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Now let’s dig into Chapters 2 & 3!

Chapter 2

 John Piper Discipline to rise early

During our discussion of chapter 1, a lot of women said the #1 hindrance to setting aside time to be in God’s word was “busyness”.  We are simply too busy…or so busy – we aren’t carving time out for God.

But you will find in Chapter 2 “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Meditating on a Passage of Scripture” written just for you (this guide was also featured over at If you do not have the book read it here) .  There ARE ways to soak in God’s word even if you are busy.  You simply have to want it.

This guide is just one way you can study scripture – there’s a whole host of ideas listed on page 19 for you.  The key is to understand that without a plan –  plan to fail. Planning is the key to living a disciplined life that includes a daily quiet time.

 chapter 1 quote 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 opens with the topic of your prayer life.

when you are praying…andrew murray

Tools I’ve used to grow in this area are prayer journaling, prayer walks and fasting.  I would love to hear from you about your prayer life!

Let’s Discuss:

Below this video are our discussion questions for the comment section – please share your answers and thoughts there.

Here’s a 5 minute video of my answers!

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1.)  From Chapter 2:  When, where and how are you studying God’s word right now?

2.)  Read Luke 5:12-16 – what was Jesus doing here?  How can we, as busy women, follow his example?

3.)  From Chapter 3:  How can you improve your prayer life this year?

Father, may I never forget the powerful and amazing ways You provide for me as I thirst after You and Your word.  Teach me to wait on You wtih patience and eager expectation as I go about serving my family. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  1. Hi Courtney,

    This is such an awesome study! Thank you for following God’s call to share the Word with women everywhere!
    I don’t really have steady quiet times at this point, but I plan to start waking up 30 minutes early to be in God’s Word. I tried in the evenings after work yesterday and I enjoyed my time in the Word. But today at work, I realized I was in need of God’s perspective and peace to start my day. I work in the public school system and it’s very dangerous and high pressure as far as how much there is to do in a day. I need to be in God’s Word for all aspects of life, but feel a huge need for peace during this season of hardship in my work life.

    Jesus got away and prayed! I need to do the same. In the morning, at lunch in my car, and before bed.

    I am going tomorrow to get a prayer journal. Just a simple 5 subject notebook like your own. I want to fill it up this year. I love that you recommend putting not only your prayers, but writing out what God is doing in you and through you. What a wonderful way to look back and be encouraged on hard days.

    Thank you for sharing your walk with God to help us grow in our own walk! I can’t wait to meet you in heaven and give you a big hug if I don’t ever meet you in this life! 🙂


  2. I love your notebooks! I use them for SOAP time with GMG and love looking back at them too! My cozy spot is simply on the end of my couch near the end table for my coffee.
    I am SO excited how God is working in my life already because of your book and now this! I’ll be hosting a book club IN MY HOME with a couple friends using your book, blog, guide and schedule! We’ll just be a week behind so we can look back at the full Mon-Fri and discuss. Thanks for all the work you put into this! Feeling so encouraged tonight!!

  3. 1. Morning time in the living room, before we start homeschool. Online bible study/bible study books.
    2. Healing the leper and other people. We can find a quiet place to pray.
    3. From Chapter 3 of the book how I can improve my prayer life 2014. By Prayer journaling and Focus points to pray on before you pray.
    At the mo we have some very specific prayer we need guidance from God about. And you mentioning about fasting has brought it to my attention that we were going to do that. Thanks!

  4. 1. I have my QT either first thing in the morning at the kitchen table before my kids wake up OR at the kitchen table together if they get up before I have mine. I work through Good Morning Girls Bible Studies when the are going on. Right now I am going through Wife After God by the Unveiled Wife. I SOAP about any Scripture. I’m also a children’s minister and right now we are spending 13 weeks on Leadership. I am studying different aspects of Leadership.
    2. Jesus was busy and He saw the need to get to a quite place. If He felt that way, we need it that much more.
    3. My prayer life is ok. There’s always room for improvement. I am a journal person too so I write a lot of my prayers out. I also pray throughout the day and have prayer time with my children. The prayer time with my children needs a little work. We have sort of gotten off track since Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We need to work on that a little more.
    It was neat seeing your notebooks. Thank you for sharing those!

  5. 1.) From Chapter 2: When, where and how are you studying God’s word right now? I study in the mornings at my kitchen table. I’m able to spread all of my things out on the table. I’m following good mornings girls and I also work through a book called “Encouragement for Today”.

    2.) Read Luke 5:12-16 – what was Jesus doing here? How can we, as busy women, follow his example? I can make sure that I set the time aside in the morning before my hustle of the day starts. I will make it a priority each morning instead of worrying about the day ahead.

    3.) From Chapter 3: How can you improve your prayer life this year? I would like to add prayer to the journals I keep. Currently it is mainly for my bible studies but to write them down and so them over and over would be helpful. I would also love to pray with my husband as a couple.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Courtney! I do love the idea of prayer journals and, although I have not journaled consistently, it is neat to go back and read through the times that I have. I also very much love to see answered prayer and how God has worked during some very difficult seasons of my life.

    My quiet times are spent in the early morning, before our little ones wake, on the loveseat in our living room. Recently I’ve been reading Psalms and Proverbs, and the study notes in my Bible often lead me to other meaningful scriptures that I like to write down and meditate on. I love the picture in Luke of how Jesus first took time out of his busy day to love on someone who called out to him in need, and then he filled up his cup by seeking solitude with God. We mamas are so weary and tired from giving to our families that we desperately NEED to be seeking time alone with God. Now to make it happen! My husband has offered for me to choose one night a week to leave the house, let him put our little ones to bed, and allow me time to be alone and do whatever I want. I’m thinking time alone at the book store or library would be perfect, where I can read my Bible or books on my faith and pray pray pray!

    I hope to improve my prayer life by calling out to God all day long, in every single thing–not just when I am in need. My husband and I are trying to spend time together at night, before turning on the television, praying for our family and our own specific needs. We are also striving to send up prayers of thankfulness for all He has done for us, and the effect it has had on our attitudes has been tremendous already. God moves when we ask Him to!

  7. I love watching your videos. I feel like you are talking just with me.
    I usually study at the end of the day, on my bed. I am currently doing a few verses a day in Proverbs and I think it is fast becoming my new favourite book. Next week I will start my first ever GMG so I’m not sure if I will get time to continue with Proverbs for now.
    What you said about if Satan can’t make us bad he will make us busy, we’ll yes that applies to me too. Jesus retreated to refuel and reconnect with his Heavenly Father so he wasn’t doing things in his own strength. I so often try to do it one my own.
    I did give your prayer walk a try one morning and I think it would be something I should implement each day.
    I have a little card near my bed that says ‘ a day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel’

  8. Courtney you are such an encouragement to me! I do consider you a mentor as I go through your book. When I do get a quiet time, it is in the morning usually after I workout, so I don’t fall asleep. I used to do it at my kitchen table but have found my love seat or favorite chair more enjoyable. I really would like to put a chair in my bedroom that could be my quiet place where I could escape to when needed, but I haven’t found one that fits yet. I love that you said Jesus was busy in the Luke passage. I missed that part. Yet, he made it a point to get away. My bible commentary says that a life of prayer is a necessity, not a luxury even for Jesus! Prayer is not my strong suit so I know improvement is needed. I really like the prayer journal idea. I’m not a big writer though so I wonder on days where I don’t have much to say what I will/should write? But, I know recording my thoughts helps me see clearly.

  9. I usually have my prayer time in the morning around 5am. Right now I am in a study with my church using the “Guide to Prayer” book. It is a study that has a different focus for each week lasting a year. There is scripture study, hymn, the invocation and benediction, readings for reflection, meditation, prayer and journaling. I love it and it really has brought me closer to God. Plus, it allows me to grow in Christ with my Christian friends in our small group. I love hearing their experiences, insights and challenges on this journey.

  10. Since November I have been dropping the kids off at school, coming home and having my quiet time. I always read the devotional from proverbs 31.orf and I have been blessed that bible studies are not hard to find online. This is my 2nd one since November.
    Jesus was going about his daily life ministering to people but never failed to take time to be filled himself. He knew who the true source was.
    I think I have am a great listener when it comes to praying…but I find it hard to pour my heart out. Id love to work on that this year.
    Love and blessings, amyjo

  11. Hi ladies….I start my day with God before I even get out of bed. I keep my kindle and journal on my bedside table. My kindle has my bible and my books, like Women Living Well, in it. I read first thing in the morning, pray and then start my day. At night I have the same routine. I read at night, pray, and on Tues. and Thurs. nights I do a devotional with my husband. In Luke 5: 12 – 16 Jesus stops to heal a leper. He heals him immediately and makes him whole! What a wonderful example of keeping important things first! I have a good prayer life, but could improve on praying more out loud. We have a ladies sunday morning class and praying out loud has always been a struggle for me. I think I feel like I won’t pray as well as the other ladies. I am so happy to be here and love reading all the comments!

  12. 1.) Well…I hate to admit it but I prayed last night, “Lord, if you will let me sleep ALL night, rather than me waking up at 3am & not being able to return to sleep, I will get up earlier than the rest of the house for my quiet time.” I didn’t sleep all night, but I did fall right back to sleep the two times I woke. Truly a miracle. 🙂 Although I was still very tired, I got up before my family & got as much time in on this study & my coffee as I could before everyone started stirring.

    2.) If Jesus can do it, surely I can.

    3.) I really like your idea of walking through my home making beds and praying for each one who sleeps there.

  13. 1.) In this season of life studying God’s word is easier because I do not have a job yet after graduating in December. I have been studying God’s word in the mornings right after I wake and eat some breakfast. I study in my bedroom since that is the quietest and most comfortable place for me. I am reading the book, reading a verse for the day from an app I have, and will be starting the Good Morning Girls study soon. I am also trying to remember to pray throughout my day as a practice in inviting God into my everyday life.

    2.) In these verses Jesus healed a man with leprosy and told Him to go back into the town and not speak of Him, but simply show himself to the town. This verse teaches me that just like the man with leprosy, I have to give myself to God and let Him do whatever he wishes with my life. As God does this, I have to be an image of Him to whoever I am with. It’s kind of like spreading His word and saying “look at what He has done for me!” but without saying anything and just showing what He has done.

    3.) I can improve my prayer life this year by setting up a time each day to pray, learning to pray in moments where I am alone, and constantly reminding myself of God’s presence in my life. There are so many tricks of the trade that women do (memorize verses and post them everywhere, set an alarm to remind them to pray, etc.) that I find amazing and learning these tricks make it easier to improve my prayer life.

  14. 1.) From Chapter 2: When, where and how are you studying God’s word right now?
    I usually do not have a quiet time at a specific time of the day. I usually just do it when I find the time. But I have, for the first time ever, woke up early this morning before the kids got up to have a quiet time. I stayed in my room because we have a small house and I don’t want to wake the kids. Today I implemented a prayer journal as well. I have tried in the past to get up and pray, but I usually fall asleep, so when I read in the book of writing your prayer out I just had to try it. It kept me up and focused! So I will continue to use that. I do have a prayer binder. It has sections for husband, children, self, scripture etc. I have printed prayers from different websites and loose leaf paper in each section. I use that to write my prayers. I also am reading a section of the bible every morning. I have chosen Psalm 139 because it is my favorite. I am starting to memorize that as well. Next week I will be starting the intentionally focused bible study! I also wanted to share with you guys “prayers for cleaning” that I found through a blog that I read. She gives you short prayers for different sections of the house while you are cleaning. I am going to print it all nice and fancy and get picture frames for them. Hope these help!

    2.) Read Luke 5:12-16 – what was Jesus doing here? How can we, as busy women, follow his example?
    He was healing people with leprosy. He took time though out of His busy day to have His quiet time. We need to set aside some time to spend with God! Even if it just for 10 minutes or even if you have to wake up earlier than usual. It will help our day!

    3.) From Chapter 3: How can you improve your prayer life this year?
    Honestly, just by keeping up with it and by continuing to get up early. I love my new prayer journal and am thankful that it has worked out. I am planning on starting my prayer walks around my house as well. (Loved the idea– Thanks!)

  15. 1)I’m doing the Intentional GMG study in a FB group with Mandy Kelly who is part of the GMG Leadership team 😉 so I’m looking forward to that 😀

    2) Jesus went off by himself and prayed. I like my alone time…like right now. I worked a busy shift last night at work. So I try to pray before falling asleep 😉

    3) As I stated, I’m not a Good Morning Girl..I’m more of a night owl so a Good Night I’m ready to hit the hay as I type….so I say my prayers before I drift off. I have Sarah Young’ Jesus Calling in my car and read today’s Devotion as I sat in the car wash rinsing off the road salt from my Jeep. I’m trying to be better about my Prayer time with God….I’m not where I want to be but I’m better than where I used to be. I think God used my cancer diagnosis two years ago to bring some perspective into my life…or at least that’s how I’M taking it.

  16. 1. I have my QT on my favorite spot in our living room, generally either first thing in the morning or late in the evening. I am studying Romans. I am also reading along in Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling devotional.

    2. He withdrew himself and prayed. I LOVE that Jesus gives us this example. Not once but multiple times throughout scripture. He made time to be alone with God and set such an example for us.

    3. Being more faithful in prayer. Spending more time in prayer.

  17. 1) I have my quiet time in the morning (unless the baby has been up all night–then I do it during afternoon nap time!). I sit at my kitchen table with a cup of something hot and start reading and studying. It’s usually a study (right now is my church study group–Proverbs 31, this book club, and next week will start the new GMG study).
    2) Jesus was reaching out, touching people; He was instructing; He was healing.
    I think as moms we touch, instruct, and heal, too. We reach out to those in and outside of our homes everyday!
    3) Yesterday I started praying during my bus runs, before picking up any kids. It’s just me, God, and baby Alice in her carseat. I made a list of all the areas I want to pray over and use that as a guide.
    I also love the idea of prayer walks throughout the house!

  18. Hi Courtney,
    I find my quite time in the morning after getting everyone off to school and work. My Bible and coffee go hand in hand. Can’t have one without the other.

    I like your idea of using a journal to write your thoughts, prayers, confessions, etc… I do like to write, so it feels like a natural to me. I will start doing that. I like the idea of recording and documenting the time spent with God.
    Thanks for your book. It has been such an encouragement to me. I have recommended it to everyone.

  19. I have been having my quiet time after my 3 girls leave for the day- around 8:30 am. I am home alone with my dogs sleeping near me, sitting in my rocker next to my fish tank with a cup of Earl Grey tea in hand. I would like to use my big comfy recliner, but I know that I would fall asleep in no time if I used that chair! I have been using a reading plan on you version to read through the new testament in 60 days. If I don’t have something scheduled to read I find myself less likely to get my bible open, so I have been enjoying the many plans found on that app.

    Even though many peoplesought Jesus out, he still made time to be alone and pray. This is a great reminder, because even though all my kids are in school, and I have plenty of alone time, what do I fill it with? Is it prayer, or complaints, to-do lists, errands, TV, sleep or other distractions?

    This year one of the biggest ways that I want to improve my prayer life is through journaling. I have been getting that from so many places over the past year that I really feel God pointing me in that direction. Journaling is a discipline, and my spiritual life could user some discipline, something to keep it on track, to focus and direct what I read into action. Additionally, I really loved the idea of paying for people as you touch their stuff. I haven’t been good about praying for family members because I don’t think about it. This is a great way to remember and to encourage me to clean- I know that everything I touch will result in a prayer for my loved ones.

  20. I do not have a set time to read or do my bible studies, yes I said Studies. I am currently doing a couple on line and two that I attend in my city. I do love sitting in bed at night reading the bible a few times a week. On my Bible Study nights away from home I get home late and head to bed. Once I get past January and February with my trip in February my goal will be to make more time for God in the evenings. My best prayer time is when I drive to work and home at the end of the day, I have never done a journal, I did start a trip one once but lost interest after a couple of day, so I am not a writer, I know that is not a gift God gave me. I do work full time and I am lucky to be able to visit websites and face book to do some of my OBS on line then.

  21. With three young children I am finding it hard to have quiet time!!! So…I have been taking at least one hour each day during their nap time for myself. At my kitchen table I light a candle and have a nice cup of coffee. It is my time for me to read my bible, check your blog and forum. I love that even though Jesus was busy he took time to withdraw. Even though he had more work to do he recognized when he needed time in prayer. I am learning that house work can wait! This year I am reading through the entire Bible and I plan to journal each day about my reading and anything else that is going on in my life. I love your journals! Thanks again for this study and all that you do.

  22. 1 – I try to do my quiet time in the morning but it doesn’t always work out. I usually end of doing in the evening after everyone is in bed at the dining room table. I am doing a chronological reading through the Bible and plus a book study of Matthew with a group of ladies in my community.

    2 – Jesus healed the people and after all that, He took the time to stop and pray. The same thing needs to happen for me. In the midst of my busy schedule, I need to take the time to stop and pray.

    3 – PRAY! This is something I struggle with. This year my plan is to start a prayer journal. I started out well but have started to slack. I did read on someone’s blog about the PRAY method (praise, repent, ask, yield). This is something I will implement into my prayers now.

  23. 1. I’m not a morning person and really struggle to have my quiet time early in the day. When I miss this time, I do my quiet time when my boys are resting in the afternoon, which I usually like better anyway. (Maybe this should just be my official time?) I’m doing a Bible reading plan through YouVersion and our church’s women’s group just started Nehemiah this morning.
    2. In verse 16 it says that Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness to pray. I loved Courtney’s idea of creating a sanctuary in our homes, I’m trying to decide where mine will be.
    3. I mentioned in my first post (and was thrilled to see Courtney talk about it in these chapters), but I would love to start prayer journaling. It was neat to see that some days she lists her requests and some days she writes out full prayers. I think it will not only help me to be more consistent, but also to have a record of God’s faithfulness and maybe to see other patterns in my life (either positive or negative).

  24. 1. I do my quiet time first thing in the morning. This has become a habit for me and I look forward to it! I lately, because of having babies waking up really early, only read about one to two chapters of the Bible and then I like to read books like, “Chosen by God”, by R.C. Sproul or right now I am enjoying Tabletalk Magazine and reading a few articles in there before I start my day. I do my quiet time in the living room with my cup of coffee.
    2. Jesus needed to get away from the crowds to be alone with God. Wow, how much more do I need to be alone with my Heavenly Father with all of my weaknesses?
    3. I need a lot of work on my prayer life. I feel that things have been difficult for me lately with homeschooling and small children because I rely too much on myself and not enough on God. Anyway, I think it is a great idea to start prayer journals. I am looking forward to how God will use this!

  25. 1.) When, where and how are you studying God’s word right now? Currently, I am using time before bed and during my lunch hour at school to study God. I really like the journal idea! I plan on starting to write my prayers fobs starting today.
    2.) Read Luke 5:12-16 – what was Jesus doing here? How can we, as busy women, follow his example? I thought it was amazing that Jesus healed te lepor and made a believer out of him! I think it was powerful that he said go to church and follow Moses’ law. I liked the link between church and faith in that passage. Jesus was tired after, and needed time to focus on the next day. I think we do too, and that faith and worship take time and work, but the end result is oh so wonderful!
    3.) From Chapter 3: How can you improve your prayer life this year? I can make prayer a daily haby in my life. I bought a Jesus Calling devotional, and have been reading that at least twice a week. I am goin to do the prayer journal and hope that it helps to grow my routine if praying daily! 🙂

  26. 1. I do my study in the mornings generally, and I miss it when I do it later in the day. I just finished up Judges and am working through the Peters and doing a word study/thematic study on stewardship. I’m looking forward to the GMG study! I have a little nook upstairs of an old vanity I had as a child. It is my own personal quiet space.

    2. Jesus Acted, but He also reached out to find time with His Father. We are called to action, but we are also called to intimate fellowship with God.

    3. Prayer life. I have been journaling both my prayers and devotional studies for years, for the reason of needing to focus. I would like to practice God’s presence and be more mindful of Him throughout the day, so I’ve been reading Seven Sacred Pauses to begin to pray for different things throughout the day, to draw closer to God.

  27. This book was life changing for me! Thank you!
    Since finishing your book, I was encouraged to begin getting up before everyone in my family. I sit on my couch and read a chapter of Proverbs. I have also started meditating on the chapter and then pray to back over myself, husband and kids. I hope to improve my prayer life by praying the word over my family, meditating on the Word, and being still.
    I have a question for you though. You said your mom taught you to study your Bible when you were in the fourth grade. My son is in the fourth grade and he is a very early riser. I asked him if he wanted to learn to study the Bible so he can do that when he wakes up early. He was very excited about that. Do you have any tips/guidance for me to begin teaching him?

  28. 1) right now I am doing my quiet time in the evening, but it’s often not so.quiet with my family around! I would really like to start doing it in the morning.
    2) we need to remember that we need to take time out to refuel and spend time with God, especially when we are so busy serving other (coworkers, husbands, kids, etc.)
    3) I would like to try journaling and posting scripture around the house. I also like the idea of prayer walk at home and also at my job! I think this will help my focus to be on Him!!

  29. 1. My quiet time is in the evenings right before I go to bed and I am doing it in bed. This is not an ideal situation for me as I am a morning person, but right now it is working. I am using the devotions in my Women’s Bible-I received a new version for Christmas & I’m pretty excited about it. I had never heard of GMG before and I want to try some of the bible study/devotions on there.

    2. Jesus was in a town and healed a man with leprosy. After performing this miracle, he went off to be alone to pray. If the Son of God can take time to be alone and pray, I can certainly take some more time and make it a priority!

    3. Reading about the prayer walk through the house is such an awesome idea! I love that and instead of thinking about all I have to do at that time, I love the idea of focusing on my family, my home and God and remembering why I do what I do. I journal occasionally and a prayer journal is also a great way to get myself focused on prayer.

  30. 1.) Right now, I am studying through the book Made to Crave- I went through and found all the verses in the book and am reading them and going through them as I read the book. I am also doing a word by word study of the Fruit of the Spirit. I want to walk in the Spirit more in 2014 then I did in 2013. I have three spots I rotate through. If I need a lot of my commentaries or books- then I am at the Kitchen Table. Some mornings, I am at the coffee table in my living room. If it is beautiful outside – I might find myself on my screened in porch. Always with coffee 😉 Mostly in the morning- although I have been known to pull it back out at night and work on it some more. This week- I am teaching Sunday school and they are in Habakkuk! I felt the need to read that!

    2.) After Jesus heals the leper- multitudes come to him for miracles. Yet, he found the need to go and pray. If Jesus needed this time- especially in the midst of busyness and ministry- that I need this time too! Follow His example!

    3.) Well, after the WLW conference , I started prayer journaling, and I LOVE IT (I also have been doing the interactive journal with my oldest!) This year, I want to change my prayer life by adding fasting more often, and being more intentional. I love the idea of prayer walk. I plan on prayer walking my home. Also, we took all the Christmas cards we got and made prayer cards out of them! I am hoping to pray over those people more in this coming year as well. Also- when I say I am going to pray – I am going to stop right then and do it!

  31. 1. Thank you for sharing how you spend your quiet time, your book really helped define this area for me. I have been facing decades of hurt and rejection from parents and knew I needed to stop focusing on how I wish they would change and needed a change myself. I picked up your book this month with a stronger desire for God and took your advice. I have a front room that should be a dinning room but we have a small bench couch and piano, I have a lantern where I light a candle, and I keep a galvanized bucket with my prayer journal, and bible study tools, and bible of course. This area feels even more special now that I have made it my sanctuary for God’s word. I started a prayer journal and started SOAPing verses that I get from my lesson, I am currently enrolled in BSF and we are studying Matthew, there are footnotes called Go deeper and I SOAP verses I feel apply to my current circumstances, I’m enrolled in Intentionally Focused and plan to go off that study guide starting Monday 🙂

    2. Jesus shows in these verses that despite how busy he is he stops and attends to our every need. I am extremely busy as mom, as all moms are, the kids are always in constant want but I feel I don’t have enough to meet all their needs but I try to focus on Jesus and not my lack of supply, I have a chalk board in my kitchen, where I am most the day and keep the verse I soaped in the morning in my view so when I’m trying to get stuff done and have kids approaching and hanging on me I can be reminded of God’s strength, along with Christian music in the background, that’s a must!

    3. I have devoted to waking up at 5:15a each morning to get 30 mins a day of quiet time, I have found I turn my alarm off half awake so have to set 2 🙂 I am trying real hard to not desire sleep and coffee more than my quiet time 🙂

  32. I get up and read God’s word in the morning before the rest of the family gets up. Otherwise it just gets too chaotic and loud. I just open up my Bible and start reading. I don’t go to a certain book or chapter, and I always underline or highlight passages that speak to me.

    Jesus could have healed many more people, but he felt the need to have his quiet time to pray. I need to find my quiet time as well to pray and study God’s word.

    I feel I am a good prayer. I find myself praying many times throughout the day. Someone or something will pop into my head and I just pray for them. But there is always room for improvement. I feel I should start a prayer journal. I need to write down prayer requests from others, as well as things that I feel need an extra thought at the end of the day.

  33. I am still working on having QT with God and reading his word. My plan is to have it in the morning, in the living room, before everyone gets up. I just joined the GMG Bible study, which I am looking forward to.

    After Jesus healed the man, he went to have alone time with God. We need to take time out of our busy day to talk to God like Jesus did.

    I have always prayed many times throughout the day, but I can always improve. I really like the idea of praying while making the bed and cleaning up in the kitchen. I also like the idea of keeping a journal.

  34. 1) I have my quiet time with God in the morning and at night in my bedroom. I keep all my Bibles, books, concordances, pens, highlighters, etc right next to my bed on my nightstand. It’s really the only place in the house as we eliminated flat surfaces in our other living areas. They were becoming too much of a catch all for everything and anything. We do have 2 tall bookcases in our living room, a homeschool room and a library right outside our bedroom so there is enough room for religious and school related items. As a family we have a family yearly family plan for studying the Bible each day. This plan takes us through the entire Bible in a year. For just me, I am doing a study on Titus which is an online study a couple of times a week. As well, I have a devotion I do in the morning and at night with my family and by myself.
    2) Jesus (Yeshua) balanced ministry and alone time with God very well. HE knew the importance of that balance. Without it you have exhaustion and burn out. We need to strive daily to have healthy balance in our lives.
    3) I put things in motion last month to make sure my prayer life improved greatly this year. Soon I will be embarking on a study about prayer. As well, I am really feeling the need to write out some very personal prayers for my household as a whole and individual prayers. I am also making a huge prayer board to put in my room which will have prayers, prayer requests, and scripture. I am going to share it with my family and encourage them to join me.

  35. 1. my quiet time right now is between about 7:30 and 8 AM, after my daughter gets on the bus and while my son is busy watching mickey mouse clubhouse. 🙂 my space is in my bedroom at my desk. what i do depends on the day and what i have to do at that time. it can be my word study i am doing on marriage/wives this year, i will be doing the gmg study, i’ll probably start doing my study of james i am doing on my own at that time as well, or just reading a chapter along with my bible handbook in the book of the bible i happen to be in at that time. i admit, i don’t have as structured of a quiet time on the weekends.

    2. Jesus was healing a leper and talking to and healing large crowds of people, as well as leaving to find a quiet place to pray. my new year’s resolution for last year, actually, was to fill my little jar with big things first and the little things will always find a way to fill in the rest of the space. that is in relation to the story we were told in my women’s group at church. it worked! when i would make the time for my bible study, devotion, or whatever it was, my day always seemed to have plenty of time for the ‘little’ things i wanted to do. if i didn’t fill my jar first with the big things and didn’t ‘schedule’ them in, so to speak, i never found time to fit them in. so, that has been a big change in my life. i am tweaking it even further this year and setting aside 7:30-8 AM M-F, at least, for this. anything i can do additional throughout the day is bonus.

    3. i have started the prayer walking. i admit, i am not a journaler!! but, i am always talking to God throughout the day and find i am most comfortable with my relationship with him that way. i have started praying for my kids and husband when i make beds. i just have to find other cues to pray for them throughout the day if there isn’t something specific on my mind to pray for them already.

  36. 1. My quiet time is either after hubby leaves for work and my two kids are still sleeping, OR when my oldest is at school and I put my youngest down for his nap. Most of the time, I sit at the kitchen table to study, but sometimes I’ll stay in bed and study before getting up.
    2. Jesus was very busy, but still stopped to have alone time with God. I need to make more time during the busy days to pause and have alone time too!
    3. I’ve started a prayer journal. I’m not a huge journal keeping person, but it does help me out to get things written down so that I can focus on all of what I’m thinking without forgetting anything. I need to pray more while doing other tasks, like dishes, exercising, etc.

  37. 1) My quiet time is at the end of my day after I put my daughter to be and straighten up my home after the day is over. I retreat to the office space in my home and study the Bible with my online Bible study group. Right now reading this book and posting here is part of that time spent as well.

    2) Jesus is busy taking care of all those that ask of Him for help. At the end of the passage he goes into the wilderness to spend time with The Father. We can follow this example, because as wives and mothers we spend all day (and sometimes night) taking care of others and at the end of the day we need to retreat into our wilderness and spend time with The Father.

    3) I will improve my prayer life this year by follow the examples you have given in the book, a prayer journal and praying as I do simple tasks around my home and for my family. I have a 30-45 minute (depending on traffic) drive to work and home from work…I will try to utilize some time during this drive to turn the radio off and spend some time with The Lord.

  38. As of last evening I did not have a certain area for my quiet with God but I am happy to say that was fixed this am. I have taken your advice and created my own oasis to enjoy my time with God. I have my Bible, pens, pencils, notecards and prayer journel ready to go.

    Luke gives us the reminder that we women need to make sure we take the time to pray. We can all get busy but I know that I feel better inside which in turn makes me better on the outside when I get my prayer time in.

    I just want to be more diligent about my prayer time, make it meaningful.

    I am so enjoying this book and all the wonderful comments.

  39. 1.) From Chapter 2: When, where and how are you studying God’s word right now?

    I try to study in the morning since this is my ideal time to wake up, feel positive and start my day on the right foot! However, I have YouVersion open at all times at work and sneak in a few minutes here or there to read and learn. I also will come home and read/journal after my son goes to bed.

    2.) Read Luke 5:12-16 – what was Jesus doing here? How can we, as busy women, follow his example?

    Jesus knew that while it was important to help others, making sure you are helping yourself first is most important. Not to be confused with selfish, too. As wives, parents, sisters, working women, stay at home moms… if we are not taking care of ourselves, how can we provide? Staying close to God helps us feel motivated, energized and ready for anything!

    3.) From Chapter 3: How can you improve your prayer life this year?

    This will be the first year that I have started building my relationship with God. I am so incredibly excited for this journey!

  40. Well, I m doing my best to have my quiet time in the morning. I want to wake up earlier and get time alone with Jesus before my children rise – but it is a work in progress. Right now, they have learned that when mommy is at the table with her Bible open, she is talking to Jesus and they have been so good about honoring that – mostly. The quote at the beginning of chapter two was so relevant to where I am at right now. I must learn to go to bed earlier so that rising before my children do is doable. As I mentioned, I usually do my devotions at the table, but I would love to create a space in my room that is inviting to wake up to . I would love for my children to know that there is a place that mommy goes to meet with Jesus – EVERY DAY. Right now, I am working my way through the Anything study at GMG, but I plan to start Intentionally Focused next week.

    I am not proud of my prayer life in recent years, so improving on it won’t take much. I wrote in my journal that I can improve my prayer life by actually having one outside of meal times and emergencies. I need to plan it into my days and use Scripture to pray when I don’t have the words.

  41. 1.) From Chapter 2: When, where and how are you studying God’s word right now? My goal is to be able to get up in the morning before everyone else and either sit at the dining table or on the couch. I used to have very good quiet times like that. I would have my coffee and play soft instrumental worship music and start my day off in the Word. It made such a difference in my preparation for the day and put my focus where I needed to be. I really miss those mornings.

    2.) Read Luke 5:12-16 – what was Jesus doing here? How can we, as busy women, follow his example?
    Even Jesus had to take time for prayer and solitude. Jesus helped others but made sure to take the time to pray and be renewed.

    3.) From Chapter 3: How can you improve your prayer life this year? Taking every opportunity to call out to God, in need, in praise, in all things. To constantly be aware that He’s present and desires a relationship with me and be reminded that He is in control, not me.

  42. 1.) I just started this because this current Good Morning Girls study (Intentionally Focused) is the first one I’ve done – My current study time is at 10:00am Monday-Friday at my desk. I am currently using index cards for my study time. At the top of each one I put the scripture we are supposed to read and then the scripture we are using for our SOAP time. I then actually type up what I observe and apply from the verse(s) so I can copy/paste it onto Facebook for my group. Finally, I copy it onto my index card(s)
    2.) Jesus wanted to be there for the people, but he also knew that he had to have his “quiet” time for prayer. In my life, I know that I have to determine in my heart and my mind to have a quiet time or else I will get sucked into doing something else.
    3.) This year I am going to stick to my schedule of spending time in God’s word every morning around 10:00. The timing may be different on the weekends, but I know that this time will be dedicated to reading, studying, and praying during the week. I hope to increase the amount of time I spend doing this and to include the weekends as well as I get more consistent with my time.

  43. I start my morning 1 hour before kids wake up. I love my quiet time it helps me to get ready for the day & set the tone of my house & prepare for the day.

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