What is the Meaning of Your Name?

In the Bible we see that the meaning of a name was very significant to the identity and destiny of the person. Do you know the meaning of your name? #Biblestudy #Genesis #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

What is the meaning of your name?

Were you named after someone special?

I am going to share who I was named after – but first let’s turn to Genesis. The Good Morning Girls are reading chapters 41-45 this week and we are covering the life of Joseph.

At the age of 17, Joseph was sold by his brothers to the Ishmaelite’s. From there he was sold once again to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh.  From there he was unjustly imprisoned and then at the age of thirty he was released.

“Joseph was thirty years old when he entered the service of Pharaoh king of Egypt.”  (Genesis 41:46)

That is THIRTEEN years of suffering and hardship Joseph endured because of his brother’s jealousy.

Thirteen years to grow bitter.

Thirteen years to build resentment.

Thirteen years to plan revenge.

Thirteen years to question God and the dreams he first had.

Thirteen years of feeling rejected, unloved, and unwanted.

But at the age of 30 Joseph went from the prison to the palace. He ended up second in command – only behind Pharaoh.  Joseph married and his wife gave birth to two sons.

The names of his sons are significant.

51 Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh. “For,” he said, “God has made me forget all my hardship and all my father’s house.” 52 The name of the second he called Ephraim, “For God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.” (Genesis 41:51 & 52)

Genesis 4152 suffering square

Joseph declares through the names of his sons –  it is God who has helped him forget his hardships. It is God who has made him fruitful in the land of his affliction.

Wow – just like that – he has forgotten 13 years of suffering.

Only God.

Only God could enable him to do that!

I am reminded of the life of Corrie Ten Boom.  

My mom named me Courtney after her.  My nickname growing up was Corrie.

This was my Christmas stocking that hung for 21 years in my home.


And a card my grandmother wrote to me a few years before she passed away – she was still calling me Corrie at the age of 35.

nickname corrie 1

I am pretty sure this is not a name I can live up to but I am grateful to be named after her.  Corrie Ten Boom’s testimony is one I like to revisit and gain strength from.

Her family was arrested by the Nazis for hiding Jews during the Holocaust.  She survived the horrendous concentration camp but her sister Betsie died there.  Corrie suffered extreme cruelty at the hands of the guards.

Following her release, she became a missionary spreading the truth of God’s forgiveness and reconciliation.  Then one night in 1947, as she finished speaking at a church, a man worked his way through the crowd to her.  The moment she saw his face all the memories rushed back of the concentration camp.  He had been a guard there.

And he asked – “will you forgive me?”

She stood in stillness.  Though not much time passed, it felt like hours to her as she considered – her sister had died a slow miserable death because of this man. Would a quick forgiveness erase such a terrible thing he had done?

He held out his hand to her.

She wrestled inside.

It was the most difficult thing she had ever done in her life but she had to do it.  She said a silent prayer “Lord, help me!” and then because of the love and forgiveness of Jesus she put her hand in his and said with tears in her eyes, “I forgive you, brother with all my heart!”

Former guard and former prisoner – reconciled.

That is the power of the forgiveness of Jesus! And that power is in us.

God enabled Joseph to forget the thirteen years of hardship his brothers caused him.

God enabled Corrie to forgive the prison guard for the years of hardship he had caused her.

This same God will enable you to forgive those who have hurt you as well, if you will make that choice?

Who is God asking you to forgive?

Are you in an emotional prison today? Held captive by the pain another has caused you?  Release it.

Perhaps even give today a name of remembrance.  The day you released _________ from the pain they caused you.

Now go forward and be blessed

Walk with the King,


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What is the meaning of your name? Are you named after someone special?

Are the names of your children significant? Share them.

Is there someone God has brought to mind today that you need to forgive? 

Have you forgiven someone in the past and have a testimony you can share of the freedom you have experienced through God enabling you to forgive them?


  1. My name is Gail Leona. I was named after my Aunt Leona who never had any children. In fact, she willed me her favorite sapphire ring when she passed away. I wear it proudly! My Dad told me when I was little, that he named me Gail because it meant, “Her Father’s pride and joy.”. I went to a conference about 3 yrs ago. A woman prayed with me and she said, “Do you know what your name means?” I said, Yes, Her Father’s pride and joy! She said, “that’s right and who is your Father besides your Dad? I said Jesus! She said, “Don’t ever forget that, Gail. He loves you so very much!” I was speechless! p.s. I was and still am a Daddy’s girl. My Dad passed away in 2005 and I’m still his pride and joy! 🙂

  2. my name means “beautiful” my mother chose it 32 years ago because no one else had that name and she loved it!! My husband and I have a son who was stillborn which we named Isaiah David which means God is salvation!! David is my husbands middle name!! Our daughter was born 1 year and 12 days later and we named her Layla! Yes I grew up listening to Eric Clapton and my dad loved that song…so in a roundabout way she’s named after my dad!! We are currently expecting…if it is another little girl she will be named Nora Kathleen (I love old names like Nora and Kathleen is my grandmas name) or if it’s a boy he will be named Cole Russell (Cole because it’s not popular and Russell is my mothers maiden name)!!! This will be our last baby since I am high risk and it stresses my husband out beyond belief! We find out the gender on 11/26, the day before thanksgiving which is also our 10 year anniversary!!!

  3. My mother and father named me Faith because the Lord told them that my name should be Faith. I remember this past year feeling down, and my dad said Faith you need to remember that your name means to believe, and my middle name is Christiana and that comes from John Bunyan’s book Pilgrim’s Progress. I named my oldest daughter Margaret after her great grandmother. My daughter Hannah I really wanted the name Anna, but instead I compromised and went with Hannah. My middle daughter Elizabeth is not named after anybody just loved the name. Now my daughters middle names two out of the three came from family. My oldest daughter’s middle name is June after her great great Aunt June, and my youngest her middle name is after my sister’s middle name Lynn.

  4. My name is Elizabeth (people call me Libby though) and I am named after my grandmother and great-grandmother, both of which I never got to meet. It means pledged or consecrated to God and God’s promise or God is satisfaction.

  5. My name is Kelly Ann. It was supposed to be Carrie Ann but my Mom told when I was born I didn’t look like a Carrie but like a Kelly…this was 1972. I LOVE my name 🙂 It means Gaelic Warrior in Irish.

    My son’s name is Patrick, which is my husband (and his father’s) middle name. We took my husband’s names and reversed them to name our son as we didn’t want a Jr. My husband was named after his mother’s brother, who was a WWII vet that died in his 40’s from alcoholism. 🙁

    I recently (like two days ago) forgave my former high school best friend for the hurt she caused me. Most recently as of 4 yrs ago. We’ve been talking via FB Messenger. I told her that God tells us we are to forgive and HE was telling me that I needed to do this. So I did 🙂

  6. My name means “God takes care of me”. And He sure has been doing just that. In my culture the name of a child is very important as it can go on to shape their destiny.

  7. My name is Jamileh and it means beautiful girl. I am named after my mom. My name is Persian as my mom is from Iran and we are Persian (Iranian). In school when role was called I always knew when the teacher came to my name because there was a long pause. I would then have to stand up and teach her how to say my name. After 911 it was very hard for me and especially having a foreign name, people haven’t always been kind. If only people understood. In the Iranian culture, and pretty much all middle eastern cultures, names do mean something and are very important and powerful.

  8. German Meaning:
    The name Wilma is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Wilma is: Resolute protector.’.

    SoulUrge Number: 1
    People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

    Expression Number: 22
    People with this name tend to be a powerful force to all whose lives they touch. They are capable, charismatic leaders who often undertake large endeavors with great success. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become impractical and rigid.

  9. My name is Eveline Wilhelmina, Eveline is named after my grandma, Wilhelmina named after my uncle. My kids have names that you can find in the Bible. Someone to forgive right now, i just worked on it a month ago so i don’t know .

    I had to forgive my ex husband, and now i’m much closer to God and feel realy free. My ex husband can say what ever, it doesn’t hurt me no more.

    Thanks to God.

    Stay close to your Creator,

    Blijf dichtbij je Maker.

    Eveline ( Eve on internet, so my friends in diffrent country’s can say it 🙂 ) By the way Courtney, Corrie is a typical Dutch name for a girl.

  10. Completely love this website, I was named after a soap opera star my mom really liked. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned it also means beautiful in Hebrew! I also believe in the power of forgiveness and that only God helps us forgive. My brother and I were abused as children, by our mother’s boyfriend at the time. He was very cruel and if we tried to defend ourselves, he’d cut or nails until they’d bleed, so we really had nothing and no one to defend us, horrible years! He’s recently passed and I forgave him before he took his last breath, I feel very fortunate. My brother however has, yet to forgive, your prayers would be tremendously appreciated. God bless you all, and thank you for a place to finally let it out.

  11. When you forgive someone, does that mean you have to have a relationship with them? The person in my life is very destructive and I feel would bring harm to my children. I THINK I’ve forgiven her, but then i think it wouldn’t be safe to have her near my family so then I struggle with maybe I haven’t truly forgiven her if I feel this way about her still. Confusing?

    1. Teri,
      I believe that you can forgive someone but still not be a part of their lives, especially if they are destructive. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I do think that’s okay. God bless!

    2. Hi Teri – this is a very good question to ask. There is a difference between forgiveness and reconciliation that brings the offender back into your life.

      Forgiveness is giving mercy for a wrong done to us.

      Reconciliation is the restoration of a relationship after the offender apologizes.

      The two do not always happen simultaneously. Forgiveness is a choice we make to release someone from their wrong to us and is something done out of obedience to God. It depends on our relationship with God (as Joseph’s did).

      Reconciliation takes place when the person who did the wrong apologizes and you are able to make amends. This depends on both parties discussing the offense and the offender making right the wrong.

      Just as Christ is not reconciled to us until we confess our sin to Him, we may remain unreconciled to some people in our lives who are unapologetic.

      I think this post explains it well:


      Hope this helps.
      Lots of Love,

  12. My name is Christine and after I became a Christian, I went to a Christian store to look for some gifts and came across those small cards with the meaning of names on them. I couldn’t believe it when I picked up the card for “Christine” and saw the meaning: believer in Christ! It was emotional to have that further piece of evidence that the Lord had pre-destined me to a relationship with Him and eternal life, even before my parents chose my name or even conceived me! 🙂

  13. My name, Johanna, means “God is gracious”. I was conceived out of wedlock in a time when abortion had recently become legal. My mom, a lonely scared college student, went against the advice of her roommates who had terminated their pregnancies and gave birth to me. Jesus got a hold of her life and changed her heart. She raised me in a loving, Christ-centered home and God has used us in the lives of many. God is indeed gracious.

  14. I wasn’t named after anyone special, but I have a “forgiving” story. . .I became a Christian PenPal some months ago, writing to prison inmates who request a Christian to write to them. Some are believers, some are curious about God. The organization “assigns” inmates. My very first inmate who responded to my letter told me that he is serving time for sexual assault. “I felt like I should tell you in case you don’t want to have anything to do with me now. . .”
    I cried when I read his letter. I am a sexual abuse survivor. My perpetrator was never brought to justice. And here was this man in front of me, and Jesus was asking, “B, will you share My love with this undeserving sinner, you who are an undeserving sinner? Will you live out how much you have been forgiven?”
    I wrote him back, and could say from my heart that Jesus saves ALL sin, no matter how grievous. Through our letters we have been reading books of the Bible. By the time he finished reading the gospel of John, he knew that he was saved!
    The biggest miracle is that I genuinely love this man as a son in the faith. I know that in my own strength I could not forgive someone who represented so much pain in my life. But that is the beauty of the Gospel. Jesus saved me. I was so undeserving. He gave me life so I could share with others. Even sinners. . .

    1. Beverly i have a profound message for you. Your name means “beaver meadow”. At first, the beavers work looks to be a detriment, a work of destruction, as he falls trees and disrupts streams. BUT, but the beaver meadow, upon closer look is actually very desirable and valued. It creates a wetland which first and foremost cleanses the water but also allows for the water to seep down into the layer of earth that actually “holds” the water. The beavers themselves are very smart, ingenuitive and amazing creatures. When they finally abandon their beaver meadow for another location, the meadow is left revitalized and richer then before the beaver arrived. It can quickly and easily resort to lush forest because of the water and rich soil created while the beaver did its work there. With the importance of “water” and the meaning of water in the Bible, I can’t help but read your story and make a jump to say that your name (you) represent the life giving and cleansing “water” of our faith. Jesus’s Living water. You, by virtue of your name, the name God planned for to have, in a sense “hold” this living and cleansing water within you. You “shared” it with this inmate, he heard and received Gods living water with your help. And now, hopefully, as He continues to change.. as He comes to understand the power of this for this life..He (and you) become and live out Isaiah 61:3. It says …”to strengthen those who mourn (this is amazing as Gills exposition of the Bible explains it as those who mourn for perversion, abuse and neglect), to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garmet of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” This is what I believe your name is referring to…you are like the beaver meadow..you “hold and bring cleansing water” to the others. In this particular case..to one who mourns for perversion, abuse and neglect.. Your God given purpose is help deliver the message of Gods redemptive work.. Beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, praise instead of despair. Oaks of righteousness planted by the Lord himself to display his glory! Just like the forest that pops up after the beaver has done his work! This is powerful stuff! This is you!

  15. Anastasia means the resurrection in Greek, I had a pastor tell me when I was nine that I had the most biblical name not in the English bible 🙂 was named after the clothing line my mom would have started.

  16. Samantha means listener of God. I have been a listener my whole life. I know it is because I carry that name.
    My first son is named Caeden Everett which means spirited Boar. And he also fits his name well… I prayed about his name and still wonder why I would name him such a bold name, my only answer is that this kid will be unafraid and a great leader, I hope I’m right.
    My daughter is Sapphira Leeona, which means beautiful lioness. Again I wonder about that animal middle name but she is bold! For her we were constrained by initials. My grandmother mother and myself all have the same initials. SLM. I wanted to give that to her as well. Her first name is Sapphira because it means the same thing as Sapphire but doesn’t sound like a strippers name and in Islam chapter 54 God promises the forlorn woman a foundation of Sapphires and because of that my husband gave me a Sapphire engagement ring and suggested we name our daughter sapphire…The start of a great and strong foundation.
    Our third baby was lost due to an ectopic pregnancy and I named him/her Jaemi Hale. I spelled it that way because it is a combination of two very important people’s names. While I was mi scarring and my husband was out of state these people went out of their way to take care of me and my children. Jamean and Ami will always have a place in my heart, as will their daughter Haley.
    Our latest son’s name was picked before we were even married. Micah Owen. Which means who is like God, well born. And because my first was born in hospital with pitocin, second in hospital in an emergency (and traumatic) c-section, then the miscarriage, and finally Micah Owen born at home in a fabulous and perfect birth.
    Names mean everything!

  17. Thank you for sharing, Courtney. I’m Claire Rachael – ‘clear, bright, famous’ for the former, ‘ewe’ for the latter. This caused much hilarity for my siblings in our youth!

  18. My name Pamela means “sweet as honey.” Aw, hope I can live up to that.

    My girls, however, have much stronger names.

    My older daughter is named Finley Grace which means ‘Enabled Warrior.’ And our younger daughter, Emerson Marie, means Brave Rebellion. I pray both of my girls will be warriors for Christ and bravely rebel against the ‘wrongs’ of this world that are being labeled as ‘rights.’

    And as a sweet reminder from God that He loves me and has went before me, my much older stepson, William Duncan, means protector warrior. What a perfect meaning for a big brother!

  19. My name is Darrelyn. I was named after my mom’s best friend. My daughter’s name is Agnes Anna Louise. She was named after my grandma, Anna Louise, and my husband’s grandmother, Agnes Louise. Our daughter has a long name, but I am proud to name her after two people who have had a positive impact on our lives.

  20. I so believe in the meaning and power of names and like to see if people live into their names! My name is Judy and means “praise”. When I first discovered this, it was a very powerful and ‘aha!’ moment for me. I believe God knew me, planned me, and chose my name for a purpose. My name tells me that no matter what, and above all else, He made me very specifically to “praise” Him!! That is my purpose, the purpose he made me into being. When I praise Him and when my life praises him, I am living into my name and His will for me..I may not always get other things right all the time but if I remember to praise Him (no matter the circumstances) then I am in the center of His will for my life and His plan! This is a powerful thought and realization! God has lots of things He wants to use me for (like all of us) but my first born purpose is to live a life of honor and praise. By doing so i know without a doubt that He will use it! We often wonder what Gods purpose for us is, and our name, chosen and planned long before we ever existed, is a gift and glimpse into one purpose and an encouragement and map to follow as we grow and go through life. So I will continue to “praise Him” and pray for a life that always brings honor and glory to Him! To “know” my purpose is such a blessing! Through our name..we all can know a part of our God given purpose! Oh, how He loves us!

  21. Hello all! First I’d like to say I needed this message so much today. I am only 23 about to be 24 but I have been proposed to twice and cheated on several times. My last boyfriend took advantage of my family and my money. He promised to marry me and hurt me in many ways. After reading this I realized I have been harboring those feelings towards ALL men, even my male friends! That’s not what God calls me to do. So today I would like to publically forgive said person. I will not mention their name but I will mention mine. My name is Natasha and it means ” Gift of God and Christmastime. I was adopted and my parents have always said I was a gift to them. I’ve thought though am I living up to my name? Gift from God. How can I be a gift to anyone when I am harboring so much anger? I can’t. So today I am going to , by God’s grace, change! Thank you for this post and God bless!

  22. During her pregnancy, my mom had a dream! God was saying to her that the name of her baby was to be Daniele (the feminine form of Daniel, written too as Danielle). When she woke up, she told my dad her dream, and it was obvious for them that I should have that name. Daniele, Danielle, Daniel means “The LORD is Judge”. When we were missionaries in Mexico, it was fun because the Mexicans called me Daniela, it is so feminine!

    Thank you Courtney for that blog, I enjoy it!!!

  23. Hello Ladies.

    I wasn’t named after anyone or anything special. My name means:
    The name Kimberly is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Kimberly is: From the wood of the royal forest. From the royal fortress meadow.

    Also, in my search I found this little tidbit:
    A sweet compassionate girl that finds the beauty in everything. She is always willing to give a helping hand. Everyone loves her as soon as they meet her. Tends to be confident. It does describe my personality quite well. I’ve been told by many who know me that I’m a sweet compassionate person and that I find beauty in everything. As well as, I’m willing the give a helping hand. Sometimes I come off as intimidating because of my confidence. I’m pretty observant. When I notice people pulling away I reign myself in and it draws them back to me.

    I love how God uses me!

  24. My name is Mary Ann which means either Bitter Grace or Bitter Prayer depending on where you look. I have no middle name ( that drives computers crazy! ) I was originally supposed to be Justine but my twin sister (Yvonne – a family name) and I were 6-month preemies and expected to die. My sister lived one-and-a- half days. My mother prayed that if the stronger twin would survive she would name it after Jesus’ mother Mary and her mother Ann, hence my name. I weighed less than 2 lbs. and this was 60 years ago when there was not much hope for premature babies. Well I survived and true to my name my life was bittersweet. My father was ill during most of my childhood and would die 3 weeks after my 20th birthday. My older brother developed a drinking problem that effected him all his life and ruined his marriage. My mother took to drinking to escape from our poverty, my dad’s illness and was worn down from life. In those days alcoholism was considered a moral weakness and not a disease and was a stigma on the family. I knew how to put drunks to bed by the time I was 5. Funny I don’t blame my family because even as a child I realized we were all trapped in unhappy circumstances coping as best we could. My mother finally gave up drinking but ended up with Alzheimer’s and paralyzed from a stroke. I became her caregiver at home as I had been for my Dad years earlier. My parents couldn’t leave me much that the world would value but they left me something that I treasure daily – Faith. I grew up with people calling out to God in prayer. It wasn’t answered the way most people would expect. Life didn’t become a bowl of cherries but I became stronger, more resilient, less judgmental. I earned a Human Services degree because all those years I learned how to care and deal with physical and emotional problems. God never wastes any good that a person does but magnifies it.He truly is a loving caring Father and sees the overall pattern why we see just one thread. As for forgiveness, I do have an issue I’m dealing with. Seven years ago people very close to me hurt me emotionally very deeply and out of petty revenge tried to ruin my reputation and character. They’re still at it. Everyday since then I hand the situation over to the Lord, pray for forgiveness for them and myself, and ask God to keep bitterness from my heart. It is so tempting to give in to that but that is not what we are asked to do. We are asked to love and forgive our enemies. I have my faults too , God knows. He really does know me from birth. It’s funny, the more I turn to Him, the more I realize what a waste many foolish things of this world are. I may not have happiness but I have contentment and quiet joy and peace in my soul. I still have my daily problems like everyone else but I truly feel that His way is the only right way to live. He was there saving me at birth and I feel and believe He will be there to comfort me in death. May God bless you and all who are struggling in this materialistic world. Your beautiful blog is a light in the darkness. Thank you for speaking up for God.

  25. This entry is of God’s ever amazing perfect timing!

    I am currently struggling with my boyfriend of almost 5 years in June cheating on me. Most women in today’s world would just say to leave and I did for only 3 weeks and came back. We have a beautiful son together & another blessing on the way. I have never wanted a broken home for my children & I honestly do love him more than anything. As you can probably imagine cheating isnt an easy thing to forgive & forget. I am struggling with both but with the prayer Ive invested and now reading this post I know God is right there waiting to help me but I have to let him, & today I choose to forgive & forget!!

    Thank you for this beautiful post.

  26. Thank you Courtney. This spoke to my heart as I read about the meaning of your name. I love the meaning of my name as it gives me something to stretch up to. I loved that verse you chose out of this week’s reading, that “God has made me forget all my hardship.” I never thought to pray that God would do that. Just never occured to me!!

  27. My mother named me after the song by Donovan called “Jennifer Juniper”. She raised me and my brother pretty much on her own. She was my role model from like day one in that she was so strong, and in how much she loved God. I learned about God and about the Bible from her. She got me into church when I was little and in VBS, and the seed was sprouted in my soul.

    A few years ago, she got sick. And I lost faith for a time. But she encouraged me to go back to church, to regain my relationship with God. I’d given up! I was so afraid of what was going on with Mom, I prayed, but I wasn’t sure if God heard me. I wasn’t sure if he’d known I was there anymore.

    She’ll be gone five years in February. The night she died in 2010, it felt like my world ended. And it was there, in my darkest hour, I heard the Lord’s voice the loudest. I knew that I wasn’t alone. I never was alone. He’d always been there, He’d always heard every prayer I’d prayed, every thought, every doubt I’d had. He still loved me. Even when I thought otherwise.

    And in the time since, I’ve rededicated my life to God, on Easter of 2010, three months after my mother passed, my brother and I were baptized. That was one of the happiest days of my entire life. I knew in my heart that she was looking down from heaven and smiling.

    And I know I can handle anything that comes my way now. Because God and my angel Mom are looking out for me.

    Like the verse says – If God is for us, who can be against us?

    Thank you for doing what you do with the Good Morning Girls. I love being a part of this Bible study! I look forward to your emails every week.

    God bless you all! 🙂

  28. I’ve been especially wrestling with the issue of forgiveness this week. My mother is a very jealous woman. She grew up jealous of her sister. I noticed this jealousy and bitterness transferred to me even when I was very small. She even called me by her sister’s name by accident and told me I reminded her of her sister. My mother would treat my 2 brothers with kindness and respect, but she would treat me with snappiness and dismissal. I would hear her lie and exaggerate almost every day to my Dad anything I had done, and even my brothers noticed she would lie about me. My father was a rageful man, and his anger would build up like a volcano while my mother would go on and on, until it errupted in abuse on me. My father in and of himself was a bully, constantly abusing me verbally, physically, and emotionally all of my life, even into adulthood. My poblem that I wrestle with is this: I became a Christian when I was 12 yrs old. My parents were saved at the same time. But my mother and father continue to belittle and demoralize me even to this day 30 years later. When I left home for college and into adulthood, I decided I didn’t want to carry this baggage, and I loved the Lord, so I just unconditionally forgave them. They loved that they were released from any consequence or discovery of what they had done to me. The problem is that they don’t stop. Even though I have confronted my mother a few careful, prayerful times during my life, she will continue to say terrible things of me behind my back. My extended family and people I grew up with in the church will tell me “your mother says the worst things about you”. It always stuns me. Every SINGLE time i have confronted her with lying about me or people saying she is always belittling me, she denies it! She flat out denies it every time. She has NEVER in all of these years ever asked forgiveness or said she is sorry for what she does to me in any way. I feel like by my offering forgiveness all of these years, she views that as a green light to keep doing it. Every time i hear of her talking about me, it reopens the wounds. I am struggling terribly with forgiving her. My father has at least come clean a little through the years, admitting he would “seek me out” when I was a child to take his anger out on me. He basically has given a blanket apology a time or two. My mother has never done this. SHe is the one who fuels the fire. She loves to see him take out his anger on those she hates. They will try to be extra nice to people to fool them of how they really are. I’m tired of a lifetime of this. I’m struggling with forgiving them. I know I just need to, as Christ has forgiven me of all of my sin. Does anyone else struggle with continued sin over a lifetime with someone not repenting or asking forgiveness? I would cherish any advice.

  29. My name is Theresa & my parents named me after Saint Theresa. Theresa means Summer/Harvest.

    I my first son we had a named all picked out but I don’t even remember what it was now, I just know when he was born he did not look like that name so we had an awful time making up our minds. So I told my husband I did the hard part this was his part. He was teasing me that he was going to name him where he could call him JR & I said no way, you can name him after you but not if you call him JR. He talked with the nurses & debated back & forth when he came to me with the name Jeffrey Ryan I feel in love with it right away & once he knew I was on board & was not going to change my mind he laughed & said think about it honey I got my JR I was still a little confused until it sunk in his initials were JR. LOL The meaning of Jeffery is Gods Peace & I just looked that up. I am smiling so big & my heart is filled with such joy.

    Our second son was born at 32 weeks gestations & his dad was away at a school in the USAF & I went home for a visit with my other son who was 13 months old then. Well he was born & only lived for 12 minutes because he had a genetic disease ARPKD that we had no idea about or never heard of. But when they came to me to ask me if I wanted to name my son I was yes & we had talked about a name before my husband had left it was not set in stone, but it was all I had. Since he was not there to ask & they wanted an answer right then I did it. I named him Shawn Michael. Shawn means: Gracious gift of God. Like Jeff I did not know this until now what the meaning of his name was & I would not have appreciated that meaning at that time because of losing him. I would have been more like how was he a gift if he was taken away. But after a hearing how he suffered & what all he would have suffered if he had lived I thanked God for taking him home to be with him & I still do to this day. I am not saying I do not still suffer the loss of my son because I do, but I am so thankful for God for taking him out of the horrible pain he was in & not letting him live to be put through everything he would have had to be put through to live. As a parent I know we would have gone to every links to save our sons life. But God knew what was best for him. So his name meaning is very special to me because he was a gracious gift of God. I had him for all those months I carried him to love him & get attached to him & nothing can take those memories away.

    Thank You for sharing this Cortney I would never have looked this up & it really has made my day.

  30. I came to this website by accident, but I am quite sure that The Lord directed me here, My name is Linda, It means beautiful. Right now, I don’t feel beautiful. I am 66 and my age is starting to show. I lost weight, and feel that my weight is almost OK now, but I am struggling inside like I did many years ago about how God can transfer me to a beautiful person. I am happy to be here and would like to study Genesis with you all hoping that it will lead me to a better place and my focus would be on Jesus Christ and not the things of the world. Right now, I am struggling financially, physically, and mentally.

    1. Remind yourself that beauty is a gift that everyone is given, not something achieved or earned-like the world says. and that beauty is not what you see in the mirror, it is what comes out of your heart in your everyday life. example, you know how when a women is pregnant and everyone says they glow, well, its that same concept with beauty, I believe, when you focus on feeding your spirit and making your heart beautiful and then emptying yourself on others, you will start glowing and being beautiful and not even realize it!

  31. wow- what an encouragment. forgiving can be so hard. My dad hasn’t really been in my life and now beening 15 it’s been hitting me hard realizing all the years that have gone by without him. all of the days and moments he has missed out on /i needed him to be there. I KNOW that God is sovereign over all and can use my hardships to glorify him and to help me grow. I feel like just knowing it in my head isnt enough. how do I use those truths outwardly? How do I find my hope and joy in Chirst when the feeling of being unwanted is consuming me? I find it so hard to live out all of the truths I know. I want to be more like christ and use my hardships to glorify him, but i just dont know where to start. any advice?
    <3 aubrey

    1. Hey Aubrey, I believe God needs you to see your value in you thru you, not thru anyone else. Alot of times, people are guilty of always worrying about what everyone else thinks and they forget the most important is between you and God! I post Bible verses on note cards around my house to remind me. I can get negative, but a while back I realized this was not helping me at all, it was just giving the devil a foothold to ruin my life! So I started closing all the doors in my life: tv, people, books, etc. Anything that brought negative thoughts in, was not allowed and then I made a decision, that I was going to take my mind off of me by everytime I started feeling not wanted or down, I would started thanking God for someone or somehting in my life, or praying for someone else! Try to follow the verse, For God works all things together for good….every cloud has a silver lining my dear and if you choose to look for it, you will find your purpose in every situation!

  32. I was told I would never have children because from the age of 14-20 I had ovarian cysts and they left so much scar tissue, that the dr.s said it would be very difficult! Well, let me tell you this is why they are called “practicing physicians”, because it wasn’t difficult at all, fertle mertle here has 5 beautiful healthy boys! And with each, we prayed about what the child was to represent and chose a name according to the answer God gave us. A friend once told us they did this, so it allowed them to start praying the positive meanings over their children early! Our oldest, named Ezekiel Daniel is our fiery judge and is named after his grandpa Daniel. The 2nd, God told us the whole pregnancy he was going to be peaceful, and then my mother had a dream with a name, and so after much prayer, we put the names all together, his name is Solomon Benjamin Joseph which means “peaceful assurety He has”. The 3rd, is named Joshua David- both leaders who had to learn to rise over situations, fears and diversity. The 4th was named James Christian Louis because when we were getting the ultrasound God spoke to me and my husband at the same time the name James! And Christian was one of my mother in laws favorites and Louis was the name of my husbands grandpa who prayed him into the kingdom that passed the same year. And James is the beloved brother. And our littlest one is named Judah Zane, which means praise and grace. Let me tell you, my oldest just turned 15 and the youngest is 2 so we’ve had many years with these boys and each of them have completely lived up to the meanings of their names! So yes, Courtney the meaning is very important, I believe it kinda goes along with the verse that says death and life are in the power of the tongue! I know in the Bible times, names and their meanings had huge significance, not so much now, but my husband and I felt that it makes a huge difference and boy were we right, even to the bad parts too….perfect example: I pray against the significant negative things these Bible characters had in the Bible times and emphasize the positive blessed things over my boys and it has proven itself time and time again!

  33. I am in need of prayer. I am in a situation where someone has hurt me over and over during the past 20 years. This person keeps hurting me the same way. This person always apologizes and I always forgive. Something in me now can’t get pass the last one. How many times does one forgive to keep a family together? I am a forgiving person but not sure how to do it this time?

  34. I am not named after anyone that I know of. My parents were unable to have children, and they went through a very dark time. They got the opportunity to adopt me, and they choose the name Brandi for me. One of the meanings of my name is “beacon light”. Mom says I was a beacon in their dark time.
    I have no children yet, as I am not yet out of school (one year left before I graduate with a BA in photography). I have always loved names from my Irish heritage, so I imagine one of those names will most likely be chosen for my future child(ten).

  35. I am named after two of my aunts. My two names together means “walks with the grace of God”. I was just getting to know him intimately when I found that out, but could look back and see that He had been with me through everything, and His grace had pulled me through.

  36. Coming from an unbelieving home, it was important for me to have children named with some biblical reference or meaning that glorifies Jesus. Here are the names of our children:

    Rachel- meaning “ewe”- representing that we have a good shepherd and I’m always drawn/reminded of psalm 23 whenever I look at my daughter of mine, as God restored my soul and led me to greener pastures!

    Alora Grace- our sweet second born- means “God is Light”- she is often a light in “dark places”. And Grace is pretty self-explanatory as God’s grace never ceases to amaze me.

    Benjamin Noah Graydon- Benjamin means “Son of the right hand” and Noah means “comfort”- He takes after my husband in so many ways and is our compassionate little fellow! Graydon means “son of a man with gray hair”…haha my husband turned gray in his 20’s

    Evelyn Joy- means “Life” and Joy was chosen because Evelyn came into this world 2 months premature and we wanted to give her a name that honoured our Lord. God gave us her little life to care for her and joy is for the bible verse “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with Joy”…She is the life of the party- a loud child that makes up for her small size!

    Loved this post! And love the reminder that we need to forgive as Christ forgives us. I love the meanings of names and reading the comments has been really refreshing!

  37. I have 2 sons — William James Patrick & Eric Shane. William carries the names of both of his grandfathers as well as his father. Not only that, but those names extend into further generations including my husband’s grandfather (Roy William),and my dad’s grandfather, my uncle, and my brother-in-law (all Jameses). My eldest is the continuation of a family line, blessed by many generations before him.
    When we were expecting my youngest, we chose the name Alexander Reid. I thought it was such a cool name; it absolutely rolled off my tongue! Then a friend told me, “How can you give William a name with such meaning, then choose a name like Alexander for the baby? Someday, the boys will ask why you chose their names. Are you going to tell William about the long lineage of loved ones that he is named after, then tell Alexander ‘we thought it sounded really cool!’ This child must have a name of significance! ” I then thought of a special friend, my best friend growing up. We were neighbors, but he became more like a brother to me. He spent time in my home both as a child and as an adult, we went to school together, and he eventually worked for my father. When he was 24, only a few weeks after the birth of his only child, he passed away unexpectedly. His daughter never knew him, and his widow was expecting another man’s child–a man she had begun dating only 6 months after her husband’s passing–at the same time that I was pregnant. I felt like my friend had been forgotten and it saddened me. I decided to name my son after him, knowing that he may not have been a great man, but he was a great friend and worthy of being remembered.

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