For Moms – Embrace This Season of Life

Embrace this season of life

Mother’s Day is this weekend, so I want to celebrate Moms!

Sometimes we can grow weary. The noise and chaos that children bring can make us frazzled. The toys spread through out the house and the dirty clothes pile – it all seems unending… BUT there IS an end.  One day the children will grow up, and they will leave.  This season of life does not last forever.

In our home, the door of the little years has slammed shut in my face.  No more Barney. No more Matchbox cars.  No more Big Wheels or picture books.

I seriously thought the Elmo and Thomas the Train years were never going to come to an end.  But my kids have gone from this:

super man

to this:

first day of school 2013

In a flash.

We are in a new season.

Join me over at where I’m talking about Embracing This Season of Life because mama – you don’t want to miss this!

Walk with the King,



  1. Courtney!

    Thank you so much for this post! Perfect timing, perfect words, perfect scripture. (Imagine that God using someone and his word to help his child out!) My friend and I were just talking about this and last night. I have an 11 month old and she has a 2 1/2 year old boy and 4 year year old girl. She is struggling to find joy in her children with, like you said, the chaos and noise, etc. I told her I would pray for her and I did and am. At a women’s event at church last night, we were taking about it again, I told her I was going to find some scripture and books (a blog post works too! ;)) on finding the joy in your children and embracing now with them. I sent her this post (as she just texted me at 5:10 this morning letting me know that her kids were up all night throwing up – because our kids were playing together all day yesterday.) I’m sure it’s the last thing she will want to read, but I’m praying God uses it for her. So thank you for opening up your heart on this!

    On another note.. I am on the opposite side! Like I said I have an 11 month old little guy, Ollen, and a 16 week old that is growing and making me look huge again! 😉 we find out how the baby is growing and gender in 4 weeks!! This pregnancy is going by so fast! I am constantly telling my husband that I don’t want Ollen to be 10 or 15. I just want to keep him at his curious, smiley, wobbly walking self forever! Haha! I see The Lord through my child so much everyday! So thank you for making me cry 😉 once again (probably pregnancy hormones) about my little guy already almost bring one and in 10 years he will be 11 and the little one inside will be 9!!! Haha!

    You are wonderful Courtney and God uses you in my life so much as I am a growing, learning, stay at home momma/wifey! I love my job, it’s the best job I have had yet!! Thank you for being a light in the homemaking/stay at home mom world! Keep working for God!! You are doing amazing!

  2. Learning to do just that: embrace these stages! Thank you for this reminder! Happy Mother’s Day Courtney!!

  3. I, myself have just been going through this this morning as I put together some beautiful’little girl’ dresses(actually size 16), but you know those dresses that teenagers don’t wear, to give to a friend. I was thinking how quickly the years went, that she can’t where those dresses anymore. And I was laying in bed this morning and son comes to cuddle next to me and again I thought the ‘baby’ in him is starting to change, I see a moustache growing, oh my! And he wants to stay little, he is one of those that does not want to grow up! Cherish those young years, they really do flee! My daughter is 15 and my son is 12 now. I still miss pushing a stroller! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. I was thinking about this the other day. My oldest is 17 and my youngest 8. Because of the big age difference, it was easy for me to “neglect” the season of the youngest. Just a few weeks back, I started making a change and embracing the moments.

  5. This is so true! And in refocusing my life back to the Lord and my family this post made me almost cry. I get so frustrated with the endless diapers of trying to potty train my 2 year old boy (ugh his sister was so much easier) the laundry that never ends! But one day and sooner than I think it will be hardly any laundry, no diapers to change, and all I will have left are the memories. Man they grow so fast!

  6. Take this seriously! I am ending my time with littles a second time as my youngest grandbaby is 9. I make sure we have great times together going to Christian Rock Concerts, zoos and whatever else we can share. My oldest is now 19 and living in France. I am so proud of her, but it is hard being a facetime grandma. ENJOY!!! I am just blessed that I get to be super involved with the grands. Yes, the chores too. I look for the pluses this time around.

  7. I am embracing the season of adult children now, and I love it! But they grew up much too fast and especially the days of high school just flew by, I could not believe how fast the years started going as soon as they were teenagers.

  8. Hey Courtney,
    I was wanting to ask you how to make those chore lanyards you showed before that you use for your kids chores on a youtube video?
    Thank you,
    Candice Porter

  9. Yes, they grow up far too fast! My only child, a son just turned 10 and is finishing his 4th grade year. Time sure does fly!

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