When Your Story Doesn’t End Like Esther…or Cinderella

What should you do the right thing and your story doesn't end like Esther...or Cinderella; and they get worse, to better? The answer is in today's vlog.   #Biblestudy #Esther #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Not all stories end like Esther…or Cinderella.

Sometimes when we do what is right – in the midst of a bad situation – things get worse.

Then what?

That’s what today’s video is all about…

(if you can’t see this video – click here)

One final observation…

Esther was a woman of courage – she risked her life to save the lives of her people.  But her courage goes further than just going to the king and asking for him to save her and her people.

Esther did this IN the presence of the guilty man who orchestrated all of this.  She outed Haman –to his face! Wow!  That takes strength.

It would have been easier for Esther to ask to be alone with the King and use some manipulative womanly ways to woo him. But Esther did not mince words.  She spoke openly and boldly right in the presence of Haman.

May we have courage – no matter what the outcome – to face our fears right in the face.

To speak truth that sets people free.

To confront darkness with the light.

To trust God with our very lives. And not give in to the fear of man.

To be able to say the very words of Esther, “If I perish, I perish.”

Walk with the King,


this week's reading

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  1. I’m trying to blog, but I don’t really want to link it, my writing needs some work. But this is good practice. Maybe I’ll be ready to post after we’ve read a few more books!

    Courtney, I want to say thank you for starting this. What a blessing this is. There are women who have never read the Bible before participating. I am so thankful for all the prayers praying for all the groups. To God be the glory!


  2. This is such a timely message. Esther ‘s courage and devotion springs from a faith and trust in God. May we all strive to be able to stand firmly and derive our strength from a steadfast relationship with God.

    thank you so much for this study.

  3. I knew I needed it. The courage and wisdom God blessed Esther with–she didn’t make her request (the setting free of her people) immediately; she applied wisdom, feeding the men first and more than once. My people have this saying that implies this–if you want to get to a man’s heart, his stomach is a sure pathway; you make his stomach happy, you make his heart happy 🙂

    Wisdom. Courage. Patience. Favor. Can’t have enough of these!

    1. Also, it was very respectful to ask for a private audience with the king, since she was about to accuse his second in command of a treacherous act. It would have been an embarrassment to the king’s authority to suggest that he didn’t even know what Haman was up to in front of the entire royal court.

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading about Esther again. To be reminded how brave she was to stand up for her people knowing that there was a chance she could be killed. It’s just amazing. If Esther had enough faith and courage to stand up for what she believed in, why can’t we all? She is truly an amazing inspiration. In the world we live in today, it’s easy for most of us to blend in and try not to stand out when it comes to doing the right thing. People fear that they will be judged, mocked, disliked, excluded, etc. Reading Esther is a great reminder that you are more brave and courageous than you think. Be the light in a room full of darkness!

  5. I have really enjoyed my Bible reading this week and instead of SOAPing I am just jotting down notes.

    1. King Ahaseurus and Haman act out of anger and the Lord brought to my head the Scripture in Ephesians 4:26 “Be angry and do not sin……”
    2. Although there is no mention of God in this book we do see faith in action.
    3. In chapter 5 when Haman recounts all his earthly treasures the Lord brought to my attention the verse found in Matthew 6:19-21 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up treasures in heaven…..”
    4. The most wonderful thing I have come to know throughout my time is Divine Providence and Sovreignty is all over this book of Esther. Human wisdom and actions do not trump God’s plan. Hallelujah!

  6. Hi Courtney and everyone at Women Living Well
    I am really enjoying the study so far and learning so much! Here is the link up to my blog post on Esther, mainly from the first chapter is struck me how important it is to honour and respect our husbands. Hope you enjoy my blog. http://wonderfullyrandomblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/blogging-through-bible-esther.html
    I just want to add, I have only recently started journeying with you via your blog. I think you learn about the character of people during tough seasons, I have to say you have handled yourself with such dignity and grace, seeking to heal and help others with their journey with the Lord, thank you so much for being a godly example.

    1. Kiri…Thank you for sharing your blog. I really enjoyed it. You’re right. Honoring our Husbands is so very important.

  7. I. LOVED. THIS.!!!!!!! May I be found faithful to our Lord!!!!!!

    Courtney, I MUCH prefer reading through the Bible. I’m so very thankful The Lord led you this way. Sooooo much to learn!!!!!

    Praying for you and your family!!


  8. Always love looking at your videos Courtney…you just shine bright with God’s love! I am really growing in this study…this week has been amazing. Thank you!

  9. Kiri said it best, you have handled yourself with dignity and grace, you did not seem to lose sight of the fact that your mission is to serve God with your online service. Thank You for this study, you are a very Godly example for all of us!

  10. Hi Courtney,
    It is truly sweet to walk with the King. I read through the book of Esther this week and the level of revelation I got still has me in awe and asking the Holy Spirit for more understanding to carry out his instructions. Like many women I have never read through the bible, but I know this time is different ‘cos the Holy Spirit is my study companion this time after several failed attempt.
    God bless u Courtney… and know that ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Talking about the issue with GMG original content being moved without your knowing. It was all for good. Shalom daughter of Zion.

  11. I am so excited about this journey of going through the bible with you. I do have one consideration to ask of you: is there any way you could use a 6-day per week reading plan? That would always give bus a “day of grace ” to catch up or a Sunday to meditate on the sermon scripture instead.

    I’m like most busy moms who will find it hard to get away and read EVERY day. Knowing that there is a slight cushion of grace will help me not to always feel behind. I knows there’s always the freedom to go at my own pace but I’d love to keep up if I can. God bless you and your team!!

  12. I have to say that this time reading through, I have been awestruck by Mordecai. I don’t know why I’ve never noticed how awesome he is before. Esther is pretty great too, of course, but Mordecai is blowing me away with his unwavering faith and his courage. It’s pretty obvious God was preparing Esther for this intimidating role by having a man like Mordecai raise her. Loving the study so far!

    1. I agree! I am also seeing Mordecai in a new light, this time around. He’s a wise man as well, and it just points me to the fact that we need wise council in our lives, to help us and guide us. And even with that council, we must still go to the Lord, like Esther did, through prayer and sometimes fasting. Loving reading through Esther’s story again.

  13. Hi Courtney,
    I am reading and blogging through 1 Kings. I thought I had read last week to link up whatever book of the Bible your blogging through. If that’s not right definitely feel free to delete me from the linky. Thanks friend!


    1. Great question! I just changed the wording of the post to make it more open – so glad you are joining us Laura and we welcome you every week! Keep on writing and shining!!!!

      Partners in Christ – and lots of Love,

  14. And when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, she won favor in his sight… Esther 5a

    I am imagining Esther’s inner turmoil in the predicament she found herself…approaching the King without being summoned to come into his presence. I am imagining the fear she must have felt, being unsure of her fate at that moment. And then I imagine how conflicted she would feel if she had not made the choice to be courageous …to walk by faith…to be used by God. Esther had a series of two choices—to go or not to go; to trust or to doubt; to approach the throne boldly or to hide in the shadows. The wrong choice would have cost her dearly. Her destiny was at stake. Her ability to choose wisely paid off! She overturned an inevitable death sentence, which should have been automatic for her unscheduled appearance. Instead, she gained the favor of the king! Wow! I would like to believe that I would be as bold as Esther…that my choice would mirror hers. I am currently taking a class that required me to create my mission statement. When I narrowed my passions and core values down, There were so many words to choose from. I was left with the following as my personal mission statement: COMMUNICATE & DEMONSTRATE UNSHAKABLE FAITH…I aspire to live up to that!

  15. Wonderful message, Courtney. Thank you! So encouraging!

    One suggestion/request for your videos: whenever they end, a bunch of “related videos” show up from various people all over the internet. If you’d like to make it so that when your video ends, the screen is just blank rather than showing all that junk, you just log into your account and under the video box there should be a list of options. All you do is unclick the one that says “show suggested videos when the video finishes”. Problem solved! 🙂

    God bless!

  16. Hi Courtney!

    What a blessing this study has been already to me! I am just so thankful this morning for your faithfulness and obedience to God. Right now, He is having me face some mighty challenges in my own life and reading about Esther this week has encouraged me to be bold- to face my fears and to know that I can trust God even when my emotions tell me I am too weak, unprepared, and unworthy. So encouraged this morning!!

  17. Hi, Courtney!

    I love your video! I’m so thankful that our True “happily ever after” waits for us in Heaven! My heart is so full from our time in Esther this week. God has not been surprised at all that we would be here together Blogging Through the Bible. Thank you for your courage to carry on! My Pastor’s Wives group I’m leading on Facebook has taken off like I never could have imagined. These women are looking for others who are hungry to get into the Word of God and help to keep them accountable. Thank you so much for being such as encouragement to me and to countless other women who desire to walk with the King alongside you!

    I left two links to my Blogging Through the Bible posts from this week. I hope that it’s okay I left two. If not, feel free to take one down. Blessings to you!! 🙂

    Walking in His Grace,
    Laurie @ Grace-Filled-Moments.blogspot.com

  18. Great post. The title is the story of my life right now. Young widow, two children. Didn’t think my story would end this way, but God is faithful. Waiting for him to turn it around. Thanks for the great post!

  19. I have faithfully been following along with the reading plan. It’s interesting how one can read books of the bible and truths are unlocked at different times of your life. Wisdom gained at different seasons in one’s life? Yes. Being still, and listening to what God is trying to say? Yes. I am enjoying the videos and the posts from you and the comments from other ladies. It’s nice to hear what others get out of the reading. Rock on ladies! 🙂

  20. Had company over the Labor Day holiday when the Through The Bible study started, but Praise Jesus…I’m caught up to today. Thanks so much Courtney for all the materials and information to do this study with you. Excitement!!

    I do have a writing blog and a photography blog…now to decide which I want to use to blog my study since that is a great idea. I’ve needed to get back to reading the Bible and what a great way to delve into it.

    I have never read the Book of Esther. I read an excerpt reminder in my Bible that although Esther is one book of the Bible where God is never mentioned at all, it is a great reminder that even though God is always present same as today. We don’t see God or maybe even talk to or read God’s word every day, but he is beside us.

    I commented on FB on the Good Morning Girls page. Will that be monitored and others posting their comments there as we study as well?

    Thank you again, Courtney. 🙂

  21. I love the book of Esther. I think it is also a great reminder for all of us that we were born for “such a time as this”. God knew where we would be located strategically on the earth and at what time in history. I consider it a privilege to be on the earth during this point in time, even though it can be a bit scary. I know I need to pray and intercede more than I currently take the time to do. Love all of the insight through other comments. Great post!

  22. Hi Courtney! I linked up my blog for the first time but I’m not really sure how to put in the GMG image so that when people click on it, it links back here. Any help would be great! 🙂

  23. Hey Courtney, thanks again for hosting this plan – I’ve been really excited about it and have enjoyed it so far. Esther and 1 Peter are high on my list of “favorite books!” I’m really praying for God to show me things that I haven’t seen before and teach me, and I believe He is already being faithful.

  24. Hi, I’m really excited for this plan, and am hoping to blog about it eventually (and I promise to link back if/when I do). So far with Esther, it seems as if I’m recognizing Esther and the book’s lessons everywhere! My husband is currently in a dark place physically with his job, and I keep reminding him he is the light in that dark place. God has not left him alone. His plans will come to light in His time. Until then, we pray.

  25. this is helpful bc I was discouraged, it DIDNT work out, I didnt get the promotion my dreams didnt come tru, a lot of these earthly blessings are conditional. I didnt get married, I might lose my family, its important to remember stuff doesnt always work out but thats not the bible thats a disney movie. Paul was beheaded, John died in Jail, peter was crucified and Jesus died on a cross.. it actually makes it worse when u imagine why God saved her family but not mine. bc I was tempted so say it wasnt worth it. But I guess it is if im focused on the right stuff.

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