always need to “homify” our house. Thanks for the challenge and for the amazing giveaways!

  56. Great reminder to pray for peace! Today is a rainy day here—perfect for a candle! (Mine is huckleberry! Leftover from our trip to Montana: great memories!!)

  57. I’m so excited about your book… I’m also South Africa, so I have to wait for the rand dollar exchange to improve. I read a sample on Kindle and cant’ wait to eat it all up. Bless you.

  58. Yay ! Fall challenge! Candle in the kitchen! Woot woot! My candle is some Nutmeg something or other I got from White Barn Candle Co. I buy the small ones because the big three-candle ones are too overpowering for the kitchen (it’s a small kitchen). I always use a coupon so it’s not bad.
    I’m excited about the challenge. I’m also trying to do Seven Prayer Pauses from the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker (can’t recommend enough), so we’ll see how the two go together!

  59. I have read the ‘making your home a haven’ post in the past but this year I’m joining in. I love how simple you make it. Thanks for your encouragement! Happy Fall! πŸ™‚

  60. I’ll be lighting a candle starting today. My husband travels during the week and therefore will only see it when he gets back. Can’t wait to hear what he will say.

  61. Pumpkin Spice … When I catch a whiff, it calms me down, and my mood always affects all the kids in the house. Praying for peace in our busy, noisy homeschool house (7 kids)! Thanks for the suggestion!

  62. We use a scentsy-type burner so that a little child won’t blow it out! They glow just like a candle, so it will remind me to pray. We have 5 children, 2 with special needs. Every 3 days we change out the fragrance, and a different child gets to pick the new scent. For the next 3 days, that is the child that I pray for every time I see the light. We have just opened up our new fall fragrances … fresh hay ride and pumpkin pie!

  63. I love this idea. I have one of those flameless candles and it is set to a timer, so it comes on right before I come downstairs for the day. It is so perfect and indeed helps give me a calm and peaceful spirit (by reminding me to pray) before the day even begins.

  64. Thank you for the reminder to pray for peace in our families. I also use the candle to remind us to
    be a light in our families and to bring sweetness in our words and actions. That’s what a candle reminds me of. πŸ™‚ There is something encouraging about the glow of a candle throughout the day. It really is a reminder. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  65. I love my candle routine…I started it last week. I’m currently burning a Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle. YUM! I have it right above my kitchen sink and love the idea of praying for peace over the home each time I look at it.

  66. I have a candle lit all the time but amazingly never thought about praying for my home each time I see it. I love that idea and is now my practice. I heard you this morning on the FISH Courtney. 95.5 is a blessing and I’m so glad that you are able to be involved with the station. God bless!

  67. I love candles and this challenge and having one lot all day and praying each time it catches your eye is wonderful! I realized early last month all my fall candles were gone and we didn’t really have funds to be spending on candles. My husband came home with three fall mini candles for me : ) as a treat. I’m burning through those fast! My sons thinks there’s something magical and special about candles : )

  68. What a great challenge! My candle that I normally have in the kitchen just went out last week….will be getting a new one today πŸ™‚

  69. Thanks for the challenge! I will be home some this week but for what time I am, im lighting a candlw. Blessing!

  70. I have always loved candles and for your Fall Challenge….Making Your Home a Haven I am burning Sunflower from Yankee Candle. Love the idea as our prayer reminder Courtney

  71. I started lighting my candle last week after remembering your post from last Autumn. Its a cinnamon apple candle from Ikea (only $3 for a large candle!)
    I always say a prayer for peace and family unity when I light it.. its brought me much joy already. I think this will be something I keep up with for… forever I hope!

  72. Thanks for this wonderful idea. I love candles, and have them literally all over the house, but I always felt like I was too busy at night and it was late by the time we both got home from work, plus my hubby probably doesn’t notice either way…he just humors me with the “house has to be welcoming” idea. haha I have all of these yummy fall scents, but only burn them when we have guests. I actually look forward to guests bc of the coziness the candles and soft music provide…how silly!? Why don’t I do that for me and my hubby? Over the last week, I have made it a priority and have walked in the door, lit a candle, and then started on dinner. I also started a small pot of “autumn” on the stove (liquid potpourri of sorts) and the combination of that and the nightly-picked, fall-scented candle, has made our home smell more inviting and fallish (although it was 83 degrees yesterday here in Pittsburgh :/ haha). It has made me feel more satisfied with the coziness of our home. It is hard sometimes to feel satisfied with my housework when I work all week and we are so busy with church on the weekends and weeknights, but this candle and the prayer that goes along with it have really encouraged me over the last week and, it may sound silly, but have made me feel good as a wife because I feel it has truly made our home more haven-like, and that’s my goal midst our insane schedule! Thanks for sharing this beautiful tip~I love it (which is why I just wrote a book…sorry!) Looking forward to all of the tips you are going to share. I peeked at the list once at the beginning and wanted to do them all, but have decided to just wait until you present them individually and instead of getting overwhelmed, just add one each week. Thank you for this wonderful series!

  73. I would love to win candles. I love them…I just can’t ever afford the good ones πŸ™‚ And we are living in a not so “homey” apartment right now while we are in transition between houses. I certainly need to learn to make whatever place I’m living in more of a haven rather than just a roof over my head. Thanks for the reminder.

  74. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! I usually light a candle every morning get on treadmill workout while I’m warming up I pray…but now I catch myself glancing over at the candle and be reminded to pray again, again, ….its wonderful….so now when I get off the treadmill and get ready for work I’m still praying and being reminded what an awesome God we serve! Thank you !!

  75. Oh, how I love the way the Lord weaves the same Scriptures in and out of my life. I’ve been leaning on Phip 4:6 & 7. I have felt some anxious thoughts and been giving them to the Lord. I also just opened up a new 3 wick candle and will take up the challenge to pray for peace as I watch it flicker. The Lord is so awesome!

  76. I’ve been looking forward to this challenge. I picked up two candles at Bath and Body Works last week. Burning the apple scented one first. Yummy! Candles are always so calming and love the idea of using it as a prayer reminder. I may continue this long after the challenge ends.

  77. I love Yankee Candles, went there on Saturday, did not get anything but loved to look around. More than anything, I love your site and the information that you provide for us on how to make a better environment for our family.

  78. I loved this challenge last year and excited to do it again this year! Thx for your encouragement! I’m excited to see what God has in store for our home this fall!!

  79. I’m looking forward to this πŸ™‚ however, i don’t blog & I’m not on computer a lot, can you email me instead…Thanks!!

  80. I actually started doing this last week, I REALLY needed this!! This summer has been a rough one for our family and we all needed to reconnect with God! Thank you for being encouraging to women, especially wives and mothers! We all need it at some time, and the candle is a great reminder to be in constant prayer for our families!!

  81. such a great reminder today!! and, I love fall candles too. you are a blessing to me. congrats on your new book.

  82. I love this challenge!! I’m lighting our candle this morning. It’s a “spring” scented candle I have had all summer and not used! We live in Florida, so the “spring”scent is just appropriate. We have the blessings of less than 90 degree heat lately πŸ™‚ I’m so thankful for our family!

  83. Am so excited to be doing this challenge. We are getting into summer now and it is beginning to get so hot. Started lighting the candle last week and it was a good reminder for me to keep praying for peace. I am a mother of two very busy little boys and peace sometimes does not come easy. Thank yo again.

  84. I participated in this challenge last year and we enjoyed it immensely! This week I have a candle of Garden Rain and Peaceful Waters. I have yet to buy the fall candles, but I believe Bath and Body Works will get my business this weekend. Thank you Courtney for allowing God to use you to speak to our hearts.

  85. Love having Yankee Candles burning in my home each day. Moms certainly do set the tone of the home whether peaceful or chaotic and tense. Choose peace!

  86. Courtney, I love this challenge! I have 2 candles I picked up for this: one is Apple Pumpkin (for the living room) and the other is Balsam & Cedar (for our bedroom). I burn candle a lot throughout the year, but never usually in the bedroom, so my husband asked about it and told me he liked it! The balsam smells so fresh and woodsy! We’re both really into the outdoors, so it’s a great scent for our house. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, thanks again for hosting. I’ve been saying lots of prayers for peace this past week!

  87. I have realized lately that I am the one who sets the environment in our house. I totally destroyed that environment yesterday when we walked into the house after a weekend away and the kids immediately started bickering and asking me for things. I had a van of stuff to unload and a baby to feed, and I just lost it. The most sarcastic words and harsh tone came out of my mouth, and then I just sagged in defeat. I knew I was making the environment bitter.

    I lit a candle this morning (apple cider) and my husband asked what it was for. I didn’t have the courage to tell him it was to help me remember to keep my tongue under control. I’m ashamed at how I speak to my kids.

    The candle will help me remember to pray, not only for peace in our house, but for peace in my speech.

  88. I’ve been a part of your fall challenge for a few years now. I like to light my candle first thing in the morning when I wake up. I love the reminder to pray for my family. We, like so many others, are going through some heavy trials right now, and the reminder to pray keeps my focus on the Lord instead of the heartaches. Thanks for the challenge!

  89. You can’t go wrong with Yankee Candles! My family always sends a Yankee Candle to me for Christmas and my birthday. They know I love them.

    Thanks for the post. I’m usually one who loves all the aspects of homemaking ~ even the ugly parts. But there are some days, I’d rather be on a deserted island then have to clean the bathroom.

  90. My favorite candle scent is Applejack – smells like apples and burning fires in the fall. I prefer soy candles so will not enter the contest. But I am glad for the new reason to burn a candle… to pray for my home (which is a step-family and can use the extra prayers!). πŸ™‚
    Thank you

  91. I lit mine this morning while I was doing my bible study in my little home office (it’s just a plain white pillar candle). I’ll be lighting the main one in our kitchen this evening when I return home. I love this idea. I am a huge candle fan anyway, so I usually have one going, but I love the idea of praying for peace over my home everything I glance at it. Looking forward to this challenge!

  92. I needed this today! I get resentful sometimes when i need to clean up the house. I need to remember to be thankful for the mess-makers. πŸ™‚ I need to work to bless my family with a clean, tidy, calm safe haven from this crazy world we live in.
    I have a lilac scented candle lit today, though I think I need to get out my Fall Harvest one from Yankee.

  93. The candle I lit this morning is apple turnover and smells delicious : ) The flickering candle is a great reminder to pray for peace and unity for my family and me. Thank you for this challenge and a reminder to make our homes a haven. I’ll be writing about the challenge on my blog on Saturdays.

  94. After going through your challenge last year, I keep a candle lit almost everyday! If it is not lit its because someone is sick and it affects them a little more. Also, my hubby loves when its lit and he and the girls will ask (if its not lit) “Why is the candle out?!” I notice that since I have done so the house is peaceful and calming-even when guests visit they love the coziness and calmness of my home. Thanks for doing this challenge again and helping me to make my home a haven; it is my favorite:)
    p.s. I play Classical Christmas music because it is quieter than traditional jazz (I have found it helps my girls focus more when they are doing their school work.)

  95. After going through your challenge last year, I keep a candle lit almost everyday! If it is not lit its because someone is sick and it affects them a little more. Also, my hubby loves when its lit and he and the girls will ask (if its not lit) “Why is the candle out?!” I notice that since I have done so the house is peaceful and calming-even when guests visit they love the coziness and calmness of my home. Thanks for doing this challenge again and helping me to make my home a haven; it is my favorite:)
    p.s. I play Classical Christmas music because it is quieter than traditional jazz (I have found it helps my girls focus more when they are doing their school work.)
    p.s.s. I am burning Pumpkin Cupcake in honor of Fall!

  96. I love your idea with the candle! I am going out today to buy my all time favorite candle, Spiced Pumpkin, from Yankee candle! I am blessed by the thoughtfulness you have toward your family. It is really encouraging and challenging me to do the same with my family.

  97. Lighting my candle right now! So excited to bless my family with the gift of a more peaceful mommy, wife and home. Thank you so much for including the challenge to PRAY for peace. Far too often, I forget to pray at all, let alone for peace. I am missing out on so much when I buy into the lie that ‘I can do it all on my own.’ Thanks so much for the encouragement to adjust my focus, Courtney!

  98. I bought a candle yesterday and my husband helped pick it out! I wanted a scent he would enjoy too. A bonus is that is matches my kitchen! Ha. Also, last night he wanted to burn it! So we started a day early πŸ™‚ I love the cozy atmosphere.

  99. I have already started lighting our candle! My daughter (8yrs old) was so excited because we had done the challenge last year as well. Our candle is from Bath and Body Works and is the “Holiday” scent. Smells wonderful and has really made our home a Haven this past week. πŸ™‚

  100. I frequently burn candles in my home especially in the cooler weather! Excited for the reminder to pray for my family more than I already do.

  101. Thank you for these challenges. I am lighting my candle and praying for peace throughout my home. I am really enjoying your book. Taking my time and reading through each page, gleaning treasures/truths along the way. I appreciate your ministry more than you know and the sacrifices you make to teach us women to be honoring unto the Lord. Thank you!! I am enjoying the Proverbs 31 study with my friend as well as the conference webcasts. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness.

  102. I lit a candle this morning – I love fall days and the scent of autumn! And my family of boys love it it as well. Our homes can be a safe haven for our families when God fills our lives with peace.

  103. I have a nice candle but it’s pretty strong with the smell – I’m hoping to win and be able to get some different candles to light all year! My husband just shrugs his shoulders LOL I think it’s nice and if it keeps me calmer, than that’s good! πŸ™‚

    Nicole @ WKH

  104. Thank you so much for doing this! I went out and bought a Cranberry Orange candle last week, I have been lighting it and praying ever since. I reposted your blog and a friend stopped me at Bible Study the next day to ask about it. She so wanted to do it and with her 5 busy kids it was something she welcomed, peace and harmony. Thanks again! My kids are so excited about family movie night, I told them we could get every pillow and blanket in the house!

  105. Thank you for this post this morning Courtney! I ran out my candle last night so I am definitely in need of a trip to Bath and Body Works and pick up a yummy smelling candle ;). I will tell my husband I have a perfectly good reason. I am so excited for this. We live in a very tiny 2 bedroom apartment and sometimes, it doesn’t feel like a haven. But I have to remember that my attitude makes the place what it is. I can lovingly create a home in even the smallest of quarters.

  106. I just want to thank you for your transparency and courage on the RR show and on the you-tube video on your web-site. I too after many years of marriage say yes to my husband when ever he asks. we have the book ‘Intimate Issues’ and many other Christian books like it and continue to grow in this area of intimacy after 32 years of marriage. It’s work and it’s worth it in every area of marriage. May mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you as you minister to women in the name of Jesus Christ and seek to demonstrate godly living.

  107. I like to have a candle lit in my kitchen as I bake and cook. My favorite scents are the spicy, warm scents of autumn and winter. Pumpkin Spice, Evergreen, and Vanilla are favorites. And since I am a cherry fan I like the Black Cherry scent too!

  108. I have a “Home Sweet Home” candle burning brightly. It’s a Yankee Candle I received from friends. I love the fragrance.

  109. I did the challenge already last year and I cannot thank you enough for suggesting it. We had a house full of stress and anxiety because of our oldest child, that decided to walk away from the Lord . His behaviour freaked out the younger children and there was for sure no peace in our house.
    I comes the challenge and the prayers and in a matter of 4 weeks our peace was restored. The child still does not walk with the Lord but his behaviour had changed 180 degrees. The younger siblings could relax and so could we, the parents. I am so looking forward to the next round of challenges. I wonder what the Lord will do this year. Blessings to you.

  110. This is my first time participating! Thank you for sharing your heart and words with us girls!

    I love candles when I run out, I sometimes don’t want to spend the money to get some more. So, I printed a coupon from retail me not (save $15 off of $45 at yankee candle) and fall scents are buy one get one 50% off. I will be getting Pumpkin Buttercream and Cranberry Chutney!

  111. I have a pumpkin spice candle. It makes my house smell so welcoming. I have been trying so hard to keep my house clean and presentable so that when my husband comes home he can relax and spend his time with our family instead of trying to find things that aren’t in their place. Thanks for the encouragement.

  112. Love your post!! What an encouragement!! I have been lighting my cinnamon pumpkin spice candle lately. Love the smell. Thanks so much!!

  113. So glad to see this challenge come around again. I missed it last year when posted and have just returned home from being away. So I only have one week’s reading to catch up. Love, love, love candles which makes my firefighter husband nervous sometimes. LOL Oh to win such a gift would be awesome and like Christmas in my mailbox each month. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and challenging us to bless our families.

  114. It’s so funny – I’ve already done this! Yankee Candle was having a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale for certain scents, so I bought Spiced Pumpkin and Autumn Wreath. I have been lighting the Spiced Pumpkin one in the evenings – it is on my living room table where I can enjoy it. I have not been praying peace over my home, though, so I will begin incorporating that.
    It is always good to be reminded not to complain in doing housework. I too love vacuum lines and fresh laundry, and I just have to remember how good it feels to accomplish those mundane tasks.

  115. I have been burning the same fall candle for about 8 years now. It is a 3 wicked candle that I bought at TJ Maxx, and it has a woodsy fragrance with a hint of spice by Ralph Lauren. I only burn it in the fall (which is why it has lasted so long) but keep it in a closet that allows me to catch a whiff of it off and on all year. It is a scent that reminds me of home and comfort and that “all is well in the world”…not because of circumstances but because He is I AM!!!

  116. I am starting this challenge, but instead of a candle, I have a oil lamp that lights up….i use a fragrance called hot baked apple pie and ooooohhhh it smells so good! My son says it smells like Christmas to him! Anyway, I am praying for peace everytime I look at the beautiful red glass glowing on my kitchen counter. I turn it on every morning during my quiet time and every night when I get home from work. This is a wonderful reminder and so simple. Thank you Courtney!

  117. I have started burning my pumpkin spice candle and I’m loving it. I also love the idea of praying every time I notice my candle.

  118. I lit my Yankee Candle Autumn Pumpkin candle this morning and said a few prayers for peace before leaving home (candle is out!) ! My house sure did need some peace this morning – it was crazy!! I will light it when we get back home πŸ™‚

  119. My candle is burning and my kids are quietly doing school. Listening to some praise music while I catch up on computer work!
    Thanks Courtney!!

  120. Thank you for this post! I really needed to be reminded of how housework is a blessing today, as I look around at the complete wreck my home is after a morning if homeschooling with a toddler in tow. I have my candle going. What a great reminder. It also reminds me of my mom who I lost suddenly last year. She always had candles going and truly created a beautiful, welcoming environment for all that came to her home . Thank you and I can’t wait to go get a copy if your book!

  121. I bought two for this week-one for the family room and one for our kitchen. Family room is pumpkin saffron and kitchen is apple pie. I love that it is reminding me to pray for my home and family. For the last nine years I’ve been so focused on my career that somewhere along the way my family was put on the back burner. Not something I’m proud of, for sure. So the next 90 days I’ll be home with them and absolutely focused on getting my priorities in line with what the Lord is speaking to my heart. And this challenge is the start of it. Thank you Courtney for inspiring me and for always listening to the Lord as he is absolutely speaking to me this month with your words.

  122. Thank you for the encouragement. Started lighting the candles about a week ago. It make the home so cosy. Husband and kids love the atmosphere it creates, so do I. You’re awesome Courtney. Congrats on your book!

  123. I light candles every night from mid Oct.. – mid March. But now that I see that candle light can be a reminder to pray for my home and family, I am lighting a jar candle tonight, especially nice on this rainy day. Thanks for your wise words of encouragement

  124. Thank you Courtney! Since the start of Fall, my favorite season, I have been lighting candles. I have Yankee Candle’s Pumpkin Vanilla on my table and a couple of generic vanilla and an apple pie. Together they make the house smell cozy and warm. You’ve inspired me to pray peace over my home when I light them.

  125. I love making my home cozy. My family lives in an I am always looking
    for ways to make our home comfortable and loving.a large candleis the perfect idea. I went and bought spice medley and put it on our breakfast nook. Cant wait until kids come it. Thanks for the challenge.

  126. This is a blessing when I needed it most. I’ve struggled being a SAHM. Productivity has gone out the window. I am so thankful for this post today. Reminding me that I am to reflect Christ here, in my home. So I chose a berry scent and it is beside the stove. Little ones can’t quite reach it there πŸ™‚

  127. I did this challenge last year and it was so encouraging but seemed to have gotten off track of doing this. I really need this right now so it’s a perfect time to start over. I am a wife and stay at home mom with a 2 1/2 year old, a 15 month old, and I am pregnant with our 3rd child and due in Feb. I am so thankful for the encouragement that you share on here. It is such a blessing to us that you allow God to speak through you. My candle is Roasted Pumpkin Butter from Bath and Body Works. Not only does it smell amazing but it will now remind me that when I am struggling through the day to take a deep breath and pray for the peace that only God can provide.

  128. I lit my candle today and it does bring such warmth to the home! Thanks for the suggestion. I just have to figure out how to get the kids from blowing it out, as soon as they see a candle their first response is to blow it out! πŸ™‚

  129. This is my first time participating in the Fall Challenge and Fall is my favorite season.I light my candles in the morning .

  130. I have begun and actually started last week πŸ˜‰ I LOVE IT! It helps set a mood in my home and I have started to pray for peace and it is helping out so much! The scents I have now are Pumpkin Spice in the Kitchen, Salted Caramel in the living room, and a Sweet Orange Vanilla in the bedroom. Trying to change our environment to a more peaceful, loving, and caring environment.

  131. I went to WalMart and picked up an inexpensive mulled cider-scented candle. My husband and every single one of my (4) little loves noticed it burning… I decided it was a nearly life-changing $3. My husband sent me back to the store for more candles for other rooms in our home…

  132. I wish I could enter the give-away by posting a comment. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook and it appears those are the only ways to enter:( I’m going to start burning my candle tonight. I used to do that all day and haven’t done it in years. Today is the day to start again. Thanks for your inspiration.

  133. I started this last week as I thought that was when the challenge started. I have already lit my candle for this evening. I love the smell of mandarin orange and vanilla. A nice blend of fumes in my kitchen. Praying for peace for my family for the 2nd week works for me as we could use it. We are so busy and in a hectic household. My son asked me last week why I was lighting the candle and I explained this to him and he thought it was cool. I always love to light candles but this makes it that much more special. Thank you for this great idea and for your encouraging words for us busy moms.

  134. Every day I open my email from you & get inspired! I love how you share truth, inspiration & yourselves, in such a honest, easy way. This truly is a great idea-I use one everyday,during my quiet time with the Lord. When we travel, I take one along to make it feel more “homey”, as well as use it for my prayer time. I have given them as gifts with a note to “let the light lead them to a closer relationship with God, prayer & their family”. Thank you for all you do to help us women become all we are meant to be as Proverbs 31 Women of God. Bless you all!

  135. Thank you for this challenge. I am so excited to kick it off again. It really made such an impact in our home last year.

  136. I did this challenge last year and looked so forward to it this year! Candles have been burning πŸ™‚

  137. I love this challenge!! I’m going to be using a bunch of candles my dad gave me. I lit one tonight and it looked so festive! Thanks!

  138. Courtney,
    I just wanted to let you know what a blessing this challenge ended up being. I have been having some health problems that the doctors have yet to figure out and it has been making my last semester of my bachelor degree very difficult to stay on top of. I was very stressed out and upset when I got home tonight after another uneventful doctors appointment and I had a lot of studying to do so I lit a candle on my desk and said a pray and it instantly felt a peace come over me that I haven’t had for quite a few days. I’m staring at my candle now and am constantly reminded that it’s in God’s hands πŸ™‚

  139. I was thrilled about this challenge that I started lighting my candle last week! Thank you for your encouragement!

  140. This is a great idea. I will be lighting my favorite candle…B&BW Leaves.
    (I hope this comment counts as an entry to win! Free Candles…YEAH!)

  141. I have been lighting my candle all week and am loving it! I’ve been using Scentsy in place of candles for a while, but there is just something wonderful and relaxing about a candle. Thank you for your encouragement with this blogging challenge. It has already blessed my family.

  142. I was so excited to start this challenge that I purchased a candle last week, and have been lighting it and praying for peace. You would be amazed at the changes that I’ve already felt in the attitude of the house. Thank you for hosting this challenge. Our family has already benefitted tremendously.

  143. I was so excited to start this challenge that I purchased a candle last week, and have been lighting it and praying for peace. You would be amazed at the changes that I’ve already felt in the attitude of the house. Thank you for hosting this challenge. Our family has already benefitted tremendously.

  144. I guess you could say that I started the week 1 challenge already the first day of Fall and my candle is nearly done! lol All the more reason to get another one! I simply LOVE candles and usually always have one burning somewhere in the house. What a great challenge! πŸ™‚

  145. I started lighting my candle every day a week or so ago. It actually made me think of you and when you had this on your website last year. I was so glad to see it pop up again. Thanks for the reminder!!

  146. Thanks for doing this challenge. I started lighting my candle today. Unscented is best bc of my allergies. I am single and I live alone, so I will use this time to pray for peace in my home, on my job, and within myself. Looking forward to the challenge with you.

  147. Courtney,
    I love your idea of lighting a candle to break up the “cycle of life” and bringing warmth, blessing and peace to your home.
    I have several candles from our local Real Deals. Tonight I am burning the Cranberry Orange Spice….perfect for a fall evening.

  148. I remember this challenge from last year- and I loved it! It was so simple and something that will work in most every home. And our homes are our havens. Thanks for offering this to everyone.

  149. I am a 57 year old mother of 8 and grandmother of 11 who homeschooled 30 years. I have been so very blessed by your book. I wish it had been around when I was a younger mom, but even at my current age, it has really encouraged and exhorted me in the Lord. I am recommending it on my Facebook page. Thank you so much for writing your book.

  150. One wonderful way to light up the season and the hearts of your family! I’d love to have some superior candles!

  151. I so need these 12 candles!! I never buy candles for some odd reason! I am going to go out and buy me a nice fall scent tomorrow. Can’t wait to enjoy the scent while I pray for peace in our home πŸ™‚

  152. I love the candle idea! Thank you, Courtney! I used it last year as well and what a huge difference it made for me. I’m home all day, and I must admit, I had never thought to pray over my home in such a way! The Lord blessed me with so much extra peace and joy!

    1. Having a lit candle sounds like such a wonderful idea–keep your prayers ” glowing!” Thank you would so love to win!!! Blessings to you–Barb Wall

  153. Candles – so calming, so “peace-bringing”, and what a great reminder of the Light that God can give us each day. Candles were burning during all of women’s bible study at my house last night! Getting a year’s supply? Makes me giddy:)

    Now to find your book this week so that I can do the Bible study…

  154. I started lighting a candle on Saturday & my husband thought I was nuts for wanting to keep it burning – “candles are expensive… can’t we just use it when we need it in the bathroom?” LOL! πŸ™‚ Hoping I can find a candle that makes it “worth it” to him. πŸ™‚ I know they calm me down & cause me to relax so it would be nice to pass that feeling of peace along to the family!

  155. I lit my candle last night for the first time while I was doing dishes, laundry, and the normal night time chores. Colossians 3:23 kept running through my mind – do everything as if you’re working for the Lord. Refreshed my focus and helped alleviate the negative thoughts!

  156. I have my candles ready (for now) Pumpkin cheesecake and Harvest Pumpkin. The house smells so good. One problem – now my 16 yo wants a candle for her room too!

  157. I LOVE candles burning in my home. It always makes things more ‘homey” to me. My husband often needles me about candles, but I think deep down he likes it too.

  158. I light my candle when everyone is alert. Lol. During the day it’s just me and my 1 year old daughter @ home. I light. It then although she doesn’t pay attention. But I have to remember to use it as a reminder to pray for peace. My mind gets cluttered and I tend to forget things. πŸ™‚

  159. I started lighting my candle last week and I can’t tell you how amazing it was to have the reminder to pause and pray. My mom came to visit from out of state recently and we went to the Yankee Candle store. Every year for Christmas my mom buys me Yankee Candles. They always have Buy 2 get 2 Free in the Fall and this time we actually got to go together and pick them out! I hadn’t seen my mom in 3 years. Right now I am LOVING Campfire Treat. My husband loves a good smelling home, so candles or Scentsy are always filling up our house. Stumbling upon WLW and GMG has been such a blessing in my life. I have read through the first few chapters of your book and it is wonderful!

  160. I love candles. We would light one at the beginning of every meeting when I was in Kappa Phi. I needed this post. Sometimes I hate the housework, however what a blessing I have and the blessing I get to give to my family and others when they come over. This puts me in mind of that song. ” you do everything you do to the glory of the one who made you.”. If I win the candles, it would be an extra blessing. Off to wrestle with my boys…..

  161. We had a houseful of family over this weekend and before they arrived on Friday evening I lit my candle and prayed for a peace-filled weekend. Guess what? It was a wonderful weekend!! But yesterday was one of “those” evenings. You know the kind….the kind where you’re in constant motion all.night.long. I had to get groceries after work (which usually is a task saved for the weekend), make supper, make meals for meal group, pack lunches, review homework, get bedtime snacks, wrestle, cuddle and snuggle with the boys before bed, etc. Well, my candle was lit and everytime I looked at it I smiled and said a prayer of thanks. Amidst all the hustle and bustle I was reminded that everything I was doing was a gift. A gift because we have money to buy food to put on our table and send it to school with my boys; homework to review because we have teachers that care about helping my sons learn and, I have boys that still love to wrestle, cuddle and snuggle with their momma. That’s the type of peace that I was reminded of as I lay in bed after the choas of a Monday night.

    1. Hello Katja,

      they do? I have to check that out in Belgium.

      Ich folge deinen blog schon seit einige Jahren. Ich freue mich immer wen ein neuer blogpost in meinem Inbox landet.

      SchΓΆne GrΓΌssen aus Belgien

  162. I started doing this last fall and carried it throughout the year. My candle sits with a plaque that says, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of God.” It has been such a blessing to see how God has transformed me and my home with His peace! Thank you for the idea and your encouragement.

  163. JCPenny has soy jar candles on clearance right now. At my store they were by the throw pillows. I lit the candle that my dauther decortated at chruch on the dinner table last night. She was so happy to see it, sad to say, it’s been in a drawer.

  164. I started lighting my candle last night, and my daughters were so excited. It also motivated me to get out our autumn decorations and make our home a little more seasonal this week. I don’t do social media, except for Pinterest, so I am wondering if just logging into the raffle will enter me into the contest? It doesn’t show that I have any entries. Also, can you add Pinterest to the extra entry options? Thanks!

  165. I’m a vacuum lines gal, so happy that someone else gets that! Although they don’t last long here they sure are wonderful for those 5 minutes. πŸ™‚ Burning a candle is always my reward for getting my household duties crossed off the list each day, but I am loving this whole idea of praying for my home and family each time I see it. Definitely doing that here in Idaho!

  166. I love this idea. I love candles and this time of year we light them often I live in Alaska so we do lose daylight in the fall and winter months. I love this gentle reminder to always pray for peace and for my family. Thank u so much for all you do and thank u for another reason to light candles. I love various different types of candles mostly fall and winter scents. I love Pumpkin Harvest. I love Autumn Glow by Partylite and most cinnamon scents . Be blessed ladies.

  167. I love this challenge! I took my two year old with me to BB&B yesterday and we both smelled all of the candles until we both decided on Autum Wreath. It was fun sharing this endeavor with my son!

  168. This is a great challenge! I love burning candles in our home, but never thought to use it as a reminder to pray for my dear family. Thank you! Oh, and how wonderful are those Yankee Candles!

  169. I couldn’t agree more about what a blessing a lit candle can be. I love mixing up the scents with the seasons. Fruity and flowery in the Spring and Summer and warm and foody in the Fall and Winter. I always count down to the seasons changing so I can go to the new smells! In fact, I go through them so quickly I have started making my own soy candles but NOTHING beats a Yankee Candle for scent throw!!

  170. I LOVE burning candles and light then almost daily in our home now. This challenge will be a great reminder to pray for peace in our home. Thank you!!!!

  171. Hi there, I’m sad, because I just found out I don’t even have a chance to get the giveaways, because I don’t live in the States, neither Canada, too bad, love, a sad girl…..

  172. We do secret sister exchanges at my church and my s.s. got me a new large candle with the word “Faith” on it. Perfect! I’ve been praying for faith in His perfect peace and He has been faithful, even on a hectic day like this one! So much yet to do, oh my!

  173. I am using a Scentsy lantern instead of a candle. I turn it on whenever I am at home! I am just loving this challenge & the bonus: my house smells like apples & pumpkin all the time! The prayers for peace in my home & my soul are working. It feels wonderful! Thanks so much!

  174. Well I am a candle lover and always have a candle burning in my home…sometimes up to 6-8 through out the house. Most are either pumpkin or vanilla.

  175. Thanks for hosting Courtney! How fun! πŸ™‚ I love burning candles! I have apple butter cooking in my crock pot and have been burning a candle called “Apple Caramel Cider….My house smells so good! πŸ™‚

  176. I shared this with my friends….What a wonderful idea to brighten our daily chores of house cleaning and praying for someone who might be in need…Love it.


  177. I love lighting a candle to remember to pray for peace, and putting in place a family night is exciting! It brings togetherness as a family in Christ. WLW is such a blessing to me! Thanks for all you do.

  178. I am so glad I found your site and at the perfect time! Ain’t God Good?! I have just joined you today and want to also join your challenge and giveaway. I think it is a wonderful idea to light a candle and say a prayer of peace each time it catches your eye! Mine will be in my kitchen also.

    I have been reading a lot of your stuff before this and you are really a blessing, Thank you so much!

  179. I love this challenge and am blessed to be a part of it. I have asked several of my friends and co-workers to join me on this challenge and most welcomed the idea and are excited about it. When I see the candle burning in my house, it reminds me of the light that Christ places within each and everyone of us to light the way for others to come to Him. It’s a great way to remind ourselves of how we need to covet ourselves and families with God’s grace, mercy and unconditional love.

  180. We will be moving soon, so home is going to feel very chaotic. However, maybe something small like a candle will help keep our sanity and sense of home during the transition.

  181. What a great challenge! I have a lavender candle that my daughter gave me at Christmas that I have not yet used. She keeps asking me when I am going to use it. I think this would be the perfect thing to do! I can’t wait for her to comment on it tomorrow morning!

  182. I am doing a bible study with some other moms called Be Amazing by Big Dream Ministries. We just did a section called “Desperate Housewives”. It was a wonderful chapter based on Titus 2:3-5.

    Through this chapter God revealed:
    He has provided my home as a refuge and haven for me and my family
    He intends for our homes to be seen as a gift and blessing
    Keeping a godly home with excellence for my husband and child is my nonnegotiable responsibility. It’s my job.
    On days where it’s difficult in my human form to run my house, I need to ask God for the ability to love my role in my home.
    So much about being a keeper of the home is an attitude of choice.

    Being a homemaker allows me to serve my God and His Kingdome everyday by making my home a refuge for my family. Having candle burning in my home everyday will help me keep this in the forefront of my mind and heart.

    “But for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.” Psalm 73:28

  183. Hi Courtney!

    I have been on a blogation(: I am slowly making my way back. I decided to place my candle(s) in my fireplace . I got the idea from Tia and Tamera’s (Stars of “Sister Sister”) blog. We rarely light it and I wanted to get some use out of it.

    My prayers for my family are for peace, protection, and wisdom. Thank you for conducting this challenge! May God continue to bless you and your family(:

  184. I love the feeling of lighting a candle to make my home feel warm and welcoming. Thank you for the idea of saying a prayer each time I see it.

  185. I love candles in my home. Our “Peace” candle as I have labeled it to remind me to pray for peace in our family and peace in my soul is in my kitchen. My daughter loves watching it flicker and every morning is eager to help me light it. The first morning I lit it myself, but each morning after I have waited to light it with her and we pray together. It’s lovely.

  186. I’ve been keeping the candle burning! Not only does it smell divine, but those prayers are really going forth whenever the flicker of the flame catches my eye! It is making a bigger difference then I thought it would, and I’m glad to be doing what I can to make my home a haven!!

  187. I don’t think its possible that anyone could love candles more than I do. lol I can’t always afford them but I did find an awesome deal at Food City!!! The candles are small but they are only $1.00!!!! They are Skittles brand. They also have M&M’s brand but I prefer Skittles. My favorite scent is berry. I love Mulberry and Blueberry but Skittles doesn’t make those so I get Raspberry, Cherry, Melon, etc.

  188. I love candles. They smell good and very relaxing to me. My favorite candles are from bath and body works. I like sweet cinnamon pumpkin right now. And they sometimes have coupons for a free mini candle. Thank you for the idea of praying for peace for my home.

  189. I don’t facebook or tweet…and I know that helps me to have peace because it helps to keep my mind more focused on higher things. I understand that some people don’t have the focus issues I have, but just a couple of blogs per day on email are sufficient for me. Thanks for letting me have yours as one of my blogs. ;>)

  190. How awesome, thanks…I got a Harvest Welcome candle and put in on my kitchen island. What a nice way to trigger prayer. Although, my kids think it’s really fun to blow it out πŸ™‚ But when I told them about the praying part they now ask if they can blow it out at the end of the day.


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