Radical Women –Living Well

Radical Women --Living Well

Radical – it’s not just the name of a book – it’s an evangelical trend.  A trend that is good. We must be reminded that the Christian life is one of learning to deny ourselves – take up our cross daily and follow Jesus. (Luke 9:23)

But it is also a trend that causes a disconnect for me as a woman at times. I see women being told that in order to be radical – you have to do something big. huge. stupendous. for God.

Friends, I have bought into being radical –hook, line and sinker.  Where do I sign on the dotted line?  I want to say – “yes God, I’m your girl. Send me – use me – I am all yours!!!”

Then I wake up to breakfast dishes and morning coffee, morning devotions and emails, then there’s homeschooling –helping little ones learn long division, fractions and the area of rectangles.  Then there’s history, science, latin and grammar lessons and oh, how time flies.

There’s lunch dishes and dinner to prepare and grocery shopping and laundry. There’s sports and church activities to attend and special events with family and friends.  There’s the elderly to visit in the hospital, the neighbor who needs her flowers watered,  the orphan we need to write letters to, and words to write at my keyboard.

The second hand moves quickly and there’s dinner and board games and bedtime read alouds and prayers and long winded late night conversations.  And I wake up and repeat the past days events…and then I read words that tell me I need to be more radical.  There are girls to be freed from slavery, wells to be dug, and churches to be built.

And my heart cries – almost bleeds with the pain of knowing I am not doing enough.

I listen to a video while washing dishes.  The speaker is raising awareness about the horrors in our world.  It was to motivate us to do.something!!!  And so I listen and listen… and at the end –I wish I could go save these girls from the trade or dig a well…but there’s real life – there’s laundry and homeschooling and a husband who needs me.

And I get the invite – more than once – to go on trips to raise awareness and money for those in third world countries who need our help.  It’s an opportunity to blog about the needs…but the timing is never right. My real life has obligations that make it impossible to go.

And so we send money… for years on end…to one of our favorite organizations. (This is a plug for World Help.  😉 If you have a heart to help the poor and are not sure who to entrust your money to – our family trusts World Help and Compassion International)

But it doesn’t feel like enough.

And perhaps if I posted photos of me like this —- teaching children in Mexico:

Mexico Missions Trip

or teaching teenagers in Eleuthra, Bahamas:

Teaching in Eleuthra, Bahamas

I would seem more spiritual, than if I post photos like this — teaching my son:

Reading the Bible to Alex

And I listen to these videos telling me to DO.something. but in the end– I can’t go to a third world country today – I can’t leave my post here in my home.  And I talk to another woman –who feels the same way.  She tells me, if only her husband would go she’d leave America TODAY.  Her heart is no longer here but her husband seems to have no interest.  What does she do?  How does she face tomorrow knowing this is a hope deferred.

The radical life I thought I’d live has turned into picking up crumbs off the floor, sharpening pencils for the school day and tapping on a keyboard in my kitchen…

Radical – smh – sure doesn’t feel like it.

Then I ponder Titus 2:3-5,

Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, 4 and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, 5 to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.

I swirl it around in my brain over and over.  I wonder where are these Titus 2 older women the Bible speaks of?  I just don’t see many of them around teaching the younger women?

I look into the eyes of these young moms and I see their longing to be significant – to find that something – to lean in to – to live the best life now. Anything that will make them feel like they matter or have a purpose.  The older women of the world have told them to reach, strive, go achieve. And that same lump I had in my throat when all I could do is write a checksits in my throat.

I can’t write a check to help fix this —

but I can write words.  

And maybe the words I’m about to write are more radical than it seems because I can’t find very many writing the words of Titus 2 in the sea of millions of blogs.

Because in a world where the foundations of faith and family are crumbling – maybe there are a few of us who would like to ban together for the summer and say – what I am doing here in my home – IS radical.  

Loving our husband and children – is radical.

Being self-controlled, pure, kind and busy at home – is radical.

The world tells us joy is found “out there”, somewhere perhaps… over a rainbow — dreams come true.  Follow the crowd and be on the go! Go Go Go!

But when I read Titus 2:3-5, the words I hear God whispering to me (not audibly – just in my heart) are “go home.”

Go home.

This is radical living my friends.  You don’t have to go away to be radical but you DO have to do something! This is not the American dream of 2.5 kids and a white picket fence – this is the Biblical dream of Finding joy in God, your man, your kids and your home and then from this space – opening your arms to the needy next door, across town, and around the world. Wherever God allows in this season of life – big or small – ALL for the glory of God!

Join me this summer as we go virtue by virtue through Titus 2, as we strive to be Radical Women — Living Well.

Walk with the King,


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  1. This sounds like a wonderful series! I can’t wait to follow along- I know I will learn so much 🙂 Thank you so much for your example- I am so grateful to be able to learn from you! Blessings to you!


  2. Tell your friend that I do live overseas and my life still looks a lot like yours. It doesn’t change the ins and outs of my day.
    It may have been here or Sally Clarkson (or a combination) that said motherhood is our most important ministry. I have to remind myself of that quite often.
    I’m hoping that I can add this to my already overflowing plate, because I really need it right now.
    Blessings and thanks.

  3. Dear Coutney!
    Thank you (from Russia 🙂 ) for this encouraging post!
    It is exactly what i need to hear these days.

  4. This is a real place and I’m so happy to have woke up and read it this morning. I’m anxious to follow along. This summer I won’t have my children but it will be a great time to listen to God and gain more wisdoms and knowledge on motherhood so I’m equipped upon their return. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. This is AWESOME, Courtney!!!!!! Being radical is following Jesus no matter what the cost!!!! That cost will look different in each of our lives as we listen for His voice and follow.


  6. Thank you! I just started reading Radical and all I feel is guilt that I’m not doing more more more. Thank you for this post! My more more more needs to be at home, thank you for reminding me if that!

  7. Thank you so much for this! It was the perfect way to start my busy day of doing radical things in my HOME, and really confirms how I’ve been feeling at times. I can’t wait to learn from this series–it sounds perfect for this season of life.

  8. this is exactly what I needed this morning. I have been struggling so much lately after reading Radical & other books like it…even judging others in my church. Ive been feeling so discontent with my life & family that we weren’t doing enough.

  9. I’m so happy to hear that you are starting this series! This past weekend I went to a church assembly for my local region and all I felt was guilt that I wasn’t doing enough to help minister to minorities, the poor and the abused. It seems like we never hear that building a family and raising children as disciples are not a very important work too…we only hear about missions. I came home feeling disillusioned with my church, because they are forgetting the family and teaching people how to be godly wives and husbands and how to raise children that love God.

    Looking forward to your series 🙂 Thanks so much Courtney!

  10. Thank you for these beautiful words. I have been struggling being at home with my little one. Looking forward to the rest if the series. Thank you for letting God speak to me through you.

  11. This could not have come at a better time Courntey! I have been struggling with this so much lately and have been praying for some guidance, how I can lead my life to honor and serve God. Thank you so much for being an answer to that prayer. I can’t wait to begin this study!!

  12. I can’t wait for the series. I am often left with feeling like I am not doing enough. I also search for an “older” godly woman to mentor, but it’s so hard to find. I believe I am older than you are (40 this year), but I still think you are a godly woman that I can learn a lot from. Thank you for all that you do.

  13. This has been the cry of my heart for about four years now, this desire to find and/or be a Titus 2 woman. Last Fall I finally surrendered to the Radical thing The Lord was clearly asking of me, though like you say, really doesn’t seem that Radical according to the standard being preached. I, too, began to blog.

    Though I don’t have hundreds of readers, I do know my words are impacting my friends and family who read it. I long to be a Real girl who happens to be madly in love with Jesus yet lives a pretty ordinary life. So that’s what my blog is about: Real Stories from Real Women about Real Life.

    If we girls would just be Real with each other, not trying to seem put-together or more Radical than one another, I believe we will find contentment and joy and hope–and finally learn from each other as Titus 2 teaches.

    I’d love for you to stop by my little spot in Blogville. It ain’t fancy 😉 but you can find me at notmyownblog.wordpress.org. My “About” page will explain it all. If you feel led, please pop by again sometime or sign up to receive emails. My recent post is called “She’s Outta My League.”

    One of my first posts was about my new take on The American Dream. I had bought it hook, line and sinker as well. But The Lord has shown me that dream is a lie; but His plans for me? Oh wow! Ordinary yet Divine! Hope you’ll check it out. 🙂


  14. Your words are so true. I was a stay at home mom for 26 years. Raised and homeschooled 4 great kids that all serve the Lord. Now the Lord has lead me to a new ministry working outside the home. But my first love is to be home caring for my family. I do not know when it happened but now I seem to be one of those older women you speak of. I would love to share words of wisdom, but am not always sure when to speak up?

  15. Courtney,
    I’ll join you in this study! I love it! Yes, I feel drawn to do “more” sometimes… But, I know it’s not the time and we give…
    Thing is, with six children, trying to homeschool, & do all that you listed, I have a hard time doing just that! Our everyday stuff. A couple of years ago I felt so guilt ridden. I couldn’t go visit my aunt easily, the elderly in my church weren’t getting enough cookies from me, & I rarely made it to the hospital to visit. I just felt worthless. My wise pastor’s wife took me to Titus 2. We read it and I was asked where it told me to do all these things I felt so pressured to do? I am supposed to love my husband, love my children, and be a keeper of my home. So that Gods word will not be blasphemed. Yes, all of the things in that list are important. But, if I’m striving for the top 3, the others fall in line. That is my focus now. She reminded me to do what I can for others, as long as I am taking care of what the word tells me to do.
    God convicts, satan condemns. If I feel guilt and shame… It’s probably satan trying to discourage me and keep me from being useful!

  16. Oh sister, you have NO idea how much this post touched my heart!!! I am sitting here in tears typing this because you were speaking directly to ME! I have felt like that for sooooo long—feeling the desire to be “radical” for God but I, too, have daily responsibilities and I have felt like I was letting God down (does that sound crazy lol)….I admire you so much and wish that I had someone like you in my life when I was raising my boys. I love you, sister, and I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!

  17. Love this! Thank you so much, its great to know someone else has similar struggles. Thought it was just me. I get looks for not volunteering at church for everything. How can I when I never seem to have enough time to do things at home. Makes you feel like a failure. A study on this would be great! I never get included in the bible studies at church or they have them at times that would require me to leave kids home alone to go, due to husband’s work schedule (been like that since we joined the church). So miss our old church that had the no one is left out notion. Volunteering was welcome but not felt like it was required if you were a member.

  18. This has been a constant struggle for me as a mom and wife. I think I am not doing enough and God keeps showing me by thinking I need to be doing more I am missing the opportunities here right now. Thank you for writing this post!

    1. Amen! All this time I have felt guilty because I just want to be home. Looking forward to this series this summer!

  19. Every summer I go through these nagging thoughts that tell me I’m not doing enough. You spoke the words of my heart here. I guess since the summer is full of fun and pool time I feel guilty that I’m not doing enough, even though I stay home and devote all of my time and energy to my family. I am SO excited about the series. God is meeting me right where I need Him. Thank you SO much Courtney for all you do to encourage and minister to us women!!

  20. Courtney – the words you share have been stirring in my mind over the last year or so. My children are older and I kept thinking now what? What can I do now because I have so many friends who are so Busy they just don’t stop and I thought that was Godly . But then I saw marrital relationships fall apart and unhappy children growing up in a life that doesn’t ever stop and just breathe in Christ and His goodness. And I prayed about it and God opened my eyes that being a mom/wife at home and taking care of my youngest child who is 19 and my husband is enough. That is where my energy and time are devoted. Outside activities, including church come second place. I agree that older women (include me in that category) need to set the example of serving Christ in our homes. After all, the permanent relationship God established is between husbands and wives, so that needs to take priority.

  21. Thank you so much for allowing God to work through you! I was just sitting in my bedroom last night trying to figure out where to go from here – what bible study to do next. I picked up a copy of “Women of the Bible” – a bible study book that I have started and stopped and started and stopped whenever I am in-between studies and it just didn’t “speak” to me like it usually does. I now know why – God was holding me back from starting that so that I would be open for this email today. I can’t wait to follow along on this study with you!

  22. Yes!!! This is an epidemic among young Christian women- and I believe it may be a lie straight from the devil! Getting our minds on others is definitely good and biblical; however, at the expense of our husbands and children is NOT! I, myself, could have written every word of this post. Except I have shame and guilt to boot- I recently came back to the Lord after many years, but I think of all the years that I wasted and what I could have done for the Lord during that time. Now, I have two little ones and I don’t have the freedom to go on mission trips or volunteer much. But, the Lord has been impressing on my heart that this is just a season in my life. I must live this season well.. there will be time in the future for me to branch out but the most important people that I have Godly influence over are my children. Don’t waste this time wishing to be somewhere else, doing something bigger. There is no bigger thing than raising godly children!

  23. Thank you so much for this post!! I have felt that disappointment that I’m not doing enough so much lately! Thank you for helping me to see that I’m not alone, I don’t have to do something huge to be a good Christian. I’m raising my 4 kids to love God and trying to be a Godly wife to my husband and that’s my calling for now….
    Love your writing, you’ve helped me more times than I can say.

  24. Amen! Amen! Go Courtney! SO HAPPY to see someone step out into the light and scream that being a wife and mother is VALUABLE; that you can find satisfaction in serving the Lord by serving in your own home!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  25. Amen! Amen!
    Too many awesome bible studies to do this summer!!! Aaaaahhhhh! 😀 You’ve just got me excited on starting this one along with 2 others!

  26. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again for teaching biblical, sound, true, doctrine. I am one of the older women of which Titus speaks. My husband and I have been married 40 years. We have been going steady since high school. He is my first and only boy friend. We raised 2 children together. We do everything together. The younger women in the church see this and I pray that God uses me to teach the younger women His way. God, family, others and self; this is how we serve. This is how we love. We must start at home and see this as our first mission field. We are being radical because we will make a difference for the Lord’s kingdom through what we do and teach in our home.

    Never stop speaking truth in love; God is using you mightily because you are faithful. I will keep you and your family in prayer.

  27. Wow the response to this is wonderful…. I am wondering about a forum or something where we could discuss these things???

    About 2 1/2 years ago, our youth group went thru Radical (we were making our 1st missions trip to Haiti – our 2nd just left yesterday). I went 2 years to Haiti, so on fire…. then I came home. I got sick – I mean really sick. After 1 1/2 years of being so exhausted etc, I found I was gluten intolerant ( going to a foreign 3rd world country can trigger it to flare). So I am now Gluten Free – and a lot better. I still have a long way for my body to heal (last week I broke my ankle and foot too)…. Thru all of this, I have thought about how the radical calling – was for me. I felt God calling me….

    Last year, I actually “taught” the older kids (middle / high school) at co-op, science. We did a mini-creation science museum that we shared with others. We were Radically showing How God has His Hands in Science. This last year was somewhat more of a rest year for me, but God has defining “how” I am to be radical. Look at the response to this post…. There are a lot of people online that need the truth of the Gospel.

    One thing that also struck me… Our pastor was talking about the Great Commission – Go & Make Disciples….. How did Jesus make Disciples? How about His 12 Disciples? He spent years making them into Disciples…. Our goal as Moms – should be making disciples of our children and other children we come into contact….

    I really look forward to this study! 🙂

  28. Oh, I cannot wait to read this series!

    Lately it seems as if the world is screaming, “You are not doing enough!!” And goodness knows I am plum worn out and exhausted when my head hits the pillow. The last thing I want/need is more pressure in my life…

    My heart is pulled toward doing more in our neighborhood and city, though I would love to travel overseas for a mission trip someday. So many need to hear about Jesus…

    Can’t wait to see where this journey of Titus 2 takes us!

    Blessings, Cyndee

  29. As I read each word, I think got more and more excited! This reminded a lot of what Jennie Allen wrote in her book “Anything”, that we studied last summer with our GMG Study. As a GMG group, we have been together for just about 3 yrs. About 2 yrs. Into it, we realized we didn’t want to stop SOAPing on our breaks because it was just such a powerful tool in our lives. So as a group, we’ve been SOAPing some of the smaller books of the bible on our GMG breaks. We have SOAPed the book of Titus, so this study excites me SO much. I love how in everything you blog about, God uses you to speak His truth, as He shares with you, what you in turn share with us. Thank you so much for being an obedient follower of Christ! So many women are growing each and every day as you follow God’s lead. May God continue to bless you richly. Love in Christ, Lori 🙂

  30. Thank you, again, for speaking right to where I am. I have long wrestled with guilt that I am not able to go on mission trips, to serve refugees, to fight against human trafficking, etc. etc. etc. I too am a homeschool mom. I work part-time (from home mostly) to allow our family to live as we do, where dad can invest almost as much time as I do into our kids’ lives. We have adopted 2 out of our 3 kids — both girls — one 5 years ago who is now 8, and one who is 14 and whose adoption we will finalize this fall. These are girls that have come from great pain and trauma, and frankly, parenting them is exhausting! I know in my heart of hearts that they are my primary ministry, but sometimes I allow other voices to invade that assurance, and feel like I “should be doing more.” Thank you for being the voice of the Holy Spirit to me today, reminding me once again that I am radical because I choose to focus on my home and my kids, being a vessel of God to bring healing to their hurts.

  31. Women!! Why do we always feel like we are not enough? Not doing enough?

    This blog is great. Courtney, you are one of the ‘older’ women teaching the younger… you’re just not very old yet. Look for the blog “Always Learning” and you will find a mentor in Lori.

    I wish I had this kind of support 10-20 years ago. My life would look SO MUCH DIFFERENT had I learned some of the Titus 2 principles at a younger age. I’m 50, with a 13 year old. I’m a single, self employed mom and home owner. My plate is FULL. Some day maybe I will have the opportunity to ‘do more’ somewhere in the world… but this post and many of your comments make me glad I have worked on accepting that as I listen to the Holy Spirit guide my life and WRITE A PRIORITY LIST to say “is what I’m doing right now pointing to one of these priorities?” and staying on track and taking care of my little piece of the world… IF EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH WERE TO DO WHAT MANY OF US DO – wouldn’t this be a great planet?

    Go look in the mirror and give yourselves a smile ladies.

  32. Thank you for this, Courtney. It is so encouraging. A few years ago, my heart was in the mission field (still is in many ways). I would sell my house and leave my life of luxury in a heartbeat but my husband did not feel the calling. So, as I was talking to God about it one day, God said so clearly to my heart, “Your home IS your mission field.” And it became clear to me that when God told us to go out into the world and make disciples, it starts at home, and if I can’t make disciples out of my own children, how can I make disciples out of anyone else? It was so peaceful and freeing when I realized this and I was able to refocus on my true calling. And I am loving it! It is not easy, but I know I am doing exactly what God’s purpose is for me, and I can do ALL things thru Christ who strengthens me.

  33. I am encouraged and anxious to go through Radical. My husband just accepted a new pastorate and I have been asking the Lord what His women need. I have been pondering Titus 2:3-5 for several weeks and asking the Lord to bring me the resources to bridge the gap between the generations. He did just that! I love how personal He is with us that He would take the time to delight us in the most intimate ways. Thank you for following His lead in offering Biblical resources worth sharing.

  34. You put into words the way I feel every day lately. I feel like I need to do more, be more, etc. Yet I am overwhelmed by the tasks of daily life & how time flies. I look forward to this series. I have been struggling with foggy “mom” brain so I hope my words make sense. Your writings are such a blessing to me and countless others.

  35. When the women in our society have bought into the culture shift of “Get out of the house and find yourself”, we have to teach ourselves to be the mentors. We need to hold to our strength through God and realize number age doesn’t define you, there is always an up and coming generation of younger women in need of wisdom. It is nice to have a place to come together and rejoice in “sound doctrine”. Thank you Courtney, for providing a God first, world second, place to gather. You are doing a marvelous job!

  36. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like I can never do “enough”. I homeschool, I have a little blog that I pour my heart into, I help lead women’s Bible study at our church and we host several families in our church throughout the month because my husband is in leadership in our church…I am about to unsubscribe from the blogs that keep telling me to dig down deeper, to go outside my comfort zone. I live outside my comfort zone. All of this service? It is not me. I am missing that gene. This is the Lord refining me. I didn’t sign up for this. I didn’t know what marriage and motherhood would be like – it is the remaking of me. Thank God I didn’t know how hard it would be to love well, I might have run the other way. He knows my dreams are big, but He has kept me small. He has a plan for me that is bigger than mine. His purposes outweigh my dreams. His purpose for me is to pour into others. His purpose for me is to die to self. His purpose for me is painful enough without all of the guilt.

    You are right. His purpose for us is radical because the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength (1 Cor 1:25).

  37. I am one of those older women. And my life is not “radical” in the sense I am still being a wife, mom to my last 2 at home, Gramma to the littles that my “bigs” have had. I have struggled this past year thinking I needed to be DOING something more. BUT God kept me at home for most of the year, teaching me trust….and patience…and diligence. I am going to be following this and doing it right along with you!
    Stay the course!

  38. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. My motivation for my housework has been terribly lacking. I just sat down for lunch and voila’ your e-mail reminded me to get at it and do it for the Lord! Thanks.

  39. I have been wanting to study this. I am SO excited. I think I’m becoming one of those older women. I didn’t have one to come along side me, maybe that is why it is so important to me. Though, I shouldn’t be doing it for that reason, should I? I should be seeking to learn and do because it’s in God’s Word….Anyway, I’m ready to learn!

    Grateful daily for His grace,

  40. This is something that has needed to be said for years especially in our society! We think the grass is greener and maybe God will recognize us and love us more if we’re helping and ministering outside our homes and that is such a lie! Our hearts are to be for God and our families first and above all else for we are raising the next generation of Believers for God. If you study Biblical culture in the Old Testament one of the things that women would bring into the marriage as part of her dowery was her tent. The mother’s tent was a very very important focal point of the family unit. That’s where the children would go to learn and be nurtured and loved until it was time for them to go out into the community and learn from their father what it was to be a man, work, serve, etc. From the very beginning God designed the family in such a way so that children and generations wouldn’t be lost to the world. If we aren’t at home tending to what God ordained from the very beginning then it’s time for us to get down on our knees and pray for we are not serving God and others through our work in the home.

  41. This is my heart exactly! Our women’s ministry at church is almost non-existent, the women’s events that we have don’t have childcare. All the older women go, but none of us younger women feel comfortable. And our church preaches “Serve, serve, serve” and I feel guilt and sadness because I can’t. I work full time as a telecommuter while my husband goes to school and I want to make a difference and I have three little ones that I love, but get so frustrated with. I am so excited to join in this next study/series to help me see that I can be a Radical Christian here and now and not have to wait for the future.

    Thank you!

  42. Oh, Courtney, I love this! I am SO EXCITED for this series! You’ve set my mind spinning & I wholeheartedly agree that those of us just being at home with our families is Radical. Being married to the same man you 1st married is radical these days, not to mention being a stay at home mom, or homeschooling. I so enjoy your “Making Your Home a Haven” series, but I know this is going to be even more exciting. I will be sharing this with my Homeschool Mom’s Night Out group and at least one of my cousins.

  43. This is beautiful.

    I have had to acknowledge (more than I would like to) that sometimes staying home and doing the right thing (though no one can see me but God) is just as important as going out and volunteering or writing the checks for those who are going around the world.

    There are many days and nights that I wrestle with my limitations and then I realize what a challenge and opportunity God has given me to deal with me in this way. It may only seem to affect my husband and I but I know that one day it will be more than that.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  44. YES! I just hit “Publish” on a post I’ve been sitting on for days which is, ironically, about doing something. 🙂 I just finished reading that book Radical (awesome) and it helped contribute to this growing feeling I’ve had for some time, really a call from God to rise up and be the Salt and Light He is calling me to be.

    Yet I have also been working through what that looks like exactly. And I think you’ve written about an important part of the puzzle. There are many ways to be radical and I think it will depend on how God leads each individual as to how that will look.

    Thanks for your insights and God bless your ministry, Courtney!

  45. Excellent Courtney – can’t wait for the new series to start!

    We women have a full time ministry right here in our homes.

    Our children (plus husbands, and relationship with The Lord) are our “number one” priority – in bringing them up in the knowledge and ways of the Lord.

    Wonderful when us Mothers have the privilege of hearing our children say to us “Mommy I’ve accepted The Lord Jesus into my heart!” The fruit of this will pay off in their lives, and in our’s.

  46. Amen – all for the glory of God! Thank you for the reminder that your mission field can be within your own four walls. But I would add that when we are stirred, we should get on our knees and pray : )

  47. Hi Courtney ..I so appreciate all you share on your blog! I’m a 56 year old mom of 7 and grandmother of 5… I homeschooled most of my kids, my 17 year old twin boys are now in school! How I wish there was someone like you around when I was a new younger Christian! My husband and I were saved over 20 years ago and went to a church with lots of ultra conservative people who were critical and judgemental..I appreciate the balance in the things you share and how you live your life, and pray other young Christian moms don’t fall into the same teachings we did.
    I’m really looking forward to this summer series, thank you so much for writing about things that so many of us struggle with, no matter our age! You ARE radical!! LOL! Can’t wait for this!

  48. God is so awesome. I was too busy at work yesterday to ready the WLW email that came in. Last night I was working on the WLW study, and I’m in Chapter 3, and I was just so overwhelmed that my life lacks holiness and devotion to God. I’m so busy, and I don’t even have kids yet. I keep thinking that once I have kids and stop working, I’ll have time for quiet time, but I know that is just not true. I was praying and kinda whining to God that I want to DO for him, not just send money, but I don’t know how. I have a job, husband, responsibilities, like you, I can’t just pick up and go on a missions trip. I get so discouraged by this and think, “God some of my best friends are preparing to serve you in crazy foreign lands, and I’m here, with a beautiful home, great husband, great job, and all I can do is send money, and try to have an open door of hospitality and fellowship. I came in this morning, still feeling rather discouraged. I had a minute so I grabbed your email hoping for some encouragement to start my day. Was I ever encouraged. 🙂 Thank you for sharing such an encouraging thought. I’m truly looking forward to following this series! I want to be as radical for Jesus as I can be!

  49. Yes. This is good. I’ve talked about this before, and at Allume this past year September McCarthy talked about it. I’ll be following along.

  50. I am VERY much looking forward to this well needed summer series! A small seed of thank you Courtney for all that you do online and at home. It grows in MANY unseen ways in each of our homes!! Praying for you and your family. Can’t wait!! 🙂

  51. Hi, Courtney,
    This idea, that doing what seem like small things, but doing them in the Lord’s name, is living a radical life, has been going around in my mind since reading this post on Tuesday. What an encouragement!!
    I’m so looking forward to reading and learning more!

  52. “Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.” Andy Stanley

  53. I have also heard the Lord say “go home”. Thank you for validating the importance of those words.

  54. Courtney, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being brave enough in your God to write these MUCH needed words. May God bless the work of your hands and give you strength for the journey. I look foward to this series.

    An Older Titus 2 Woman

  55. It would be so nice to have a husband and kids to look after. I’m a single gal in her thirties and don’t feel like I’m doing anything that’s “radical” according to the Christian trend nor do I have the liberty of being productive at home as I’m unmarried with no husband or kids to take care of..so I’m coming from a place of being an unmarried gal who has to work outside the home even though I have a heart for doing what God’s Word says: to be a keeper at home…so it must be nice to be productive..only wish I had an older woman in my life to be encouraged by who knows what it’s like to be single for this long and can offer guidance about what I’m supposed to be doing with all of this free time…believe me, I’ve done the fundraising to do the “radical” work of being a missionary overseas, plus lived out of my current home state, but how does one “be a keeper at home” if she has no logical reason to be at home? Could you please write a piece in this series as to what an older single woman can do with all of the free time she has that married women use to be productive with because God’s blessed them with a husband and children? Some of us older single women like myself are a little clueless in this area.

  56. I am so glad to have found your site today (from Time Warp Wife). I, too, have had some of these things on my heart lately. I have been contemplating the idea of Grace, Not Perfection. You are so right in that the world is ready and waiting to teach our children (not just the girls) how one should live. I think that what we are striving to do when we live for our King and serve our families is radical. Thank you for this encouraging post. I look forward to reading many more. Blessings….

  57. I would so love to see single women and divorced women included and mentioned when teaching women to be a Titus woman even if shes doing it alone without a spouse. I know so many women who feel excluded just because they are not married or are divorced.

  58. I would love to join! Just yesterday I was telling my husband about this 🙂 After he got home from work, we got the whole family in the van and went over to take communion to an erdely couple who couldn’t make to church on Sunday. They were so grateful. I often feel like I’m not doing enough when there seems to be so much evil around us. But like you, I can’t leave my kids and go to another country and serve. Lately though, I feel God speaking to my heart and helping me see that there’s a lot of needy people right here at home. That I/we can do something right here in our neighborhood! There are so many people who just need a word of encouregement, a cooked meal, or someone to just talk/pray with them. I can’t wait to hear what you are going to teach this summer 🙂 Love your blog. God bless!

  59. YES! THANK YOU for saying this! Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that it seems like many people are more concerned with helping a person on the other side of the world than they are with helping someone sitting next to them in church! I’m ALL FOR helping as many people as possible, wherever they are from, but it feels like serving in the home and serving in your own neighborhood has been trivialized. We are bombarded by books, blogs, and all kinds of messages encouraging us to be “radical” (i.e. “Go big or go home” types of service projects, living, etc.), but there are times in life when serving those in and near your home IS the most radical thing to do at that time! Small. Things. Matter.

  60. I just finished up the Radical Book, and I can say you hit the nail on the head!!! WE ARE RADICAL IF WE ARE AT HOME AND RASING A FAMILY FOR GOD!!! I am contanstly ridiculed for what I do, or what I don’t do, as in going out in the work force. But My work is here, yes it gets hard, I get bored, I struggle, but all the while I am right where I need to be. No it does not help that I am having unexplained fatique, but I choose to be victorious in God’s Work!! I can not wait to go through this study!

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