5 Ways to Determine God’s Will

In this vlog, I answer the question about how to know what God's will is for our life and to know whether or not we're on the right path. #WomenLivingWell #vlog #Godswill #calling

Today is Q & A Wednesday!

A reader wrote and asked:

How do I know I’m on the right path when I don’t hear God?

I have wrestled with this question too.

It is hard to know if we are on the right path!

Whether you are in the midst of a school decision, job change, a move to a new home, deciding where to serve in your church or something else – big or small – we all want the reassurance of knowing we are in the center of God’s will for our lives.

That’s what I’ll answer for you today in this video below.  Here are 5 Ways to Determine God’s Will.

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Now we want to hear from you.

How do you determine what’s next?

What’s your answer to this reader’s question?

Share your thoughts, ideas, and stories in the comments below.  Remember thousands of women read here everyday. You never know when God could use your comment to help, comfort, guide and change another woman’s life.

Walk with the King,



  1. Courtney, these are all good indications of God’s will. Jesus said that His sheep know His voice and I often find that, if I stay in the Word regularly (key!!), God through his Spirit will impress His will on my heart. And when the direction is just completely unclear, I just keep doing the last thing He told me to do. Until He tells me different. Blessings to you!

  2. What an example of God’s perfect timing! I have to make a decision tonight on where to go to school for the next 4 years and I am just on my knees in prayer thanking God for your ministry and this video because it is bringing me such peace to know that I have followed His will in this big decision.

    1. Oh Nicole – how exciting. I love it when God works this way!

      And by the way – I love your name – Nicole is my middle name 😉

      May God bless your 4 years of school.
      Much Love,

  3. I definitely agree with what you said about being in God’s word. Not just in knowing it, but also in not doing anything contrary to it. I think that’s a big one…if you find yourself trying to re-interpret the Word or dismissing it as not applicable because it doesn’t support what makes you happy in that moment, you’re walking down a dangerous path!

    I also believe that God often sends confirmations that you are walking in His will, even if sometimes they are small or would be called “coincidences” by others. When we went from two incomes to one so that I could stay home, several of our household bills dropped. On about the fourth one, our car insurance dropped $2 a month. I laughed out loud when I opened the bill. Of course the $24 a year savings did not make much of a financial difference, but we felt it was God reminding us that He had us covered.

    Blessings! I’m loving the Q&A Wednesdays!

  4. Such great advice Courtney! Thank you…this is very timely for me as well. All I can say is a great big Amen!! I especially love your comment about living surrendered to God. I truly believe this is the key to walking in His will.

    Thank you for this wonderful series! It is so helpful to me as a group leader.

    God bless you and yours!

  5. Thank you so much for this website, your reading your blogs and videos.
    The more I read & listen I how far I fall short every single day and how much I have to learn and change – others seem so perfect and their lives seems to full of God that I sometimes feel like just giving up.
    Thanks again and much love

    1. Nicoleen,

      Please don’t compare yourself to others. You are uniquely made and loved by God. We all fall short; I’ve been walking with the King for a very long time and I don’t believe I’ve experienced a day when I didn’t fall short of His perfect will for me. Don’t give up! Just keep on reading and studying His word and being obedient – step by step. That’s all He asks of us. Blessings.

  6. I needed this! I’m going through that same predicament right now. I have a year and a half left of college, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to stay or go on The World Race (11 month mission trip) or go into full time ministry training. It has been difficult trying to figure out what God wants me to do.

    1. A friend is on the worldrace right now. Her mom says she is having an amazing experience. And her pix look great too. She graduated from college and then went on the world race. Peace to you.

  7. Hi Courtney!

    After I saw you video, I immediately sent the link to a friend of mine, because I know it will speak to her heart. We go walking every morning, and we often talk about this subject, because she is in a BIG transitional period in her life. It is so awesome how God works!!! Thank you for all you do Courtney, you are a true blessing to so many women, me included. God bless you!

  8. Courtney,
    Thank you for sharing this. I had to make a huge decision to decide between two job offers yesterday. I prayed and was content with my decision… until I told the other job and they counter offered with thousands more. But do you know, I prayed again, got that Godly counsel, and made the decision to stick with my decision… the horrible feeling I got in my stomach was gone… a calm rushed over me. How great is our God?

    Another great story about this job change saga is that I was so bummed out about a third offer I didn’t get. But do you know where that offer would have led me to work? Downtown Baltimore! Right where all of the roots and looting were (are) taking place! He protected me! Good is good!!

  9. My husband often struggles with this as well, he wants that audible voice of God to tell him what to do, but God doesn’t speak that way very often. And I believe that a lot of the time he doesn’t care which job you choose to do, as long as it isn’t contrary to his word, if you are speaking his word, doing your work with his attitude and spending time with him it won’t always matter if you work in retail or an office… He can bless you in either one. So I guess my advice would be not to stray from God and a relationship with him and just don’t stress about the small stuff. Even if it seems big in the moment.
    God has moved me from Michigan to Oklahoma to marry my husband, and since that time we have lived in Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and back to Oklahoma. .. Of all the choices we made along the way, not many of them matter more than the decision to love God and love each other.

  10. This was exactly what I needed this morning. I have been His child since age 6..and have a strong faith. I have had much going on for the last couple of years..praying for answers. I know God is working behind the scenes for my good.
    He gives us strength to follow and keep doing the next thing til He answers.
    I will keep serving Him..trying to be a blessing to others

    Thank you for all you do in the ministry ..God is using you to bless and help others..
    A King’s Kid!

  11. Courtney,

    I always enjoy your post & videos, but this one particurarly seemed to be just for me, for such a time as this. Our whole life is changing in the next 4-8 weeks. With my husbands new job, which is going to relocate us 9 & 1/2 hrs away from our all of our friends & family. This move will involve us selling our home we love & moving to a new area, which is scarey to me. A new homeschool group, new bank, new orthadontist, new grocery store, new dr.’s, etc.

    I have had several confirmations that this is a good move for our family & my husband has peace.

    Thank you for your post! It was encouraging & confirmation to me that we are going to be ok. We will have a new normal.

    Love in Christ,

  12. Courtney,
    Such great reminders. I also really needed to hear this today. I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern in my life. Asking God what is it you have for me, but it seems like I am not getting answers. I feel restless. I’m trying to be still and content with this season in my life.
    Thank you for your ministry.
    XO, Sheila

  13. I loved this question! When I started dating my husband I had been divorced for a handful of years. I was not reading the word daily and I think it lead to many poor decisions on my part. I’ve felt a calling on my life for MANY years to go to school to eventually get my masters in nursing. I was scared (because I wasn’t filling myself up with the word), I didn’t have confidence that my needs would be met (again, not in the word) and I chose to find a job. I worked and eventually was part of a layoff. My aunt called me out of the blue and said, “I’ll pay for your schooling. I really feel like the Lord wants you in school for nursing, have you ever considered it?” This should have been a clue but I was scared and said no I needed to find a job! I didn’t do so well in high school and I allowed that fear to take over my life. I worked several jobs so that my husband could quit one of his and go to school full time. He graduated while I was pregnant with our first child. (I was able to find another job early in my pregnancy.) I worked for this company for 4 years (two children) and again was part of a layoff. This time was different. I was in the word and back at church. I felt pressure from my husband (who isn’t saved….yet!) to find another job since I was the bread winner. We had just bought a house, our oldest son (not my biological but I’ve had him since he was 9) and our two younger children are now all depending on my husband’s salary and he’s new to his industry. Talk about tough times! I searched for months for a job and nothing. I had two interviews in over a year and couldn’t find a job. I remember feeling very strongly that I needed to go back to school. Before I could even talk myself out of it I went online and got everything set up. I called my husband and told him I’m going back to school. He didn’t have much to say, when he got home he was excited but extremely stressed about bills. I told him the Lord would take care of us (which I’m sure he found ridiculous as a non-believer). We have some bills that we have created but each month our bills are paid. We’ve managed to save money, we’ve cut back on things and really watch our spending. I have fleeting moments of panic where I have to remind myself that God is in control and whatever it is, He will see us through. My husband may think he’s making all this happen but I know that the Lord is providing these opportunities. I made many choices that cause hardship in my life and my husbands by not stepping out in faith. I know that I’m in God’s will because in HS I barely made it through, now I’m getting As and Bs. Our finances are getting in order slowly. The lack of finding even a simple job is the closed door you were referring too. The wise people in my life are those who were uplifting and supportive and have offered to watch the kids (or pay for school! what a blessing my Aunt is, although we are paying it on our own I am thankful). I have peace about taking on this challenge in my life. I’ve really felt a strong pull to pour prayer over my husband and his salvation. I’ve meet a lady at church that I prayed with and continue to pray with each week. I think this question was a great question and I can see all aspects of these in my life over the past 11 years very clearly. Thank you for all you do for this group, I was so blessed to find it!

  14. Dear Courtney,
    Thank you for your sweet and giving spirit. These steps that you gave are exactly how I think about God’s Will and if I am doing what I am supposed to do. Some days are easier than others in knowing clearly. But these truths or steps are found in God’s Word. Psalms 119 tells us to hide His Word in our hearts. All through Proverbs it tells us to look to wise counsel. Open and close doors sometimes is easier to see. Peace or turmoil: God is not the author of confusion. He will bring peace if we are to do something or leave our gut feeling empty without it; therefore, meaning we need to go in a different direction. Peace in my heart and in my gut I take very, very seriously! And obedience with what God says in His word is a command, and it shows our love for the Father. We all need these reminders. Thank you so much for sharing!
    I have very much enjoyed this Leviticus study. Its been since College since I’ve been “made” to read it. But I really am enjoying the book.
    I am a leader/ facilitator of a group on Facebook. We call ourselves Joy Seekers; it is an accountability group. God knew we needed each other. We’ve done other studies, and we decided to go back to Women Living Well for this Leviticus study, and I’ve only heard good things. God has blessed our group. Some of these ladies were put in my group a long time ago when Women Living Well was with the now Loving God Greatly. Some of them I don’t know other than our Bible study on Facebook, but we’ve been able to stick with each other through hard times, and God by His Grace has blessed that.
    Thank you for your testimony. And may He richly bless you!
    In His Grace,

  15. I would encourage you to go to gty.org and order John MacArthur’s book “Found: God’s Will.” It is a quick read (61 pages) and is very clear cut. I have reread key passages whenever I need a reminder.

  16. Thank you for this. I’ve been convinced that I need to leave work to be a full time mom to my four children and this helps me realise that it’s what I need to do. However my husband (a non-believer) does not want this to happen as he believes that we will be too strained financially. What do you do when God’s voice and that of your husband is in conflict?

  17. I am so thankful to have this right now. A year ago my husband decided homeschooling was over and that this next fall our children would attend a Biblically solid fundamental Baptist academy. The challenge in we are remarried widows with a blended family and most of the children (8) are from my first marriage. Submitting to a new father for them hasn’t been easy when he didn’t help put them on the planet but I am working on it. The difficulty for me is that my husband also told me that I would need to get a job to have something to do since I would otherwise be home alone all day and after homeschooling many years that is a stark change. I discussed with him going to school to do a job I’ve wanted since I was a child and I’m doing my prerequisites for a nursing degree. He is fully behind me knowing if I can do what I need to for nursing school I’ll start into the intensive part next January. At times I wonder though if I should have just gotten a job and not gone head first into school yet again. This will be my 3rd college degree. My husband says he’s glad I have a dream and will do what I have wanted to for 40 years. I look back and think of the dis-ease I had at the thought of just taking a given job. I need a ministry as it were….. Thank you.

  18. This is the first time I have listen to you and my sister emailed this to me that morning b/c I just received my second letter saying I was not accepted into the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. I have applied 2 yrs in a row. Taken all the pre-requisites for this program. I didn’t understand why. I just felt like a failure b/c I am a single mom of 3 kids for the past 4 yrs. I wanted to better myself, just not for me but for them. I have prayed about school and I have passed all my classes but I don’t know what God will is for me. I am not the type to give up. Since I have been in school, I have worked a full time job, cleaned houses, and take care of 3 kids, while going to school. I love the working medical field and helping others. Thanks for sharing Courtney.

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