3 Months From Now – You Will Wish You Had Started Today!

Your life will not change on its own - you must decide to make a change. 3 months from now, you will wish you had started today to make a change. #WomenLivingWell #Habittrackers #bulletjournal

Today is the perfect time for a change!

The  days are longer – the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming.  Change is happening outside our windows.  And now it’s time for a change inside too!

If you always think, “someday I’ll begin.”

Then today is your someday!

And if you are like me and you regularly think – “next month I’ll begin” or “next Monday I’ll begin” – here’s your solution!

Your future self will thank you!

3 months from now – you will wish you had started today.

If you don’t have one of Women Living Well’s 3-Month Habit Trackers – they are available on Amazon HERE.  You can start one of these anytime!  Here’s a peek inside:

As you begin, take a moment to reflect: 

1.) What needs to change in your life?

2.) What are your goals?

3.) What areas are you struggling to stay consistent in?

Now decide:

1.) What is one small step you can take, each day, toward your goal? Take a baby step in the right direction.  Make it doable!

2.) Track your steps.  Keep on taking a small step everyday. Before you know it – those small steps add up and turn into big steps and change will take place.

3.) Stop procrastinating – use this moment now!

Your life will not change on its own – you must decide to make a change.

Imagine next year at this time, if you achieved the goal you are aiming for, what will your life be like?  Maybe your intimacy with God will be deeper or the weight you are trying to lose now – will be lost, or that house project will be complete or that financial goal will be reached.

And won’t that be amazing!

The Christian life is one of growth and change.

The end goal is not to have all of our habit trackers all checked off.  While that might be nice – in and of itself – it’s worldly.

The goal is to honor God and invest in relationships, our relationship with God and with others.

When we are organized, we have more time for the people in our lives.

When we have healthy habits – we feel good and are free to follow God’s leading in our lives.

You have a purpose, a calling and a mission –
To glorify God with your life.

For we are God’s workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand,
that we should walk in them.
(Ephesians 2:10)

Habit tracking is all about your inner life.

It’s a form of self-care. 

When we take the time to care for our mind, soul, body and spirit – we have more to give.

We are all going to struggle and miss days and get off track.

Pursue progress…not perfection!

We cannot do any change alone…or it’s just will power.

Ask the Lord to help you – he cares!  He knows all that is on your plate. He knows the areas where you feel like a failure. He knows the areas where you need growth and sharpening.  He knows your inner struggles. He knows your deepest fears.  And He knows what the next 3 months hold for you.

God uses change for his glory.

He turned Mary the peasant girl, into the mother of God almighty!

He turned David the shepherd boy, into a King!

And he turned Saul, a persecutor of Christians, into Paul — a brave man of God!

You are a blood bought child of of the King.  Don’t go this road alone!

Pray and ask God for His guidance and his help.  He loves you!

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Walk with the King,

To begin your tracker – order now!
Available exclusively on Amazon.com HERE.

All three have the same interior:

* Be Still * Blessed * Beautiful in its Time *

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  1. There are SO many things that need to change! Of all of them, I would say my emotional state. I have a 17 yo son who is currently waiting on a trial date while incarcerated in an adult detention facility because he has been charged with the shooting death of his adoptive father. I’ve always been sort of a grumpy bear because I crave peace and quiet and almost everyone I know is entirely tooooo loquacious!
    After dealing with this since 2016,can I say my grumpy is so bad, I can’t stand to be around myself?! I wasn’t able to purchase the tracker this time but iwilluse a notebook. My goals are to learn to speak more softly and to always have a kind word for everyone, work on being more patient with my husband and my 3yo son and to memorize Scripture that applies to my problem.
    Writing as many verses down as I can to post all over my house is my first step.

    1. Praying for you! I walk this walk daily as it is my husband instead of child. I pray you will find all you need and the peace of God will fill your heart.

    2. I can’t imagine what you must be going through. I’m praying for you! Be strong and courageous and let Jesus cradle you through this difficult time.

  2. My tracker arrived yesterday and today is the day!!! My self care and my quiet time have been thrown out the window with the demands of homeschooling another child (not my own) and what has happened? My anxiety is through the roof! My house looks….well, I wouldn’t want ANYONE to look! So it is time to make some changes and lay it all at the Cross and await God’s guidance. Thank you for doing this!!!

  3. I love your note on page 5 about being wise in our choices of which trackers to complete. I’ve always been the type that wants to do it all, and then ultimately get discouraged when I can’t follow through.
    So I’m going to choose a few to start with: the Prayer Request tracker, the Proverbs, the Health tracker (specifically cardio, water, vitamins, social media time).
    That may seem small, but it’s where I’ll start, and next month I can always add to it. Thanks again for this great resource!

  4. I am well on my way!! Thank you Courtney! This is just the tool I needed to stay focused each day to get the important things done.

  5. Thank you so much for the encouraging words! God has been faithful to grow me in the last few years in the area of prayer and Bible study, but I still struggle with understanding how to most effectively structure my day. Most of the time my house is a mess. I’m asking the Lord to help me be a good steward over what He has given me, and I believe He’s going to do just that!

  6. I will be following along in my Muleskin Travelors Notebook..

    I like keeping lists..and planning..and jotting down dreams and goals.. Plus keeping organized is a hobby of mine.lol

    Truth be told when I was graduating 8th grade ..my class voted me most likely to marry MR Clean and be on American Gladiators..because I could arm wrestle and beat the boys in my class.buwhaa

  7. There are so many things to change but I really don’t know which one to start. I will look them through and ask the Lord which one I should do. I just know I do not want to rush through.

  8. Just ordered mine. I will be 30 in June and I really want to go into 30 the best me that I can be!
    My eating / exercise habits need to change most, but I am really wanting to change my inner beauty first. Learning to see myself as God sees me has been really hard!
    Can’t wait to get this in the mail and get started!
    Cause you’re right…every time I wait to do something I wish I had started 3 months ago!

  9. I ordered mine yesterday and it is going to be here next week. I hope sooner though. I can’t wait to start this!

    What needs to change in your life?
    The way I spend my time each day

    What are your goals?
    Spend daily time in God’s Word and Start exercising

    What areas are you struggling to stay consistent in? Bible study and being active throughout the day

    What one small step are you going to begin to take this week?
    Get out my Bible study and work on it before my kids wake up. Do you work out on YouTube 3x this week.

  10. I just found this site. I am encouraged and can’t wait to start the 2 Samuel Bible Study with you.

    I need to make a change in my job due to extreme stress levels. This is huge because it is a career I have been working on for 22 years. I have been drawn to working at home for the last year but have no idea what that would look like. I know that it would give me more time with my step-daughter. I have had various of ideas come and go and am now starting to write the ideas down rather trying to remember them all. This week writing them down will be my focus. Then I will pray over the list and figure out where God is leading me next.

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