The Women Living Well Book Club begins January 13th!

WLW Book Club 2


Happy New Year!!!!

The Women Living Well Book Club is about to begin.  But before we start you may have a few questions – here’s my answers:

When does this begin?

We begin on Monday, January 13th.

What’s the schedule?

WLW Book Club Reading Schedule 4

What do I need to participate?

To be honest, you don’t need a thing – not even the book. lol!  If you do not have the means to purchase the book – you can still follow along and be encouraged in your walk with God, marriage, parenting and homemaking. So please don’t let that stop you from joining us!

Do I need to sign-up?

No, but I’d love it if you’d leave a comment on this post if you are joining us.

Will there be a blogger link-up?

If you are a blogger and you are joining the book club and would like to blog about it weekly, there will be a link-up available on Wednesdays starting next Wednesday, January 8th.

Do I need the Companion Study Guide?

I will not be going line by line through the Companion Study Guide but if you would like some extra reflection on your own, then click here to download the guide.

How do I subscribe to your blog so I don’t miss any of your posts?


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Not sure what the book Women Living Well is all about?  Here’s the book trailer:

(if you can’t see the video – click here to view it)

Where do I buy the book?

Women Living Well is available in most major book stores including Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and Lifeway.  If you don’t have a bookstore nearby you can order a paperback copy or download the Kindle version at  It is also available on Nook at Barnes &

Any other questions?  Ask them in the comment section.

Are you in?

Let’s have a GREAT 2014 together as we seek to honor God and find joy in our walk with Him, our marriages, our parenting and our homemaking.


Check out the new Forum section of Women Living Well where we will have discussions based on the week’s readings!

WLW Forum a place to connect

Walk with the King,





    1. I am looking forward to journeying with you during his study. Thanks for investing in ministry to women!

  1. I am in!!! This year is my year!! It’s my year to turn around & better myself & accomplish my goals! I want to grow closer to God & grow to be in His image!! I want to love again!! I am so looking forward to it & grateful thatthe book doesn’t have to be bought due to being a single mom on a limited budget. Thank you & God bless!!

  2. I am in! Loving the book and I really think the study will really help me put into action the things I know I need to do. I feel like you wrote the book for me! Lol!

  3. I’m so doing this !! I’ve alrdy read the book can’t wait to go they it again on a more deeper level w all y ladies!!

  4. I would like to lead this study in my women’s small group, but we won’t be finished with our current study in time. Will the videos and material be available for download to use a few weeks behind schedule?

  5. I bought the book right after it first came out but was saving it for my book list for this year. so glad i did so i can read it through here. I also have the study guide ready. cant wait to start!!

  6. So excited for this! On Jan 6th, we are beginning a study of your book here on Linden Oaks/Fort Bragg in NC. This companion to your book is just what I had hoped for to help all us army wives on our journey. Thank you tremendously and be blessed in the new year!!

  7. Yes! I’m totally all in, as I loved working on and completing the Advent Study. My book should arrive in a few days, I’ve printed my stuff out, and I’m waving hello to from New Zealand ! πŸ™‚

  8. This is a first, I have never been in a book club and am very excited to start this journey switch you all!!

  9. What an encouraging book for the woman who feels that the mundane doesn’t matter. I am so looking forward to learning about how I matter to God even when I’m up to my eyeballs in laundry and dirty dishes. It’s so important for women to encourage other women. Looking forward to this study.

  10. I have had the book on my desk for at least a month; I am so excited to dive into the book and the study guide.

  11. I will be joining you πŸ™‚ I just found your blog and I am in love with it!!! Thank you for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  12. I am on and so excited! Really need this right now… Alot of my 2014 goals and resolutions fall right in line with your book and I could use the extra support and reinforcement. Thank you for doing this for us!

  13. Just got this book for Christmas & so glad I checked the blog to see about the book club starting! I’ll be joining for sure!

  14. Got the book for Christmas and am very excited to do the study with all of you! It fits in perfectly with my challenges /resolutions for the year! Can’t wait!!

  15. I am in! I have read through your book once and am excited to read it again. Every time I re-read a book I get twice as much out of it as I got the first time.

  16. I picked up the book a couple of days ago! I live in Australia & had been on an order/waiting list for about 12weeks!
    So far I’m really enjoying reading the book!
    I want you to know Courtney that your ministry is amazing & I love your dedication, your dedication is what’s keeping me hooked in!
    I am 25, newly married with no children. I met my husband young at 15 similar to you. My husband is not religious despite growing up at a Christian school. His parents never taught from home.
    I grew up in a Christian house but never REALLY knew god a child. Jennie Allen’s description of her childhood in her book Anything was similar to mine.
    I’m only really finding god now as an adult and I have done this with YOUR help. God has made me intrigued and desperate to read your blogs. It’s also preparing me for the moments I need to teach my husband which is the scariest of all, such a big task!
    How I came to find you was one night feeling like I needed ‘more’ – more of knowing who god was. He lead me to google & google to you and subsequently the GMG pages.
    Looking forwards to the journey continuing!!
    Megan, Australia.

    1. Hi Megan,
      Just read your comment which was above mine. I’m in Sydney- small world! I pray you are greatly encouraged on your journey to know God more deeply.

  17. I’ll be following along with the book club! I’m also leading a small group with some ladies from church beginning in January. We will be reading your book as well, but over a bit more than 8 weeks. πŸ™‚

  18. Always a wonderful way to begin a new year..with WLW and GMG! I’m thankful for all that you do. May God’s blessings pour over you and your family.

  19. Getting ready to buy the book. It has been on my list for awhile, so now is the time to buy. Looking forward to joining you!

  20. I am so excited to join this Study on the book. I bought it and read it so fast as it is a wonderful book and soooooo very helpful.

  21. Courtney, I loved your book! I’m excited to join you through my first online study like this. I can’t wait! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself to be a huge encouragement to us ladies and example of a fun, genuine, lovely woman of God!!!
    Happy new year!

  22. I actually just recently purchased the book and have been slowly moving thru it! Can’t wait to do the 8 week study, too!!!

  23. I’m In for the book study. I don’t the have the book yet. However, I know that I need to study more. I’ll start here.

  24. I’ve already read the book, highlighted half of it and tried to find the books cited. But I’ll be joining in the study anyway. One thing I’ve learned about bible study is that these different studies allow you to get more in depth and see things in a different perspective.

  25. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this study to begin!!! Looking forward to learning and growing! Thank you so much for doing this, being a part of a group study like this is such a blessing to me…

  26. I don’t have the book yet but I’m going to go get it because I’d really love to join! Really looking forward to making this year better after everything I went through last year.

  27. I’m half way through the book and love it – I’m joining the book club so count me in! Thank You!!!

  28. I am hoping to join! I am absolutely loving this book. Hoping the study won’t be too intensive as I have a couple others I’ll be doing too, but hoping God will help me find time in my days to complete it! Do we need to do anything? or will we automatically receive the information we’ll need? Thanks!

  29. Looking forward to this. I haven’t been able to buy the book due to very tight finances so I am glad to glean what I can from this study. Everything i have heard about your book is very positive. Excited to see what God will do through this book study.

  30. Happy New Year!! I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful study. I am going to order the book today (after I check to make sure I don’t already have it!). Thank you so much and I look forward to your messages each week.

  31. I am new to all this… Courtney, could you please explain the similarities and differences between this book group, the Good Morning Girls study, and a Hello Mornings group? I really want to get plugged in, but am feeling overwhelmed with various resources! Thanks so much for clarifying!

    1. Hi Laura,

      Good Morning Girls is a Bible Study Website – with a Bible reading plan. Here at Women Living Well I’ll be running a book club going through the Women Living Well book chapter by chapter. I am not affiliated with Hello Mornings so I can’t speak to what they are doing there. Hope that helps a little.
      Lots of Love,

  32. do we enter our email for the study or will it come with the emails we already get on regular basis. Want to be part of the study so need to know if this is separate from the regular email . Thanks

    1. Ellen – if you have already subscribed to Women Living Well (and are receiving emails via email) then you are all set πŸ™‚ No need to do it a second time.

      Thank you for joining us!
      Lots of Love,

  33. I can’t wait to dig into your book and I am so happy that I get to do it with you and all of these other wonderful women! Thank you for being such an encouragement and light for Jesus!

  34. I received the book in Christmas so I could start reading a bit before the book club. I am LOVING it! The words are so inspiring so I can’t wait to see what other lessons the book club will put on my heart.

  35. I’m in! My husband will be having eye surgery later in January so may get a little behind but am planning to catch up best I can after the fact! Thank you, Courtney, for reaching out to all of us. Julia

  36. I am also going to be joining this book club! So excited to see what new things God reveals to me through this book. I have not read it yet so I am looking forward to it! πŸ™‚

  37. I am in, Courtney! Looking forward to this study with you. don’t know yet if I can buy the book, but I am printing the study guide now!
    Thanks for investing in my life and encouraging me in my walk with God!

  38. I love your book! I’m super excited that your doing a study. I looking forward to growing with women who love god as much as I do.

  39. I am so looking forward to joining g all my sister’s in Christ all over the world in doing this study!

  40. I am looking forward to the book club – just received book as a Christmas gift. Thanks for doing this Courtney!

  41. I bought this book to read on my own and have not read it. Can’t wait to start this study! Ladies this is my first time doing an online study any tips? Would anyone be interested in helping me stay accountable to doing this study?

  42. I have the book and look forward to joining this study. This will be my first time doing an online book club!

  43. Doing this!!!! Love the timing – I found your blog yesterday and will also be getting the book. VERY EXCITED!!

  44. Am in oh,looking forward for an online study,I am enjoying proverbs 31 woman,you are doing a great work well done. Hope I can download the current book as well?

  45. I couldn’t wait to start reading the book, but no worries! I’ll be starting it all over again come the 13th! Thank you for being a shining light to women in this modern day world!

  46. Just purchased the book. I am looking forward to reading the book and being part of the study. This site and Good Morning Girls have helped me in more ways than I could ever put into words. I have learned so much. Thank you. I am certain that I learn even more throughout the next year. I am thinking about starting my own blog. Such a blessing!!!!

  47. Looking forward to this! I read your book in 4 days or so. I couldn’t put it down! Happy to be able to go through it all again!

  48. I am so looking forward to the study! I am still in the middle of reading the book but I want to start over with the study guide and your leading!

  49. I just read your first chapter this morning! Googled your name, and saw your starting this, so glad to be joining you!

  50. I’m in! I downloaded the book onto my kindle and started it last night. I just printed the study guide. I’m looking forward to starting my year off with this study!

  51. I am really enjoying the book so far and I am excited about digging deeper with the book club! Thanks for the gentle push to make our home (self, marriage, and child) a more God centered place.

  52. I will be joining this book club and it couldn’t come at a better time. I am hoping this book brings back what I need to be a happy mommy, wife, Christian, and woman. I will be praying for an open heart while reading this so I can get the full message. I am soooooo excited us ladies are doing this!!!! Cant wait! Already have my book =-)

  53. I can’t wait to join you all as we seek to grow closer in our walk with God. Thank you for taking the time to minister to all you do on a daily basis. Your encouraging words are helping me grow in my faith while I live out the joys and sorrows each day.

  54. I love, love, love this book so I will be happily joining the book club. It has made a huge impact in my life and I am excited to share this journey with my sisters in Christ.

  55. Excited to be joining the group. I have been thinking about purchasing this book for a couple of months now, so this was the push I needed. Definitely looking forward to creating a more God-centered home.

  56. I just ordered the book and I’m excited to join this bible study. I’m not sure how this works but I hope to figure it out before the 13th. I desperately need to get my life and relationship with God back on track.

  57. I LOVE your blog! I’m definitely in for your book club! I don’t know how the online book club works but I’m excited to try and figure it out.

  58. This book was revolutionary to me!!!!! I read it last year and will be doing the study as well. Can’t wait!!!!

  59. Can’t remember if I commented yet or not! But i have the book and only read a little so weighs love to join the study.

  60. Just bought your book and started reading. So happy to have found the book and the good morning girls website! Thanks!

  61. I will be joining! Just hope I get time to read more before next week! I’ve only been able to read the 1st chapter.

  62. Will be joining! Just started the book and am loving it. Watched your appearance on Rachael Ray after you discussed it in your book too: you are such a class act. Really happy to be bringing a deeper focus in my faith into my life in 2014. Also joined the bible study at Good Morning Girls….just love what you do, you are such an inspiration!

  63. I will be facilitating a group of ladies through this study. Looking very forward to seeing what God will do!!!!! Blessings!

  64. I would love to follow along – don’t know how much input I can give – I’m a mom of 4, full-time music teacher with a part-time job at church!! yikes! But I really want to begin living well!!! πŸ™‚

  65. Loved the book and the study guide but can’t wait to go through it again. Really looking forward to the study!

  66. I was blessed to be a part of the launch team and would read this book 100 more times…. looking forward to being a part of this book club as well πŸ™‚

  67. I was one of the lucky ones who received a copy of your book at the Women Living Well conference. Thank you again for your generosity! I will be joining the Book Club and blogging about it too at Back To Family. Looking forward to it. Thanks Courtney for all you do!

  68. Being a part of the launch team was a great experience. I want to get to reread the book again and this will be a fun way to do it!

  69. I’m so excited to join this online book club! Women Living Well is just what I’ve been looking for! I have never joined a forum before, so can’t wait to see how that works. I think I’m going to love my mornings with all of you!

  70. We are starting a book study using this book at work. We’re meeting over our lunch hour on Thursdays though. Can we access the webcast after the fact? For instance, can we view the Jan. 17th webcast during our session on January 23rd?

    1. That’s so awesome that you are meeting with friends at work – I love that! And yes – the webcasts will remain available on the blog after they are posted so you can watch them a week later πŸ™‚

      Lots of Love,
      Courtney πŸ™‚

  71. This is great, I have had the book for several months now so this will really help me out. I have already put the reading schedule in my planner. Can’t wait to start.

  72. I just bought it on my iPad. Can’t wait!! I am a divorced, single mom of 2 boys. I understand this might not be the ideal book I need right now but I couldn’t pass it up!! Sounds Amazing! Looking forward to learning new things for the next time round on marriage if that is in God’s Plan for my boys and I πŸ™‚

  73. I look forward to joining this book study! Snowy Ohio weather has delayed delivery of my book, but it should be here in time! πŸ™‚

  74. THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE!!!! Hi Courtney…I have to tell you, I bought this book to support you because I always follow your blogs and was happy for you to write your first book. I really didn’t think it would be that good or I thought it would be “fluffy” but I bought it anyways because I just love you and love your blog! YOUR BOOK IS AMAZING!!! I couldn’t even wait to read it so I’ve been reading it everyday – devouring it. It is AMAZING!!!! The practical tips, the wisdom, the Bible versus, the stories from your life…I am SO, SO, SO grateful for this book, and the study guide. Thank you!!!!

    1. JoAnna – thank you for your comment – you made me smile. You are so very kind to buy the book just to support me! That is so sweet and I’m SOOO relieved it surpassed your expectations! I appreciate your feedback!!!

      Lots of Love,

  75. I’m in! I bought the Nook book and I am fighting the temptation to start reading it right away-it looks great πŸ™‚

  76. Hi Courtney,

    Your book sounds great but I am in a different stage of life – unmarried with no children and still trying to find my footing in my career. Do you think the book would be beneficial to me or should I wait and read it when I have those things in my life?


    1. Ashley,

      I think the first 5 chapters would definitely be applicable for you – after that – it more depends on you and what you want in a book. I personally started reading books about marriage and homemaking in college before I was ever married or had my own home. I liked preparing myself for those things and also understanding the women around me who were already there building their family (like my sisters). But if that is not your cup of tea in this season of life – then skip the book and maybe just follow along in the blog posts. That might be encouragement enough for now πŸ˜‰
      Lots of Love,

      1. Thanks Courtney for your reply. I appreciate it! I think it would be smart for me to prepare now for those seasons to come so I will be joining you all and playing catchup this week πŸ™‚

        Blessings to you,

  77. I just ordered the book, and I’m printing out the study guide tomorrow. I am really looking forward to this. I love connecting with other women, and am in the middle of a full season of ministry in my life, a single mom of three kids, and in a relationship headed towards marriage. So I think this is the perfect time for this study for me! God bless you all, ladies!

  78. So excited to join the book club! Already started reading it in the fall- but started over again recently to be able to refresh for the beginning of the year! Can’t wait to follow along with you & all the extra info you will be guiding us with!

  79. I already have the book & am about halfway through it. I look forward to joining in. I’ll also be linking up on my blog. I’m new at blogging & have never linked anything, so this will be a first. πŸ™‚
    Very excited!

  80. I tried to follow the last one but you were half way through! So glad you are doing this again!! I’m in!! Thank you!!!

  81. This is something I am very excited about! So glad you came up with the idea. This will be my first online book club. πŸ™‚

  82. I have never done this before but will try to get the book and would love to follow along. I have been needing a study and this is the one! God is good and I am glad I found you! God bless.

  83. Read the book. I can not wait to start the study. I keep reading some of the chapters. Great input. The challenges area AWESOME!!

  84. I purchased your book yesterday and am looking forward to the online book study. From the number of comments so far, it looks like many others are ready and eager to learn and share. I will see you on Monday!

  85. I have your book, and downloaded the study guide ! I’m ready to start even though I’m a week behind! I love your ministry!

  86. I don’t have the book but I’d love to join! Sounds interesting and lovely, looking forward for it to begin πŸ™‚

  87. Can’t wait to start this journey as a very special friend and I,who are long distance from each other, are trying to connect again through this study.

  88. I’m a blogger, mostly stitching but really directed at women and also I include would love to do a weekly view and participate in this. I will go to Amazon now and look for the book. I’m so thankful to God for so many opportunities to learn.

  89. Just downloaded the kindle version and can’t wait for the study. I have been a military wife for 9 years and with my husband deployed currently it has definitely been a struggle with a 6 yr old son and a 7 month old daughter. I think this is going to give me the guidance I’ve been looking for.

  90. My book is due to arrive from B&N tomorrow and look forward to the study, however as a single women I wonder is this book geared more for the wife and mother type rolls which I am neither?

  91. I will be joining!! wife and mom of 2 w the third on the way…can’t wait!! Prayers for all involved for Spiritual awakening and development!!

  92. I am so excited about this Bible study!! Thank you for doing this for all of us and, I know, most of all for the LORD!!

  93. I would like to join. First time trying this out. Looking forward to it and excitied for a new journey and experience.

  94. My sister-in-law and I decided to read the book along with the study…we were so excited when we logged on and saw that you were leading this at the same time we were starting! Thank you!

  95. A dear friend gave me the book for Christmas, and I just started reading it this weekend. What a blessing to find the book club at this time!

  96. I can hardly even begin to put into words how impactful this book has been. I just finished reading it along side an incredible group of women. (We decided to use this for our small group study after I saw it on Pinterest. We started back in Nov. and used these questions to help facilitate conversation and accountability.) God has been using it to change us and our families! Several of us in my small group have shared how God has been doing miracles in our families as we have done the challenges and been putting into practice many of the principles Courtney shares and reminds us of in the book. He has been healing our marriages and opening our eyes. As a woman who has been striving to “walk with the King” for a long time, I appreciated Courtney’s real and practical approach to the very things I needed to be reminded of. My word for this year is “BE”. I want to be more present, be still, be intentional, and be wiser with my time so that I can focus more on simply being with a renewed availability to my family. Thank you for all that has gone into this book, companion study guide, and just sharing of the heart. I look forward to following along on here to remind me of the things that God has begun as a result of this study.

    1. Thank you SO much for sharing this Kathy! This is so encouraging and EXCITING to hear what God is doing in your friend’s lives. Awesome. God is so very good and faithful!!!

      Keep walking with the King!

      1. Courtney, thank you for your personal response. It made me smile and the other ladies in my group appreciated it as well.

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