The WLW Forum & a Link-Up for the Book Club

WLW Forum a place to connect

It’s finally time for me to share this little idea I’ve been working on.  I know this will not appeal to everyone…but I hope it will be a blessing to some.

It’s the Women Living Well Forum – a place to connect!

When I was pregnant with my son (over 10 years ago), I found the “BabyCenter” forums.  I LOVED connecting with other women who were pregnant at the same time and sharing our pregnancy experiences with each other.  Then we had our babies and for about 2 years, I lurked and found a lot of great wisdom and insight there – and a lot of useless stuff too. Lol! But during that season of my life, the forums there really blessed me because I had real women to connect with.

This forum is so we can connect with other like-minded women and discuss the things close to our heart.  If you have questions or thoughts you want to share – share them.  If you have answers and wisdom to share – share it!

I will not be able to oversee every single thread or answer every question there because of time constraints.  But I will hop on from time to time and chat.

I am also hoping that this will be a place where we can discuss the topics of the book club further than just in the comment section of my posts!

So >>click here<< and join the discussions!  You can also find your way to the forums by using the top menu bar – you should see the link on the top right. 🙂

Bloggers – please note that the Wednesday link-up has changed for the next 8 weeks:

This link-up is for those who are blogging their way through the Women Living Well Book Club.  

Posts not pertaining to the book club will be removed.

The complete reading schedule is >>here<<.

Write a post letting your readers know that you are joining us – and then link-up that post below.  

Every Wednesday I will provide a place for you to link-up your post from that week.

Let’s get started!


  1. I don’t quite understand what a “forum” is but glad you are soo excited! I am looking forward to having a book study with your book starting Monday with some friends:)

  2. Hi Courtney,

    I just received your book from Amazon today. I started reading it tonight. I am hooked. I went to check out your website and saw that you have a Bible study beginning on Jan 13th. How wonderful. I am looking forward to it. Do I need to sign up for the Bible study? I didn’t see a place to sign up.

    Many Blessings,
    Cindy Corder
    PS: You have a great looking and very functional website!

  3. YAY!! I LOVE Forums!! I started out on the internet back in 2001 in a nurses forum. Connected with some really great people there and still interact with them ‘online’ today through Facebook! Even met a one of them in person. That person introduced me to a different group of women online and I met a few of those women in 2008 in Chicago when I was there for a nursing conference. The Nurses forum girls (and a few guys) are planning a get-together in Las Vegas this summer as the ‘glue who keeps our group together’ lives in Vegas.

    So, yeah, I love forums! As adult Christian women, it should go without saying that we will all behave as adults and respect one another 😉

  4. Joining in on the study. Finished reading your book a few days ago and am excited to dig deeper with discussion.

    1. No problem!!! I’ve made this mistake before too and before I deleted your link – I pinned it – because wow those potato recipes looked GREAT – love your blog Shari!!!

      Lots of Love,

  5. What a wonderful idea! I co-own a forum that originated on and then when our group got too large and we were tired of the drama that comes with such a large website we moved over to our own Proboards site. It’s been such a source of encouragement and close friendship for 5 years now, this group of ladies are some of my closest friends. Forums are especially great for pastor’s wives and army wives since we move often due to our husbands’ career.

    If you need any help with the new forum or want to maybe upgrade the format a bit feel free to contact me. The forum is nicely done but you might find you outgrow it a bit over time or that some people have trouble with the format being too busy. I love the ministry you have here at the blog, and your book is amazing (my friends and I are reading it for our book study right now) and would be happy to help in any way. (p.s. you might want to add a touch of gray and darken up the links in the forum, it glares a bit on the computer screen. If it matched the header that is a perfect, lovely blue that is easy on the eyes).

  6. LOVE the forum idea. I joined a similar baby forum back in 2005 and still keep in touch with that group of women today. I think a forum of like- minded women is a fabulous idea…I will definitely be joining in there! I also added my blog to the link up group. I hope I did it right. I have just gotten back into blogging and have never done a link-up before so if I’ve done something wrong (or do in the future weeks to come), smeone feel free to let me know!

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