10 of My Favorite Things

Most of my favorite things are things you can't buy; they are about family and home. But, here are 10 of my favorite things to buy a loved one in your life. #WomenLivingWell #Giftguide #bibles #cosmetics #macbook
Most of my favorite things I don’t have pictures of – they don’t come in stores and they don’t have a price tag.

– They include things like hearing my husband’s car pull into the garage
– watching my children play together peacefully
– looking out the window at the ground covered in snow
– palm trees on vacation
– vacuum cleaner marks in the carpeting
– clean laundry –in the drawers!
– a back rub
– a letter from a loved one
– a long talk with my husband and his listening ear
– a memory verse said by one of my children
– a fire in the fireplace
– a girls night out with friends at a restaurant
– watching a loved one open a gift from me
– when my husband drops me off at the door
– reading a good book
– a good hair day
– an encouraging email from a reader
– photographs of the kids from when they were babies
– big loud family get togethers
– and a bubble bath with my Bible.

These things don’t have price tags on them.

So here’s my “other” list of

10 of My Favorite Things:

1.) My Favorite Bible is my ESV Bible. I have two versions that I use –

The Reformation Study Bible and

The New Inductive Study Bible

Most of my favorite things are things you can't buy; they are about family and home. But, here are 10 of my favorite things to buy a loved one in your life. #WomenLivingWell #Giftguide #bibles #cosmetics #macbook

The Reformation Study Bible is great because it has commentary along the bottom
cross-references in the center margin and in-depth theological articles through out.

The Inductive Study Bible  has no commentary.
It is a Bible created by Kay Arthur’s Precept Ministries.
It has wide margins for taking notes, marking key words and journaling.

Favorite Bibles

 2.) Pen and Highlighter Combo – all in one!

I love using this pen when I’m reading books.
Sometimes I highlight and sometimes I write notes in the margins.
This pen fits perfectly!

Favorite Pen


3.)  Knit Infinity Scarves.

I can’t stop buying these Infinity knit scarves!
They brighten up any top and also double as an outdoor scarf to keep me warm.

Most of my favorite things are things you can't buy; they are about family and home. But, here are 10 of my favorite things to buy a loved one in your life. #WomenLivingWell #Giftguide #bibles #cosmetics #macbook


4.)  Hot Tools Curling Iron – 1 inch barrel

This curling iron is HOT – like professional temps hot!
That is why I LOVE it.  It curls quickly and stays in all day.
I have a couple Hot Tools Curling Irons in different sizes and I love them all –
but this one is my fave.

Favorite Curling Iron


5.) Yankee Candles

If you are a regular follower of my blog – then you already know –
I love Yankee Candles.
I light a candle nearly every.single.day in my home.

Favorite Candles

6.) Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Coffee

I drink a cup of this every.single.morning.

Favorite Coffee

7.)  Christian Heroes: Then & Now Series for Kids

My son (age 11), has read all of these.
I love that he is filling his mind and heart
with the stories of true heroes of faith.

Favorite BooksMost of my favorite things are things you can't buy; they are about family and home. But, here are 10 of my favorite things to buy a loved one in your life. #WomenLivingWell #Giftguide #bibles #cosmetics #macbook

8.)Maybelline Foundation – Instant Age Rewind

I use to wear daily tanner – now I wear this foundation in shade Honey. It’s Fab!

Favorite Foundation


9.)  L’Oreal Paris Mascara – Voluminous False Fiber Lashes

All my vanity is showing at this point! So why not share this too.
It lengthens your lashes as you apply it – I only use this for special occasions.

Favorite Mascara


10.) My MacBook Pro

This is my favorite tool. It’s amazing!
When we went to purchase it, I really hated the price…
but everyone told me it was worth it.
They were right.  It is fast and a huge time saver.

favorite mac 1 Favorite Mac 2

That’s my top ten!

Maybe something here would be a good gift idea for someone you love?

**Chime In**

Are any of these items one of your favorite things as well?

What are some of your favorite things?

Walk with the King,


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  1. I agree with the candles. Since I have been using your website I loved doing Making your home a haven challenge. I light a candle. Every. Single. Day it is so peaceful. I have 4 children all under 6 years of age so patience wears thin at times but once I walk past my candle I stop and pray. I have 4 candles one in restroom, one in my room, one in the kitchen (that’s were us moms are at most of the day), and one in kitchen table when I am doing my bible study and reading Gods word(: I am so grateful for finding your page and can’t wait to dig into Psalms.
    God bless

    Lots of love,

  2. I love your favorite things you listed first!! These are mine too. The small things in life are worth more than money. They are priceless! I have just recently gotten into the infinity scarves. I have a terrible time trying to wrap/tie the other scarves around my neck. The infinity scarves are so easy and they really make an outfit “pop”! I love Yankee candles too! They are made better than most of the other brands. I can sometimes find a coupon for them online! There is a Yankee store in the mall we can go to. Do you have the metal wick trimmer? Its great!! It cuts the wick easily even when the wick is at the bottom of the candle. It even has a handy spot to hold the cut-off wick so it won’t land in the wax. Here is the link: http://www.yankeecandle.com/browse/accessories/candle-tools/_/N-8cc I am going to look into your two Bibles. I had been using a plain version of ESV because our new pastor uses one, but I have a hard time understanding the verses. I’m thinking having the commentary with the Bible will be very helpful. I have used NIV for many, many years so I’m having a hard time switching to ESV. I will definitely do some research into these Bibles. Thank you for sharing your favorite things (both lists). I also want to thank you for being such an encourager to me. I enjoy watching your videos. Your enthusiasm for the Lord really shows in your videos. You really perk me up and encourage me! I have learned a lot from your book “Women Living Well”. I have been learning to be a submissive wife and enjoying it very much. My husband has noticed it too and our marriage has been better than ever! Thank you!!

  3. The first list is my favorite of the 2 lists. 🙂 I love a lot of those same things. I also love eating dinner with my husband each night (6 months & our 1st baby will join us)! As for the gift items- I have & love the same foundation (in a much paler shade-lol)! My favorite beauty products are philosophy brand 3-in-1 bubble bath/shower gel/shampoo & nice smelling lotions (my goal is to smell like cookies or candy-not overwhelming just faintly so).

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Ohh – I love those hero books. We had those as kids and they really helped to shape me. Gladys Alyward is my all-time hero. Read the book, have the movie (okay – and I just really love Ingrid Bergman…love, love Ingrid Bergman). Such a strong, fascinating woman! And Eric Liddle – wow. I have that movie, too – it makes me cry every time I watch it….such a man of conviction!

    And – ummm….mascara is my vanity, too. *grin* If I were on a desert island, I would still have my mascara. lol! I use Avon because its the only kind that doesn’t flake and bother my contacts.

  5. I love your price-less list … good hair days would definitely feature on mine, since they happen so rarely 😉
    Another of mine would be the look on my son’s face when he hears daddy drive up the driveway in the evening – his face says “Oh, yeah, NOW it’s playtime!!” <3
    On my list with price-tags, I'd have to put my Samsung 7 inch tablet – I didn't really want a tablet, didn't think I'd use it enough to justify the cost, but since my husband spoiled me with one last year, I've been surprised at how much I've come to love it! I have a Kindle app on it, so I can read anywhere I go, and ESV Bible app so that I always have a Bible with me, I can check Facebook, Google questions my son asks when we're away from my laptop, like why silkworm moths can't fly, and it even has Word and Excel on it.
    It was definitely worth getting, in hindsight 🙂

  6. I love my ESV Inductive Study Bible too! My everyday Bible is the Women’s Devotional Bible (ESV). Some of my other favorites are my Kindle fire, thirty-one tote bags, my three dogs, and all my yarn and knitting supplies. I love the pen you showed. Where did you find it? I’d love to find one. I love your ministry, it even applies to an older lady like me!

  7. Hi Courtney, i like your list.Truthfully, i haven’t sat down to think of my favorites things . Good job any way.

    I am not sure I understood something you wrote in your post. Are you really going on a break i.e you are not writing? put me through please.

    http:// purposefulandmeaningful.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Ifeoma – no I am not going on a break 🙂 I’ll be here writing until December 19th and then take a week off for Christmas!!

      See you here on Wednesday!
      Lots of Love,

  8. This is cool my list would be:

    1) My husband and Kids
    2) My Bible who is full of colors cause of Gods great words.
    3) My computet
    4) My house, i realy love my house
    5) My craft stuff
    6) My Kindle
    7) My candles in my house oh i love candles even in the summer.
    8) My Paper en pencil, where i write letters on to my pen pals, can’t life without that 🙂
    9) My Perfume.
    10) My Bed, i can’t life without My bed, it’s also my space to have my time with God. I just love to be sitting on my bed and be there just talking with God.

    God is my #1+ in life but i assume you all have that .

    I love this list, it makes you realize what you all have and can be thankfull for.

  9. LOVE this! 🙂 Great ideas and so fun to read. I think my favorite is the hot bubble bath with your Bible. I do the SAME thing…except I add a bowl of ice cream – because the bath is too hot! 🙂


  10. Courtney thank you for inviting us in for a sneak peek at your favorite things. I share 2 on your list: my MacBook Air and Yankee Candles, oh how they make life much sweeter. But the non-quantifiable ones are the most treasured as I too await the sound of my husand’s car pull up. Be blessed and enjoy your coffee today.

  11. Happy start to December everyone!
    I love knowing where my husband will put on his shoes every morning (yep, he’s doing it right now), my 2 bouncy puppies, phone calls from my son who lives 14 hours away, hugging my 18 month old granddaughter,…
    One of my most cherished items that is a “material” good is the large shawl that my husband brought me from a trip in 2001. He was gone for 6 weeks and found it himself. I wear it all the time.

  12. I love your lists~~I think you are a woman after my own heart 😉

    I’m excited about the Inductive Study Bible. I went through an Inductive Study of John over 20 years ago and still remember how helpful it was…I didn’t know there is a Bible 🙂 I might have to purchase that for myself and put it under the tree 🙂

  13. Hi Courtney
    It’s my first time on your blog and this post inspired me so much today. I actually wrote my own post based on this. You took me back to all the things that give my joy and the reasons why I started to work from home to be available for my family. Those things don’t have a cash price but are so invaluable. Thank you very much

  14. I have that mascara too! Love those books! Definitely something I would enjoy reading with my children and great role models!

  15. Thank you for introducing me to the Christian Hero books!! What a wonderful Christmas gift idea for our grandchildren. I am so excited as I wanted to give them something with meaning and helps them grow in their walk with Christ. I really enjoy your blog.

  16. That’s a great list! I like seeing what really works, like the curling iron. Candles are definitely one of my top 5 (Hello, chocolate mint), along with:

    2) my study Bible and online free study aids
    3) unsweet tea and stevia
    4) Josh Groban Christmas CD
    5) cleaned kitchen counterops
    6) Landmark histories (LOVE the Christian heroes series as well!)
    7) good dark chocolate

  17. Love your list and well, I can’t live without mascara. If I don’t wear makeup, I make sure I am wearing mascara. It’s like the icing on the cake. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your list.

  18. I love the hot tools curling iron and infinity scarves, too. 🙂

    A few of my favorites:
    -White hot chocolate
    -Essie nail polish
    -All Soft Redken shampoo & conditioner
    -Cozy, soft houseshoes and housesocks
    -Smartwater & Dasani water
    -Trips to Starbucks
    -L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara

  19. I like your list of items. I want to try the make up. My favorite Bible is my NIV Life Application Bible 1984 version. I even bought an extra one since they’re becoming where you can’t get them. I’ve tried HCSB because that’s what my Pastor uses. Sometimes, it’s hard with so many versions, know which one to use. For the ones that use ESV, what made you choose this version and how is it in comparison to NIV 1984. . I’ve heard several have started using it.

  20. One of my Favorites is my MacBrook Pro too Courtney 😉 I love it! You’re right, SO pricey but so VERY worth it!

    I like candles but don’t like having to worry about leaving a flame. I do have a Yankee Candle out but I pretty much stick with Scentsy. SAFE Scents!

    MY favorite things? 1. Essential Oils! Just got into these and they are so calming & relaxing. Been helping me naturally get rid of my cold symptoms, I’ve been dealing with for 3 days now 🙁

    2. Makeup!! Love it all! From high end brands like Bare Escentuals, Urban Decay, It Cosmetics to Drugstore brands…I just love it!

    3. My ESV Study Bible–read it every day 😀

    4. Dancing with the Stars–yes, it’s a TV show but I was THRILLED last year when Candace Cameron Bure took 3rd place and this past season Sadie Robertson (of Duck Dynasty fame) placed 2nd! Both ladies were paired with Mark Ballas! I’ve met Pro Derek Hough and Judge Julianne Hough this last summer while they were out touring and I’ve already purchased a ticket for the Dancing With The Stars Tour that’s coming to Cleveland on January 18th!! Mark is touring with the DWTS tour this winter 🙂

    5. My iPhone 6 Plus….can’t live without it and interfaces nicely with my MacBook Pro!

    6. Women Living Well Ministries—-had it not been for this blog, that I found about 3+ years ago, I honestly don’t know where I’d be today. Courtney’s ministry has helped streghten and solidify my faith in so many ways and I know I’ve told her and mentioned it here before.

    7. My son–he is my joy.

    8. Scentsy Warmers and wax bars–because I love a nice smelling home 🙂

    9. Books–because I LOVE to read. I have enought books, I could open my own library.

    10.My Keurig. I’m only good for about one cup of coffee a day…that’s all I need so the Keurig is perfect for that!

  21. Hi Courtney! I love your list! What a nice thing to ponder about. Some of my favorite things…..

    1. Baking around the holidays and filling my home with the yummy smell, a tradition my Mother taught me.
    2. Fluffy seasonal socks
    3. Coffee!
    4. Candles (yes, Yankee). I stock up this time of year, because they normally have a buy 2, get 2 free coupon
    5. Revlon Color Stay Lipstick in Raisin Rage….I have been wearing this color for years. One application and presto! Lips look good all day long. A lot of people know me by that lipstick! 🙂
    6. A good bargain of any kind!

    1. If you live anywhere near an Outlet Mall & they have an Yankee Candle Outlet, I got 4 large jar candles for $44 back in Mid-September. Burns the same as if I’d paid $27.99 for it 😉

  22. Hi Courtney! I enjoyed this post so very much! I also light a candle in my home almost every day, but my favorites are the Bath and Body Works candles! I like to use a John Macarthur Study Bible, but I’m thinking of investing in a couple of others just to deepen my study! Both the Reformation and the Inductive look great! I’m glad you shared them with us!

    The books your son reads: Do you think they might be a little advanced for a 7-year old boy? My son is in 1st grade and he reads well for his age, but he hasn’t delved much into chapter books yet.

    Also, our children go to public school, but I was thinking of doing an at home bible curriculum. Do you have an suggestions for a home-school bible curriculum? My children are 7, (almost) 6, and 3. I’m unfamiliar with homeschool curriculums and when I look online I’m not sure what to look for.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life on your blog! I always appreciate your upbeat attitude and the godly encouragement!

    Jessica Zeable
    from Phx, AZ

  23. Love your list. Thank you for sharing it. Books, candles, coffee…all favs. Here’s another scent to throw your way that a friend put on her blog post– Yankee’s salted caramel. Oh my. It’s fabulous!

  24. Love both of these lists! Looking for the scarf. It took me to Amazon but it didn’t look like the same one. Where can I find this one?

    1. I received some of these scarves as gifts so I don’t have links to the exact ones but you could type in the color you are looking for on amazon and it will take you to similar ones – for example this is the search results for “Blue Knit Infinity Scarf”


      The hot pink one was from Walmart. 😉


  25. Hi Courtney as soon as I read this post I told my husband I need to order this Bible. Why he asks and the answer was because Courtney said it was good. I got it this past week and I really like it. I have many Bibles in many versions but the ESV is my favorite for reading. Thanks for the post. By the way I ordered the kay Arthur one 🙂

  26. Hi Courtney,

    I was wondering how you determine which Bible to use at different times. Are there certain circumstances you go to one then other circumstances you go to another? Do you use one for everyday reading and one for studies?

    I love your blog. I have struggled this past year with having faith and spending time with God. When I am most down and discouraged I come to your blog and watch your videos or read posts that encourage me to keep going and get my Bible and just read and soak in. Thank you for your ministry to women.

  27. I love both your lists. I share most of your likes too. I recently found the Candleberry brand candle. I LOVE the Hot Maple Toddy fragrance. It seems to smell stronger & burn longer. Also, for Christmas I bought Younique mascara for my girls. It is a ill expensive but is supposed to last 6 months. They both are blessed with beautiful lashes but this is my favorite I’ve seen them wear. I use a KJV life application study Bible & love the You version Bible App on kindle fire & iPhone. I plug in my headphones & listen & read along. I do that with kjv & esv version for our one chapter a day study. My daughter loves her hot tools 1″ curling iron we got her for Christmas. French vanilla coffee is my favorite too lol. I want to thank you for all you do. You’ve really inspired me & I feel closer to God than I’ve felt in a very long time. Your positivity, excitement & bright beautiful smile really mean a lot to me. I’m very excited to read Exodus with Good Morning Girls as well as groups. Thank you again!!!

  28. My list is a bit different, but I love the idea of making the list, so…..
    #1 – NASB Open Study Bible – it has tons of cross references, helps, and all the other goodies. I like NASB because I studied Greek in college and it is the closest translation to the original (we weren’t allowed to read NASB while doing homework).
    #2 – Magnetic bookmarks – I never lose my place no matter how much my books bounce around.
    #3 – Fleece lap blankets/throws – a friend got me started making the tie throws and I just love cuddling under one for a nap, a good read, or just to relax and listen to music.
    #4 – Memory Box and Taylormade dies for cardmaking – I can’t get enough of these. I love, love, love the intricate cuts, and my friends love the cards I make with them.
    #5 – Infinity scarves – YES!!!!!
    #6 – Cinnamon candy canes – I wait all year for these to come out, then I attack the shelves for after-Christmas clearance to stock up 🙂
    #7 – Praise music – I love all kinds of music, but the praise CD’s are the best. I can sing along all I want, as loud as I want, all by myself. And they are soooooo uplifting.
    #8 – Books – There’s nothing like curling up with a new book by one of your favorite authors
    That’s all I can think of in things that are actually purchased. I would put my church way, way up on the list, but I’m sure that sentiment is shared by many on your site, and those relationships just can’t be bought at any price.

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  30. Here’s the link to my very own list — inspired by your list. Sorry I am getting to the party late, but I saw your link via FaceBook and had to chime in too. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi! You said that your MacBook Pro is such a great tool…how do you utilize it? My husband bought me one for Christmas and I am just learning how to use it. Currently, I download my Bible study lessons from our church’s website and do my study right on the computer. I also keep it handy for helping the children to internet research for school. What are some ways that you use it to the point that it made your Top 10 Favorites list?


  32. I love how you open up your life to us. You give such practical and nice advice! Do you think you could share a list of your favorite devotionals or books that have helped you on your faith journey? I am so hungry for wisdom. I love Kay Arthur. It was through one of her books that I came to Christ (that and 20 years of prayer by my sister who gave that book to me in 1991!).

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