Becoming a Woman With a Hot Prayer Life

The book of James wraps up with a powerful thought about our prayer lives. Here is how to become a woman with a hot prayer life. #Biblestudy #James #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls


We have come to the end of our study in the book of James and this is a powerful ending!  James tells us about a man who had a hot prayer life – Elijah.  I talk more about him in the video below.

2 Chronicles 16:9 says:

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him.

God is at work in our world today and the means through which He works is through men and women whose hearts are hot for Him.  His eyes are on us.

We mustn’t be cold or even lukewarm in our prayer lives.  God calls us to be women who pray.

If you are struggling in your prayer life today…this video is for you – Becoming a Woman With a Hot Prayer Life.

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E.M.Bounds writes:

Praying is a spiritual work; and human nature does not like taxing, spiritual work.  Human nature wants to sail to heaven under a favoring breeze.

Prayer is humbling work.  It abases intellect and pride, crucifies vainglory, and signs our spiritual bankruptcy, and all these are hard for flesh and blood to bear.

It is easier not to pray than to bear them.  So we come to one of the crying evils of these times, maybe of all times –little or no praying…

The little estimate we put on prayer is evident from the little time we give to it.

Celebrate the book of James

Dear GMGs,

We are about to take a 3 week break between this James study and the start of our Joshua study.

Many of you ask me what I recommend you should study or do during our breaks?  My recommendation is to use this time to draw near to God in fervent prayer – to turn your cold or lukewarm prayer life – into a HOT one.

Here’s Resources from my blog to assist you:

How to Create a Prayer Closet – Your War Room

Putting My Prayer Life In Order

The Right…& Wrong Way to Pray

When You are Asking God – “How Long O Lord?”

Here’s Some of My Favorite Books On Prayer

The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omarian

Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer by Priscilla Shirer

Lord, Teach Me to Pray in 28 Days by Kay Arthur

Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer by Max Lucado

A Hunger for God: Desiring God Through Fasting and Prayer by John Piper

The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions

You do not need to have scholarship, training, talent, or wit for prayer.  Ask, seek, knock –that is all…Will you believe the promise?  It is Christ who gives it.  No lie ever fell from His lips.  Oh, do not doubt Him.  Pray on if you have prayed, and if you have never prayed before, may God help you to begin today!  ~  Spurgeon

Let’s become women with a hot prayer life!  Have a great end of the summer break!

NEXT WEEK I’ll be announcing our Fall Schedule along with something new coming soon!!!  So stop back then.  

Until then – this is our fall study Journal:



It’s the book of Joshua!

We will begin on Monday, September 5th.
So invite your friends, mark your calendars and look for more details coming soon.

Walk with the King,



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  1. Praise the Lord,

    Really I have enjoyed the study.I could concentrate more on each verses and study.This study helped me to fervently study His Word.

    Thanks Courtney for guiding us to study the Word of God.

  2. Woow! I just feel like this was for me alone! Lols. Thanks you so much Courtney for such timely words. God bless

  3. I bless you and your family in the prescious name of our Lord Jesus! Thank you for the many reference books on prayer, it’s so exiting!

  4. Thank you for the insight that God has given you. James is one of my favorite books in the Bible. One of my favorite verses is James 4:8 “Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you…”. It causes me to remember that I have to daily draw nigh to him. I am so thankful for God’s love for me and how He helps me make it through each day. I can’t wait to dive into Joshua in a few weeks!

  5. Good morning,

    I started out real good.
    And, I’m going to finish the book of James.

    But what I really wanted to say is:
    Courtney, I’m encouraged by you.
    Gods using you in this way for me:
    I found your site on a fluke.
    Fluke according to Wikipedia -A fluke is a lucky or improbable occurrence.
    I share that because I do know the Father of all had his angels guide me here to find other woman of prayer. Hence, you and these women who have commented.(thus far).
    Instead of an improbable occurrence I’d like to say this was/is a divine appointment.
    Praise be to the God and Father of all in Jesus name.

    It took many years of performing for others and thinking I was doing what was right as mom, wife, friend etc.
    God gently showed me a few things in just the past few months that has led me back to sit on His lap and listen. Therfore, by listening I found your website.
    I’ve actually found a few, and started listening to a few I used to.

    I pray for Gods blessings upon you and I thank him for you and your ministry Courtney.

    I have a request-Would ya’ll pray for my friend, Her name is Ina. Ina has just gone through an immense time of chemo. Her cancers ( multiple) are gone but her liver took the brunt of the side effect. It’s shot.
    Her and I spoke yesterday, she too called me by divine appointment.

    She too did all these “performances”& now she’s sitting on His lap listening.

    Thank you.

  6. Thank you Courtney for these bible studies. I was wondering if you have one your beautiful graphics of the verses on prayer (like the one you mentioned at your elevator in college) That sounds like a great thing to have to print out and place on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

  7. I have really enjoyed this study on the book of James. It has given me a new perspective on my walk with the King and to live according to the word. It has given me insight on why we act the way we do and the consequences there of. I love love love this book!!!!!

    Thank you Courtney for all of your uplifting words and videos along the way! May God continue to bless you and give you a serving heart like you have.

  8. I also struggle with my prayer life. I feel rushed in the mornings and feel like I’m just trying to get it checked off my list. I appreciate your inspiring post about the importance of our prayer life. I’m going to try slowing down with my morning quiet time and allow more time for prayer. Thank you so much, and I’m looking forward to future bible studies on your website.

  9. I am always behind. Any way I can get the notes on JAMES. I want to start it soon. I NEED a hot prayer life.

    Thank you!

  10. Thank you Courtney for your encouraging video!

    Prayer should be a vital part of our relationship to God, it’s our way of communicating with HIM, and it’s not about what we say or how fancy we say it, it’s about having a positive attitude & being real with God. ( actually believing in faith that we are really speaking to God & that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him). A way of life for the believer.
    I find that when I pray in earnest it equips me & prepares me for the day ahead & refreshes my soul, & motivates me. Those times when I’ve neglected prayer & time in His Word result in off out of sorts days, those old tempers which lay dormant creep back in, which can be so overpowering we stop & realize just how dreadful we actually really are & that we do need God & that we do need to talk to Him in prayer, and that He will actually speak back to us. One of my kids asked how does God speak to us, because she said she wondered how she could hear Him.
    Well He speaks to our minds conscience, & gives us discernment to know whether something feels right or wrong he gives us good judgement on all kinds of matters we may face. That still inner voice we hear, & believe.
    For our encouragement when we don’t always pray as well, or feel like we are praying the same thing over again. (Romans 8:26)
    “For the Spirit also helps us in our weaknesses, for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.”

    Prayer is a powerful weapon, we must model prayer with our children & teach them how to have their own personal prayer lives too.

  11. Another book of the Bible read with commitment to discern God’s truth! Thank you for the daily encouragement and opportunity to continue to want to know God better.
    And yes, our group plans to do an Interim Study and had already decided on The Lord’s Prayer!!! Wow2….when I read you post today, Sunday, I see more great info and links. God is so good!
    He has blessed us with His word and has also blessed your ministry here.
    Thanks, Courtney

  12. Thank you Courtney so much for these bible studies. They are truly helping draw near to God. His word is coming alive in my thoughts, prayers, and life. I am grateful for finding you website. God is faithful. Once again Thanks! I will continue to walk with the King.

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