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Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here is the information you need for the Book of Exodus. #Biblestudy #exodus #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

It’s time to begin Week 2 in Exodus!  Did you miss the first week?

No worries – all are welcome anytime. There are no sign-ups or enrollment here.

Join us!

Here’s the January Bible Bookmark Reading Plan:

January Bookmark

{Click HERE to print the January Bookmark.}

Here is this week’s Reading Plan:


Here are this week’s Group Discussion Questions

{A special thank you to the GMG leadership team who created these for us – Misty, Mandy, Rosilind and Bridget}:

Exodus 6Exodus 7

Exodus 8Exodus 9

Exodus 10

Here’s this week’s Monday Meditation {and Memorization}

Print the passage and put a copy by your computer, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, your purse, your pocket, in your car, beside your bed or anywhere else you spend time.  Meditate and SOAK in the word of God day and night!

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. – Joshua 1:8

Here is the complete passage we will be meditating on during our 8 weeks in Exodus:

Memory Work Psalm 77- 11-20

This is a printable – click HERE to print

 Here are this week’s Meditation Verses:

Memory Work Psalm 7713,14

Print just 1 copy (pictured above) or print 6 copies (pictured below)
of the same verse so you can put it in different places for review.

Slide1Are you reading through the Bible with us? 

Check off a chapter a day using this printable resource:

 “Reading Through the Bible with Good Morning Girls” 

reading through the Bible Graphic

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Here’s some pictures from my instagram this past week:

Bible collage Exodus {1-5}

I’ll see you back here THIS Friday to discuss our second week of reading!  I am so looking forward to Friday!  Till then…

Walk with the King,


**Chime In**

Are you using the SOAK method or Coloring Chart? How is that going for you?

{If you aren’t sure what I’m referring to – here’s A Video on How to Use the Soak Method and Coloring Chart}


  1. Hi, Courtney!

    I love using the SOAK method for my Bible study time! I’m also using the coloring chart since I love it so much too! I do my SOAKs on my laptop, so I use the font color option in Microsoft Word to change the colors of my Scriptures that I’m SOAKing to coordinate with the coloring chart. 🙂

    Walking in His Grace,

  2. I am enjoying reading Exodus and I am also reading it with my children. I am not doing the SOAK method, or the SOAP method either. I just read through it, re-read parts I didn’t understand (also reading my Bible’s study notes, too). Then I underline or highlight whatever scripture(s) stick out to me. I go with a simple approach since I have some combination of my youngest 3 with me (they are ages 3, 1, and 7 months). Thanks for hosting this study.I love the direct approach to reading God’s word without feeling overwhelmed.

  3. I am so enjoying this study of Exodus. I do it every morning with the SOAK method and read all the comments throughout the day, then in the evening I reread it with my two eleven year old daughters and we “color” our Bibles together! It has been such a blessing to see them so excited about studying God’s word and to see their inside to what God is showing them in His Word! They said they can’t wait til their whole Bible is colored! Thank you for your faithfulness to this site. It’s a blessing to our family!

    In Him,
    Melissa 🙂

  4. In the past I have struggled a lot with the old testiment and I am finding reading through Exodus with Good Morning Girls has opened my eye’s in a whole new way. I am looking forward to this weeks study!

    1. I had the same problem. I would read the bible but I really did not understand the messages. This group has really helped me!

    1. Samantha,

      I’m so glad you are blogging through the Bible with us! Awesome!

      You are welcome to leave your link in the comments – but also, I encourage you to join the link-up every Friday here at the blog – you can link this post up right here: and they’ll be a link-up available to you again this coming Friday!

      See you there!

  5. This study has been such a blessing – I am so excited to begin week 2! Courtney, thank you so much for sharing the coloring system and how we can SOAK up God’s word in our quiet times. I am loving reading all the different perspectives and connecting with new friends each day in the Facebook group. As a newlywed, your book had such an incredible impact on my perspective of marriage and what it looks like to daily walk with the Lord. I’m joining the Good Morning Girls for the first time in the Exodus study and am catching up on Genesis over the weekends. Today, I spent about about 4 hours diving into Genesis, and I seriously loved every minute of it! (Who knew the old testament could be so fascinating!) Over the past few months, I’ve been meditating on Psalm 119, and I am so thankful that God is using this study to teach me how to “treasure His word in my heart” each morning. It’s incredible how much God has to teach us in His Word! I’m looking forward to continuing this daily time with God as a life-long discipline of joy.

  6. I am using the SOAK method and I love it! I really feel like I’m learning something and will remember what I’ve read…not just reading words. Choosing a verse that speaks to me has been great and I have learned so much from seeing other women’s responses to the verses they’ve chosen. I am really excited about this study and look forward to growing into a deeper relationship with God. Just curious, why did we start in Exodus?

  7. I love the color chart. It really makes me think about what I have read to be able to put the verses into color categories.

  8. Just a quick question. When we want to share a blog with the group can you explain exactly how I am supposed to get that tho show up in the correct location on your site. Do I just add the box to my blog or is there much more that I need to do?

    1. Hi Charlotte – go to the Friday post here: – you will see a live link at the end of the post that says:

      “You are next”click here to enter”.

      Click on the link and there will be instructions to enter your link and choose a photo from your blog – follow those and your blog will appear on my blog. 😉

      Every Friday post will have a link for you to enter your blog.

      Hope that helps!

  9. Hi I am very thankful that I have access to this Bible Reading plan. I am now in mynsecond week and I enjoy the time I have digging into the word.
    I have three notebooks to scribble for SOAK, separate one for my K, as I want to write down my prayer, and one for the guideline questions for each chapter.
    However, as I was writing down the guide questions for Exodus 8(I hope you don’t mind), I was a little bit confused with the first paragraph on the 8th day “to plague Israel”. I was wondering, but correct me if I’m wrong, but should “Egypt” be the word instead of ‘Israel’?

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the coloring chart!! It makes me have to read some scriptures over & over just so I can determine what color to use 😉 Which is a good thing 🙂 You have an amazing team going for you Courtney!! The ladies are doing a great job on the print outs!!! Way to go GMG team!!!!! High five 🙂

  11. Hi Courtney! I have been using the SOAK Method. I find that it helps me tremendously as I read through each chapter. It helps me dig deeper into what I’m reading and really get a better understanding of what each verse means to me. Thanks for sharing the SOAK method with us all!

  12. Today was my first day on this site and I have found heaven on the internet. So many positive things going on for me personally, my marriage, my kids and they all revolve around GOD!!!!! I live in Houston, TX and it is cold and rainy can wait to get home and save this as one of my favs on my lap top. Hate I missed last week but I am on it now. Keep it up….

  13. I am using the SOAK method and the word comes alive. Initially I had no idea how the color coding would enhance my bible study time. The Holy Spirit directs and guides you. To anyone who does not do it, I want to encourage you, you will have a deeper God experience and God Will show you things did never knew! It’s amazing!

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