Today We Begin the Book of Job! {Intro and Resources for Job 1-5}

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls


Cue the Confetti!  Today We Begin!!!  I am so excited to begin the Book of Job!

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Book of Job Overview

When all forty-two chapters of the book of Job are said and done, the inspired author leaves us with an unshakable and undoubted fact: God governs all things for his good purposes. ~ John Piper

Purpose: The book of Job teaches us how to endure suffering and addresses the question of “why do the righteous suffer?” Suffering will come to all in this world, but we see that Job does not curse God and neither should we. The book of Job also shows the relationship between God and man and how we need to respond with faith and trust in God’s sovereign grace.

Author: Unknown

Date:  Job is the oldest book of the Bible, although the exact dates are unknown. Based on context, it seems to be pre-mosaic, even patriarchal from the second millennium (2000-1000) B.C.

Key verse:  The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21

Why do the righteous suffer? Why do bad things happen to good people?

The book of Job gives us this insight. We live in a broken world and as a result bad things are going to happen – even to good people. However, some people have believed that these go hand in hand with sin. While this is true at times, it is not always the case.

Major Themes of the Book of Job:

  1. Our loyalty to God should not be based on our prosperity. If we are only loyal to God when blessings flow – that is a shallow faith.  (Job 1:9-10)
  2. When bad things happen in our lives, it is important to acknowledge that God is sovereign over all, whether it is good or bad. (Job 1:20-21)
  3. God is the creator and sustainer of all things. Failure to acknowledge God’s role in our lives, reduces our perspective and sets us up for spiritual struggles. (Job 38:36)
  4. Satan will attack. Satan tries to draw a wedge between God and Job. We must recognize that Satan tries to attack us and drive a wedge between God and us. We must not allow this to happen.

Layout of the book of Job:

  1. Job’s Distress (1-3)
  2. Job’s Defense (4-37)
  3. Job’s Deliverance (38-42)

Job shows us that suffering is going to happen. It is how we suffer that will testify of our relationship with the Lord.

Do we blame God in our suffering, or do we see Him as sovereign and know that He is still good?

Do we trust the words of our friends, or lean into the very presence and Word of God?

The book of Job is going to ask us to evaluate the hard times in our lives and see them through eternal eyes. May we let the wisdom of the Lord invade our thoughts, even in the hardest places of our lives.

Here’s the  Printable Bible Bookmark

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Here is this week’s Bible Reading Plan:
Week One

Here are this week’s Group Discussion Questions

{If you do not have a group, use these for a personal time of reflection.}:
Job 1aJob 2aJob 3aJob 4aJob 5a
To print the 42 Discussion Questions for Job – click here.

The Verses of the Day:

I encourage you to choose which verse you’d like to memorize or meditate on.  The printable below includes all 5 verses of the day — for the entire week!

Print and cut them out and put them in the bathroom, kitchen, beside your bed and computer and use them for meditation throughout the week.

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. – Joshua 1:8

Job 1:21Job 2Job 3Job 4Job 5-17


Click HERE to print the Verses of the Day for Job 1-5

Here’s another explanation of the SOAK Bible Study Method and Bible Coloring Chart if you need more guidance:

Here is the SOAK method I refer to in the video:

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

And the Bible Coloring  Bookmark:

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirlsClick HERE to Print the full page Coloring Chart
or here for the Bookmark Coloring Chart

Here are the highlighters, pens and pencils I refer to in the video:

Bible Hi-Glider Highlighters
Multi-Colored Gel Pens
Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils

ESV Inductive Study Bible
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Walk with the King,


Ps. If you have children – here’s our new resources:

{Free Printable} The Book of Job Word Searches FOR KIDS!

Job Word Searches for Kids

{Free Printable} The Book of Job Verse of the Day Copywork FOR KIDS!
Job VOTD Copywork

{Free Printable} Coloring Pages

Tara over at DoodlingThroughTheBible is doodling through the Book of Job with us!  She makes a new coloring page every single day for your little ones.  Visit her daily to get your free printable there.  Here’s what a doodle from the Book of Acts looked like.

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      1. Hello, This is awesome, new to this…I am not sure how to join a group.I do not have an account with Facebook..(I don’t want one) is that the only way?
        thank you!

          1. I made it in!. Thank you for allowing those of us who choose to not use FB to still be able to participate in a group! God bless you for what you are doing here!

        1. I was wondering the same thing. I would like to be more involved but do not have a facebook account nor do I want one. Is there any other way?

  1. Found GMG /WLW via a friends page on FB, got in at the beginning of ACTs but didn’t finish, got in on book of Numbers and although ’twas a struggle, I finished it some days back, clickin the like button as God bestowed upon me the grace to complete it! Have struggle with keeping a daily commitment so I pray the Lord will bestow upon me discipline and grace daily to keep up and use this medium morning and night for devotions. I live in West Africa and we r 7 hrs ahead of EST, use to live in Nebraska. I pray I’ll be a blessing here also , as many ladies have been a blessing to me ovr the last couple of months!

    Blessings to yawl! Let’s go 2016 with THE.WORD?

    1. Didi – I’m so excited to hear you are joining us all the way from West Africa!!! What a blessing! We are all about grace here – get into the Word as much as you can and if you fall behind – we are here to pick you back up and cheer you on!!

      Keep Walking with the King,
      Courtney 🙂

    2. Nebraska to West Africa! I live in Lincoln! I too have started and not completed the last couple of GMG/WLW studies but I’m really praying for the discipline to stay steady in the Word. I love this group study and have met some amazing women along the way! Blessings to you!!! Happy New Year!

      1. The important thing is not to give up and keep pursuing. It does not matter how long it takes or if you ever fully keep up, just don’t drop out.

        Our spiritual walk is a journey and we are people in the process of being transformed. Don’t stress the timetable with which God works in your life, just keep pursuing Him.

        Remember, He is gracious and is about grace and relationship not rules.

        You ladies clearly have a heart for God, just keep seeking Him, we are all people in process.

  2. I’m excited to start my first bible study with you. I’m a little confused about the underlining with colors. I have a hard time deciding which color a given verse should be.

      1. Hi Sue Ellen and Leslie,

        There is no right or wrong way to color your Bible. It is all about slowing down and reading every word carefully so we don’t miss a thing – it’s a tool to SOAK it in. Sometimes a verse could be multiple different colors. So enjoy it and it’s okay if all of our Bibles look a little different.

        If you’d like to see my coloring – go to – I have a picture of my Bible from Job 1 up right now and I’ll be posting a picture of Job 2 tomorrow morning!! 🙂

        Keep walking with the King!

  3. Excited to begin the book of Job. First chapter and God has already showed me that I need to be praying more for my children.(verse 5) Job prayed continually and offered offerings for his children. I need to be more committed in this area.

    1. Thanks for your insight! I completely missed that because I was so focused on the strangeness of the conversation between God & satan.

    2. Thanks for your insight Anne B. I needed that and overlooked it in the Job scriptures as I was observing the God/Satan/Job connection.

  4. So excited for another book Courtney!!! Could you point me to the online printable journal? I have been searching around for it, but can’t seem to find it. THANK YOU!!! Blessings for a wonderful New Year!

  5. I want to say that during my hard times, I usually turn to God:it’s the good times where I get complacent and get lazy about it. This is something I’ve been battling for a very long time.

    1. Michelle,

      I think we all struggle with consistency – through the bad and good times – remaining faithful to pray, praise, and drink from the living well (the living words of God). That’s what GMG is all about! Through the ups and downs of life – together – we stay in God’s Word.

      So glad you are here!

    1. Oh Lisa,

      I can’t image the heartache you must have faced during your loss and even still now. I know this will be a balm for many souls over the next 8 weeks. Thank you for sharing this.

      Lots of Love,

      1. Is it too late to add a group. I feel led to open up a group for “Step-moms” as a step-mom myself, I know there is a huge need for other women in my shoes. What better way to tackle the challenge of being a step-mother than through a study of Job?

        1. I’m so sorry but the time for regrouping has come to an end and the study has begun but I agree there is a true need for this. If you want to start a group and leave a link in the comment section here and in the comment section this Friday too – I think women might find you that way and your group could begin.

          Just pray it over.
          Lots of Love,

  6. This is so timely. I know someone who is distant from God because of her hurt. I have invited her to the study int he past but she says she is still too bitter and just not ready yet. I am praying for her as I go through this study. It makes my heart heavy. But I pray she will hold onto the goodness of God and submit to His sovereignty.

  7. My prayers for a peaceful New Year for us all. Peace as God gives it and for the ability to sense it. I have never read the book of Job and am excited to see what God has for me there at this season of my life.

    Courtney, thank you for being open yo serving in the way God calls you. I love your ministry.

  8. I love this chapter and the message behind it. However, I have a question. If God is a good God (and we know He is), why did He allow Satan to tempt Job in such a terrible way? I can’t get past this. Job was such a good and faithful man. I don’t understand the reason why this was allowed in the first place.

    1. I hate answering profound theological issues, because they are so involved and it is intimidating to think that I am qualified.

      But, I will say that I have thought on these types of issues for years and in studying the Bible it is clear that this world is not the goal, this is not the important or good things.

      Look at Colossians 3; it says that we are dead and we cannot see our real life or our real identity. Only when Christ returns, then our true selves will be revealed.

      1 Peter 1 says that we rejoice in the face of trials because we are receiving the end of our faith. The end means, the goal. And what is this goal? The goal is the salvation of our souls. That is the goal.

      Paul says our afflictions are light and very fleeting in the face of eternity.And these trials and producing great and glorious things for all of eternity. He says we have to not look at temporal things, but at the invisible eternal things. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18.

      Ephesians 1 list all the amazing spiritual blessings God has lavished on us. Every spiritual blessing for all eternity. Regardless of this world, this is what we are blessed with.

      So, it is not an issue of it being wrong for God to allow someone to suffer, because pleasure or comfort is not the goal. As I study I see the goal and purpose of life falling into 4 areas.

      1) To conform us into the image of Christ
      2) To be a witness to others of God and bring Him glory by our life and response to life
      3) To be used to share the gospel with unbelievers
      4) To encourage and equip the saints

      These are the purpose of life and suffering can be used to further these things.

      That is just my two cents and I hope it helps give some additional points for reflection and prayer. It is hard sometimes when we cannot understand the paths we are taken down, especially hard and difficult paths. And I don’t believe suffering is always God’s perfect will, sometimes it is just His permissive will and a natural outflowing of a sinful word. Good and bad happen to good and bad people.

      But I think the important thing is to trust the ultimate sovereignty, goodness and character of God and lean into Him, not away from Him. We cannot understand His ways, but we can choose to trust Him.

      1. this is very helpful. i hope i am signed up…i’ve been trying for a while and still am not receiving e-mails on job

      2. Thank you TBG. I so appreciate your insight. You’re insight is really helping me as I struggle with the whys of the book of Job.

    2. Something that spoke to me in this first chapter is in verse 9, when Satan says, “Does Job fear God for no reason?” I read this as Satan alleging that, because everything has gone well for Job, he has no real reason to rely on God. The rest of the story of Job shows that sometimes we need everything stripped away from us to see that God truly is enough.

  9. Can anyone explain how Satan is able to enter heaven and speak with God? By the way I am new to GMG.

    Lisa C.

  10. This morning I told my little ones that mama is going to do a Bible study after breakfast, and my oldest (4-yrs old) ran into his room and came out (eyes glowing and super excited) with his Bible and said, “I want to do one too!” I was so happy but when it came down to it, I didn’t know how to include him into my study time. I ended up having him go play, and then after I finished mine, I let him color some of the words in his preschool Bible. He was kind of disappointed that he couldn’t really do much. Do you know of any resources for his age? Maybe fun coloring pages? Good questions I can ask him?

      1. I’m sorry I missed those in the post!
        One more question. I know there’s no right or wrong for color highlighting, but what color do you use for suffering and sickness (that’s unrelated to sin)?

    1. Welcome Sandy!

      The text doesn’t give us a lot of details or answers but God permitted Satan into his presence so he could show the faithfulness of his servant, Job. Hope that helps!

  11. Dear Courtney,

    I only just saw this today and realized that the groups closed last night. I live in Zambia so do you have any idea what time I would catch you on Facebook though it is not ideal. I will be sure to join the groups when we start the next book.

    Thank you

  12. I just wanted to leave some gentle feedback. I am in a Facebook group and although the leader tried very hard prior to Monday to build up the group and the images for commenting are being posted, there is very little activity. The leader, me, and one other posted on Monday out of 49 people. For me, this just is not working as I feel as if I might as well leave the group and study on my own. This is not a good first experience for me. I feel compassion on the leader and the lack of response to her efforts, yet I have no desire to post today.

    1. Where two or three are gathered I will be with them says the Lord. By stopping after one day Hummie you may be missing out on some insight from your leader. Pray and seek God’s guidance before you abruptly quit. May God bless you in your studies.

  13. I’ve known about your blog and books and have followed you for a while now. I’m going to hop on board and do this bible study of the book of Job too because I not only suffer with physical ailments, but my marriage always seems to be in siome kind of turmoil. I suffer alone silently most of the time, but I know He is faithful and will never forsake me! Thank you for being a light in a dark world, and for all the wonderful resources you provide for anyone who wants them! God Bless you!
    Nicole A.

  14. Hi Courtney!
    Just by reading the first 2 chapters, I am encouraged by Job’s faithfulness to God. Job made the CHOICE not to blame or curse God for his hardships, instead he chose to worship Him. We have to see and accept God’s goodness in the difficult times!

  15. Hi, I just came upon this group and would like to start the study. I cannot join a group but is there another way to follow along and participate?

  16. I came upon your web site & bible study for JOB on Instagram.
    With the new year, I have been wanting to get into God’s word and I am thoroughly enjoying the study of JOB.
    Your website has awesome resources available. Thank you so much for all that you do to encourage women to study God’s Word and develop a personal relationship with Him.

  17. Hi Courtney! I had a question for is called Old Christmas, Three Kings Day and the Epihamy. The Christmas season starts will advent and goes until today. Can you tell us a little more about Three Kings Day and where it is found in the Bible. Thanks!

  18. Enjoying The Book of Job so much. I’m studying it while also doing my very first 21 days Daniel fast. On Monday morning I woke up with a heavy heart for my 14 year old daughter. God laid on my heart to anoint her room and everything she touches in her room with oil, I even anointed a cloth and put in under her mattress, and each morning go into her room with worship music and pray for her. I obeyed and did so. Once I was done I sat to do my Job study….
    When I read verse 5…. “Job would purify his children. He would get up early in the morning and offer a burnt offering for each of them. For Job said to himself, “Perhaps my children have sinned and cursed God in their hearts.” This was Job’s regular practice.”
    On day One of my decision to fast and start this bible study he confirmed my question… “Am I on the right track?” He never ceases to amaze me…..

  19. Hey Courtney, this is a brilliant study on Job. Thank you for leading this study, as it was a chapter I struggled im understanding.
    Also Courtney would you consider doing a blog post to share tips and trips to encourage new Christian bloggers. I would like to start my own blog and minstry but I am struggling in finding the right resources such as stock images etc? Also if I am keen in printing my own journal, something that is laid upon my heart, where you suggest I do so? I thank you for your patience in answering this questions and I appreciate it.

  20. I cannot seem to find the link to print off the journal pages. I printed enough for last week and needed to print the ones for this week. I am sure I overlooked them, but I cannot seem to find them anymore.

  21. Can you explain why the Lord lets Satan do these things to Job? Chapter 1 verse 12: The Lord said to Satan Very Well then everything he has is in your hands but on the man himself do not lay a finger.
    Chapter 2 verse 6 The Lord set to Satan Very well then he is in your hands but you must spare his life.
    Is it a test to show his faithfulness to others?
    Thank you for this study!

  22. Hi Courtney!
    I am so excited to have found your blog.I had no idea what the soak method was, nor the soap method. I never thought to color code my bible either. You have so much treasure on this blog, bless you for doing this! I’m working through your archived study on Job right now and am doing 2 books a day in hopes to catch your next group study from the beginning. I’m assuming you will be advertising it on your blog the next time the groups are open for sign up? Thanks!
    -Love from Georgia

    1. Hi Snow,

      I’m so glad you are enjoying it! We will do regrouping in June for the summer and I’ll post it as an announcement here on the blog and facebook! So yes – that will be coming soon. Please check back!

      Lots of Love,

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