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The Story Behind the Creation of the Habit Trackers {and a peek at my office}

Take this habit tracking challenge with these gorgeous 3-month habit trackers. Start making new habits today and in three months you'll be so glad you did. #WomenLivingWell #habittracker #bulletjournal

Last year, I went through a season of pursuing rest for my soul but during that season I had just one problem…my to-do list did not stop.  While I took a break from blogging, spent extra time at the feet of Jesus and said “no” to commitments that would lead me away from rest, I still had the typical to-do lists.

There was meal planning, grocery shopping, washing and folding laundry, trash cans that continued to overflow and the list goes on.  Then I had Bible reading goals, prayer lists, gratitude lists, I started a daily skincare routine, tried to start watching what I eat, tried to sleep more and and on and on it went.

During my time of rest, I discovered the world of habit trackers! 

Yes – there is a world of these out there if you are not familiar with them!

From college girls to home school moms to working moms – there seems to be a vast array of women using these to reach their goals.  Each woman’s Habit Trackers look a little different, as they are tracking different goals, but it is working for them!

So last summer, I gave them a try and friends, it was so much fun!

I LOVE checking boxes and seeing my progress.

I love how when I miss a day or two, it holds me accountable and gets me back going again.

I love having a place to track of all the things that matter to me – in one place!

I didn’t have to try to remember all those little details, that add up each week and I could live free without being forgetful.

Habit tracking was a great tool that helped me rest.  

I know – it almost sounds counterintuitive right?  Because for some a habit tracker would stress them out.  I know not everyone enjoys filling in boxes…but maybe this is what happens when you grow up in the 80’s, in the age of “scantrons.” Lol!

So, if you are like me – with too many to-do lists and lots of goals, then I hope you will join me in the month of March, as we begin using the WLW 3-Month Habit Trackers.

All three have the same interior:

* Be Still * Blessed * Beautiful in its Time *

Here’s a list of the the pages included:

First you will find a place to track your Prayer Requests and Bible Reading. These spiritual trackers are to be used for all 3 months.

Behind the spiritual trackers, you will find a set of Habit Trackers broken down into 3 separate months.

The trackers included for each month are:

-Health Tracker
-Sleep Tracker
-Calorie Tracker
-Housework Tracker
-Meal Planning Tracker
-Gratitude Tracker
-Note Tracker

These monthly trackers are repeated three times.

Behind the 3 months of Habit Trackers, you will find 90-lined pages for journaling, along with an inspirational verse per day.

That’s it – everything in one place!

I’m so excited to get started in the month of March!

Okay – I have just one more thing to share with you – a peek at my new office!

For those who have followed me for a long time – you may remember, I had a homeschool room. But last year my children began attending a Christian School about 25-30 minutes from our home.  So my homeschool room has been transformed into an office for me. Here’s the before and after pics!

Before (our old homeschool room)


Please note – I did not clean up my desk for you all or straighten my overflowing book shelves or brighten the pictures or use a filter or do anything to make it look better.  This is just real life friends.
{ blush — face palm }

That’s it – as you can see – I’m in dire need to get more organized!

So perhaps this is a before picture of my office and I’ll get it cleaned up this spring and get my habit trackers rocking and then I can share an after photo with you all! 😉

I’m so thankful for spring and a chance for new beginnings! 

If your life needs a little more discipline and organization (like my office) then I hope you will join me on this journey!

Walk with the King,




(The Good Morning Girls Bible Study is currently on break.  Our next Bible Study will begin on Monday, April 2nd and we will be reading a chapter a day, through the book of 2 Samuel.  The 2 Samuel journal is available now on Amazon as well.)


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  1. I got the Be Still habit tracker-it arrived today! I am really looking forward to using it and having eveything in one place. I feel so scatterbrained sometimes and I am already motivated just looming through it. I love lists & marking things off too!

  2. I can’t say thank you enough for your bible studies,books, and now these wonderful tracker journals! All these have been such a blessing in my walk with our Lord!! When I am not digging into His word daily I find myself a hot mess! His words and blessings give me such peace in my life!

  3. This was a fun post! I loved the little peek into your life. I am an organization nut. I love everything in it’s place. These habit trackers are just what I need right now in my life as I draw in close to my Heavenly Father’s heart ❤️ 🙂

  4. That is great for you. I think it looks like you are focusing on the God activities and not the worldly activities. We all have a different amount of clutter in our lives. When my desk gets too messy I clean it and start over. Kind of like a metaphor for the sin in our lives. God is so good and I appreciate all you do. I have followed you from the beginning and you have been a blessing to me. I have shared your books and teachings with others. Keep up the great work sista’ you got this! Well done you 😉

  5. Girl, you have just hit the tip of the iceberg with trackers! LOL I am a planner girl. I have alllll sorts of them including a faith planner with trackers. We planner girls love a rabbit hole, just like Alice. Theres nothing like keeping it real. I love your “as is” pics.

  6. Thanks so much for all you do for “God’s Girls.” I hope you feel all the love and prayers being sent your way. ” God Bless You and All the Works of Your Beautiful Hands.

  7. What?! You mean your normal like the rest of us?!!! Thanks for showing us a glimpse of your life Courtney. You do a great job and I love your Bible Studies. Praying for you!

  8. I just ordered “Blessed” and am so excited! I have been trying to do this on my own in a journal, but this will be way easier!

  9. I love your wall with the Journals! Beautiful wall art, and a beautiful testimony to God’s power through His word!

  10. No need to apologize for the mess.. Its real life..lol.. Like you said you can make that your before shot..

    If I lived closer I totally help you organize..sometimes my family thinks I make messes so I can just have an excuse to organize n get creative and move things around….again..hahaa

  11. I’ve never heard of these habit trackers, but I absolutely love the idea!! I’m going to order one of yours. I love your office and all those colorful pens you have. ????

  12. Courtney, your office looks like my ‘study area’ for grad school! lol. I have my books and papers stacked up on an end table next to my recliner, where my laptop sits on top of the pile and I do my school assignments each week.

    I ordered a habit tracker! I love to support your WLW ministry! 🙂

  13. My Blessed tracker came today and I am so pumped! Spring is going to be super tracking time for me as I work with you and the book and I’m starting a 12 week self-reliance personal finance class. These will be some serious tracking opportunities, along with the seed starting garden tracking! Terrific Tracking Adventure Awaits!
    Thank you for all you do for your fellow sisters!

  14. I bought all three trackers which I received yesterday Feb 28th. Unfortunately, they were not packed very well and one got badly bent taveling in the box so I asm sending it back and getting a replacement. Does it matter which one I start with today? So looking forward to start tracking because I need a lot of help getting organized with my time and Bible studying.

  15. I am using the Be Still tracker and I’m loving it. I love the journal and gratitude sections. I also love the Bible tracking pages-I love it all LOL. It’s so nice having all this information in one beautiful journal. Great job Courtney!!

  16. Love how you displayed your journals on your wall and they look like art. I may do that just to have mine handy at a glance. Love your office! You bless countless others from that space!

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