It’s Time to Begin “Blogging Through the Bible!” {GMG September Resources Here}

It's time to begin blogging through the Bible with Good Morning Girls. Find out where we're starting and grab the free materials. #Biblestudy #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

It’s time to begin reading through the Bible – one chapter a day, one week at a time, one month at a time, one year at a time until we have read the Bible cover to cover!

Are you wondering how GMG began?

I made this video below in 2011 for another website.  I thought I would share it here today, so you could hear the heart and vision behind GMG. Some of the details in the video have since changed (I’ve now been a part of GMG for 7 years not 4 as the video states) and in the video I say – we’ve only just begun – but now we are starting again – it’s a new day – a fresh start and we are SO glad you are here with us!

(click here if you cannot see the video)

In the video I mention the forum. That forum is still open!

If you do not have a group yet – there are leaders waiting with open arms to welcome you. Please click over to the forum, then go  down to the bottom of the threads and click “view more” – you will find many open groups there!  This forum closes on September 6th – so if God is tugging at your heart to find a group – today is the day to join us!

Here is September’s Reading Plan.


This is a free printable – click here to print it.

Here are the free eWorkbooks for this month.

Esther  – Short eWorkbook

Esther – Long eWorkbook

I Peter – Short eWorkbook

I Peter – Long eWorkbook

II Peter – Short eWorkbook

II Peter – Long eWorkbook

I John – Short eWorkbook

I John Long eWorkbook

II John – Short eWorkbook

II John – Long eWorkbook

III John – Short eWorkbook

III John – Long eWorkbook

Jude – Short eWorkbook

Jude – Long eWorkbook

Psalm 1-30 – Short eWorkbook

Psalm 1-30 – Long eWorkbook

The short eWorkbook has one worksheet a day for journaling your thoughts.

The long eWorkbook has 4 worksheets a day for those who like to write more or do extra research.

You do not have to use a workbook at all though. You can simply follow along just reading one chapter a day.

Here is this week’s reading plan (just one chapter a day).


 This is a free printable – click here to print it.

And this is the monster resource – a free printable of every book and chapter of the Bible to mark off as you complete your reading. You will want to print this and save it somewhere near your Bible (or in it). We will be flipping back and forth between the Old and New Testament, so you will want to keep track of what you have completed in case you need to take a break and return.

reading through the Bible Graphic

Click here to print the

“Reading Through the Bible with Good Morning Girls” Plan.

5 International Translations Available Now

And this took me by surprise!

Within our international GMG group, some of the women offered to translate the resources!  Here they are!

Spanish Translators: Beth Vollmer Chagas & Julie Chagas

Esther – Spanish Short eWorkbook

Esther – Spanish Long eWorkbook

Portuguese  Translators: Beth Vollmer Chagas & Julie Chagas

Esther – Portuguese Short eWorkbook

Esther – Portuguese Long eWorkbook

German Translator: Petra Rushing

Esther – German Short eWorkbook

Esther – German Long eWorkbook

Croatian Translator: Rosilind Jukic at

Esther – Croatian Long eWorkbook

Dutch Translator: Eve Jansen at    

Esther – Dutch Short eWorkbook

As more resources come in – they will be archived on the GMG Resources page.

Are you a blogger?

Friday’s post will include a video and a link-up for bloggers who want to blog along side me on this journey.  Simply use this graphic in your post (right click – save as).

Blogging through bible with GMG button

Whew – that was a lot of info – I promise this is about to get simpler! 😉 Lol!

Now it’s time to quiet our hearts and turn to the Book of Esther in our Bibles and begin to read.

Join me back here this Wednesday and Friday for a discussion covering this week’s reading!

There are no sign-ups or enrollment to join in.

Feel free to come and go as seasons of life allow you to participate.

This is a place of grace.

We’d love to know if you are joining us – please leave a comment if you have committed to reading through this month’s reading plan.

If you have a GMG group – tell us about it! What city and state are you in, how many girls are in your group and how long have you been with GMG?

Can’t wait to discuss Esther with you this Wednesday!!!!

Walk with the King,


**A special thank you to the GMG Team for helping me create all of these resources:

Mandy Kelly from Women Of Worship
Rosilind Jukic from Missional Call
Bridget Childress from Becoming a Godly Wife
Misty Leask from Beautiful Ashes


  1. Courtney, we have a group of 6 ladies committed to reading through the Bible with you and we will be joining you this month. We are all across the nation, friends and family. I have also invited any other ladies that need an online group in the forum section.

    I have only done one GMG study in the past. Last year’s Thanksgiving study. I was very blessed by the study and was very blessed by the insight and sharing of the other ladies. But it was an email group and the structure was a little too rigid for me.

    When I saw that you were going through the Bible, I knew I wanted to join you. But I wanted a different group format, so I started one using an online bulletin board for my group.

    God Bless you and your beautiful family and your ministry. So excited to be joining you.

    1. Looking forward to the journey. I am committed to this months reading plan. So excited to be apart of this. Thank you for all that you do! Blessings

    2. Hi, my name is Stella Stewart and I just joined the group..I am so excited to be on this journey with all of you God fearing women, who are seeking to learn the word of God and taking the time out to fully understand what we are reading in our Bibles..I just got done reading Esther 12&3 and im so looking forward to sharing our different views..Its a great way to learn so much more..And helps us see others perspectives on each chapter coming forward..Thank you all for this amazing opportunity.:-)

  2. Yay! I’m so excited! I can’t believe it’s time to kick it off! Thank you so much for getting this journey started and allowing me to be a part! <3 ya girl! <3

      1. Yay! Thank you so much for stepping up and leading a Good Morning Girls! We’re so excited to have you along for this study! Praying for y’all right now! <3 Blessings!

  3. I LOVE that you are such a woman of the Word, Courtney! Thank you for taking the time to lead so many in the Word. This is our greatest need among Christians. “Let the Word of God dwell in you richly.”

  4. So excited to start, blog along with you and lead a study group!!! I have read Esther before but I find new things everytime I read it 🙂

  5. I am committed to reading through this months reading plan! I do not have a group, but I am VERY EXCITED to join you through the Bible. I am in the Southeast. 🙂

  6. I’m doing this with Mandy Kelly’s group. I was almost hesitant to start such a big commitment, but I really feel like God wants me to do this and be prepared to share with my children when they are older and I can do it again with them. I love this slower pace. I did the reading the Bible in 90 Days and it was hard, but I didn’t get as much out of it as I thought. I need more slow and steady.

  7. I can’t wait to start reading through the bible cover to cover with Good Morning Girls! 🙂 Thank you Courtney!

  8. I’m blogging with the singles group…excited much and looking 4 ward to all d surprises God has in store 4 us as we embark on this journey with him….1cor2:9 says No eye has seen, No ear has heard, No mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. I’m encouraged 🙂

  9. Im so excited to be a part of this. Im excited to see God move and change me while committing to reading the Bible every day.

  10. YAY! I’m so excited to get started. This is the biggest personal commitment I’ve ever taken on, but I’m ready! I’m leading a group (mostly to keep myself accountable) and I can’t wait to bond with other women over Scripture; pray with and for others, and learn more about God.

    Good luck to EVERYONE, and THANK YOU COURTNEY!!! You have been such an inspiration for me!


  11. Good Morning Girls,

    I have been looking forward to this journey for a little while now. I was looking for a format to read the bible but also to be share what God is saying to me as well as others. Thank you Courtney!

    Joining in from Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  12. Ii have committed to reading with you this month. I am co leading a group of 10 ladies from all over, (I am in NY) and in all different seasons of life. We are all very excited about starting!

  13. I am going to make this commitment to reading through the Bible with all of you. I have tried before to read through the Bible, but some books are hard to get through so I have stopped. I am from Richey, Montana.

  14. I am really looking forward to the study. I am joining from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Lord Courtney, you help us draw closer to the Lord.

  15. Courtney, I am excited.and committed to reading the bible along with you. I found you through facebook. I thank you for ideas reading through bible using soap method. I love your videos and have recently joined women living well blog. I am sharing hoping those around me will make commitment. Committed right here in Lockhart Texas.

  16. Hello Courtney! My sister and I just finished Proverbs 31:One Virtue at a time and we were so sad when we completed it! Looking forward to a new journey with my sister and you! Thank you so much. Love from Louisiana!

  17. Looking forward to reading through the Bible, really like the longevity of this plan! Our online group is a Facebook group of 24 women in Kentucky! We call ourselves Morning Glory Girls! Love and prayers to you, Courtney, and your leadership team and all the sisters in Christ who will be joining us at Good Morning Girls!

  18. Wow! I had tears in my eyes as I read through all of the places around the world that have connected here!

    I am joining in from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    Thank you so much Courtney 🙂

  19. Joining in from Germany. So very excited. Got problems opening the pdf-files, but at least I will follow by reading according to your plan.

  20. This program couldnt have come at a more perfect time for me! Thank you for doing this Courtney! I am looking forward to reading all your posts about the bible and reading along with you!

  21. This is great timing for me. I’ve been needing a new start to get me back into a Bible reading routine. Looking forward to going through the bible with you, but I’ll just start with September. The grace based plan is perfect for me. I’ve even felt led to get a new bible and excited about what God will speak fresh to my heart. Thanks so much for organizing this! From Oklahoma

  22. Hi Courtney,
    While I had decided to personnally follow your reading plan, the Lord put into my heart to invite the women of our small church in the suburbs of Paris, France. The response astonished me. We will be at least 6 girls committed to read God´s word, in French. Now, let’s see what He has in store for us ! Oh yes, as for myself, I’ve been loosely following a few GMG studies since about two years.

  23. Help !!!!!! Have not been getting updates thru my e mail…………………….it’ s been months. Is it feedburner ??? I tried re subscibing, but it says i am already subscribed. Hope you can help. Have a safe and happy Labor day weekend. Blessings…………………………..dolores @

  24. I am committed to reading this month’s reading plan. I am doing it on my own. I live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

  25. I am excited about this study. So many times I have attempted to read through the Bible and have never completed it. Not starting from the beginning seems to be a new concept for me. So here we go.

  26. I have a two week old baby, a 2-year-old, and a 4-year-old, but this sounds doable right now. Thanks for the motivation and grace!

  27. My oldest daughter and I plan to be reading with you. I hope to be reading with hubby too 🙂 we are starting back to (home) school this week and I’m hoping to implement reading the Bible at breakfast and / or lunch daily with the kids. I’m also looking for a good audio Bible (I’d love one that’s chronological). Anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Rachel – I know that both YouVersion and Logos App (both free in your App store!) have real aloud versions of the Bible!

      Worshiping With My Life,
      Mandy (GMG Team)

  28. So excited to read through the Bible with you! I am committed to a healthy food plan and a housekeeping plan in September already. I think strengthening my soul through daily readings will complete my “new” life plan. I’ve tried this once before, but went in chronological order and got bored. I love the idea of skipping around through the books. Thank you, I love reading your blog!

  29. God had just put it on my heart to read through the Bible with my 7 year old son right before you announced that you would be blogging through the Bible. So at bedtime we will be reading together and after he goes to bed I will spend a little quiet time and SOAP what we read. So excited to get started!!

  30. Will be reading this month and hopefully every month! Can’t wait, thank you for all that you are doing and all the amazing FREE resources!!! I know they take a lot of time to create so thank you for this wonderful blessing!


  31. I can’t wait to begin this with everyone. I am praying that God will lead me to a group. Love awaiting His answers! I am from the mountains of Virginia.

  32. Hi Courtney,
    I am looking forward to beginning! I am praying that God will reveal His heart through His word as we read together. I really want to commit to this and remain faithful to His call.

  33. Can’t wait to get started! This is just what I need to re-ignite the passion for God’s Word in my life. I love seeing women from all these different states and countries!!

  34. I’m IN! From Conneaut OH! Been a GMG for about 3 years I do believe, having discovered it through WLW of course 😉

  35. THANK YOU!! Just last night as I finished spending five minutes reading the Bible after twenty minutes of prayer I was convicted of how un-balanced those disciplines had become and how little I was getting out of my time in the Word. Today I “accidently” came across your site and I am joining in! I am in Central IL. 🙂 Thank you again!

  36. Thank you so much Courtney for what you are doing for women, wives and ultimately our families 🙂 so looking forward to this Bible blogging study!!! Can’t wait to get started!!! Love Women Living Well and GMG 🙂 again thank you so much for all your hard work and investment in spreading Christ’s love to all!!! <3

  37. I am committed to Blogging through the Bible with you! This will be my first year with the GMG and I look forward to it. From Michigan.

  38. Following along and reading thru the Bible down here in MEXICO (though I’m from MN)! Thanks Courtney … looking forward and so excited to start this journey again of reading through the Bible.

    Siguiendo de Mexico y leyendo la Biblia! Gracias y muchisimas garcias para traducir al español tambien.

    (thanks for the translations made available)
    Que Dios les bendiga!

  39. My husband and I are going to be doing this together! Thank you for your time and devotion to this!

  40. Joining in from Ireland. Needed to find a way to encourage me to read each day and will be asking God to help me make it through the whole way. God bless you for all the work you have put in.

  41. Hubby and I will be reading together. We have found ourselves having drifted away from the church (not our faith, but the church) in the recent past and are committing to joining a new church and reading together every day.

  42. So happy to see women IN their BIBLES!!! Praying for all of you and for you, Courtney, as God speaks truth, brings life, and unfolds the mystery of Christ through his precious word. That Bible…it is everything. Much Love, many prayers, and hugs all around!

  43. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this reading plan. I can’t wait to see what all God reveals as we travel through his word!


  44. Hi Courtney,

    I’m going it alone, no group this time around. I want to say thank you for continuing to build women up through the Lord. I found GMG by finding you first. At the time I was a working Mom expecting my fifth child, with a toddler, a 4th grader and two teens. My heart ached to be home with them. One day while doing an internet search, I ran across some of your videos or maybe your website (I can’t remember for sure) in any case I was instantly inspired and said to myself, that’s the kind of wife/mother I want to be. So began my journey of coming home to my children and husband, to be able to be fully present for them. My husband and I wanted this so much, but it seemed impossible. However, through much prayer and decernment, we made the final decision after the birth of our 5th baby for me to quit work and be a stay at home Mommy. I just wanted to say thank you for being God’s tool to inspire me to do his will for my family. May God bless you and keep you! Samantha

  45. I am very excited to be reading alongside u through the bible. I have tried it a few times and have never completed it. Keen to have sisters doing it at same time. I have been doing GMG for about 3 yrs now and have had a group of ladies from church join me…the group has varied in size from 3-15 depending ok what ppl are doing in their lives. This month there will be 3 of us plus my husband and kids. We are listening to the verses on the audio bible. 🙂 We live in Australia! 🙂 thanks Courtney!

  46. I will be joining this month! I’m hoping to have a few friends join me as well as I could use some ladies to keep me accountable. I was blessed by the birth of my second son on August 11th (20 days old today!) and my other son is 2 (turns 3 in December), so things are a little crazy at my house. It makes it harder than ever to get any quiet time (at least quiet time that I’m not falling asleep!), but also means that I need time with The Lord more than ever to make it through each day as a godly wife and mother. Thank you Courtney for motivating me to stay in the word! 🙂

  47. Hi Courtney!

    A few of my girlfriends and I used to get together for “moms group” because we all had little ones around the same age. We have since all moved to different states so this was a great way for us to stay in contact! I plan on “leading” the group is there anything special I should do?

    1. If you want to form a formal Good Morning Girls group we have many that utilize Facebook or Email to keep in touch, encourage and share what we study. Blessings Courtney!

  48. Hi Courtney! My friend, Inge and I will be joining in and using this as our daily Quiet Time. Inge is originally from Holland and was excited to see a Dutch translation offered. Though I’m so sorry how things came to be that you are hosting this here…. I’m grateful that you took this hardship as an opportunity to bless so many women. Thank you. Looking forward to reading the Bible together!!!

  49. Hi!! I am so excited to be joining again..I have been leading a group since 2009 or 10., and even earlier than that on my own. I love GMG and all that a God has planned for this. God has prepared our group. There are 4 of us for now, a few in Ca and Utah and NV. We are so excited to be joining you again and am also looking forward to Making your home your haven. I’m a blogger and can’t wait to share on Friday!!

    Stop by @

  50. Joining in from Miami, FL. I have been in a GMG group for the last year, what a blessing you have been to me Courtney. I was a non-Christian and found your site 2 years ago while looking for recipe’s on the internet. Now I am in a GMG group and your online ministry is the reason why! I love your new plan to read the whole bible, I am very excited to get started. My husband is reading with me.
    Thank You for all you do, I can imagine the hard work it must be.

  51. I am committing to doing This by myself but I know I am not alone! I am looking forward to Wednesdays and Fridays when you blog about this weeks readings. I am also looking forward to creating this new habit of spending time each day in God’s Word. I have been reading short devotions almost daily but I feel that I need to be spending more time in His Word. Thank you and your team for putting these resources together.

  52. I am committed to read through the Bible with you all. I am in the Homeschooling Moms GMG group. I have no idea how many are in my group. LOL! I have just printed off all of my resources and am going to do my reading after I put the kiddos to bed tonight. I am from Williamsburg, Va. I have been married for 10 years and have 3 boys plus one in heaven.

  53. Joining in from MS. I’m a new homeschool mom to two littles, with one college age kiddo living at school. My hubby is in the US Navy which is why we are in MS 😉 I’m originally from Maine. Looking forward to reading through the Bible with everyone. I read through before my daughter was born and she’s almost 2.

  54. Let’s do this! I pray this journey changes my character as a woman, wife, mom, friend, sister and most importantly child of God. In everything, I want Jesus to be seen! I haven’t seen a forum just for this series, though. There are so many topics I feel I relate to but I’m not sure which one to pursue. Can one forum be started just for Blogging/Reading Through the Bible?

    1. Hi Jess! The bottom two sections of the forum are just for this study. The others are related a series that Courtney did earlier this year surrounding her book. I hope that helps. Let us know if you need help navigating the threads.

  55. Looking forward to my first study with y’all! Just moved, my husband has started dental school and I have started a new job. Excited to have this accountability as part of my new routine!

  56. I have been SOAPing through Proverbs 31 with your e-book, it has been a tremendous blessing. I have learned so much already. I will be joining now as well from Manitoba, Canada

  57. Joining in from Phelan, CA along with my sister Megan from Holland, MI! Looking forward to the journey ahead through God’s word

  58. I love the idea of one chapter a day. I have been brought up in the read the Bible through a year but sometimes that is not easy to do. I haven’t been very good at being faithful at reading my Bible every day. I love this because it is easier to concentrate on one chapter at a time than to try to keep up with a reading plan to meet a timeline. I think concentrating on one chapter I can get more out of what I’m reading as well. I don’t want to just read to say I’ve read it. I want to read it to apply it to my life. I want to strengthen my relationship with Christ and make Him a priority.

    Thank you for this plan. I look forward to completing this plan and learning what God’s Word is going to teach me.

  59. I don’t ever think I’ve looked forward to the end of summer so much in my life. I spent the summer reading some of the bible on my own w/out following any blogs or bible studies or groups and I am ready to join WLW and GMG this Fall for some fellowship while continuing to read through the bible. Look forward to sharing with you Courtney and all the women following in the coming month. God Bless!

  60. Hi!!! South Arkansas here. I am so excited about this. I haven’t been following long but have gained so much already that I can not wait to begin this with you! I will be reading along this month as we begin Esther! What a great place to start. Thank you for allowing me to be a part.

  61. Hello!! I’m so excited to have some accountability in the word and a goal to pursue with like-minded women! I’m from Southwestern, PA and have just completed Esther 1 at 10:00 pm…better late then never, right?;) WOOHOO! Looking forward to knowing God more through this journey! Thanks so much for doing what you do Courtney!:)

  62. I just saw this and want to participate. Have been looking for a Bible study and now it seems that this is the one. I’m not part of a group….am considering blogging on my blogspot account….have never done this before.
    Please let me know if there is something else I’m supposed to do to join this group. Thanks!

  63. Please help!!!
    I have subscribed to your site for over 2 years, been a group leader on GMG for over a year… I am not getting emails anymore??? I can’t re-subscribe. It says I already am a subscriber. But I am not getting any of your stuff since the weird site change scenario?? Help!!!

    1. Wendy – the study has moved here – so if you subscribed to the old GMG site, you may not be receiving them because they changed URLs. The study here is a completely different study, and all the materials you need are right in the post. You can just click and download them. If you would like to receive Courtney’s blog posts, you will need to subscribe to Women Living Well. I hope that helps. 😀 I know it’s been very confusing – you are not alone. But, the kinks will be all worked out soon.

  64. I’m joining in & have a GMG group called GMG Study Group- Titus 2 Women Daily Following Jesus. I’m in Key Largo, FL & just added our 17th lady to the group. I started doing GMG studies off & on whenever Courtney came out with the Proverbs 31 study….then I’ve led studies since the spring of 2013. I love GMG! Most of my groups have been with local friends. This time I have a lot of locals, but also ladies from other areas too! So looking forward to reading the WHOLE Bible together!!

    1. Thank you so much Summer for joining us and leading a Good Morning Girls group! I’m praying for y’all as we’re just starting a new study! Blessings!

  65. I am thrilled to be a part of this! I am just finishing Esther 2 tonight. This is the first time I’ve ever been a part of an accountability group. I hope to hear from my email group tomorrow, as I just joined in today. Thank you Courtney and all the other ladies who jumped in to help (ie Mandy, etc.,). I’m sure this is going to open many hearts. Much love from Glendale, AZ.

  66. I am not part of a group, but am excited to be on this journey with all of you. Looking forward to great revelations! Excited in Montgomery, NY!

  67. Thanks for all your hard work Courtney! I contribute at Satisfaction Through Christ blog and we’ll be joining you for the Blogging Through the Bible journey. 🙂

  68. I’ve been looking forward to starting this study. We are in the middle of moving out of state and far from friends and family. I have so many questions. Why now? What for? How long? I want to find purpose in this move. His purpose. And so I’m anticipating reading the Word and drawing closer to The Lord during this season. Thanks Courtney, for putting this together. Maybe I’ll even start blogging again! 🙂

    1. LOL – I thought that too! I even thought to check into this “oil of myrrh” stuff they spent 6 months using…..ha! #beautysecretsinthebible

  69. Thanks Courtney for taking your time to put all of this wonderful material together for us girls to study. Love it! I do have a question. In the SOAP part, “when it says write out the scripture passage for the day”, what scripture am I writing out? I don’t see one on the sheets I printed out. Do I just pick one out of the chapter for the day? Help please.

    1. I am joining in solo from Arizona! I am an army wife to 3 littles and since we move so much (only here for 6 months!) this study is kind of perfect for me. I have admired Courtney for years and after having 3 kids in less than 3 years feel like I am just now recovering and starting to draw close to God again. Being able to wake up before the kids is such a blessing (a couple of those 3 years I was too sleep deprived and my spiritual life definitely suffered!). Excited to get started and dig into God’s amazing word!

    2. Hey Sharon, I didn’t mean to post my comment in reply to yours, but since I did, I’ll try to answer your question anyway 🙂 I’m pretty sure Courtney said she wouldn’t be assigning scripture to SOAP and for us to just individually SOAP any scripture that stood out to us.

    3. Thanks Meghan for answering -you are right! 😉

      Good question Sharon. I know that others are wondering the same – so thanks for asking. You are free to choose whichever verse or verses speak to you (or none at all and just read the chapter through and then pray).

      So glad you are joining us!

  70. I’m committed to this! I’ve already learned so much out of the first 2 books of Esther. We do a similar breakdown of chapters at our church. We will read a chapter, choose a verse, then do 4 things with it. We will write out the verse. Then, we will write it in our own words – our own version, you might say. If we speak a different language (because we are an international church in Germany), then we write it in that language to help us learn. The 3rd thing is to sum it up in 1 word or just a few words. Then, we decide what we’re going to do with it this week! Similar to SOAP. I’m excited to go through these chapters. Thanks!


    Hi Courtney & team. I have a concern in my group that I do not want to put on blast. For some reason, I am not able to send a PM to leader (which I think is most appropriate to do). Could you please guide me with what to do. This thread of comments is long. So if possible, would you please email or tell me how I can pass the info along.

      1. I did just PM you Rosalind…but it went to your “other” folder. For some odd reason, I could not find a link to add you as my friend. It’s been that kind of a day with technology for me…

  72. I’ll be joining this month! I’m very excited to start this plan – I even made the plunge and wrote in my Bible for the first time! I can’t wait to see what my notes and quite time reveal to me. Thank you for doing a study that is pressure-free – perfectionists everywhere will rejoice! So many times I’ve started one of the one-year plans only to get behind and feel overwhelmed with catching up. I LOVE the full printable that I can check off each piece, instead of have to meet a “quota” each day. Thank you thank you!

  73. Hi,
    I’m joining from Sandared, Sweden. This is my first visit to GMG and I’m so exited that I found this page. I hope to maybe find a group to, but I’m not sure yet which one… =)

  74. Looking forward to this more than I can say! Joining from Fayetteville, NC – hoping and praying for a life changing experience!

  75. So looking forward to this journey each day. I’ve already signed up for a group. Thanks so much for leading.

  76. I have struggled and have been unsuccessful in reading the bible from beginning to end several times now! I have tried the Read in 90 days plan and have failed both times- too much in too little time and from Pg 1 in Genesis til the end is not my style! I am not in a group but have a goal of finishing the bible, and with your plan I KNOW that I will succeed this time! I am so happy that I happened upon you on FB 🙂 I have started my notebook and have my checklists all printed and ready to go! Thank you so much!!! Hugs and Blessings!

  77. I am so excited to join this group! I have no friends or family near other than my husband and daughter. I get lonely sometimes because feel like they are busy with life and I’m at a stand still. I feel like I will finally have someone to talk to without any one feeling like they are at fault for how I’m feeling!!

  78. I’m having a hard time deciding to pursue this Good Morning Girls study and the old Good Morning Girls group that is now called Love God Greatly. I’m wondering what is the difference between you two now and whether or not I should pursue your studies or the original site (now changed name) of Love God Greatly. Any advise? What are the key differences and similarities to the two of you? Any others experiencing this same dilemma I’d appreciate some feedback. Thanks! Regardless I think you are both great and wonderful and so encouraging and motivating for wanting to continue to pursue online bible studies in God’s name. 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel – The girls at LGG wanted a new name and domain – so the only thing that has changed over there is their name. Since they wanted this change and no longer are using GMG – I brought Good Morning Girls back home to Women Living Well where it began. They are doing 8 weeks in Esther – we are reading through the Bible – cover to cover – one chapter a day. So we will be in Esther just 10 days and then moving on to I Peter, II Peter and so on. We will begin the book of Genesis at the start of October.

      Hope that clarifies.
      Lots of Love,

  79. So happy to have found this and right when you are starting too! I will be joining in and am so excited! I will be reading along from Texas.

  80. I am excited about being more deliberate about my morning bible study / devotion time! My 8 year old daughter is interested in doing something too. I remember reading something about your own study / journal time as a girl. Any suggestions? Is there a study that you could recommend for her? TIA

  81. I have been praying about where to go for a bible study this fall, I have a chronic health condition that, at (frequent) times, causes extreme fatigue that can make going out difficult.

    I was wondering if I had it in me to do an online program…I have been following your blog/facebook posts for about 4-5 months and think I am ready to commit! So I’m jumping in to follow your plan.

    Looking forward to spending deeper time with you guys!

  82. Just started the reading plan and have a few girls here in the Lancaster/York PA area that have joined me to form a Good Morning Girls group together. So excited and grateful for the help to develop discipleship! 🙂

    1. Hello Neighbor,
      My good girlfriends and I are doing the same, forming a group & starting the plan, in Philadelphia, PA.

  83. I’m joining! I’m not very versed in blogging or following along with websites, except Facebook, so hopefully I can follow along!! I’m very eager to be a part of this amazing journey!

  84. I’m in! From South Mississippi. My Mom and I are doing this together, which is so exciting to me. I also joined a fb group for mothers of young children along with a local friend. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us during this journey. Thank you so much for leading this and putting so much time and effort into this for us.

  85. I’m going to see if this is a thing I can do to maintain diligence in my studies! Thank you for letting this be an option for us around the world!

  86. I am glad that I stumbled upon this today!! I want to know more about the Bible and I think that this is a great place to start.

  87. Hi Courtney, I am joining your study on Esther. Excited about what God is going to do in my life through this study. After looking at your study methods, I purchased a 5 subject notebook and ready to Journal. Thanks for all the wonderful resources and your servants heart.

    1. Hi Maranatha!

      Just click on over to the forum and go to the bottom of the forum – there you will find different groups forming according to interests – pick a group and let them know you are interested in joining them. You might have to click “view more” to see all of the groups at the bottom since they ran onto another page.

      Hope that helps! So glad you are here!
      Courtney 🙂

  88. I would love to do this! It sounds like a great group of people, a great way to study the bible, and a great way to read all the way through the Bible which I’ve always wanted to do!! So, count me in!! Plus my mom, best friend and sister might jump on board with me with a little bit of convincing so I’m definitely praying about that part. It would mean the world if I could share this with them!!

  89. I’m so onboard with this! I just found this ministry this morning so jumping right on board. I’ve emailed it out to many of my Christian friends and hope they tag team!
    I also emailed a few friends to start a GMG group too!

    Question – do you have to join a group in the forum?


      1. Thanks Courtney –
        I also wasn’t sure if the GMG email group needs to discuss the study?
        Most want to join the email group that aren’t doing the study. Is there any guidance to the GMG email group?

  90. I am joining for Holden, Louisiana 🙂 I am really excited for this Bible Study and reading through the whole Bible 🙂 I haven’t ever done it and I am truly excited and ready to see what God has in store for me. As well as doing this study with ya’ll I am also doing this study with my family. So every evening we will read the chapter together and have a discussion on it and let me just I am loving it. Thank you again Courtney for bringing not only women into God’s word but families as well. Praying for you and your family.

  91. I’m joining from Golden, CO. Courtney, you have been such an inspiration to me! Since reading your book last year, I have read the Bible almost every day, and I’m thrilled to make this commitment with you!

  92. I just finished reading through the Bible in 90 days in Chronological order. We had a small group on a closed Facebook page. I look forward to slowly reading and savoring this time.

  93. Now that school has finally started here in Minnesota, I have time to devote to myself and focus on God! I’m so excited for going through the Bible with all of you. I have used Courtney’s other studies and she is just awesome! I love hearing her insights; they are so helpful when I’m totally confused. Looking forward to this adventure!

  94. Starting late, but so looking forward to participating in this study and have encouraged others to also. Thank you so much for providing this study. May God richly bless you! So excited that this is a Bible study I can participate in from wherever I am. I have two homes and going back and forth between the two make it difficult to be in a traditional study.

  95. Good Morning Girls!

    I’m joining this month from Connecticut and am very much looking forward to reading and learning more on this spiritual journey. Courtney, Thank you so much for your time in making an online home we can all come to and feel a common connection through the Word of God. Reading your posts brings a spiritual calmness to my day. It’s refreshing and very much needed in today’s increasingly troubled world – I’m glad to know there are many Christians that share common core values. God Bless!

  96. I am starting the study today. I do not know what I am doing as far as on online study, but I thought it be great to try. Thanks.

  97. Hi Courtney,

    I’m a very new christian and I’m struggling with reading the bible and getting to know Him… I also can’t seem to find a church community here at home since moving back from overseas where I found God (I live in England). So I’ve been searching for something I can do at home, ideally online to help me learn more about God and the Word – and this looks perfect! Thank you for sharing, I’m excited to join in on the journey!

    Amy X

  98. Hi Courtney, I am joining from Wisconsin. Though I have been a Christian for quite some time now, I have not read the Bible from cover to cover. I am very excited to be starting it now with all of you. My thirst for the word has increased greatly over the past few years. I believe God lead me to your website about 2 years ago. What a blessing you are Courtney! Thank you for seeking and listening to God’s direction. May He continue to Bless you and all of us we study His Word together. I am excited!!


  99. I want to start of saying how thankful I am for this website, and this devotional. Someone shared about this on facebook, and being the curious person I am I had to find out more about it. I haven’t really figured this all out yet, but I am slowly figuring it out.. I am starting a little late as this is my first day. Do any of you have suggestions on what info I should or shouldn’t print or if there is anything that works best for this… thanks for your input, and thanks so much for this website. it is a blessing, and i am excited to get started

  100. Are there specific verses that we should be using the SOAP method on? Before the split with GMG the reading plans had daily reading and then a specific verse to SOAP. I like that everyone in the group was doing it for the same verse and we could compare what God was showing us in that verse for the day. Also, is the GMG reading plan still available on the YouVersion Bible App?I like being able to pull it up on there instead of having to have my paper with me all the time. Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my questions! 🙂

    1. Hi Kristin – I apologize we are not on you version right now.

      And the SOAPing has changed just a bit. We are reading one chapter a day through the entire Bible and allowing each woman to tailor this study to her needs. Some will only be able to read the chapter for the day – others will be able to SOAP a few verses and others are writing out the entire chapter! So we are leaving which verses to choose to the Holy Spirit, your needs and time constraints.

      Great question – thanks for asking! So glad you are joining us again!

  101. Hi…excited to be on the journey with you! There is no link for the “monster resource” referenced below. How can we print the whole thing? blessings, Vita

    “And this is the monster resource – a free printable of every book and chapter of the Bible to mark off as you complete your reading.”

  102. I literally stumbled upon your site this week, and have decided to follow along and read the bible ith everyone! So reading along in central MS!

  103. I am joining from Iowa. God’s timing and fingerprints are all over this ministry. It came into my life at just the right time. My trials and pain lead me to seek God instead of running away from Him like I’ve done in the past. Glory be to God in my time of need.

  104. Hi Courtney!
    I would love to say thank you to our Lord for giving you this great gift of reaching sooo many women all over the world and I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

    You inspired me and I have new ideas how and what I can do with my girls’ group. I totally love the idea of sharing what you read via Email. Perhaps, it will become a new “tradition” for us, too.

    I am excited to start reading along with GMG.

    Lots of love,

  105. I am looking forward to this month’s reading plan, have just finished the book of Esther (got started and couldn’t stop). Also hope to participate in the blogging. Have requested to join a group but still pending on that (colorfull hearts).

  106. I am a few days late, but I am joining you all! I did GMG a few months back and then stopped. I need a good reading plan to follow to keep me on track and this sounds great, Courtney! Thanks for organizing this 🙂 I am ready to go! (Even caught up on the reading this morning after missing 6 days, lol).

  107. I’m a week late, I hope that’s okay. But I would really like to begin this starting tomorrow (Sunday). I really hope that with me being a week behind that won’t cause issues? Thank you for the time you spent organizing this and all the beautiful free printables for it. I’ve printed everything out and put them in my bible study binder, although I’m considering creating a binder specifically for this, because I printed out all the stuff for the first month and it’s taking up a whole lot of room in my binder right now lol.

  108. i am grateful to be joining you here in northern california.i found you on pintrest and love all.i am especially learning better by doing one chapter at a time and writing soap.scrolling down the comments i noticed ladies from all over the world.thank you for your faith and knowledge and for sharing it with us.

  109. You really make it seem really easy togetherr with
    your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually one thing
    whichh I believe I would by no means understand. It sort oof feels too complicated and very broad for me.
    I’m taking a look ahead on your subsequent publish, I’ll attempt to get the cling of it!

  110. I read Esther with you but I’m getting a late start on reading the blogs and comments. I’m hoping by the end of this week I’ll be caught up!
    So joining from Columbus, MT!

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  112. I am really grateful to be joining you from uk . THank God i found you and i am especially learning better by doing one chapter at a time and writing soap.scrolling down the comments i noticed ladies from all over the world. Thank you

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